Val was playing around with Jay babysitting her. She then found a weird cave filled with drawings of cowboys and Native Americans. She and Jay saw a dream catcher stuck on the wall and when they touched it, they were in the movie Rango as Rattlesnakes. Join them on their journey of the Mojave Desert facing new enemies, making new friends and rival. (This takes place after the movie and it is rated T to be safe.)

This is my first Rango crossover. The only ones in this story are Val and Jay. I hope you like it.

Name: Valentina Rosalina Grady

Nickname: Val

Gender: Female

Race: American and Italian Human

Blood type: Unknown because she has her mother's super serum

Age: Five in a half

Ability or talent: Understand Animals, healing tears, advance smelling, hearing and seeing, distress scream, can play ocarina or a lute, read people's thoughts and can see people's past just by looking at them. Can transform to any animals, controls elements and can see or communicate to the dead. Has superhuman strength and speed.

Personality: Kind, adorable, gentle, polite, behave, timid and obedient

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, sapphire eyes, and slightly tan skin.

Family: Owen Grady (Uncle), Blue, Charlie, Delta and Echo (Foster Cousins), Red, Scar, Talon and Uri (Her Raptor pack), Ivy (Adopted daughter) Iris (Adopted daughter), Steven Grady (Father: deceased), Alma (Mother: deceased).

Friends: Quinn, Jay, Barry, Claire, Alex, Sofia, Mike, Marco, Mr. Masrani, Mitchell brothers, and all of the dinosaurs, workers, guards and InGen soldiers, minus Hoskins.

Job: Dinosaur Whisperer

Love Interest: None

Name: Quinn Kingbird

Nickname: none

Gender: Female

Race: American Human

Blood Type: AB

Age: twelve in a half

Ability or talent: can play sports, gymnastic, martial arts, and play the drums.

Personality: Friendly, adventurous, fun going and a tomboy.

Appearance: Long blonde hair, green eyes and tan skin

Family: Marco Kingbird (Dad), June Nightingale (Mother: deceased)

Friends: Val, Jay, Barry, Claire, Alex, Sofia, Mike, Owen, Mr. Masrani, dinosaurs and the Mitchell brothers.

Job: Hybrid Caretaker

Love Interest: None

Name: Alexander Winchester

Nickname: Alex

Gender: Female

Race: American Human

Blood Type: O

Age: 17

Ability or talent: Karate, singing, playing guitar, gymnastic, hacker, novel writer, and can ride a motorbike.

Personality: Kind, selfless to others, loyal and calm

Appearance: Athletic body, blonde shoulder length hair, fair skin and dark blue eyes

Family: Jack Winchester (Father), Annabelle White (Mother)

Friends: Val, Mike Quinn, Jay, Marco, Dale, Owen, Claire and Wu.

Job: Worker in the Hybrid paddock

Love interest: Mike

Name: Jayson Suarez Archer

Nickname: Jay

Gender: Male

Race: Mexican or American, Human and Velociraptor Hybrid

Blood Type: Unknown because of Serum X his blood type was unknown

Age: 18

Ability or talent: Immune to bullets, maybe immune to electrical voltage, has super strength and speed, can jump in a far distance and also can mimic anyone's voices to lure them, can transform into a raptor, and can play the electric guitar.

Personality: Calm, serious, secretly aggressive and protective, and kind

Appearance: Muscular, has black claws on his hands and feet, Velociraptor feet, sharp teethes, pointy ears, spiky dark brown hair, and Velociraptor red eyes.

Family: Jorge Archer (Father: Diseased) Isabelle Suarez (Mother)

Friends: Val, Alex, Quinn, Sofia, Mike, Raptor Squad, Owen, Barry, Claire, Dale, Wu and Marco.

Job: Raptor Trainer

Love Interest: Sofia

Name: Sofia Johnson

Nickname: Sof

Gender: Female

Race: American Human

Blood Type: A

Age: 16

Ability or talent: Playing the bass guitar, poetry, knows ballet, and can do a bit gymnastic

Personality: Kind and shy

Appearance: Feminine body; has long light brown hair, mocha skin and green eyes.

