After a few days off Sam sat at his desk and was writing the final report from the last case. The others wanted to help him, but they seemed to have forgot it again.
Sam tried to concentrate on writting the report but he couldn't focus. Something was bugging him but he couldn't figure out what it was. He hardly ever had this. Usually he knew what was bugging him but this time he couldn't figure it out and he couldn't explain why.

Kensi and Deeks came in together through the door and Kensi ran forward with an angry face.

"Wait a moment Kens!", Deeks called and grabbed her by the arm to stop her.

Jerkily Kensi stopped, turned around and gave Deeks and evil look.

"What?" She asked angry.

Deeks got scared by Kensi's reaction. Because Kensi stopped suddenly Deeks almost crashed into her.

"Why are you so mad? I know I was too late but it was only few minutes and you didn't have any plans anyway," He answered.

"How do you know I had nothing to do? If you had let me know that you were going to be late I didn't have to hurry cleaning up. I couldn't have cleaned up more properly," Kensi replied.

Deeks had to laugh. "You and cleaning up? You don't know what this is!"

Kensi wanted to say something but instead she rolled her eyes and walked to the bullpen.

Shortly before her desk she turned around again. Her face was a lot more relaxed. "Deeks, that's not the problem. The thing is that one informs his partner, if one is late or something else came up."

Kensi looked to Sam and hoped to get a confirmation. But it seemed that he wasn't listening.

"Sam?" asked Kensi.

He looked up to Kensi and asked: "What did you say?"

Kensi was surprised, but talked ahead. "I was saying to Deeks, that he has to inform his partner when he has something else to do when we made plans, right? I'm sure Callen tells you what's going on."

Kensi looked at Callen's desk, but it is empty. "Where is he?"

"That's what i'm wondering too," says Sam.

Joyful grinning Deeks replied: "You see Kensi, Sam also does not always know where Callen is."

Without to notice the both Sam stood up and made his way to Hetty. Callen is now 20 minutes late, that's not like him. Well usually not.

Before Sam could walk out of the bullpen Eric whistled and the three headed up to OPS.

When they walked in Hetty was already standing there. Sam wanted to say that Callen wasn't here yet, but Hetty's face left him silenced immediately, something seemed to be wrong.

Hetty told Eric to play the video.

All eyes where watching the big screen. The footage was from a camera button. They couldn't see much. Whoever was wearing this was in a dark room. They windows seemed to be covered with something, only allowing a little bit of light to shine through. The shadow of another man showed up, but they couldn't see who it was, but it was clear that the two men didn't like each other.. Unfortunately the video didn't have a sound, so they couldn't hear what was being said. Suddenly, the man with the camera button bended forward, it looked like he received a blow from behind. After a few seconds, but it seemed like an eternity, the man sat up slowly. First, he managed to fend of both attackers, but then one of them pulled out a knife and stabbed the man that was fighting them. The man seemed to pause for a moment and then he fell to the ground. No one could tell if the man was fatally injured, or only slightly. A short time later the man turned around and they could briefly see the shadow of the second person before the video cut out.

Wondering what was going on they all looked at Hetty. Sam was the first one to speak. "Who is he and what does it have to do with us? We should wait for Callen. He should see it too."

Even while he asked the question he seemed to know the answer. Deeks and Kensi almost asked the same question and the same moment: "That was not Callen, wasn't it?"

"Unfortunately yes," answered Hetty.

"But where is it and why he is there alone?" asked Sam.

"It seems so that Mr. Callen has found a connection to his past. We both now Mr. Callen never stops looking for answer. He needs to find those answers and right now all he wants is clarity.

Kensi and Deeks looked questioningly. The statement "right now" they didn't understand. Both know that Callen is very closed, but since he has been working with Sam, he has become more open in certain ways. But he still leaves little of its interior penetrate to the outside.

After a short break Hetty continued: "He wants to use his days off to look for answers. I tried to talk him out of doing it, but Mr. Hanna, we both now how stubborn Mr. Callen can be. I suspect he found something and he went to investigate. What I do not know is how he ended up here and who those men with him are."

