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Ch. 1- A knock at the door

Things were going better for the VKs after they had decided to stay in Auradon. Weekdays were spent at school, trying to learn to be good and weekends were about kicking back. That's exactly what that two VK boys were doing. It was a nice Saturday morning, Carlos and Jay were wasting it away playing video games in their dorm. Carlos as usual was getting beat by Jay. But that didn't matter to Carlos, he just liked spending time with Jay.

As they continued to play Carlos couldn't help but smile at how excited his friend would get whenever he did something cool or beat Carlos. He loved the smile it brought upon Jay's lips. After sometime Carlos realized that Jay's knee brushed his. He couldn't help but blush, any body contact with Jay always made Carlos blush. Carlos had stopped denying the truth about himself ; he was gay and had feelings for his friend, who may not return them.

"Carlos hey? You there?" Jay said trying to get his attention.

"Huh? Oh sorry?" Carlos hadn't realized he had zoned out.

"You ok?" Asked Jay concerned.

"Yeah I'm fine, just strategizing how to beat you in the next game." Carlos looked at Jay.

"Dream on" Jay smirked. Making Carlos' heart skip a beat. As they're playing they here a knock at the door.

Carlos gets up to get it "who could that be?" As he opens the door, he gets the smell of

Audrey's perfume.

"You're not Jay!" she scowls at Carlos.

"I'm sorry to disappoint you prince-" Carlos tried to say before he gets pushed away by Jay.

"Hi" Jay smirks.

Audrey can't help but swoon at his smirk. She quickly composes herself.

"There you are," she begins "I don't normally do this but seeing as you haven't gotten any of my hints. It seems I have to resort to drastic and I must say un-princess like manners. I was wondering if you didn't have a date for the Valentine's Day festival, if you would accompany me?" She finishes sweetly.

Jay looks at Carlos, and Carlos just shrugs, "Uh, Valentine's Day festival?" Jay asks.

"Yes you know the day of lov-" she quickly stops herself. "You guys don't celebrate Valentine's Day on the Isle do you?" Both boys shake their heads no.

"Oh, that explains a lot. Well Valentine's Day is a day that celebrates love whether it be with couples or friends. Auradon throws a grand festival every year and I was wondering if you would be my date next Saturday?" Audrey asks.

Carlos hears this and can't help but cringe, the thought of Jay and Audrey going on a date makes him sick. Carlos cringed even more when he heard Jay say yes. Carlos just sees Audrey leave with a smile on her face.

Carlos heads back to the couch, "well that was weird."

"Not really, girls want me. I am a flirt after all" Jay smirks, closing the door. Carlos just shakes his head. As Jay is about to sit down, there's a knock at the door again.

"I got it" Jay says.

"Uh, hi Jay i-is Carlos here?" Asked Jane quietly.

"Yea, one second" Jay closes the door slightly, then Carlos appears.

"Hi, jane." Says Carlos.

"Hi"she waves, "um I was w-wondering if you would" she looks to her right at someone Carlos can't see "if you would be my date to the Valentine's Day festival?"

"He'd love too" Jay appears putting his arm around Carlos. "He'll pick you up at 4." He smirks at Carlos and Jane. "Tell Audrey, same for me," Jay yells as Jane leaves.

"Why did you say yes for me!" Carlos yells when Jay closes the door.

"Because I knew you'd be too chicken to actually say yes." Jay says.

Carlos just stares at Jay with a defeated face, "what if I didn't even want to go with her?"

"Who would you go with?" Jay asks, Not Mal she has Ben, Evie would probably get asked out by Doug, I'm taking Audrey."

"You know what? Forget it!" Carlos scoffed at Jay, he grabbed his jacket and was out the door.

Jay didn't know what was wrong with Carlos and why he was acting so stubborn. He was trying to do him a favor. He didn't want Carlos being alone on Valentine's Day. He would have loved to spend that day with him, if he had known what it was before today.

