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Sweat stuck to Issei's skin as the Super Pervert lay on the ground exhausted.

"Come on, Jiraiya-chan! You've made some progress but ta' get to a perfect Sennin modo, you'll need ta practice even more than now!"

How...how did you learn this in a week, Naruto...

Even after dedicating the lion's share of his time and effort into practice upon hearing the warning given to him by Azazel Issei could still barely enter Sennin Modo by himself, let alone adequately combine it with the Boosted Gear. But, ero-god-damn, Issei was trying his best to reach his peak, to protect the new people he had come to care about, he wouldn't give up!

And with the amount of time that the other members of the Gremory Peerage were dedicating to progressing their respective selves, Issei would be damned if he lost to them (sometimes he cursed the fact he was so stubborn).

They were progressing well; far faster than what he had initially expected of him. Rias and Akeno's magical capabilities had reached new highs. Koneko's senjutsu while not complete was dangerously nearing his own level, likely as a result of her natural inclination to the techniques. Kiba's decision making and speed were reaching new levels (when instructing him, Issei had to rely hugely on the various snippets he had heard from Minato about what was required for a high speed fighting style).

And yet here he was, still very much on a similar level to where he was when he had died at the hands of Pein.

Such was the law of diminishing returns he supposed.

"Come on Jiraiya-chan! Dinner's almost coming up!"

Not that these two old toads would agree with him.

I have to agree with them, partner...if this is your peak, I'd be disappointed...

Nor did that dragon that lived in his arm.

Shut up Ddraig.

Hmph. I see my opinions are unwanted here...

Why is it that I'm surrounded by weird people...

"You better get up, Jiraiya-chan or Ma will probably burn ya' books!"

That's right...because I'm weird myself...

Slowly, Issei sat up, his long hair swishing all the way. Despite his aching muscles he reassumed his cross legged position and started gathering natural energy all over again. However, before he was even a minute into his pose, Issei's hand came up to his lips brushing them slightly.

To think my first kiss in this life would be taken by such a sexy person like Rias-hime...

Issei smiled, happy that this life had provided with so much that he had previously wanted as Jiraiya.

He was truly thankful to everyone; Rias-hime, Saji, Akeno-hime, Koneko-chan, Yuuto.

It was because of them, that he thought, maybe, just maybe, he could move on from his old life and let go of the people who were Jiraiya, of Orochimaru, of Tsunade, even if it was by a little.

And it's because of that that I'll try my best...these bonds I've created as Hyoudou Issei and not as Jiraiya of the Sannin...I will do everything to protect them... to protect everyone... to protect Rias...

"Let's continue, Ma! Pa!"

Sona Sitri was reading a book while walking to school, intent on topping the academic rankings.

On Sona's right hand side was Tsubaki, her expression neutral as ever, the Queen observing the surroundings idly, admiring the scenery.

On Sona's left was Saji, the Pawn walking with a slouch, his hand playing around with his brief case. He was in a less than stellar mood, with his sleep being unexpectedly cut short.

He didn't typically walk to school with his King, usually preferring to show up last minute (unlike what he remembered of his son, Sakumo was typically never early for anything).

However, that morning Sona had showed up at his front door (to the utter delight of Saji's parents) and had promptly announced that she would be walking him to and from school.

Every day.

When the blond Pawn had asked his King exactly what had incurred her action, she had glanced at him before quickly returning to her book, ignoring the question.

When they had later picked up Tsubaki, the Queen had merely smiled an all-knowing smile, given him a rather confusing 'good luck', before promptly following her King's suite and ignored Saji's probing.

It seems like even after living twice and having been married once, I still don't understand women...

His thoughts were cut short when he nearly bumped into Sona, who had stopped without warning.

Looking at his King in curiosity, Saji raised an eyebrow before following her line of sight to see that three hooded figures were at the school gate, waiting.

From his quick glance Saji was intrigued by the fact that the rather odd-shaped package that the tallest member of the trio was carrying strongly resembled that of an upscaled western broadsword, though she didn't seem to draw too much attention from the general student body which where congregating around them.


Sneaking a glance at his King, once again, Saji's eyebrow raised even further as Sona closed her book, her expression sharpening as she uttered two words.