"Okay Hetty, where do we start with the search? Could Nell and Eric find something on the tape?" Sam wants to know. Also Deeks and Kensi looked at Hetty and waited to see what they needed to do to get their team leader back.

"They have not even begun to search, Sam. And also Ms. Blye and Mr. Deeks need to stay here," Hetty explained

Sam looked questioningly at Hetty: "Did I understand you correctly, you don't want to help Callen?" Sam couldn't believe Hetty was saying this. "I will not let my partner down!"

Sam pointed at the large monitor and continued: "If that were one of us on the tape, G wouldn't even ask and would have started immediately to look for us."

"Sam is right!", Deeks said. "Callen wouldn't let any of us down. You demand seriously that we, with the knowledge that one of our team is in danger, just go on to other matters and work quietly? You can't be serious Hetty?"

Eric wanted to say something, but Nell put her hand gently on his arm and Eric silenced. He looked questioningly in her eyes, but then he can no longer contain himself. "Hetty, you once said that you took me into the team, because you think I'm one of the best in my field. And also all the others in this room are specialists in their field. You made us all to a team, a family. And now you demand that we leave one of us in the lurch? You can't be serious?" Eric was so upset that he stood up as he spoke and now questioning looked at Hetty.

Kensi, Deeks and Sam got big eyes with Eric's speech. They've never seen him like this. The only one who seemed to show no feelings s Hetty.

"This is laudable Mr. Beale, but Mr. Callen was not on duty and therefore we can't help him. He was traveling for personal reasons!" Hetty said.

"Hetty, Callen is never away on private! He doesn't do anything beside work! And since our last mission in Romania the Comescu family is no longer Callen's private matter. You should know that better than anyone, Hetty! It concerns all of us!" Sam told Hetty.

"Enough already, you go to work. Mr. Callen will have to help himself."

Sam clenched his fists and angrily left the OPS. Kensi and Deeks followed him.

"Oh, Mr Hanna, please inform Christine," Hetty called.

Deeks and Kensi simultaneously turned around questioningly.

"Christine?" They asked almost synchronously. Eric looked questioningly to Nell, but she also doesn't know who Hetty is talking about.

Sam nodded and left Kensi and Deeks walked slowly downstairs. "Who is Christine?", asked Kensi.

"I don't know.", said Deeks. "Sometimes I think, I know nothing about Callen."

Hetty stayed with Eric and Nell alone in the OPS. Both looked to her expectantly, but Hetty stayed stood still with her Gorgon stare. Then she turned around and walked resolutely.

Nell and Eric thought shorty, looked at each other and understood each other without saying a word. It s now to be on them to find out as much information as possible. At this moment Hetty's prohibition does not matter.

Hetty walked slowly down the corridor, trying to suppress her tears. That what she had always been afraid of, had occurred. She had always tried to protect Callen from the Comescus. But it was always clear that the more he learned, the more he would ask. With Schreibers pictures and the movie he found another piece of the puzzle of his past. Now he was convinced that he could also find more information about his father. After Arkady reported the trace of Callen's father stopped in Siberia, Hetty figured that Callen had gone to Siberia.

Hetty was sure that she had given the team all necessary information so that they were doing the right thing. If they didn't manage to find Callen, then no one could find him.

She was sure that even Callen had left a few tips for Sam. He only had to find them and decipher them. The two had grown as partners in the recent years that they would blindly understand and trust. Also she was sure that Kensi and Deeks would assist him.

The problem could only be to look for information, but Nell and Eric would make that they would find something. A slight smile played Hetty's mouth. She had the team formed with rigor, but Eric was right, they had grown it to a big family together. That all made Hetty sure that she did the right thing.

The whole thing could only be stopped by Granger, but because Hetty trusted on Sam's resolution. She took her letter of resignation from the desk, changed the date and put the letter visible on the table. Her mind was made up, she had to save Callen, even if it was the last thing she did.