TITLE: All My Love.

AUTHOR: Cathie McMath.

EMAIL: penrithpanther_03@y...

RATING: I haven't finished it yet, but I'll make it *R*, just in
case I decide to be a little naughty. ^_^

CONTENT: Swearing (naughty words!), Sexual themes, and Violence. All
the things that make a good fic! hehe.

SUMMARY: Lita get's a secret admirer... That turns out to be more than a little creepy. Lita/Jeff pairing.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anyone or anything related to the WWE. Vince
McMahon does, and I'm very, very jealous.

DISTRIBUTION: Just email me first and let me know if you want it.


The pink envelope sat neatly ontop of her bag. It was laying flat, the front facing up. Her name was written on the cover; in small, neat handwriting.

Lita smiled to herself as she picked up the envelope, and held it in her hands. She glanced around the locker room quickly, making sure she was alone. Then she brought the tiny envelope to her face, and breathed in it's scent. It smelt like roses - just like all the others.

It had been a month since she found the first letter. She had found that one in her locker, and since then she'd found two others each week, all waiting for her in her locker room after her matches. This would be her fourth letter, and she didn't like to admit it to anyone, but she loved the special attention.

Matt had given her hell about it at first.

"Oooh! Lita's got a secret admirer! How cute! He sends her little love letters in pink envelopes that smell of roses!" He was laughing so hard, he doubled over and fell onto the floor.

Jeff was curious to find out who it was. He had played detective for a couple of days, asking around, but came up with nothing. Both of the Hardy brothers had pretty much forgotten about it after the third letter arrived, when nothing turned up for the next week and a half. But now there was another.

Lita turned the envelope over, opening the back carefully. It was sealed with a love heart sticker, the same as the others. As she opened the back, and pulled out the handwritten letter, Lita's heart fluttered in anticipation. Her secret admirer had written such beautiful things in the last three letters.. she couldn't wait to read what he wrote about her this time.

"Dearest Lita,

I'm watching your match as I write you this letter. Your music blasts through the speakers that are placed throughout the arena, and my stomach does a backflip, for I know I'll get to see your beautiful form in a few seconds.

Sure enough, here you come, bursting out from backstage with the vibrance and energy I love so much about you. I watch you carefully as you skip down the ramp. Can I tell you that I love what you're wearing tonight? I've always thought pink was your best colour. It makes the red in your hair shine even more brightly.

You're entering the ring now, and I love watching you get into that ring. That's another reason why I admire you so much. Unlike the other women in this company, you can just get into that ring, ready for some action. You don't need to bend down to get through the ropes, or prance around the apron.

Your opponent enters now.. but I hardly even notice her. Trish whats-her-name. She's nothing compared to you. She looks fake, and plastic - yet you look glowing and full of life.

The match is on - and already you're dominating her. Like I knew you would. Like you always do. Your determination and drive, along with your talent and skills, is what makes you the top female wrestler here. You're driving her down into the ground, and I can't stop watching you.

I flinch whenever she brings you down. I know that you can take care of yourself, and that you don't need anyone to look over you, but it's all I can do to stop myself from running to that ring right now and taking you in my arms and protecting you.

It's over now.. a moonsault from you finished it off. Like always, you are on top. I watch as you celebrate your victory in the ring. Oh, how I was I was out there with you. How I wish you were thinking of me when you smile so brightly.

Maybe one day soon, my sweetheart, you will know who I am. And I will be in that ring celebrating with you next time.

All my love,

Your Secret Admirer.


Biting her lip, and smiling widely, Lita folded the letter back up and placed it in the envelope.

One day soon, huh? She tucked the envelope into her pocket, and walked out of the locker room.

She sure hoped so.