"Holy swords..."

Saji's eyes widened already knowing trouble was brewing.

God dammit, Issei...you have a lot to explain...

"We apologize for the inconvenience."

Saji nearly scoffed, both at the reason that the still-hooded trio provided for their appearance in Kuoh (Issei having warned the blond about the various happenings in the area through text shortly after the Sitri Pawn had seen the Church Trio) and the fact that this Xenovia's words were unapologetic to say the least.

He didn't like to admit it but the whole situation and its potential threat to the life he established as Saji Genshirou- to the people he had come to see as precious- was putting the White Fang on edge, making him slightly snappier than usual.

Turning his head to the side, slightly, Saji was unsurprised to see his fellow Peerage members wear various expressions of concern at the situation.

Don't worry... I'll protect you guys.

"We request that you stay out of our business, Sona Sitri. This matter is between the Church and the Fallen Angels only; we cannot afford to also face the devils in the area."

The black haired King hummed in acknowledgement, though not necessarily in agreement.

Xenovia continued, her hood falling back to reveal her turquoise hair and serious golden eyes for the first time. "We are serious. If you intervene, we will assume you have sided with the enemy and will destroy you even if you are the sister to Serafall Leviathan."

To back her statement and add legitimacy to her threat, Xenovia released her heavenly aura slightly, causing the weaker members of the Sitri Peerage to take a small step back.

While the turquoise haired woman wasn't overwhelming strong, even if one accounted for the fact that the power she was releasing was but a fraction of her true strength, she was more than capable of causing a great number of problems to both Kuoh and the Sitri Peerage.

And that was not without adding the potential prowess that the other two hooded women possessed.

However, none of that mattered to Saji, as the blond stepped forward before Sona could quip back a smart and political savvy retort, releasing his own power so that it matched that of Xenovia (a trivial matter for the White Fang).

"You almost sound like you're threatening my friends."

As Saji's aura kept increasing so that it now overwhelmed that of Xenvoia, the Church Trio immediately stood up, bearing their arms.

The hood of the second tallest of the group, who had introduced herself as Shidou Irina, finally fell, revealing a rather cute girl whose chestnut hair was tied into twin pig tails.

Saji raised an eyebrow at the fact that while Xenovia held her western broadsword and the Irina raised a Japanese Katana, the shortest, still hooded member of the trio, raised her fists.

Odd...I would have thought all three of them would be blade wielders.

"Saji. Stop before this gets too out of hand."

Glancing backward and sideways, Saji was unsurprised to see that unlike the rest of the Sitri Peerage, who all showed varying degrees of shock at their friend's display, Sona was sitting in her previous position as calm as ever.

Of course Sona would be the calmest in these circumstances.

However, Saji wasn't about to leave it here; while the White Fang was generally a calm person, he was prone to his own emotional outbursts from time to time.

Such was a personality quirk which resulted from years and years of fighting shinobi on the front lines.

The blond Pawn also wanted to make things clear to these people who so casually walked into Kuoh, throwing their weight around and thinking they could threaten the precious people of Saji Genshirou.

Without hesitation, Saji let out a little chakra into his arm, forcibly unsealing a seal (one provided courtesy of Issei).

As the room's attention suddenly turned to the cloud of smoke which seemingly appeared from nowhere, Saji confidently caught his tanto in midair, swinging the reverse and unsharpened edge of the single bladed weapon so that it stopped an inch from the shortest member of the Church Trio.

You can't trick me...despite looking like you're the most demur and nonthreatening of the lot, it is you who obviously the one who carries the most power out of three...though I do wonder why I feel her presence reminds me of someone...must be my imagination.

"Let me tell you three this one time. I don't care about all this political bullshit that is going on between the Three Factions nor do I care for Kokabiel or the Holy Swords. What I do care about is that you threatened by friends, that this situation is threatening them, that your mere presence means that they may be in danger. So I implore you to think before you speak because if you don't you may be burned by those who you least expect to burn you."

Upon finishing his minor monologue, Saji resealed his sword, a small poof of smoke, once again reappearing, before the blond once again slunk into his original position behind his King.

The blond ignored the rather disapproving look that Sona shot him; he didn't really care if he was hated by his King, as long as she was safe.