Family: Kevin Johnson (Father), Mabel Pyre (Mother)

Friends: Val, Alex, Mike, Jay, Marco, the dinosaurs, Claire, Wu, and Dale

Job: Worker in the Hybrid paddock

Love interest: Jay

Name: Michael Jones

Nickname: Mike

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: B

Age: 17

Ability or talent: Knows technology and dinosaurs, can do karate, can ride a motorbike, and can play the keytar and keyboard piano.

Personality: Kind and brave

Appearance: Slightly muscular, has dirty blond hair, fair skin and green eyes.

Family: David Jones (an Alcoholic Father) Lulu Hail (Mother: Deceased)

Friends: Val, Quinn, Alex, Jay, Charlie and Uri, Owen, Barry, Dale, Marco, Wu and Claire.

Job: Raptor Trainer

Love interest: Alex

Name: Marco Kingbird

Nickname: Marc

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: AB

Age: Early thirties

Ability or talent: Martial Arts, escape artist, acrobat, and kick boxer

Personality: Calm, serious, friendly, protective and loyal

Appearance: Tall and muscular, slightly tan skin, black hair and green eyes

Family: Quinn Kingbird (Daughter) June Nightingale (Wife: Deceased)

Friends: Owen, Barry, Wu and Claire

Job: Security Guard

Love interest: Only his deceased wife he loves

Name: Carl Dale

Nickname: Dale

Gender: Male

Race: Human

Blood Type: O

Age: Sixty

Ability or talent: Knows many chemicals and knowledge of the world

Personality: Calm and friendly

Appearance: Slightly wrinkled pale skin, white hair and brown eyes

Family: he has a son and grandkids

Friends: Val, Owen, Barry, Wu and Claire

Job: Scientist

Love interest: Secret

Carly: Carnotaurus Satrei. Black scales with red on the eyes and back of her head that runs down to her back and ends in her tail. Eyes are yellow.

Ivy: Indominus Rex. She has snow white scales and golden eyes.

Iris: Indominus Rex. She has snow white scales and scarlet red eyes.

Dahna: Dilophosaurus. She is like the one in the first movie.

Belinda: Baryonyx. Grey with yellow markings in each side.

Mona: Mosasaur. Bluish grey scales and yellow green eyes.

Rexy: T-Rex. Brown scales with scars and yellow eyes.

Polly: Pteranodon. Grey with light red on her head and yellow eyes.

Dixie: Dimorphodon. Gray scales and yellow eyes.

Ingrid: Inostrancevia alexandri. Grayish brown fur with black dots on each of her sides of her body. Eyes are yellow.

Dawn, Delilah, Dorothy, and Dory: Dimetrodon. Dawn has Gila monster markings. Delilah has Tiger Snake markings. Dorothy has blue Poison Dart frog markings. Dory has green scales and black stripe markings on the back. They all have yellow eyes.

Tina: Titanobao. Scales are brown with light brown underbelly and yellow eyes.

Carrie: Ceratosaurus. Her head and horn are red; her scales are light brown with splash of black on her back.

Sara: Sarcosuchus. She's a supercroc. Have brown scales and yellow eyes.

Spectra: Spinosaurus. Her scales are grayish blue with black tips on her sail and her eyes are yellow.

Monica: Microraptor. Brown feathers with creamy scales and her eyes are grey.

Spinny: Spinoraptor. He has the head and body of Utahraptor, with a blue feathered crest on his skull, arms, legs and tail, and the spine of a Spinosaurus. And his eyes were yellow.

Steven: Stegoceratops. He has a body of a Stegosaurus and the head of a Triceratops. His scales are bright orange and his eyes are yellow or orange.

