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Chapter 1

Korriban, the home world of the Sith. Renowned for being one, if not the, of the most inhospitable locations throughout the known galaxy. On an average day the desert planet surface temperature made Tatooine seem cool by comparison. Scattered on the planet's surface were dozens of carnivorous predators that made the planet their home.

Deep within the depths of the great Sith Temple were the Dark Council Chambers were the Twelve Members of the Dark Council would gather. But now the grand chamber stood empty save for a singular human female kneeling on the metal floor while a deshade easily twice her size stood off to the side standing vigil. The doors to the chamber opened with a hiss, allowing a single red skinned twi'lek to enter. The woman stopped nearly a dozen paces from the figure in the center of the room before dropping to her knees.

"Darth Nox. The enemy has landed planet side and are now marching on the temple. They tore through our planetary defensive forces as if they weren't even there. We can't hold them my Lady Darth…the Temple is lost."

Opening her dark yellow eyes Darth Nox, Darth Lord of the Sith, member of the Dark Council, Head of the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge, and one of the three 'Pillar's' of the Sith Empire, fought against the desire to simply kill the twi'lek for her failure. "You were in charge of the planetary defense force Darth Atrainess." Darth Nox said coldly.

"Forgive me my Lady." Darth Atrainess begged, nearly pressing her face to the ground in reverence. "They caught us by surprise. Our fleet was overwhelmed before we could even mobilize a proper defense."

For the second time since her ascension to the Dark Council, Korriban was under siege. Only this time it wasn't the Republic or the remnants of Revan's army. No, this time their enemy was someone new. Someone well organized and armed. And unfortunately…someone well prepared. Rising from her knees, Darth Nox tucked a strand of her waist long midnight black hair behind her ear. Wiping at her pale brow, she frowned at the moisture on the back of her gloved hand. "The ritual isn't complete." She said focusing on the array of runes that'd she'd spent countless hours carving into the floor. "I need more time. You will lead what remains of our defense force against these invaders. Should you return before I am ready…then I will make your fate a thing of legend."

"Yes Darth Nox." Darth Atrainess said quickly before bowing and all but sprinting out of the room.

"You should've just killed her Mistress."

Glancing towards the last of her 'faithful' companions, Darth Nox waved Khem Val's comment off. "She still has her uses. If she fails…then her death will at least buy us a few moments more."

Looking down runes her mind wandered back to her companions and their fate. Her former Master Zash, the bitch that she was, had well earned her fate. It still brought a smile to Nox's face each time she thought of her former Master sealed forever in that Rakata Tomb. Andronikos was the first to willingly leave her side. Her very temporary lover and pilot had taken the first chance he had and fled during the conflict with the Revanites. Talos had been next to leave. But unlike Andronikos, Talos had left with her blessing and an oath to send anything of value to her. Xalek, her trusted second apprentice, had been the first to die. But he managed to fell ten Jedi before succumbing.

Ashara…her dear second apprentice. Her little togruta Jedi that she managed to turn. Her friend. Her sister. Her lover. She was swallowed by the corruption of Sith politics. An up and coming Darth Lord had set his sights on her seat on the Dark Council and had tried to hurt her by going after her apprentice. But Ashara's power proved too much for any the Darth sent against her. And in the end it took the Darth, his three apprentices, and two squads of Imperial troopers to take her down. Her death did affect Nox, but not in the way the Darth had hoped. The troopers that'd survived the encounter with her apprentice where hunted down and cut to pieces. The apprentice that'd survived and the Darth however were not granted such a quick death. Both were dragged before her in the midst of a Dark Council Meeting, and she spent the next day and a half showing why she'd earned her place. By the time she was done…well none ever dared to plot against her again. She even heard that the Overseer's told the story to their acolytes as a warning of what happens when you cross the Dark Council.

The Temple around her shuddered as another bomb impacted it. "Damn Atrainess." Nox cursed, using her lightsaber to carve another line into the rune array beneath her feet.

The array was something she'd discovered during her research. A Force technique that created a time dilation filed over a specified area by sending whatever was within range of the array into subspace. Naga Sadow himself had attempted to use this ritual but could never get it to work. But Nox believed that she had figured it out. After nearly three months of night and day studying and meditation, she'd figured out how create the field. The plan, which had been supported by Darth Marr and the Emperor's Wrath, was to use the technique to place Korriban within a time dilation field with as many Force sensitive individuals that could be found. While years could pass on the planet's surface…mere days would pass outside. And by the time the field was removed, the Sith would emerge with numbers rivaling those that'd sacked Coruscant.

But now with the invasion, those plans were useless. But the array could still be used for something. In a last ditch effort she'd begun modifying the array so that instead of speeding up time for those within, it would slow time down. It was her hope to weather out the invasion with as many Sith as could be gathered. But now those plans looked as if they would be useless as well.

"Mistress…I sense someone powerful…unknown approaching."

Hastily making the last few corrections, Nox channeled a steady flow of darkside energy into one end of the array. The lines started to glow red starting from the end and spreading like a slow moving river. "Shit." She curse after seeing how slow the array was filling and unclipping her lightsaber from her belt. "This is going to take some time. Khem, we have to delay them."

"Of course Mistress."

Standing side by side with her loyal bodyguard, the two waited for whatever Force sensitive individual was making its way towards them. When the door to the council chambers open they were greeted with the sight of not one, but two identical individuals. The only truly distinguishing feature separating the two were their clothes. Were one was clothed in white, the other was clothed in black.

