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Two men were talking in the kitchen of Potter Manor. One is a young man with untamed black hair, round glasses and wears red robes while the other man was more aged, black hair with some grey stripes already through them. Unlike his grandson, Charles Potter didn't wear glasses, it is something that he didn't need and if he had one, magic will solve it. But right now, Charles was berating his grandson. "Are you out of your bloody mind, boy!" Bellowed an red faced Charles who punctuated boy with his fist on the table's surface. "What made you think to follow that idiot plan of your so called esteemed Headmaster! Well?!"

James gazed rebellious up at his grandfather, dark eyes narrowed at the Lord Potter who towered over him. Just like his grandfather, James, Scion of House Potter faced his grandfather with a red face, but he stayed quiet. "How could you James! Give away our most invented charm away to Dumbledore! You, a Scion of my House gave it away to an outsider! Don't you know no shame!"

"Yes! Scion I am of the House Potter and that right will give me the right to share it with Albus Dumbledore, a great wizard he is." James bellowed with great conviction, his eyes gleamed unfocused in his cases. "Unlike you Charles, he knows what is good for Wizard kind."

"Really," Charles said in a quiet, low voice that felt cold in the air. "Than can you explain why a outsider convinced you to use someone that I told you many time not to trust as a secret keeper of my ancestor charm that MY HOUSE INVENTED!" Exploded Charles, magic swirled around him that caused several objects around him to float around. "Tell me, son. How a outsider thinks that he knows more about my ancestor charm. A charm that I knows and have used around different plots of our ancestor. A charm that keeps information, locations and items hidden away in the wizards own magic. A charm that I, descendant of my ancestors can use it on myself and DON'T HAVE TO RELY ON AN OUTSIDER!"

"Dumble—" The Scion of House Potter started but he didn't gain the chance to start an argument when Charles waltzed over him like a bulldozer with his voice.

"Be quiet James! How dare you to sell away our ancestor's knowledge away to an bloody outsider! For generations long we kept them for ourselves, never letting someone in to steal our knowledge. Our ancestors and I are still from the Grey faction, balance my son. Our House, the Noble and Ancient House of Peverell led the wizarding world with pride, honor and power with the other Sacred Pure-bloods!" By this time, James shrunk down, afraid of what he had done and how many damage he had caused. With difficulty he tried to ignore his grandfather's voice, but for naught as his sharp voice cleaved through the air and delivered harsh words. "Oh no, not those fake that called themselves the Sacred Twenty-eight since the start of that imposter first's war. Wizards family that now parade through Magical Britain as if they are better than us, like those filthy family like the so called House of Nott and his Death Eater friends like Malfoy. They were afraid of us silly boy. Fearing us for our power but you, and in small faction of me ruined our neutral side! But let me ask you a question: do you know our ancestor history?"

Charles voice was now lower, calmer but you could feel the boiling anger under the Lord's voice with each sentence that escaped his lips. With hard, cold eyes, Charles watched his grandson who he called easily son shake his head negative. The Lord Potter wondered where all those history lessons did go that he worked so hard to stamp into his son's mind. A new dangerous edge crept up in his voice, "What happened to all those times we spent together on history lessons, huh? Did all those hours vanish together with your silly pranks?!" James shook his head wildly, fearing for his Lord's wrath. "Don't shake your head, use YOUR BLOODY MOUTH BOY!"

"I..I.. I d..don't know...?!" That was the wrong thing to say to an irate lord who tried his best to keep his magic under control. James flew out of his chair and slammed painfully against the wall, kitchen tools floated and flew wildly through the room and missing James on a hair wide.

"Merlin sake!" Cussed Charles, breathing a volume of air to calm his burning rage. "I feel so ashamed to have you named Scion of my House." A slight pause fell between them before the Lord Potter continued. "But I am a lord, and if I need to re educate you, I will. Our ancestors were the most influenced family of medieval Britain, possible they were too in the time of the Romans and the Greeks but let us focus on Britain. Our main line of our family can be split between the Noble and Most Ancient House of Linfred, and the Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell. The first mentioned House are very gifted in the brewing of potions, and many potions that we use in this time are invented by our ancestors. On the other hand we have the Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell who were very gifted in the use of wand crafting, enchanting and spell crafting. And like the House of Linfred they work are still used by magical population today."

