My name is Kaleb Silverwing, and this is my story...on how I became a Rathalos.

First let me tell you a little about myself: I am hunter- but more likely trapper. My job is to hunt monster and bring them to another location or to the village...alive. The reason why I took this specialty was because I was the only one good enough for it; another reason is that I am fascinated about monsters.

Truly, this gargantuan creatures that roam among us are incredible in a way. To think that they were here before us, and living among us, gets me excited. Plus, they are all different in many ways, but the distinction only made them more interesting; there flying monsters, walking monsters, monsters that swims, monsters as small as a boat, and monsters the size of a mountain!

My kind hunts them because of their...differences, while I hunt to get to know them better. Others called me a monster sympathizer. That was supposed to be an insult, but I only accept it as who I am. As you know, I get bullied because of this. Not only bullied, but threatened. I usually get beaten, sometimes I nearly died.

That goes to show you on what happens when you comment their custom made armor. Especially one made from a Zinogre's hide.

Enough about me, let's get on with the story.

It was like any normal day, for me actually. I was strolling through the village, donning my standard armor-I never wanted to wear any monsters skin, if you were wondering-which was just a leather shirt with a one shoulder pauldron on my right shoulder, knee caps that were standard, and a bow-caster strapped to my back.

It's pretty standard in others eyes, but to me, it is just perfect.

I was walking down the street, heading into the hunter guild to check for any jobs today. Just as I was about near the board notice, I ran into someone.

I looked up to see who it was and-to my dismay-it was an old "friend" of mine. When I say friend, I meant that he is sadistic bastard who likes to torture me for my "affection" towards monsters.

The peron was tall, had long sword at his back, he had a scruffy beard and small, beady eyes that belongs to serpent. His armor was a custom made Rathalos armor. Friendly, huh? And his name was Feras.

"Well, well. If it isn't the bastard who loves monsters," He basically announced my prescience, drawing everyone's attention to me. "What's the matter, Kaleb? Your girlfriends tried to eat ya for dinner?!"

Everyone started laughing.

"Feras, I just came to see if I can get a hunting quest. So if you'll excuse me-." I tried to get around him but he stepped in the way, and cut me off.

"There's one thing I gotta know before ya go," he leaned close, murder evident in his eyes and voice. "What is it that makes ya so friendly towards them? And by them, I meant your precious monsters." he was stepping towards me, leering at me with malicious intent that could make grown man tremble. But not me.

"What? Our kind's women not pretty enough for ya?" he said, causing others to laugh, while he wasn't laughing.

"Well, maybe it is because your mother turns out be uglier than a Giggox," Me and my big mouth.

Rage filled his whole face. "Why ya little-!" he lunged at me, but I dodged out of the way. He crash into a couple of table but that only made him more madder than last time. He spat a few colorful words at me, before he lunged again, this time I wasn't fast enough.

He crashed into me, and felt my lungs coughing out the airs. He was on top of me and wrapping his hands around my neck. I couldn't breath. I tried to hit his beefy arms, but it was useless. That was it, I'm going to die.

Then someone crashed into him, knocking him off me. I gasped for air when he released me. I rolled over and began to stand up, but I was coughing a fit-my lungs felt like they would burst. It even hurts to breath.

I looked at who saved me-it was the Guildmaster. He stood over Feras with a dissapointed look. His weapon was drawn and aimed at Feras' neck.

He told him that if he ever does that again, he would make sure that Feras will lose his hunting license. He sheathed his long sword and made his way to me. He looked me over to see if I was hurt, luckily I made it out with only a bruise neck.

After that, I asked him for a quest. He wasn't sure if I would make it in my condition. I assured him that I'm fine, but he wasn't convince. Finally, he agreed to give me one, but it was only egg hunting. I didn't complain for it was better than nothing.


I made it to the nest, but eggs have already hatched. Probably about two weeks...tops. Satisfied that I failed I walked back home-I was satisfied that I wouldn't have to capture a youngling from its nest. Along the way, I picked up a few herbs to sell in the market.

"This'll do nicely," I said. "Maybe I'll pick up some ores at the cave." with that decided, I went there.

As soon as I came, the cave was kinda quiet. I lit a makeshift torch and proceeded inside. I looked around for some ores so I could sell, and kept my eyes out for Giggox. I really meant when I said that Feras mother was uglier than a Giggox, but it doesn't make me like the little things.

I was about to give up on my quest, until I spotted something glowing in the cave. I went over to find out as I neared the area, the glow became bright, brighter than my torch. I stooped down to see it clearly. It was a round stone, but was enscribed with symbols.

I was paying attention to stone so much, I didn't notice the Giggox looming over me. I begun to notice when something slammed down a feet away from me. Maybe the brightness of the stone kinda confused them.

No matter! I made my way out using the stone to light the way. Giggox rained down from above, all issued since they were blinded by the light. I made my way out of the cave without a scratch. Hey, a new record.

With the danger gone, I resumed my musing over the stone. I saw the enscrytion clearly now. It seemed to be a...a Rathalos. Like the symbol in the monster book. Whatever this thing is, I'm going to bring it bac-.

Something's wrong. A unbearable pain begun to shoot though my arm. I looked to see-the stone! The stone begun to grow tendrils out of its form, and embedding into my arm. I screamed-the tendrils! There were more! More of the tendrils crawled up my hand and stabbed into my shoulder.

I dropped the stone, and try to tear of this-this cursed thing! It began to envelop me. It crawled up to my face until it muffled my screams. The thing was surrounding my eyes. The last thing I saw before it covered my vision, was a Rathalos soaring towards me.

Then black-total pitch black.