As soon as he settled into his position, the blond Pawn's eyes were trained in on the hooded exorcist, still slightly confused as to why he felt he knew her from somewhere.

"Probably my imagination..." The blond repeated his thoughts so softly that nobody else heard.

After a few moments of continued tenseness, Xenovia- who was obviously the leader of the Church Trio-suddenly sheathed her sword, Irina doing so as well while their shortest member sat back down.

"I see. I apologize, then Sona Sitri, if I have come across as brash or threatening. I merely wanted to make the Church's position clear on the matter," The turquoise haired woman said, her voice taking a slightly more respectful tone than before.

"Don't worry, Saji-kun, Sona-chan! I promise this won't happen again," Irina added, showing that she was the more diplomatic of the two sword wielders.

Sona nodded, deciding that she would have a word with her Pawn later (it wouldn't do to show that there was some sort of tension in her ranks in front of potential enemies). "I accept your apology, Xenovia-san, Irina-san. However, it is hard for me to truly appreciate your sincerity when one of your members still remains hooded."

Irina looked around, surprised, before the chestnut haired girl's eyes narrowed in on her sitting counterpart. "Asia-chan! You're always so shy! Come on; it's only polite to let these devils see your face."

"O-oh! O-of course, Irina-san, Xenovia-san." It was the first time the short, skinny woman had spoken.

During their exchange Saji looked on in interest, his attention almost entirely trained on the still-hooded exorcist, who spoke with the softest voice he had heard.

The girl finally reached up, pulling her hood down to show her face for the first time.

Upon her face becoming visible, Saji's brain suddenly shuttered to a stop, realizing exactly who this blonde woman reminded him of.

She...she looks so different...but at the same time...it's the same...it's not my imagination...


...Jiraiya... looks like I was wrong...

"Issei-sama!" cried out in twin unison Motohama and Matsuda, worshipping Issei's feet once again.

The other people in Issei's class were looking at the scene, used to the sight, though actively avoiding it all the more.

"Issei-sama, we have heard rumours of your mighty deeds! Please teach us more!"

The Super Pervert let out a goofy grin and gave the duo a sagely thumbs up.

"Oh, ho ho! My beloved disciples, what have you heard that is so grand about me!"

Unfortunately the Toad Sage had absolutely no idea what his fellow super perverts were talking about.

Sure, he kept up with rumours and conjecture as much as he could (such was his former profession), but Issei was but one man (even if he was extraordinary, if he said so himself) and thus he had to make some sacrifices and give up some leads which were statistically unlikely to lead anywhere.

Upon his reincarnation, the school grapevine was the very first he had given up on, as he quickly figured that it usually contained completely malicious statements intended to harm one's reputation rather than any genuinely valuable information.

A stark contrast to Yureei-chan and the information she provided, which always proved accurate.

At least that was the excuse he gave himself rather than the fact that relying on Yureei-chan gave him an excuse to have a legitimate excuse to drop into her fine (and morally questionable) establishment.

"Have you not heard, Issei-sama? They say you have managed to enter into a pact with the two great Onee-samas! That you pleasure them and make them do all sorts of perverted things!" Matsuda started, his eyes sparkling.

Motohama continued before Issei could interrupt. "They also say you have set your sights on the school mascot, Toujou Koneko-chan! That you feast on her underdeveloped body all day and night!"

In the first year classroom, Koneko-chan's posture suddenly straightened, her nose twitching as if she were about to sneeze, her grip on her pencil, tightening, before the white haired neko looked down at her chest.

... Someone just talked about my chest...

...So what if I don't have big lumps of fat on my chest...

The other members of Koneko-chan's class were debating whether to inch away from the obviously irritated girl or whether to coo over how so much more cat-like she looked with her nose twitching as it was.

Issei frowned, leaning on his interlinked hands as if he were an evil mastermind plotting.

"Well, this can't do...these rumours are undoubtedly false."

Motohama and Matsuda who were getting more and more worked up about how awesome their friend and idol was, suddenly stopped, surprised that Issei would deny getting it on with three of the hottest and most sought after women in Kuoh.

However, their worries were put to ease when Issei's expression suddenly turned its typical goofy, the brunet rubbing the back of his head.

