MMM to answer your questions, I am not making Jake jealous to Jay and Mia and yes I am skipping that and let Jake win Mia's heart and have eggs. And Jay and Val will go back to their home before the eggs are even born. And lastly, Bill and his gang's souls are not going to appear. Val will not inherit the power of Chief of fire and death and she cannot bring Emily back from the dead. This is the last chapter of the story.

Chapter 7: War that Ends and a New Beginning

The next day, Jay tells Rango about Bad Bill telling Kadar there location. Rango was worried, "We need to prepare for him but what am I going to tell the citizens?"

Jake steps in, "Tell them we got a threat," he said, "They need to have their guns ready."

Guyapi nodded, "We need to keep Val and the two items away from him." He said.

Jay nodded in agreement, "I agree but where should we hide them maybe the mill since it's not close to town?"

Nakai agrees, "Yes but Val will need a guard to protect her also we should hide the items somewhere away from Val that way Kadar won't be able to perform the ritual."

"I'll protect Val," Jay said, "And good idea Nakai."

Nathan went out the door, "I'll do an aerial surveillance since I can see for miles away that way i can track them and warn the town." They nodded as Nathan went out before taking off.

Beans said, "We need to stock up our weapons and load them up." They all nodded and did as they were told.

Meanwhile: Kadar and his bat army are stocking up weapons of there own and armor.

Kadar was barking orders to the bats. "Get those weapons loaded armors on!"

Epson went to Kadar and saluted, "Weapons fully loaded sir and we packed extra ammo just in case."

Ridge came with armor on, "Armor on and ready to defend."

Kadar smiles evilly, "Let's go." The army follows him out the cave and to the town of Mud.

Epson said, "The girl snake is located in the town of Mud a day trip that will give us extra time to plan an attack to catch the girl."

Kadar nodded. "Excellent, soon the power will be mine."

Meanwhile the citizens have been told of the threat size and are ready to help defend there town. Val was hidden in the Mill and the items hidden somewhere far. They all take night shifts and made sure to be heavily guarded. They were waiting for Kadar and his army to come. When nightfall came, they heard thousands of bats from the sky coming towards them. Kadar was at a hill as he yelled out, "KILL THEM!"

All the bats dive down with sharp claw weapons ready. "FIRE!" Jay roars out. The entire town's people fired their bullets. Many bats fall dead but more kept coming. Mia and Jay stabs or slice them to death. Jake and Nathan shoot a them with ease. Nakai and her family use their fighting skill at them. They were so busy with the fight that Kadar slipped pass them and searched for the last three items. He saw a mill that was old and abandon and knew that was the only place where they could hide those three items. Grinning, Kadar went to the mill and opens the door. He saw some things but when he flicks his tongue. He smelled a little snake inside.

Smirking, Kadar slithers around the mill and notices something hiding behind some cloths. He removes it and suddenly he was pushed by an unknown force. He hits a wall and yells in pain. Val looks at him with wide and fearful eyes as she slithers away fast. Kadar got up and growls before he chases after her. Val went to the back door and slithers away from the battle and to the desert. Kadar was right behind her.

Val yelps as she hides behind a rock. The sky started to water as it rains down heavily. Kadar couldn't smell her but he could find her, "Here little snake. Come out, come out, where ever you are?" Kadar hissed. Val held her breath as he was coming closer to her hiding spot. Then suddenly Jake came out of nowhere and tackles him. The two adult rattlesnakes fought viciously. Jake tries to bite him but Kadar easily avoids him. Val looks out from her hiding spot and saw Jake fighting Kadar. Jake fired his bullets at Kadar but Kadar dodged them all. Kadar then brought out the Spear of Strength and uses it to hit Jake. Jake was sends flying and it slams him at a rocky wall. Jake yells in pain as he growls at Kadar. Kadar hits Jake with the spear and Jake hits the rocky wall again causing Jake to bleed a bit. Kadar was ready to kill him and looms over at Jake, "SAY HELLO TO THE DEVIL FOR ME!"

"Why don't you tell him yourself!" a feminine voice yelled.

Kadar turns but soon stopped when he felt a blade stabbed him. Kadar gasps in pain as he looks at the one who stabbed him. It was Miakoda and she used the Soul Taker at him. Kadar felt his soul being taken as Mia pulls the blade off of him and his body dropped dead. Mia puts the blade down and rushed over to Jake. She helps him up as Val went over to them.

"You okay?" Mia asked.

Jake nodded as he ignore the pain, "Yeah, I'll live. Nice save." Mia smiles softly and nodded. Val checks at them if they were okay.

