Yuki looked at the sketches under his bed, frowning critically. He wanted to show Tohru his drawings and then assert to her privately his love for her. However, he found his sketch of the young girl whom he thought was his first love.

Now that he was looking at the sketch of the girl and the maid, he realized the similarities in their faces- the shy way their eyes gaze, the way their mouths curve into a delighted smile…

I must know if that girl who caught my heart before is the same person who owns my heart now. Because somehow, I can feel that they are the same person. I can feel it in my bones.

"Yuki!!" yelled Kisa, running into his room. "Yuki, it's an emergency!"

He looked at his little cousin. "What's wrong?"

"It's onee-chan! Haru saw her leave the maids' quarters with her things!"

Hatori saw Yuki running down the hallway as if the demon was after him. "Prince Yuki, what's wrong?" he asked.

"It's Tohru! She left the palace!" He was about to leave when the doctor held his arm. "Don't try to stop me, Hatori!" yelled the Ice Prince.

"I won't stop you, Prince Yuki. I was just about to suggest that instead of chasing her on foot, you may want to ride on Toyota," said Hatori, smiling.

Yuki smiled back and nodded.

The doctor watched the young prince hurry out of the palace.

You are fortunate, Yuki. You understood love before everything was too late. I do envy you, but the least that I can do for myself is to see my love for Kana come true for other people.

Riding Toyota (the horse), Yuki madly galloped his horse out of the palace. Damn you, Honda Tohru! What were you thinking? Do you really want to kill me by disappearing from my life, taking with you my heart? With all the love in my command, I'm going to make you pay for this! Dearly!

And he did see Tohru, standing by the cherryblossom tree, hair being breathed upon gently by the breeze. She was looking at the tree peculiarly. He stopped his horse and jumped down. "Tohru-san?"

She looked surprised when she saw him. "Y-Your Highness?"

He looked up at the cherryblossom tree. It was the same tree where he met his first love years ago. This was part of his garden before this was transformed into the front yard of the palace. Suddenly, he remembered the incident again.

The scared brown eyes looking down at him beggingly. The soft, feather-like body that landed on him.

Tohru, blushing, looked down. "I-I'm sorry if I wasn't able to inform you of my resignation from my post. I-I was in a hurry."

"A hurry to avoid me?" he asked testily.

She was silenced.

"You're going to leave me after all of what happened?" he asked, somewhat accusingly.

"B-But the ball is done! The masquerade is over. You don't need me anymore!" she cried.

"What right do you have to assume my feelings anyway?" he barked. "I'll tell you when it's over, and I'm telling you that it is not yet over!"

She looked down. "D-Don't…do this. I don't deserve this punishment, Your Highness."

"Is my presence making you feel that you are being punished?" he asked.

"Yes," she said. "I can feel you…I think about you. A lot." Her face reddened. "Your presence is punishing me in a way that you are offering me a luscious piece of cake that I cannot reach because it was hung high above the ceiling."

Yuki was stunned.

"Y-You see, Your Highness," she inhaled shakily. She finally summoned the guts to look him in the eye. "Before I lose myself into the illusion brought about by the masquerade-"

"You left," he interrupted. "Silly girl. Don't you understand that you are the reason why I created that masquerade?"


"My sweet, naïve Honda-san," he murmured, running his finger on her chin. "I didn't want to be forced to marry any other girl in this kingdom because my heart, my soul, my everything…they're all reserved for you. All the things that I said in the ball…they're true."

"I-I heard your conversation with Shigure-san!" she said. "You told him that I mean nothing to you."

"Because back then, I wasn't ready to admit out loud that a clumsy little angel disguised in a maid's outfit caught my elusive heart. To Shigure the Vexing Champion even! But in fairness to the Sohma clown, he made me realize a lot of things."


"You are the reason why I learned to trust again, amidst fears of betrayal. You are the reason why in my confusion, I understand. You are the reason why in pain, I smile. You are the reason why despite my every fear of rejection, I love."

He pulled her closer, but careful to put safe distance to keep him from mutating. "And you know what, because you nearly drove me insane with the very thought of losing you, I will punish you."


"With the power bestowed upon me to issue royal decrees, I order you a lifetime imprisonment, reclusion perpetua. You are therefore ordered to go into prison with me, your soon-to-be husband. No bail, no parole. Just say yes, or else…"

"Or else…?"

"I'll kiss you over and over till you realize that it's better to give up," he said, lowering his face towards her.

"Um, one question…"


"Will you still kiss me if I say I'll marry you?" she asked, cheeks turning pink.

"I'll think about it," he whispered. "Anyway sweetheart, our mouths should be doing something else other than talking you know…"

Tohru learned what Yuki meant when his lips met hers in a sweet, passionate kiss.

Seven year old Honda Tohru looked down at Sohma Yuki who was looking up at her, urging her to jump.

"Silly girl! Just jump down, will you? You have no right to stay in my property!" he yelled, referring to the tree.

"B-But I'm scared!" Her brown eyes were begging.

This made Yuki pause. "H-How did you get up there then?"

"I-I was just hiding from those bullies-"

"Never mind. Just get down, will you?" he hissed.

So she did. And landed right on top of him, their lips locked.

Right under the legendary cherryblossom tree where his parents shared their first kiss. Where he remembered seeing Hatori and some maid chatting happily.

The Lovers' Tree, as he hears his relatives call it Where lovers make pacts of eternal love.

Of all places, and of all people! Yuki's young heart still couldn't fully comprehend the situation..

But he realized that somehow, it felt good, and felt that this would happen again

It did.

Because that's the way fate works. Amen.

+ end +

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