"I'll have you know that rather than there being anything sinister, Rias-hime, Akeno-hime and Koneko-chan flock to me because of I am an established Super Pervert!"

Motohama and Matsuda cheered once again; elated that their idol had once again proven the righteous way that was the path of the Super Pervert.

However, before they continued celebrating the two suddenly broke apart before huddling closer to Issei, as if they were about to share a secret.

"There is another rumour...one we don't believe of course!" Motohama nodded in agreement with Matsuda.

"They say that you have also seduced Kiba Yuuto; that your insatiable lust has also extended to that of the same gender! The rumour must have been started by those yaoi loving girls!" Matsuda said, with Motohama nodding as if to give the story more credibility.

Upon turning around, the inexperienced Perverted duo were startled to see that Issei's soul seemed to be escaping from his body.

"I-is...Is that how I'm seen...?"

"Sensei! Don't die!"

The bald and spectacled duo suddenly leapt forward, intent on forcing the life back into their beloved master.

The rest of the class looked on, sweatdrops on their foreheads as they watched the increasingly common antics of the Perverted Trio.

After a few minutes, Motohama and Matsuda were able to resuscitate their sensei, to their elated relief.

Unfortunately by that time the class had also caught wind of exactly what rumour had caused such an exaggerated reaction from Issei and had thus promptly decided to discuss it.

"Did you hear Kiba and Issei..."

"Who would have thought that the leader of the Perverted Trio was gay...?"

"Damn...I can't believe I lost to Issei of all people..."

The recovered Super Pervert promptly stood up, his hands extended in a classic Kabuki pose, capturing the attention of all in his class.

"Oi! You people better stop talking; I will not have you tarnish my sacred reputation that I have built! I am a Super Pervert, the lover of all women, the pleasure-bringer! I am not gay and by no means do I have any relationship with Yuu-."

Suddenly the door of the classroom, blond hair appearing.

Because of course, Yuuto Kiba made his appearance at that moment.

"Issei-kun, I would like to speak to you behind the gym now."

Suddenly the squeals of the yaoi loving fangirls filled the room as Issei's soul, once again, threatened to escape his body.

"A confession!?"

Motohama and Matsuda could only cry manly tears as they watched their beloved idol's reputation become tarnished.

"I am sorry about the trouble I am causing, you Issei-kun...those rumours must be troubling for you..."

"Well of course, they are! It could tarnish the reputation that I've worked so hard to garner."

Kiba smiled, though his mind could only think of one response to his friend's comment.

What reputation?

"I apologize for the trouble I've caused you then."

Issei raised an eyebrow, giving a side glance to his friend, surprised to see that while the blond was smiling politely, it failed to give off the same relief that the expression contained ever since their talk during the training prior to the Phenex Rating Game.

"You do know that I don't really care, right, Yuuto? People can think what they want about me but that doesn't mean who they think I am represents who I really am." Turning on his heel, Issei faced Kiba with their eyes meeting. "And I think you know that better than anyone, Yuuto. Putting up a front to hide who you really are, what you really think...my words that day...have you really thought about it?"

Kiba's eyes widened slightly; surprised that Issei had seen through the answer he had given when he first saw the photo of Excalibur, so easily. However, the expression quickly subsided as the Knight reflected on who he was talking to.

You always know everything, don't you Issei-kun...even the pain which endures in each of our hearts, that we try so hard to hide, is so easily seen in your eyes...I can see why Rias-buchou and the others...

"I should have known that you'd see through me, Issei...you truly are amazing."

"No need for compliments, Yuuto. I already know how awesomely amazing I am, so just spit it out."

"I have thought what about what you were talking about...about enduring instead of hating, about waiting to find out the whole truth. And you're right." Yuuto turned so that he was leaning against the wall, his knightly aura shining around him.

"I've decided...that instead of wanting revenge on the holy swords, I'm going to find those responsibly...and then I will know what happened, whether I can live to truly honour your words, Issei-kun. Then I will know how to prevent what happened to me from happening to others. I will dedicate my life to finding out the truth, to preventing my reality from becoming the reality of others."

Issei nodded, scratching his neck, silently pleased that his seemingly petty actions and small tips had caused the Knight to truly rethink the path he was walking down even if the alteration was tiny.