"It's not like he was gonna ask anyone, " Jay thought to himself. "We're villains kids, we're taught not to show emotions. Carlos was always bad at that." He continued to think "He always seemed to be depressed. The only time he's ever truly happy is when we're together or with the girls. We get one another. I don't know what the problem is, I thought he would enjoy dating someone." Jay about what happened until he fell asleep on the couch, Carlos being angry at him still on his mind.

Carlos had no idea where he was going he just knew he needed to get away. How could Jay do that to him, just say yes to something he wasn't even sure he was ready for. He had no feelings for Jane at all. He was more upset because he didn't want to hurt Jane. She was a nice girl but didn't feel the same.

Carlos kept thinking to himself, still not knowing where he was going.

"Oh, sorry." Carlos looks up to apologize to whoever he bumped into.

"It's ok." Ben looks at Carlos,, "Is everything ok Carlos?" You seem a little flustered."

"Yeah just a lot on my mind," he faked a smile at Ben.

"You sure?" Asks Ben.

"He probably just had another fight with Jay." Mal interrupted.

"Mal relax, Carlos is our friend. If he's in trouble we should help." Ben said sweetly. Mal rolled her eyes, "Fine."

"So Carlos are you sure everything is ok?" Ben asked one last time.

Carols wasn't sure what to reply. He didn't know if he should finally tell someone about how he truly felt or just say he was fine or just comment on why he was a bit mad still.

"It's just I'm mad at Jay,"

"Ha I knew it!" Mal interrupted Carlos. Ben looked at Mal.

Carlos continues "He did something stupid a little while ago and it upset me." Carlos finally replied.

"And the sky is blue. You and Jay fight at least once a day. Twice on a good day," Mal


Ben have her a scornful look, which just made Mal fall more for the handsome King. "Well what exactly happened?" Ben asked.

Carlos began to retell Ben and Mal about the this morning incidents. Ben looking extra

concerned while Mal tried to hear but she just picked at her nails. She was used to Jay and Carlos always fighting.

"Well I don't see what's so wrong about Jay saying yes to you taking Jane to the Valentine's Day festival," Ben looked to be contemplating something. "I mean yes Jay should've asked if you wanted to take her but still Jane is a lovely girl and you two would be perfect for each other."

"Yeah well what if I don't girls in that sort of way" Carlos finally exploded. Upon hearing his Mal stopped looking at her nails and got intrigued.

"I mean, what if I don't like Jane that way," Carlos quietly said.

"Well then tell her that, Jane will understand. You can at least go as friends right?" Ben grabbed Carlos by shoulders. Carlos just nodded.

"Now back to this business about you not liking girls in that sort of way, as you put it,"

interrupted Mal. Carlos eyes went wide and turned as red as a rose.

"'Mal leave him be, he shouldn't have to tell us anything until Carlos is good and ready." Mal gave Ben a scowl, "Fine, but seriously Carlos if you ever wanna talk. We're here for you,"patting Carlos on the back.

Mal trying to sound like Audrey "Come one Benny-boo, let's grab a bite; I feel so famished." They began to walk away, Mal turned and winked at Carlos.

All Carlos could hear was Ben say "don't talk like that please, you sound exactly like her." Carloscouldn't believe he almost told them his secret. He wasn't sure whether they were more accepting here in Auradon. Also if he could really trust his friends, especially the new ones.

He let that thought go and he knew he had to apologize to Jay but he just wasn't ready to face him just yet. He decided he would go find Jane and explain almost everything.

He was about to head off when Doug bumps into him.

"Oh s-sorry. Hi C-Carlos," Doug adjusted his glasses.

"Hey Doug, you ok? You seem to be more frantic then usual," Carlos examined Doug.

"No I'm fine, ju-just trying to figure out how to ask Evie to the Valentine's Day festival," Doug said.

"Oh, well Evie likes simple items, sure she can be extravagant but as long as you're romantic in asking she'll say yes. Besides I have it on good authority she likes you," Carlos smiled.

"Thanks Carlos, you don't know the weight you lifted off my shoulders. So simple?" Doug said relieved.

"Simple" Carlos replied. Doug smiled and went on his way to get the girl he liked. He couldn't remember what he was going to do and then he said to himself "Jane."

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