"She's here." The one in black said. "Just as Father told us she would be."

"And she's powerful." The one in white said the faintest trace of a grin appearing on his face before disappearing. "Just as Father told us she would be."

"You will come with us Darth Nox." The one in black said taking a step forward. "Our Father wishes to speak with you."

"Really?" She asked cocking her hip out. "This invasion. The slaughtering of my fellow Sith. All of it was so that your 'father' could speak to me. He could've sent a message via holo. But, either way. Based on how old you two seem to be…your 'father' is much too old for my tastes. So tell him thanks but no thanks. I think I'll stick with my sonic vibrators."

"You don't have a choice." The one in white said, activating his lightsaber and charging at her.

Nox waited until he was within a few paces of her before lazily raising her hand. The man in white froze as she wrapped him in the Force. "Now that wasn't nice." She smirked. "Don't you know that a girl likes a little foreplay before getting right to the action?" With a flick of her wrist she sent a wave of Force lightning into the man sending him clear across the room and into the far wall.

The man in black charged forward next, his lightsaber raised and ready to strike at her. Khem almost effortlessly knocked the strike aside before retaliating with his fist against the man's head.

Drawing her own lightsaber Nox stood side by side with Khem as the two young men gained their feet. "You two didn't really think it would be that easy, did you?" Nox asked, walking towards them while keeping half an eye on the rune at her feet. 'Half way there.' She mused, then frowned as she felt a pull on her power. 'This…is draining me more than I thought. We'll have to end this fight quickly…I doubt I'll be able to fend them off so easily once more.'

The two didn't respond, preferring instead to once more lunge at her and Khem. This time however, they were not as hasty as before. Their strikes and parries were well timed with each other. Almost as good as her and Khem's were. Ducking underneath a wide swing from the man in white, she hit him with a Force push throwing him once more across the room.

Feeling danger through the Force she dropped low, almost to the floor, and felt the heat of a lightsaber just barely miss her neck. The miss was followed quickly by a Force push which took her which skidded her across the room. 'Damn it.' She hissed looking up at Khem locking blades with the man in black. 'These two are powerful…but they're not that powerful. Has the ritual truly drained me so much that I can hardly keep up them?'

While she was still trying to get her breath back, the man in white dropped behind Khem, his lightsaber extended and ready to run the last of her companions through. Using what power she could muster, she threw a bout of Force lightning at the man, who turned and deflected the attack with his lightsaber.

Khem, seeing the opening, turned to run the man in white through, but the moment he did the man in black stabbed him in the back. The shock of seeing her guardian stabbed broke her concentration ending her lightning. The man in white didn't hesitate, reversing his grip on his lightsaber he stabbed backwards, piercing Khem through the chest.

Letting out a massive roar Khem grabbed hold of both men by their arms, effectively keeping both men in place. "Finish it Mistress."

Khem's words made her freeze. He didn't…no. The look in his eyes. He was ready for this. Channeling her hatred for the two men for what they were making her do, she gathered as much power as she could between her outstretched hands and then added some more.

The ball of lightning that left her hands was nearly half as tall as her. Stray bolts left electrified the air and left scourge marks on the floor as it flew. The two men, seeing what was coming, tried desperately to get away. But Khem tightened his grip even more preventing their escape. Seeing no other way, the man in white held out his left arm attempting to hold back her attack. But Nox just added more of her hatred into it even as the one in black added his own power. 'You two cost me my last friend and companion!' She seethed. 'And you will die for it!'

The moment her lightning touched the man in white, his entire left arm disintegrated under the veracity of her attack. She didn't wait to revel in her kill. As soon as the three where caught in her lightning she ran forward to the center of the fully charge runic array and slapped her palm down onto its center. Channeling the last little bit of power needed to activate the technique.

For a brief moment time stood completely still. And then she felt the Force envelope her completely. Her body felt weightless as the waves that were purely composed of the Force gently lifted her into the air. And then there was pain. Such awful mind searing pain. Every nerve within her body felt as if they were suddenly set aflame. Her back arch as she hung suspended in the air, her mouth open in a soundless scream of pain as the Force wracked her body. It felt as if the Force was tearing apart every atom in her body and the placing it back in place.

And then her back hit the ground hard forcing what little air was left from her lungs. Rolling onto her side she gasped, trying to fight through the lingering pain that made her body twitch and spasm. As she took deep breaths she instantly coughed violently. The air in the council chambers was beyond foul. Even worse than that damned toxic waste pit on Balmorra. And then there was the ground. The amount of dust and grime covering the floor was nearly enough to cover her gloved hands.

Lifting her head she tried to look around. But the council chambers were cast completely in darkness. 'Did those mysterious attackers truly force the Sith off of Korriban?' She wondered forcing herself to an upright position on the floor. 'Why hasn't the Empire retaken what is rightfully ours?'

Activating her lightsaber, she squinted against the sudden light before looking around in shock. She was within the council chambers. But it was in ruins. The banners on the walls were gone. The chairs looked to have been worn down from time…and just as she thought, the ground was covered completely in a thick layer of dust and grime. "By the Force…" She breathed standing. "This couldn't have happened in less than a year or two."

"You are quite right young one."

Spinning around so quickly that dust rose with her movements, she leveled her lightsaber towards the location of the voice. "Oh. You." She sighed lowering her lightsaber slightly. "Wouldn't do much good against you anyway."