Meanwhile, everyone at the town killed every bat that Kadar had. Epson and Ridge were still alive but barely. Mia, Jake and Val went to them and Val hugs Jay happily. They dispose the dead bats' bodies while Ridge and Epson were put into questioning. They told them the location of Kadar's hideout and the items were. Nakai's family was the ones who will take the items and hide them somewhere that no one will find them. Doc and Mia patched up everyone. Jake stayed in the Mayor's house while Mia patched him up. Jake doesn't mind, he like having Mia being his doctor.

Mia was patching Jake's wounds. He would silently hisses in pain and Mia would give him a glance of apology. As she treats his wounds, Mia spoke softly, "You were very brave back there." Jake glanced at her, "Risking your life for Val and nearly got killed."

Jake snorts but smirk, "Val reminds me of my little sister, Emily."

"You loved Emily very much." Mia said as she wraps a bandage at Jake's wounds.

Jake chuckles a bit, "Yeah, she was my entire world before she died…I neve' felt love like that again," Jake looks at Mia, "Until now."

"What?" Mia was taken a back from his words.

Jake came closer to her, "The way ya talk, the way you smile and the way you fight got me to like ya." Jake said, "Even make me to love you."

Mia turns away and said, "You just saying that so you can trick me. You don't really love me." Mia then gasps when Jake wrapped his coils around her firmly and made her look at him in the eyes.

"Mia, I really love ya." He whispers before he captured her lips with his.

Mia let out a muffle gasps and looks at Jake's closed eyes. Mia felt herself blushing when Jake depend the kiss. Mia felt her eyes closing before she kisses him back passionately. Jay was watching them at the window he smiled softly before shaking his head, "It looks like Jake has found his mate." He whispers before slithering towards the desert.

Once he did, he looks at the sunset. Val appeared behind him and slithered towards him, "What are doing?" Val asked innocently.

"Just watching the sunset," Jay answered, "And thinking of a way to take us back home."

"May I be assistance?" asked a beautiful female voice.

The two turned and saw a female rattlesnake that looks like Val but an adult version. "Who are you?" Val asked.

"My name is Amanda and I can help you." She said, "You just saved the entire desert from Kadar's forces and hid the items away."

"Yeah and how can you take us home?" Jay asked suspiciously.

"Because I know that you two were humans and were sent here by the cave of the west."

"Cave of the West?" Jay asked.

"Yes, it's a magical cave that can bring you here but it only appears when it needs too." Amanda said, "I can take you back now since the job is done."

"How are you going to do that?" Val asked.

Amanda's eyes started to glow and the sands swirled around the two. Val hugs Jay as they were slowly going up, "Thank you for saving my home." They heard Amanda in their heads. The two looked down at her in shock and realized that she was the warrior that defeated the chief of fire and death many years ago. The two were sends back to their worlds as the sands were blown away. Amanda smiles before disappearing by a blinding light.

Thirteen years later

Jake was slithering towards a big house that was farther away from Mud. It was night and he enters the house and saw Mia making dinner. Mia turns to him and smiles as he closes the door and sighs tiredly. "How was your day?" Mia asked kindly as she sets a bowl of cricket stew fro Jake to eat.

"Tiring," Jake grunts out, "The one that hired me wanted me to take down thirty gangsters and it tired me like hell."

Mia chuckles softly at him. Then three rattlesnake came and saw Jake, "DAD"S HOME!" a little male rattlesnake grins. Jake smirks at them as they slithered towards him. Those three are Jake and Mia's kids. The fist born was Lloyd. He has brown scales and dark diamond patterns and his eyes are blue. The third oldest was Dakota. He has black scales and hellfire eyes. And last was Scarlet. She has light brown scales and black diamond patterns and scarlet red eyes.

"How was work dad?" Scarlet asked.

"Same old same old. Are ya three causing trouble?"

"We tied Rango at a post and got attacked by a wild scorpion with the help of Nara." Lloyd grins.

Jake chuckles, "That's my kids." Nara is the daughter of Wounded Bird and Nakai and she's good with plans and dancing.

Mia rolled her eyes and heard a baby like cry on the halls. "Looks like she's awake. I'll check on her."

"Nah, I'll do it." Jake said as he slithers towards the hall, "Eat up kids and get ready for bed. Remember, I'm gonna teach you how to hunt tomorrow."

The kids were excited before they went to the table and eat up. Jake slithers towards a room and opens the door. On a crib was a baby rattlesnake. She has sapphire blue eyes and dark brown scales. She was crying since she was alone. Jake went to the crib and slowly holds her. The baby rattlesnake stopped crying and looks at Jake. "It's okay Emily. Daddy's here."

The baby name Emily giggles at him as he holds her close. Mia and the kids came to him and Emily, "It seems Emily misses you Jake." Mia smiles softly.

Jake smirks and nodded, "Yeah and I'm glad we named her after my little sister."

"I'm glad that we have amazing children."

"All thanks to Jay and Val." Jake smiles as Mia rested her head at Jake's coils and the kids hugged their dad. Their lives were great with each other and will always have each other's back.


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