Snow: Mortiferous Raptor. She has a body shape similar to the Indominus Rexes. Her head shape is shown to be gecko flat-like, with sky blue eyes on the front of her head like a human, with two rows of sharp teeth in her mouth. She has two long arms that are similar to a Spinosaurus, three fingers armed with long black claws and a thumb with a long black claw. Her feet are similar to a T-Rex with black claws on them. Like the Indominus Rexes, she has spine-like decorations on its skull and back. She is 9 feet high, making it bigger than a Velociraptor. And she can talk.

Assassin: Indominus Spino. He looks like an average Spinosaurus, but he is incredibly larger, about 17.5 feet tall. He has dark red scales all over his body and black ridge on his sail. His eyes are also dark red.

Hunter: Indominus Spino. He shows the resemble more of a Baryonyx with a sail on his back. He is about 17 feet in height. He has dark green scales and eyes, with the same black ridge on his sail.

Tyrone: Feathered T. Rex. His neck and back were covered in a dark brown bristle like feathers while the rest of his body was covered in more downy brown feathers and his eyes are gold.

Red: Velociraptor. He has a red line marking on his back of his head and down to his tail, dark brown scales and red eyes.

Scar: Velociraptor. He has copper brown scales and many scars on his body and red eyes.

Talon: Velociraptor. His talons were much sharper and slightly bigger, his scales were light brown with green on the tip of his tail and red eyes.

Uri: Velociraptor. He has chocolate brown scales and red dots on his legs and red eyes.

Tristan: A juvenile T. Rex. Copper scales and golden eyes.

Chapter 1: Transported and friends

Val was playing at a field of tall grass with Jay watching her. Owen and Mike were doing the raptor training since Jay took the night shift. Alex and Sofia were dealing with the hybrids. Quinn was learning how to drive a ship and the dinosaurs do their regular routine. Val runs in the field in high speed. Jay just followed her casually with his claws in his pocket pants. Val then saw a cave and enters it. Jay follows Val from behind. It was really dark so Val uses her light powers to see. They saw many drawings of cowboys and Native Americans.

"Jay, what are these?" Val asked.

Jay just shrugs as they continued their walk. Then in the wall was a dream catcher. Val was curious about that while Jay…not so much. When they touched it, it started to make rattling sounds of a rattlesnake and then sands surrounded them. Jay holds Val close as she screams in fear. As the sands consume them, they were one as well as the drawings and the dream catcher.

Somewhere in Mojave Desert, there was groaning from the sands near a small hill. Two dark brown rattlesnakes, one big with blood red eyes wearing a short black hooded cloak and one small hatchling with sapphire blue eyes wearing a red scarf, were waking up. They looked at each other before jumping slightly in surprise.

"Jay?" the little rattlesnake, aka Val, looks at the big one.

The big one named Jay nodded before he looks at himself. He was bigger than any rattlesnake. He has dark brown scales with light brown diamond patterns in his back except his rattle is replace by a Velociraptor's killing claw but it makes rattling sounds. Val has the same color but she has a rattle not a claw.

"Where are we?" Val slithers over to Jay and get on his back.

Jay looks around with his tongue flickering out of his mouth, "We're in the Mojave Desert." He said, "Strange, our forms reminds me of an outlaw rattlesnake from the movie Rango."

Val looks around the desert. She turns around and screams in surprise. Jay heard that and sharply turns around with his claw pointed near a face of a armadillo wearing a hat and holding a walking stick.

"Hey now, is that how you treat your elders?" he asked.

Jay lowered his claw while holding Val close, "Who are you?" Jay asked. He knows it was Roadkill the armadillo and that means they are in the Rango movie.

"They call me Roadkill," he said.

"Are you lost Mr. Roadkill?" Val asked.

Roadkill just chuckled at her, "No child, I am here to help the two of you to find a place to rest."

Jay and Val looked at each other before looking at Roadkill, "Okay then, where is the nearest town?" Jay asked.