The presence in the Force flared momentarily before condensing, becoming visible to the eye. "Once again your powers of deduction amaze me."

Her grip tightened on the hilt of her lightsaber to the point just shy of painful. "Of all the ghosts that could've come to me…it had to be you. Darth Revan. Have you come to join my collection?"

The ghost of Revan merely smiled at her, crossing his arms over his chest. "Despite your incredible mastery of the Force Walking technique…you cannot bind me. One who has become one with the Force is beyond the reach of even you."

Nox knew this to be true. As much as it irked her. It would've been fun to bend a Jedi spirit to her will if for no other reason than to torment them. "So why have you come to bother me?"

Tilting his head to the side, Darth Revan smirked at her. "I've come to talk about your blunder. Or rather the will of the Force that created your blunder and led you to where we are now."

"I did not blunder!" Nox shouted, the walls of the council chamber shaking causing dust to fall around her in response to her sudden release of power.

The irritating grin didn't leave Revan's face. If anything it grew more pronounced. "Time, Darth Nox. Is a fickle thing. And not something to be trifled with." With a wave of his hand the dust around her feet scattered revealing her runic array. "Your ritual was a success in the fact that it held you in a Force Stasis. What failed was the length of time you were suspended for."

A feeling of dread welled up within her chest. "How long?"

"Over thirty-five hundred years."

The words rocked her to her core. 'Three and a half millennia.' It didn't seem possible. It shouldn't have been possible. Her preparation were perfect. Did…did her last bout of Force lightning somehow skewer part of her array? Is that what went wrong? Or was Revan lying to her? "No." She breathed shaking her head. "I don't believe you!"

"You should Darth Nox. For he speaks the truth of the matter."

With a gasp, Nox turned and gapped at what she saw. "Darth Marr." She breathed, bowing slightly to the only man in the Sith Empire she truly respected. But as she rose she felt something unexpected from her mentor. "Darth Marr…you've become one with the Force."

Darth Marr gave the slightest nod in acknowledgement. "Yes."

"But…how?" She breathed. The Sith were not renown for becoming one with the Force.

Placing his hands behind his back the spirit of Darth Marr began pacing in front of her. "Much like you Darth Nox, I began to have doubts as to what true power meant after our battle with Revan. And much like you, I began looking into some of the…lighter aspects of the Force."

At this Nox swallowed hard. It was true after all. While she would always remain Sith…she couldn't deny the sheer power Revan had wielded. A single man…who was on par with the Emperor. The same being who'd absorbed the life energies of thousands maybe even millions to amplify his power. And all he had to do to match the Emperor was utilize both aspects of the Force. How could she have not become interested?

"But unlike you Darth Nox, who had to rely on a fallen Padawan and a few written texts…I had instruction."

Nox blinked at Darth Marr. "You had instruction in the light, Darth Marr?" She questioned. "From whom?"

"From myself, Darth Nox."

Pivoting on her heel, Nox faced the third Force presence in the room. This one was even more unwelcome than Revan. "Grand Master Satale Shan." Nox half cursed. "This frigid droid taught you, Darth Marr? You should get your creds back."

"Still as irritating as ever." The Grand Master of the Jedi order sighed. "And I hav-had a son."

Nox shrugged. "So you got a pity fuck once in your life. Still doesn't change my statement."

"Enough." Revan sighed. "We have not come before you to bicker. Our time is unfortunately limited. We've come to present you with a…chance."

Turning to Revan she threw the ghost a pensive look. "A chance for what?"

"A chance to bring order to the galaxy." Revan said.

"A chance to create a new order of Force users loyal to you." Darth Marr added, moving to stand at Revan's right.

"A chance to obtain that which you've longed for but have long been denied." Shan finished standing on Revan's left.

"A chance to bring true balance to the Force." The three of them said as one.

Nox didn't say anything in response, preferring instead to just stare blankly at the three Force spirits. If it'd been just Revan and Shan, she would've already left the room laughing her head off. But Marr presence made her pause and think. "Or, I could just ignore you three, find my own way off of this rock and find the Sith in this time."

"They would not take you." Revan said instantly.

"Your presence would violate the Rule of Two." Darth Marr added quickly. "They would perceive you as a threat, Sith or not, and end your existence."

"The Jedi will not have you either." Shan interjected before Nox could say anything. "Actions of the Force and the Republic have changed the Jedi. They have become too polarized and can only see that which is light. They would imprison you forever should you make your presence known at this time."

Nox's head was spinning. This just wasn't making any sense. The Jedi wouldn't take her. That much she suspected. But the Sith would kill her? A fellow Sith? Okay…maybe that wasn't too far-fetched once she said it again. She'd killed more than her fair share of Sith in her rise to power. "What is this 'Rule of Two' you speak of Darth Marr? The Sith have never allowed themselves to be imposed under such a restricting sounding rule before."

"A thousand years ago, a Sith named Darth Bane reorganized the Sith by creating the Rule of Two." Darth Marr began. "The rule states that there would only be two Sith from then on. One Master, who held onto the knowledge of the Sith. And one apprentice would covet the knowledge."

"Eventually the apprentice would rise up to kill the Master." Revan added. "Should the apprentice succeed, they would become the Master and find a new Apprentice. But should the Apprentice fail, then the Master would end them and find a new Apprentice."