James began to struggle when his grandfather's voice reached him, waking up memories that were deep buried in his unconscious. Charles never paused and kept talking about his ancestors history. "Our ancestor the House of Linfred were so well known through the magical world and people called them the potioneer in honor of many of their magical potion-brewer. And through the ages the name potioneer stuck and the head of the House of Linfred changed in honor to Potter. Until this day, our Noble and Most Ancient House of Linfred and Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell are still alive, something I can resurrect."

"You want to let the House of Potter fall! Is that what you want, disgrace us!" Spat James hotly. "Albus spoke about those Houses, how dark the—"

"BE QUIET BOY!" Charles cut off his grandson, feeling his soul being teared apart at what that old goat had done to him. Gathering his thoughts back to continue his lesson, after all he can nag him always another day about that stealing thief. "Our Houses that consist out of Linfred, Peverell and Potter has made an alliance with several other old Noble and Most Ancient Houses that joined in our cause for the betterment of Magical Britain. These Houses are the Noble and Most Ancient House of Greengrass, the Noble and Most Ancient House of Black, the Noble and Most Ancient House of Longbottom, the Noble and Most Ancient House of Bones, the Noble and Most Ancient House of Zabinni the Noble and Most Ancient House of Abbot with including ours of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Peverell and Linfred. We are the Sacred Eight and with our alliance we can rule Britain to a better age. Something that was not possible with you kissing Dumbledore's robes and others fearing for that disgusting snake whore. Both that made me feel shame that I let this to happen, but I will rectify this." Charles' face softened, his stern look melted as he extended his hand to his son. "All these Houses in the Sacred Eight are intertwined and bounds by oaths to help one another, let Dumbledore go and let me help you, my son."

James stared long and hard at the extended hand of his father figure, something an image that Albus Dumbledore had slowly replaced in his mind. Speaking about his mind, inside was a huge battle going. James own mind and will was fighting against one of the charms that was placed upon him and that was reflected in his eyes. Opening his mouth with the intention to call out for help, instead for help something interily else happened. Laughter. Cold and cruel laughter escaped his lips and his voice sounds old and manipulative like the devil. "You can't help me, Charles. This mind and it secrets are mine now... die and let me take over..."

"Stupefy!" Charles spat out and a red beam shot out of his wand before he chanted an ancient Latin spell that would break the old traitorous snake's unforgivable. Another spell hit James in the chest that caused him to scream out in a unnatural, raw scream that caused Charles' bones to shiver. What seemed like hours what were in reality mere seconds, James landed in a heap on the floor with his head rested on his chest. Sweeping his wand again, Charles shot another spell at him. "Enervate!"

While James was slowly returning to conscious and ordering his memories back with some surprises and disgust. Charles himself was thinking about his next step, something that caused him to step in. 'Thank you Lily flower, if it wasn't for your tip and the rumors that I started to hear about my family... I would not want to know what would have happened if you were to late.' Seeing James slowly tilting his head up, dark unfocussed pair of eyes roamed his surroundings. A miniscule smile grew on the Scion's face that made the elder Potter to think again. 'Now that he is back, I need to go to rectify several rumors and if that don't come to an halt, my worst fear would become reality.'

"Oh my head... what happened?" Slurred James with an unsteady voice, blinking a few times to focus his eyes at his surroundings. He noticed his own living room that resembles a junk place with everywhere kitchen tools buried in the walls. Plants laying askew and on the floor, water crane seems exploded and turned in a fountain. "Or better asking, what happened here?"

"A long period of Imperius curse happened to you, son." James heard a familiar voice reach his ears. Slowly turning his head to the source, his eyes widened at the view of his father figure. Immediately he wanted to say something but the wand that was aimed at him halted him. "Now, speak out the vow and prove to me that James Perseus Potter is back in control, no unforgivable influenced his mind, will and magic, a vow, now!"