"That's as fine a goal as I can expect from one in your position, Yuuto."

Though I know you're speaking your true feelings this time...I have to wonder whether your resolve will stay this strong when you actually come into contact with the Holy Swords.

Kiba nodded; glad he had the approval of his sort-of mentor.

"I'm glad you approve, Issei-kun...now, I humbly request that you help me achieve my goal."

Issei hummed for a moment before slowly nodding his head

"I'll do what I can, Yuuto. Now let's go before Koneko-chan gives me that cold, cute stare for being late for club activities."

Upon walking into the Occult Research Clubroom, both the observant Issei and the non-as-observant Kiba had noticed something odd.

For one, the atmosphere was tense, far more so than the usually easy going, happy, one which surrounded the members of the Gremory Peerage ever since the Rating Game against Riser Phenex had ended in their King's favour.

For two, both Sona and Saji were in the room.

The Sitri King's expression was, to the unobservant or those unacquainted with her, it's typical aloof and cool. However, Issei being who he was could tell she was worried; her shoulders were more rigid than normal, he arms crossed a little too tighter, her brow furrowed slightly more than usual.

Saji's face, on the other hand, was also twisted in worry albeit of a different kind; while Sona was obviously worried about a situation, her Pawn seemed to carry an expression one would find when they were about to break bad news to someone.

Issei raised an eyebrow in his friends' direction, expecting some sort of non-verbal reply but to the Super Pervert's surprise the blond Pawn averted his eyes, closing them while biting his lip in thought.

Sighing, Issei ultimately decided that whatever was behind Saji's rather odd behaviour, it would have to wait; with Sona showing up to the Occult Research Clubroom unannounced something big must have occurred, which would likely require the majority of his attention.

Especially if it had anything to do with what Azazel and Baraqiel had mentioned.

"Saji? Sona-hime? What are you two doing here?"

The blond Pawn stayed quiet, his eyes remaining closed while Sona stood up.

"Issei. I hope you aren't causing any trouble."

Issei raised an eyebrow before a goofy smile found its way onto his face. "Nothing you can't handle, I'm sure, Sona-hime~!"

The Student Council President merely sighed in response, the past few months of interacting with the Gremory Pawn having forced her to build some level of tolerance to his eccentricities.

"I hope you would stay out of trouble completely, especially considering what will happen in the near future, Issei."

The Pawn raised an eyebrow before directing his attention to his King who was twirling her beautiful crimson hair in worry.

After a few moments, Rias sighed, expanding on Sona's comment. "It would seem we have some visitors to the Kuoh area, Ise-kun, whose presence only means that something big is going to happen."

So...it probably does have something to do with the Kokabiel situation...I hope you're sticking by your words Azazel...

"They are waiting outside now...they wanted to discuss something with us..."

Issei nodded, his eyes changing focus to the door.

Sona, who had been observing the exchange until now, coughed slightly into her hand. "They have already discussed what they needed to with me so I will take my leave."

Saji nodded, following his King in exiting in the room, brushing past Issei while doing so.

"Whatever happens, Jiraiya, try and remain calm..."

Issei looked at Saji's back, utterly confused by the cryptic comment.

While the brunet was smart, he wasn't smart enough to understand what the blond was talking about in this instance.

And so the brunet leaned back on a nearby wall, waiting for this whole situation to unravel itself.

And unravel itself it did.

For Issei's eyes widened at the sight of one of the trio who walked in, effectively ignoring the other two fine women sent by the Church.

Is...Is this what Saji meant...

The Gremory Peerage watched as the Student Council made their exit and within a few moments three cloaked figures walked in, muttering soft pleasantries.

Upon seeing the three women, Issei's eyes widened as he took a shaky step forward towards the shortest of the trio.

It was nearly unheard of for the notorious Super Pervert to do as he did and ignore someone with such a fine physiques as Irina and Xenovia but in these circumstances, Issei believed that the great Ero-God in the Pure Land reserved just for Super Perverts, where one could peep all day long, would forgive him.

It...It can't be...

Because the blonde reminded him of her.

Every movement, every breath, every subtle gesture was undoubtedly hers.

