Pain. A pain that hurt so much, I didn't even have time to scream or cry. No time to think about what would happen next.

And no going back.

Even though I took the killing blow from Rouge to save the past me, I felt angry. Angry that I had come back for nothing. I had wasted my last chance. Humanity's last chance. And as gravity had done it's job to keep me from flying off, I fell hard to the marble floors.

Now on the ground, things moved too fast for me as everything happened at once. Younger me crying as I tried my best to relay the last I knew to her, Happy coaxing and begging me to stay awake, I thought I heard Wendy scream with terror and Charla just stood shocked.

And Natsu could only stand, looking so defeated. It broke what was left of my fractured heart.

So I did the last thing I could possibly do. I grabbed the other me's hand and held it as I slipped away, trying to smile as the pink Fairy faded into black.

I remember feeling cold as I clung to the blackness around me. Like I expected anything less from dying. But how could I complain. It was like how my Natsu described as the cheery gaze of his dulled into a sightless stare.

Cold, yet he held on.

But soon I felt the tickle of something on my back. Like grass. I opened my eyes to a near cloudless expanse of blue. I had to squint as I peered up at it's mocking perfection.

Sitting up, I realized I was in a golden field that went on for miles and miles in all directions. I felt unsteady, so placed my arms back. When I felt my left hand touch something, I froze and silently drew it forward. Low and behold, my mark was there once more.

Apart of my again.

I decided that I should try to move around, see if anyone was there or if it was just a dream. My legs felt stiff at first, but after one step, I felt sure of myself.


My feet rooted into the ground at the sound of his voice. Turing on the ball of my foot, I saw them.

Everyone I thought had died. I thought had been lost forever in the flames of the disaster were smiling at the top of a hill. At the lead, a pink haired mage ran up to me and extended his hand to me, a blue cat in tow.

"Let's go! Everyone's waiting!"

Tears decided to fall free and began I held fast to Natsu's sturdy hands. And when I felt the familiar electric feeling I had felt on Tenrou island, I knew that this wasn't a dream.

She remembered everyone had welcomed her with smiles and laughs, but there were some faces missing, some still caught in Earthland.

Still waiting for the last train to take them home.