James fearing for his life if he don't answer him with a vow right now made the vow. A bright light illuminated the room. Slowly the light receded and everything in the room could be seen again. "Use the minimum wandless that you can do, like in case lift that book a feet off the floor." The younger Potter did as commanded and heard Charles sigh in relief. Slumping back on the ground, James tried to caught up with all the things happened but Charles didn't want him to rest as his arm was grasped painfully and dragged along towards the fireplace. "I'll explain underway, for now... Ministry of Magic, Madam Bones Office!"

Charles threw powder into the fire that flared up green before stepping through the fire to discuss with House Bones. Stepping out on the other side to see a stern witch seated behind her desk and a stern gaze resting on him, Charles slightly nodded his head. "My apologies, Lady Bones. But I came with utmost important and troubled news, and I request your help."

Amelia Bones inclined her head in acceptance. She could see that her old friend looked troubled and especially when the fireplace flared up again and his grandson, James Potter entered her office. "What can I do for you two, Charles and James?"

"An arrestation and accusation report about stealing the line of an Noble and Most Ancient House. Stealing of an Noble and Most Ancient House Magical Knowledge, the use of an unforgivable on a Scion of said House etc." Amelia's eyes grew to dinner plates when she heard her old friend fired off a whole list and she wondered who would do such a thing besides the followers of the Dark Lord. Pulling out several sheets of documents, Amelia started to write down, ink to paper that took easily six hours. Not that the writing of said reports took so long, no. The reason is the alliance that would be restored back and the danger that hung above their heads. The proxy of the Noble and Most Ancient House of Bones knew one way to secure her House, something that would be necessary. Checking her documents, signing them after she found her peace back about the discovery and than made several copies that were for the Ministry achievements, one for her while another one for the Lord Potter and the last was sends to Gringotts for safe keeping. "Done, anything else Charles?"

"Yes, I think we need to talk about our return in the Wizengamot." Charles started. "And the growth of our country, Magical Britain."

Amelia Bones stern face softened slightly and conjured a few cups of tea that she placed in front of them. A few cubes of sugar sunk slightly in the tea whose aroma quickly spread through the air. "Sacred Eight, Charles? We can't do much with both the light and the dark pressuring the grey faction. In fact," She send James a very stern glare that made the younger man shiver in fear. "Everyone thinks you, the Noble and Most Ancient House of Potter are connected with the light."

Charles sighed, bringing his hand through his black and slightly grey hair. His eyes were heavy and tired but he knew, just like Amelia knew that this must be finished before Dumbledore caught scent of this. "I have planned after this trip to go to Gringotts, letting the Goblins check us for any curse, spell or charm and potions. I am sure that they will succeed and using that report we can neck Dumbledore one day when this is all over."

Amelia nodded in understanding. "That is very wise of you Charles. I can assure you that if you go that path you certainly will win against the old manipulator. But can I ask you something?"

"Thank you Amelia, It does my heart well to hear that you approve of my decision. My body is tired and that might cause reckless decisions and someone else input helps certainly." Thanked the Lord of Potter. "And what do you want to ask of me?"

"After what you told me what happened to James, I do not feel secure anymore and anything might happen to me or my niece Susan. I want to ask you to secure Susan in some way that if something happened to me that she will end well, hopefully somewhere you can keep an eye on her." Amelia told her friend who listened intently to her. Slowly he pulled out his wand and tapped the tip against the surface and conjured a marriage contract.

"I understand Amelia, my best guess is that we use a marriage contract that will state that if something happens to us, Susan and Hadrian will end up together under yours or under my House attention if something happens to one of us, do we agree?" Charles proposed that Amelia immediately accepted, only James was slightly against that idea.

James jumped off the seat on to his feet, standing tall and towered over them who were still on their seats. "How could you sell out my son! Is it not I that have the decided decision about my son's best interest?"