"By this structure the Sith have been allowed to remain in the shadows, outside the vision of the Jedi." Shan said. "The rule guaranteed that only the strongest Sith would continue. And now…the two remaining Sith are indeed the dark side incarnate."

"But the balance of the Force must be maintained." Revan said. "As the dark side influence grew with the Sith, so did light side further influence the Jedi. Now the upper echelon of the Jedi order, save perhaps the Grand Master to a slight extent and a few Master's, have become so entrench in the light that anything that is not purely light sided is considered dark and must be either destroyed or contained."

"Wonderful. I can't go to the Sith because they will perceive me as a threat and kill me. And I can't go to the Jedi because once again I would be threat. And I doubt that I could just simply hide from both sides for very long." Letting out a long sigh, Nox faced the three spirits. "So what's your alternative?"

Revan gave the briefest of smiles. "There is a world deep in the uncharted section of the galaxy. A world where the Force is so heavily concentrated that it has hidden the planet from the sight of any Force user. Even those of us who've become one with the Force are blind to what happens on its surface. It is on this world were you will create a new order of Force users. One that uses both the light and the dark sides of the Force. This order shall rise up and overtake the Sith and bring the Jedi back from the far light. Thus the balance of the Force will be maintained."

Rubbing her chin in thought, Nox turned slightly from the three. "What's to say that I don't simply take this world of Force users and create a new Sith order?"

"Then the cycle will continue." Marr answered quickly.

"The Sith will rise above the Jedi, only to eventually be taken down by them." Shan continued. "Then the Jedi will rise only to once more be taken down by the Sith. And on and on the cycle of death and destruction shall continue leading to one of two possible outcomes."

"Either the war between the light and the dark shall extinguish all life in the galaxy. Or those without the Force shall rise up against those with and bring them to an end." Revan stated coldly. "Either way…whatever Empire or order you create would be destroyed. But if you follow the will of the Force…your name and your order shall live on."

"If that is not enough to convince you to follow the will of the Force…then perhaps this shall be."

The three spirits raised their hands as one the moment the words left Shan's lips. Nox didn't even have time to prepare herself as she was assaulted by the power of all three spirits. Her mouth opened in a soundless gasp and her lightsaber dropped to the ground as she was forcibly opened to the Force. She'd had Force visions before…but this was unlike any she had ever had. There were no visions…merely feelings. She could feel her anger…then curiosity. In time she felt herself filled with pride…then love unlike any she'd ever felt before. And then at the end there was…content. A level of happiness she hadn't felt since before Ashara died. But even that paled in comparison to what she was feeling from the Force. The feelings were so intense and so…light filled…that she dropped to her knees. Tears feel free from the corners of her eyes as she embraced the emotions. And then they were gone.

"What…what was that?" She gasped.

Revan stepped forward and knelt before her. "A possibility of the future. Should you follow the path the Force has set upon you. There are no accidents in the Force. You were meant to come to this time and go to this place which we cannot see. Stop trying to dominate the Force. Let it guide you…and you will experience all that you felt."

Blinking the remnants of tears from her eyes, she grabbed her lightsaber and stood. She didn't active her lightsaber again as the three spirits provided more than adequate light for her too see. "I…even with all that you've shown me…I won't stop being Sith. I won't deny who I am."

"We're not asking you too, and neither is the Force." Shan said quietly. "The Force is just asking that you embrace all of it…instead of just one side."

Looking at the three ghosts she bit her lip. Truthfully her mind was made up. But there were two serious flaws in the plan. "You expect me to teach the light side of the Force as well as the dark. I don't know if you noticed lately…but I'm not exactly a Jedi. I can hardly tell up from down when it comes to the light side of the Force."

"Then my last gift shall be well used." Shan said, walking past her with the other two in tow.

Seeing no other choice, and not wanting to lose her source of light, Nox followed the three towards what she knew was the Emperor's throne within the council chamber. At the base of the throne were a dozen crates, all of which had to be the size of a large speeder, which looked as if they'd been there for several millennia. And piled at the base of the crates was a set of robes. Jedi robes. "My last gift." Shan said kneeling before the robes. "When I knew it was my time to join with the Force…I went across the galaxy collecting both Jedi and Sith holocrons with the aid of Darth Marr. We stored them here…waiting for your return."

Nox was nearly drooling at the sight. A dozen crates filled with holocrons…there must be hundreds of the hand held devices before her. More than she'd ever hoped to have ever see. And they were hers. "Well." She said swallowing. "I guess that takes care of the whole not knowing much about the light thing. But now the much more pressing issue. How the fuck do I get off this rock? And where the fuck am I going?"

"That has been taken care of." Revan said dismissively. "Once we are done here, exit the temple. We have arranged for…suitable transportation for you. As for the coordinates…mediate on the Force and it shall provide. But first…open that crate there."

Moving towards the crate Revan pointed towards, she used the Force to rip the lid off of it. Within the crate were two lightsabers and one saber staff that she would recognize anywhere.

"Even though our vision cannot penetrate the veil surrounding where you will go, we have seen something that must occur if you are to succeed." Revan explained as Nox ran a finger along one of the hilts. "Three apprentices shall you have on this world. My lightsaber must be gifted to your first apprentice."

"Your third apprentice shall wield my blade." Darth Marr added.

"And my saber staff must be given to your second apprentice." Shan said last.

"Our time is at an end Darth Nox." Revan said, the light from their forms starting to fade casting the council chambers once more in darkness. "We will not speak again. We cannot reach you where you are going. But trust in the Force in all things. And it shall not lead you astray."