"The Town known as Dirt is a bit close but it will take you two days to get there." Roadkill explained, "The journey will be hard but you two are strong."

"Gracias mi amigo," Jay nodded.

"Yeah, thank you!" Val smiled.

Roadkill chuckles as Jay slithers away with Val on his back. "Take care…Jay and Val."

Jay stops and turns to see Roadkill gone. Shrugging it off, Jay slithers away with Val rested in his back. Jay slithered the hot sand but he doesn't mind. He likes the warm. Val was asleep in his back after being lullaby by Jay's slithering. The sun started to set and Jay needs to find food for him and Val. Then he heard something behind the small hill. He stops and said, "I know you are there."

Slithering out from the hill was a female Arizona Black Rattlesnake with dark blue eyes and Indian headband with a single feather. She has belt bag with things inside. She appears to be twenty-four years old and she looks wise.

"Who are you?" Jay asked.

"Miakoda," she said in a silky beautiful voice that sounds like a Native American, "And you?"

"Jayson Archer," Jay glanced at a sleeping Val, "And this Valentina Rosalina Grady."

"Nice to meet you," Miakoda slithers over to them, "Why are here?"

"We're looking for a place to rest and get something to eat."

"I have some crickets in my pouch that the three of us will enjoy."

Nodding, Jay follows Miakoda to a cave. When Val woke up, she got good friendship with Miakoda. They ate crickets together. Then they heard wings flapping above. Jay slithers out a bit and saw two hawks fighting in the air. He heard bullets shooting and loud shrieks. Jay watches as the two crashed to the ground.

"Miakoda, watch Val, I'll be right back." Jay hissed before slithering towards the direction of the hawks. As he got there, he saw the two hawks fighting on the ground while their pistols were left on the ground. He got a good look at the two hawks. One has light brown feathers with a white underbelly wearing a brown cowboy hat and belt while the other was black with many scars.

"Give it up Scourge!" the light brown yelled, "You can't continue to kill many innocents!"

"Never!" the black one yelled, "I will kill you and your family Nathan!"

Jay can tell that the light brown hawk name Nathan was a good guy while Scourge is not. Scourge was able to pin down Nathan and was about to kill him but Jay jumps in and tied around Scourge's neck and started strangling him. Scourge was thrashing around, trying to get this rattlesnake off of him. Nathan's yellow eyes widen in shock to see a rattlesnake with a claw helping him but he needs to help as well. He got up and grabbed his pistol before firing at Scourge's head. Scourge fell on the sandy floor, unmoving or breathing. Jay got up and looks at Nathan.

"Thank you," Nathan said with a smile.

Jay nodded before looking at Scourge, "Is he a wanted criminal?" he asked.

Nathan nodded before placing his pistol back on his belt. "His name Scourge Haunz. He's an outlaw in my home town for years and I've been hunting him down ever since."

"You're a sheriff?" Jay asked.

"Not really, more of a bounty hunter." He said before tying Scourge's body with a rope.

"By the way the names Nathan Star and what is your name?"

"Jayson Archer." Jay said before looking at Nathan's wounds, "You're hurt."

Nathan looks at his wounds, "Damn, I should patch this up before it gets infected."

"I have a friend that can heal wounds back on the cave." Jay said, "I'm sure she has extra food for you."

Nathan nodded before following Jay while dragging Scourge's body. Once they got to the cave, Nathan saw Miakoda and Val. At first, Miakoda was a bit in edge since hawks are rattlesnakes' predators but Nathan didn't harm Val when she climbs on his back. So Miakoda considers him as a friend. Nathan was amazed to make friends with rattlesnakes but the amazing thing of all is when Val heals him with her tears!

He was amazed and grateful to meet them. He ate some crickets and other insects. They all talked about themselves and got a good friendship. Then night came and they all went to bed. Jay stayed up as look out while Miakoda, who was wrapped around Val to keep her warm near the fire, and Nathan, sleeps. Jay looks at the star filled sky before going to sleep near the fire.

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