"No James, you don't." Charles commented when James was done with his outburst. "You brought my House, the Noble and Ancient House of Potter in danger by listening to those who thinks that they are better than us. Trying to use our wealth to kept the war going! No boy, I will take now control about all the actions of our House, and this decision is final! So mote it be!"

A flash of blinding light illuminated the whole office before it dimmed. Sealing the contract and the magical final decision of the Lord of the House. James gaped like a fish before he found his voice back. His hand shot out and slammed with a loud sound of flesh hitting polished wood, James exploded. "How could you sign such a contract?! My son is in deep trouble now, magic will claim him and IT IS YOUR FAULTH!"

"Explain son," Charles calmly ordered his son.

"Argh...! How can you stay so calm while the life of my son is on the line!" Exclaimed James, Amelia casted a calming charm on him that caused his breathing to return normally. "I mean, my son Hadrian is already betrothed to the Heiress of the Noble and Ancient House of Greengrass!"

Charles pulled James down and placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder. "There is nothing wrong with contracting him to two beautiful future wives. I told you and I know Amelia knows that as soon we did agree upon this, magic had already decided to reinstall the Noble and Most Ancient Houses of Peverell and Linfred while your second heir will become the Scion of Potter."

"Now that all the drama is over, I think that we need to stabilite how we will survive." Amelia commented to her allies who nodded. She grinned and pulled out two mirrors that she offered them and she started to explain what they could do. "My late husband charmed these mirrors that can be used like a two-ways communicator. Complete safe and can be linked to our blood only."

"These are brilliant!" Charles exclaimed while taking one mirror and secure it safely away. "Now let us stipulate our plans for Susan. Like you know Amelia we will disappear from the magical world for some time until it is safe again. I propose that Susan and you come with us, of course you can still go to work but with a portkey linked to our place it is much safer for you."

Once again Amelia agreed to the planning of her friend. "I agree about the plans, maybe we must warn the others. After all this we need their support to throw off Dumbledore from his pedals."

"I'll send the others a message through Gringotts after I am done there, don't you worry. Now that our business are over, let us get on our way and hope that we will succeed." Charles said, grasping Amelia's hand firmly before moving towards the fireplace and threw in the powder. "See you soon Amelia, Gringotts' Ragnok's Office!"

"See you soon Charles," Amelia wished him goodbye, James stands still for a moment at the fireplace, and turned around slowly with a wide grin.

"Can you believe it, my son a attract women at the age of one. I am so proud of him!" Turning back to the fireplace and missed the dark look of the Lady Bones, James called out. "Ta, ta Amelia! Gringotts' Ragnok's Office!" And he too vanished from her office and Amelia glared at the empty spot of James. Amelia vowed that she will send all the curses that she knew on that idiot James Potter.

Seating herself back in her seat, she wondered if her niece and everyone else of her alliance will escape this war between the Light and the Dark, Dumbledore a manipulating goat who thinks no ill of using unforgivable as long no one discover what he is up to. She vows that everything about him comes to light, all his dirty secrets. On the other side we have that so called pure-bloods faction, mostly wizarding family that came from overseas and tried to obtain a power base, something that seems to work all thanks to the Dark Lord who lies his way up and is like the light faction not dirty of using any unforgivable to control people. Picking up her documents and writing down new reports or sign down new laws that seems fair or else she threw them away in the bin. One thing that came out of all of this, she is sure that her niece is now safe if something might happen to her. Not that Amelia is planning to leave her niece so soon like her sister, her sister's husband and her own did. She will see Susan grow, blossom in a beautiful girl together with the Heiress Greengrass and both girls fiancee.

'Yes... seeing Susan grow up, mature in a very attractive girl and give me a lot of grandchildren.' Amelia thought while finishing her work, signing them and placing them away in a secured place. Standing up, Amelia moved towards the fireplace and threw in a handful of powder. "Bones Mansion, Living room!" Flames flared green and Amelia stepped through, leaving her office to see her little girl again.

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