Alexsto Denwind, also known as Cap'n to his friends, was having what could be considered the best and worst week of his life. The best part of his week was the successful heist of a prototype stealth engine from the Republic, a job which had taken nearly three months to plan and had cost him three of his best men. But the drive was worth it. Once properly installed it would make his freighter, a slightly modified HWK-290 light freighter he'd named Ender's Run, completely invisible to all forms of sensor scans as well as quiet his engines vibrations down to near inaudible levels.

Leaning back in his pilot's seat, he placed his hands behind his head and closed his eyes as he thought of the worst aspect of this week. Which started with their escape from Coruscant. The Republic apparently wasn't too pleased with his…liberation of the stealth drive. They'd sent an entire wing of fighters and a cruiser after his freighter as they made their escape pass Coruscant's gravitational well. They'd made it out…but not before one of the nerf herding fighter pilots managed to get a grazing shot to one of his engines. The damage wasn't extensive…but once they'd entered hyperspace the damage spread and caused a short in their hyper drive forcing them out of hyperspace in the middle of a not so well charted hyperspace lane near the outer rim. And then to make matters worse…one of the other fighters must've gotten a good shot in past their shields because they were leaking atmosphere.

With no other option left, he brought his baby down onto the surface of the only planet within range that had breathable air. Although this planet, which had no name in the nav computer, could make Tatooine seem like a pleasant vacation spot. He'd had a ten man crew including himself when he'd started this job. Two died on Coruscant due to the local law enforcement droids. The third was electrocuted when the hyper drive gave out right above this unnamed planet. And since they'd been forced to set down on its surface a week ago…he'd lost three more men. All three of them died on the first day, carried off by some slug like creature that made a gundark look attractive by comparison.

That left him with only three men. Luckily they were his three best. His first mate Heavy, a weequay who was about half again as tall as his human captain and twice as thick. His gand engineer Wrench. And his sniper and only other human Scope. "Wrench say's the engines almost fix Cap'n."

Turning his head slightly, he watch as Heavy dropped down into the seat next to him. His hands holding a once white rag as he attempted to clean the grease from his hands. "Did he now?"

The weequay shrugged. "I think so. Said some poodu about 'harmony restored to aft unifiers' or something like that. And that stealth drive has 'symphonized with engine support systems'. I don't know Cap'n. You're the only one who can truly understand that little bugger."

Leaning forward Cap'n began running a systems check. "If Wrench said that…then we can leave this god forsaken rock."

"Sounds good to me Cap'n." Heavy groaned, leaning back in his chair. "After this week you're picking up my bar tab not to mention the dozen or so twi'lek dancers I'm going to be enjoying."

"Well once we get off this rock we've got to pick up some 'delicate' cargo in the outer rim for the Hutts." Cap'n smirked. Delicate cargo for the Hutts usually meant slaves, which translated further into some good creds. "And the Hutts always pay well. Forget a dozen dancers…we'll be able to fill the ship with them. Speaking of our next job, has Wrench finished installing the stealth drive?"

"Yeah he did. Little bug damn near hit me with his hydrospanner when I bumped into the thing." Heavy laughed putting his hands behind his head. "And a ship load of twi'lek dancers…I think that would honestly be the most beautiful sight in the galaxy. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time I had those two twi'lek girls that could-"

"Cap'n…you're not going to believe this."

Holding up a hand to forestall Heavy's story, Cap'n activated his com link. "What's that Scope? See something up there besides over grown slugs?"

After the first day and the loss of three of their crew, he'd decided to have Scope set up shop on top of the ship to keep a lookout. Luckily the man was born and raised on Tatooine so the heat meant little to him. "Cap'n…there's a woman running towards our ship."

Cap'n's hand hovered just above his comm link as his brain processed what Scope had just said. "What? Scope has the heat finally gone to your head? If not…then save whatever it is your smoking for the rest of us."

"Cap'n…you know that there are two things I never joke about. Blasters and women. And the woman running towards us – ouch that's gotta hurt. Whoa…nice view right down the front…damn she is nothing to joke about Cap'n. She's wearing some expensive looking clothes too. And she's heading right for us Cap'n and…oh shit. There's two of those slug creatures right behind her."

Taking his finger off his comm link, Cap'n leaned back in his seat. The odds that there was settlement on this planet were just about nonexistent. Not to mention the fact that this planet was unmapped. It was possible that her ship had to set down or possibly crashed on this planet. "Scope…how fancy of clothes we talking about here?"

"Very fine Cap'n. We're talkin like those fluffy Senators or them 'nobles' from Alderaan level here. If she doesn't have creds…then she knows someone who does."

Cap'n smirked as he looked back at Heavy. Judging by the feral grin on the weequay's face, he was thinking the same thing as him. Well…at least partially. Cap'n was thinking of the nice ransom they'd be able to cash in for the girl. While Heavy was more than likely thinking; pretty girl to have, then ransom.

"Come on Heavy." Cap'n smirked standing from his chair. "Let's go greet our next meal ticket. Wrench get up on deck, we got incoming. Scope try to take out those slugs following her."

"Gotcha Cap'n. One down one to go."

Leaving the cockpit with Heavy in two, the duo met up with their gand mechanic before the three of them opened the access hatch and walked down to the base of the ramp. "If she's good lookin I get a go at her first." Heavy stated quickly as the trio stepped off the ship.