Even her stillness was hers.

It all belonged to the one he loved, the one he had always loved.

And with someone so similar, yet visually so different, the brunet couldn't help but think back to the last time that he had seen her.

"Well then...I should head out..."

"Come back alive...If...if I lost you too..."

"How about a gamble then? You should bet that I'll die; after all you always do lose. And if I win...We go on a date~!"

The comment was meant in jest; a throw back to his more active romantic pursuits of the beautiful woman in front of him. And yet when he looked down and saw her honey brown eyes filling with shocked thoughtfulness.

It was as if the woman wanted to take the bet, albeit reluctantly, to ensure his safety.

Jiraiya quickly backpedalled on his earlier statement, not wanting to subject the woman in front of him into some unwanted engagement. If this teammate was going to go out with him again, Jiraiya had long decided, it was because it was what she wanted and not a result of his own desires or some sense of obligation or pity.

And he wasn't that superstitious to believe that Tsunade's luck would keep him from whatever awaited him in Amegakure.

"Forget it, forget it~! It's a joke! A joke!"

Upon his words she settled back into her seat, her shoulders loosening slightly, as if some decision she didn't want to make had lifted from her.

Sometimes he wished he couldn't read body language as well as he could.

"If...if you come onto any trouble, send a toad to me straight away. I'll rush over straight away."

Jiraiya shook his head as he went over to his scroll, attaching it to his back. "You know I won't do that. You're needed here. This village relies on you; its Hokage."

And I would never put you in danger...

"Well, then I guess I'm off! I'll see you soon, no doubt." Jiraiya flashed her one last smile; his genuine one and not the goofy one he usually wore.

Turning around, the white haired man lifted his arm in the air, thumbs up, as he walked into the sunset.

I bet I look like a damn fine hero right now...maybe I should write something like this into the sequel to Tactics?

Before he could walk out romantically, into the dimming light, however, his name was called out.


Stopping and turning, the Toad Sennin expected the woman to respond with her own thumbs up; however he was shocked as a weight hit him and a head of beautiful blonde hair pressed into his chest.

Shaking his head slightly, Jiraiya sighed and started to pat the woman's back in comfort.

It was a few minutes before the woman calmed and she looked up at him, her eyes still shining from her freshly shed tears. "When you come back...let's go for a date."

Jiraiya shook his head, a goofy smile on his face which hid his inner feelings. "The bet was a joke~! I didn't mean it; you don't need to force yourself into something..."

"But I want to..." Jiraiya looked down at the woman, shocked at her outburst as she continued. "Back...back when I rejected you for Dan...I was selfish and young and inconsiderate...and when he died...I loved him so much, Jiraiya; I-I never got over him and I think I never will. But... I think, now, though...I may be able to move on, even if it's just a little...this isn't just what he would have wanted; it's also what I want. So this date isn't about some stupid bet. I want to see if we could work...if you were still willing to give us a try; willing to see where this leads us."

Jiraiya's smile turned genuine, his heart soaring.

He knew that the big breasted woman wasn't entirely sure of her feelings at the moment. He knew that he still hadn't fully won her over, that she probably still didn't love him like he did her but she had given him a chance.

And that was all he could ask for; all he had ever been asking for.

It took him a few moments to compose himself, before he finally managed to find his voice and reply without a hitch in his manliness.

"I think we could give it a try...Tsun-"

"-ade-hime," Issei whispered, his hand going out to the blonde nun, as he stumbled forward. The rest of the room- his fellow Peerage members, the trio from the church, even Yuuto who had also been shocked by the trio's appearance- looked at him oddly for the outburst.

Issei ignored them, as he gained tunnel vision; all he could see was the woman he had chased and fate had kept beyond his reach.

It seemed like despite his feelings for Rias starting to find footing, that despite Sakumo's words, despite the fact he thought he could move on (his words echoing hers), even if it was by a little, nothing had changed.

As sappy as it sounded, he still couldn't let Tsunade go.

However, before he could reach out, the girl took a few small steps backwards; her hands rising in a defensive manner.

And soon, dreaded words were uttered from her beautiful lips.

"Who is Tsunade-hime? I-I am Asia Argento."

Issei could feel his heart breaking again.

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