Shaking his head, Cap'n smirked towards his first man. "Sorry to say…but captain's prerogative. If she's good looking…she's mine first. Besides you'd probably ruin her for the rest of us. And this time please go easy…she needs to be in standing condition if we're gonna get a decent ransom from her."

Before Heavy could complain their meal ticket fell, quite literally, in front of them as the woman lost her footing climbing over the cliff face next to their ship. Her fall was her salvation though as one of the giant slug creatures swiped right where she'd just been. Quicker than the eye could follow, all three of them pulled out their blasters and opened fire on the creature with Scope delivering the killing shot to the creatures head from his position on top of the ship.

With the slug dead Cap'n made his way towards the huddled black mass of clothing that was the woman. "Lucky for you we were here little miss-" That was as far as he got as the woman suddenly lunged at him, wrapping her arms around his shoulders and pressing herself tight against him.

"Thank the gods." The woman breathed in his ear, the sheer sound of her voice nearly made him shudder in pleasure. "I've been alone for so long…"

Behind him, he could hear his crew grinning. Not that Cap'n was complaining. The woman was wearing a skin tight black body suit beneath her black cloak which gave him a more than adequate feel of the woman. He has half tempted to raise his head and give thanks to the gods for their gift. Scope was right…this was one fine woman they'd stumbled across. "We'll missy…you're very fortunate that me and crew had to set down here then."

The woman pulled back from him, her long black hair falling over her face and hiding it partially. Pushing her hair out of her face, Cap'n was faced with one of the most beautiful women he'd ever come across. Quite a feat considering he'd been from one end of the known galaxy to the other. But what struck him the most were her eyes. They were the most stunning shade of yellow he'd ever seen.

"Name's Alexsto Denwind," he introduced himself, not removing his arms from around her form. "My friends call me Cap'n. But you my dear…you can call me anything."

The woman smiled up at him. "I'm Ziri Kallig Nox."

Returning the woman's smile, he turned her towards his crew while keeping one arm wrapped firmly around her midsection. "Well Ms. Nox, let me introduce you to the rest of my crew. This Heavy, Wrench, and the man up top saving your life is Scope."

The woman looked at each of his crew men before turning her yellow eyes back to him. "So few of you…for such a large ship. You all must be wonderful pilots."

Cap'n couldn't help but smile at the praise. And the stupidity of the girl. Honestly…this was going to be the quickest cred grab he'd ever been a part of. "Well my dear, what we got here is an HWK-290 light freighter. She's a beauty. Modified by those you see before you. This thing damn near flies itself now. So you have no worries as we bring you back to…what world did you say you were from?"

The woman smiled, leaning into him. "I didn't say. But I'm from Alderaan. My father sent me to Coruscant to bring a trade dispute to the attention of our Senator. For some reason though…our engines failed and we were forced to land here on this planet. Poor old Keno was the first to die. He…he went out at night and…and he still had his holocom on when those things got to him and…"

"Shh, it's alright my dear." Cap'n cooed, pulling her in for another hug and more than slightly enjoying the feel of her curves pressing against him. "It's all over now. You've survived. Is there anyone else still with you?"

The woman shook her head into his shoulder. "No…I'm the last. Genry…he was the last. He…he protected me after we saw your ship come down and…and the slugs…oh god."

"Cap'n…something doesn't feel right."

"Eh, don't be like that Wrench." Heavy chuckled slapping the gand on the back. "The gods have favored us. Don't go throwing their gift right back at em."

"Heavy's right Wrench." Cap'n said, guiding the young woman towards the ships ramp. "No need to be rude and spoil the mood. Now my dear, if there's anything, and I mean anything, that you need don't hesitate to ask."

"Well…there is something you and your men can do for me." The woman said quietly, stopping in her tracks. "You see…seeing all you strong capable men. Well my last companion wasn't very well…I just couldn't do this with him. And, well…I've got this itch that hasn't been scratched in a long…long time. Do you…do you think you and your men would be open to taking care of my itch?" The way that she began playing with the neck of her body suit left no room for misinterpretation about what kind of 'itch' she needed scratched.

"I'll help ya sweet heart!" Scope yelled down from the top of the ship. "I can reach any itch you might have!"

"No way! I claimed first!" Heavy yelled up.

Tightening his grip on the woman's waist, Cap'n got her moving once more towards the ship. "I've already told ya boys, captain prerogative. I'll help you first little lady. Let me show you to my cabin."

The woman grinned up at him. "No. Let's start right now."

Turning quickly, the woman pointed her hand towards Wrench and twisted her wrist. Wrench's head made a complete turnaround with a sickening crunch before he fell to the ground dead.

The death was so quick and violent that Cap'n could do little more than stare dumbly down at his dead friend. At least until he felt the woman's hand that was around his waist lay flat against him. Then there was pain. Such unbelievable pain. It felt as if every nerve in his body was lit aflame. With a scream he fell limply to the ground, his body twitching from whatever had just been done to him.

As he lay there trying to gain control of his body, he could hear shouts from Heavy and blaster shots impacting the ground around him. But both of those lasted only for a scant few seconds before the entire area was cast in silence.

A moment later the pain dulled enough that he could raise his head. Wrench was dead, his head tilting at an odd angle on the ground. Heavy was laying on the ramp…while his lower half was a good ten paces behind him. And there was no sign of Scope.

Pulling his blaster from his belt he began to crawl towards his ship. If he could get in he could shut himself in and tak – a heavy thump landed just in front of him blocking his path. It was Scope, his eyes completely blank. A large burn mark that couldn't have come from any type of blaster that he knew of in the center of his chest.

"Now where do you think you're going 'Cap'n'?"

Flipping over onto his back, he fired a shot towards the voice. His blaster dropped uselessly from his fingers as the red blot of pure energy was stopped in midair. "Now Cap'n, that wasn't very nice." The woman chuckled, stepping around the bolt before it sped past her, impacting the rocks behind her.

Cap'n felt his heart lurch up into his throat. It wasn't possible. Nothing could just stop a blaster blot like that except for…his eyes went down to the large metal cylinder she held in one hand. "You're a Jedi!" He whimpered looking around at his dead crew. "But-but you Jedi don't just kill! You can't do this!"
Cap'n's body stiffened as the woman raised her hand. Electricity shot forth from her outstretched fingers. The pain he'd experienced earlier was nothing compared to the agony he now found himself in. "What do you want?!" He cried out in agony as the electricity stopped.

"Weren't you listening to me Cap'n?" The woman's silky smooth voice was close, but in his pain induced state he couldn't focus his eyes well enough to see her. "I said that I have an itch. And you volunteered yourself and your men to help satisfy it. Now Cap'n…don't go dying on me just yet. I have three and a half millennia worth of pent up frustration to take out on you."

Cap'n had just enough time to whimper as her words registered. His last conscious thought was that he never should've taken this job.

Whipping the sweat from her brow, Darth Nox set the last of the containers from the Sith temple down in the back of the ship she'd just commandeered. The crew had definitely provided her with some entertainment. It was fun to manipulate them into thinking she was just some helpless little girl who gotten lost. And the one called Scope had at least provided a few good seconds worth of fight before she killed him. And the Cap'n…well he did manage to stay alive long enough for her to work out her frustration over her current situation. Although in hindsight, she should left one alive long enough so she could drain their life force. Between her force rituals, the fight against the two men, being stuck in stasis for so long, the brief fight over her new ship and now after moving a dozen or more containers packed with holocrons she was just about completely drained.

Moving towards the captains, now hers, quarters Nox dropped down heavily onto the hard surface of the bed and rubbed her temples. The first step towards completing this task given to her by the Force was finished. And it was actually rather enjoyable. Her second task however was proving to be far harder and not nearly as enjoyable.

After disposing of the late crew, she'd gone to the cockpit and stood before the navigational computer. She must've meditated for a good two or three hours…and received nothing in return. No coordinates. No visions. Nothing. In her frustration she nearly destroyed the computer but managed to hold herself back at the last second. If she ruined anything on this ship she'd be stranded once again.

Picking up the datapad near the head of the bed, Nox reclined back and started scrolling through the pages and pages of logs the previous crew had kept. According to the log the ship was beyond well stocked with rations and fuel to take her just about anywhere she could wish to go. The stealth drive that'd they'd just stolen and installed was a nice little bonus as well.

As she read further, she felt her eyes grow heavily and soon the data pad fell from her limp fingers as her she drifted off.

-Dream Sequence-

Standing just outside of the engine room of her personal ship, Lady Ziri Kallig watched as her apprentice meditated. It still amused her to no end that even after everything she'd shown her fallen Jedi apprentice about the Dark side, she'd still meditate on the light side of the Force.

"I can sense your presence Master."

"I made no attempt to hide myself apprentice." Lady Kallig smirked stepping into the room as her apprentice rose to her feet and faced her. "You still meditate on the light side of the Force…even after all that I've shown you."

Ashara's face remained neutral, save for a slight twitch of her lips. "You've never forbidden me from meditating on the light side Master. And while yes…what've you shown me of the dark side is truly powerful I – well I…"

Stepping up to her, Kallig ran a finger down the side of Ashara's face. "You what? My little Jedi?"

"I feel even more powerful when using both sides Master." Ashara said in a rush.

"Both?" Lady Kallig repeated. She couldn't deny that her apprentice had defiantly grown in strength since she'd taken her on. And as much as she wanted to credit the dark side for it…she knew that Ashara had not forsaken the light completely. "Many have tried to walk both paths apprentice…none survive for long."

"Because usually the Sith try to kill them." Ashara shot back quickly with no small amount of heat to her voice.

Kallig loved seeing this side of her apprentice. She loved seeing the passion and fire that her apprentice was capable of. "And just as many are often taken down by the Jedi apprentice. Do not delude yourself into thinking in such broad terms. Jedi are good. Sith are evil. Such general terms are falsities for both."

"I know Master." Ashara said quietly. "Will you strike me down for using the light?"

Cupping her cheeks, Kallig lowered Ashara's face so she could place her lips lightly to her forehead. She smirked as she felt the small thrill coming from her apprentice and the slight disappointment as her lips left. Soon. Ashara was almost ready. Soon she would be hers; mind, body, and soul.

"No. I will not stop you." Kallig said taking a step back, which required more than a slight effort. "'The Force shall set me free'. I will not force such limitations on you apprentice. I am not like your Jedi Masters. If you wish to pursue an aspect for the Force…then do so as long as it makes you stronger."

"Then…perhaps you can join me in meditation Master."

Kallig froze. "Me? A Lord of the Sith meditate on the light? Hm. I would not limit myself so."

Tilting her head to the side, Ashara regarded her in a manner that Kallig did not care for. "What are you scared of Master?"

If she were anyone else, Ashara would've been laying on the floor begging mercy for such a comment. "I am scared of nothing apprentice!"

Ashara grinned, an act which once again made Kallig want to teach her apprentice a painful lesson, and knelt down onto the floor. "I think you are Master. You're scared of the light. And the power of the light."

"Heh. You're a fool apprentice. There is no power in the light."

"Yes there is Master." Ashara said shaking her head. "If there was no power in the light…then the Sith would've wiped the Jedi from existence millennia's ago."

For once, Kallig had no rebuttal. "I think you are scared Master. Either of the light or of the fact that I can do something that you cannot. And until you prove me wrong I will continue to think so."

She was caught between a mountain and a durasteel wall. And what was worse…was the fact that she walked right into her apprentice's trap. If she wasn't so angry at her at the moment, she would've congratulated her apprentice on her excellent bout of manipulation. "Fine." She growled dropping to her knees in front of Ashara.

After a few minutes of tense silence Ashara let out a long sigh. "You won't be able to meditate like this Master."

Kallig's eyes snapped open and she glared at her apprentice. "Then enlighten me noble Jedi."

Kallig was more than a little pleased to see Ashara swallow nervously. "You need to let go Master. I'm sorry I tricked you…but you can't stay angry at me. You need to let go of your anger. 'There is no emotion, there is peace.' Do not try and control the Force Master. Let it guide you as the river guides the leaf. Let go of control."

Letting out a low breath, Kallig closed her eyes once again. It wasn't easy for her to just 'let go'. She'd been a slave…she'd never had control of her own fate. But then she found the Force, and the dark side had indeed set her free of her old life. Slowly, almost painfully so, she felt her constant anger fading bit by bit as she sat with Ashara. Soon her mind was devoid of everything. And then she felt it. The slight subtle touching of the Force. Her first instinct was to grab hold and bend it to her will. But instead she fought against her instinct and instead let the Force guide her. Images sped past her quicker than she could see. The whirlwind slowed and she found herself on Nar Shaddaa, specifically in front of the headquarters of her cult. She was helpless to do anything but watch as nearly three dozen gangsters marched into the building and started indiscriminately slaughtering her followers. Many died screaming her name and asking for protection. Rylee was the last to fall. She didn't want to watch, but was helpless to turn away, as the leader of her cult was brutalize before her very eyes. The last thing to pass her lips, 'Lady Kallig'.

Eyes snapping open, Kallig stumbled back and crawled quickly across the floor away from Ashara. "Master!" Ashara cried. "What's the-"

"Andronikos! Set a course for Nar Shaddaa immediately!"

-End Dream-

Blinking the last remnants of sleep from her eyes, Nox yawned wildly and stretched her limbs as best she could in the tight space of the bunk. Dreaming of Ashara had been a welcome happening. But it could've been better. Why couldn't she have dreamt of the time the two of them had shared three bottles of Corellian whiskey. Not to mention the male and female twi'lek dancer they'd hired for the night. But no. She just had to dream of the time her little apprentice managed to get her to meditate on the ligh – no. It couldn't be that simple. Could it?

Springing up from her bed, she bolted down the length of the ship towards the cockpit. Once there she immediately dropped to her knees and closed her eyes. 'Let go…there is no emotion, there is peace. Find the Force and let it guide you to where you need to go.'

As she repeated her mantra, she felt the slight tug of the force. Letting it take her, she floated weightlessly as the current of the Force brought her across the galaxy. Stars flew past her as the Force pulled and pushed her back and forth. Then with an almost violent lurch the current stopped and she found herself staring at a system with eight planets circling a yellow star. And then the current of the Force was back, forcing her consciousness away from what she'd seen.

Opening her eyes from her meditation she looked down at the navigational computer and started imputing location as best she could. 'By the Force.' She cursed as the computer tried to find what she'd seen. 'Revan wasn't joking about the middle of nowhere. This has system has to be in the middle of the unexplored galaxy.'

After several minutes the computer finally settled. Unfortunately due to the fact that she was asking for coordinates in the unexplored region, the computer couldn't give her an exact system. It instead gave her a small quadrant of the galaxy. 'Son of a…Revan if you weren't dead already…'

At best it would take her a year to reach the quadrant. She'd be able to take the hyperspace lanes until she reached the edge of the outer rim. Once she was at the end of known space, she would have to barter whatever she could from the ship for fuel cells and rations. After that…it would be a series of short hyperspace jumps and prayers to the Force that she didn't hit anything during the jumps. The only plus side to blind jumping was if you hit something…wouldn't even know it.

But even when, or rather if, she reached the quadrant specified she could spend a year of more wandering around the different solar systems trying to isolate the one she'd seen in her vision. Glancing behind her, she eyed the containers of holocrons. 'Well…at least I won't be too bored on this trip.' And with that last thought she set a course for the system closest to the edge of the outer rim that she could find.

Within the ether that was the Force, three spirits watched as the lone shuttle took off from the sands of Korriban. "So she figured it out, within only a day. Impressive." Revan noted absentmindedly.

"I told you she was the one." Darth Marr said with a slight note of smugness.

"I still question having a Sith create this new order of Force users." Satale Shan sighed. "And she had help coming to the solution to her first trial."

"It is not our place to question the will of the Force descendent." Revan said. "She was destroyed and remade by the Force. And in time she will bring balance back to the Force. And if not…then there will soon be another."