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A/N 2: Harry and Hermione in this fiction are aged around the 17 – 18 mark; they were simply born earlier than in Canon.

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The two young warriors, one male and one female had sweat leaking from every pore as they sparred.

The 5 foot 9 inch tall female was bare except for a set of bindings to hold her generous breasts still during the fight. Had that not been required she wouldn't even be wearing the chest bindings. Her hair once bushy brown had been styled into long thin braids, easy to gather to keep from getting in her line of sight.

Any other body hair she would have once had was long since removed.

Her sparring partner was himself 6 foot tall and bare as the day he was born, the hair on his head had grown long over the years, until it too had to be tied back into braids, having no such encumberment as the breasts that his partner had he wasn't even wearing the bindings she had.
It had only been this past year she'd taken to wearing them, getting frustrated as her breasts kept getting in the way of her physical training.

"You're getting slow." The male called out as he landed a leg sweep sending the female crashing to the floor before she kicked her legs out, hitting him in the chest as he approached to drive a punch to her face sending him flying before flipping back on to her feet.

"You were saying Harry?" She said as they circled, she spotted how he minutely now favoured his right side filing it away in her mind, both for the continued bout, and to tell the medic afterwards – many times before her LifeMate had not told the medics of his injuries during training, now she was under orders from their clan head, her adoptive father Na'Leth to take him to the medics wing and report to them after every bout.

His piercing green eyes met her bright luminescent golden amber eyes, once brown as burnt umber until a procedure done removed her of ever having the need for glasses. The same had been done for Harry causing his emerald eyes to luminesce.

"Hermione, you should not become overconfident, remember –" Harry started as the circling tightened before he struck an attempted high kick for which she did a perfect splits, driving her arms up to catch his leg before swinging him around and sending him crashing into a wall.

"Overconfidence breeds defeat!" Hermione shouted as she sprung up to meet Harry's charge, only for him to grasp her arm and twist it around behind her back before driving her forwards into the wall, pinning her there with his body to her back.

"Submit." He told her, after somehow managing to pin both her other arm behind her and stopping her from using her legs against him by lifting her to her tip toes by the same trapped arms.
She let out a frustrated growl as she nodded. It wasn't the first time she'd lost to him, but to be fair, he lost to her just as often.

She felt him gently kiss her neck as he released her before backing away and heading over to the showers to sluice off. She watched as the scarred back retreated from her and felt her mood darken as she moved to the shower next to his removing her chest bindings before stepping under the hose.

She herself had a bad scar across her back from the night Na'Leth had rescued her.
She only had vague memories of that day, of a man who loved her putting her to bed, before a woman who looked like an older version of her now when she looked in the mirror kissing her on the brow, then an explosion before the man and woman died.

A high pitched cackling laugh with words now burned into Hermione's mind.
"Muddy bloody wants grow up like us – we can't have that now can we? CRUCIO!"
From that point on her memories were quite clear.


Na'Leth and his clan were in orbit about the Earth planning for their next hunt – as this was to be one of stealth it had been decided that the three to hunt would go to major cities on the planet below at night, find an appropriate target requiring justice be served to them and return before the sunrise, without ever being caught – all without the use of the cloak they normally used on a hunt.

It was as he was looking over the maps that a life signs monitor failed and gave out a piercing whistle. It was of one of the few normal humans, not one who could wield the psionic energies through their bodies, who had not only survived an encounter with a rogue Yautja, but killed the Rogue that Na'Leth had been after. The man now bore Na'Leth's mark over his heart.

He had long ago swore that when that monitor died he would return, trace the signal and be sure of no foul play on this warriors death, if there was, he would deal out the justice.
"We go!" He cried running to the Shuttle-Pod, his Hunts mate and LifeMate following.

It only took a mere few seconds for their pod to descend to the planet – cloaking in flight, ably following the dying signal soon had them over an island. He quickly followed the trace until the pod landed outside a building, he activated his active camouflage and headed out, his thermal vision giving him a clearer picture of their surrounds.

On the ground there were no bodies, but inside on the second floor, were two still bodies, cooling, and another four. Three adult and one not yet a child – just a toddler in the room.
He and his mate ran in the building amazingly silent for two beings more than 8 foot in height as he charged up the stairs.

The reason for his rapid ascent was the sound of cruel laughter while a youngling was screaming in agony.
His wrist blades shot out his arm sheaths and he impaled these men as he thundered them out his mates' way, knowing she would soon deal with the remaining threat.


Qu'Illaa ran into the room to a sight that sickened her, this female was using psionic energy on the youngling who'd rolled to her front and had a large slice on her back, from what her immediate eye-sensor scan picked up the psionic energy was igniting every pain receptacle this youngling had!

Even she and her mate would struggle to fight that pain.
Letting out a roar of fury she dropped her camouflage and charged the female, drawing her dagger as she went, less than a tenth of a second later she had slashed it across this woman's throat spilling her lifeblood into the carpet.

Turning to the whimpering youngling she knew she had but two options now – one end the youngling's suffering by blade, or two, the more honourable path, take her and raise her as one of the clans own. For the man dead on the floor had proven his worth.

She carefully approached the trembling youngling, and used the translation matrix in her helmet to speak to her.
"Be at peace little one, you shall be safe now."
It was as they left that Na'Leth charged into another building, returning moments later with another youngling, this one badly injured.

Upon enquiry he told her his thermal vision had seen the boy sleeping under the stairs!
"Humans know not how to treat their young!" Qu'Illaa growled as they boarded the pod, their hunt tonight would be cancelled, they needed to see to these youngling's care now.

-End Flashback-

Hermione shook her head, when her father had said he'd left the ones Harry lived with alive, she had swore she would track them down and deliver their justice.
that had been fourteen to sixteen cycles ago now she wasn't sure which.

Sighing as she cut the water supply Hermione towelled the water from her body before approaching her LifeMate. Something that was a surprising development, but not unwanted. He had been her first, and she had been his and she now proudly bore his mark upon her shoulder as he did hers.

After strapping on their weapons they left the room and headed for the galley, neither caring of the others nudity otherwise, the ship was kept at a constant temperature that warmer than they would be comfortable with else. They had from their respective young ages been raised as hunters, and didn't bother to wear clothes, the other Yautja didn't even bat an eyelid at this, casual nudity was the norm amongst the predatory race.

It was as they were sitting for their evening meal that Na'Leth stood.
"Daughter, son, you two have received a message from your birth planet." With that he held out two envelopes to the pair.
"Apparently you should have both been contacted six cycles ago, but now the need was great enough that a firebird brought us the messages." Hermione took the envelope with her name on and read the letter, even as Harry did the same with his.

"Well I am surprised." Hermione said quietly.
"It would seem I'm a psionic as well as Harry." She said reading through the letter, snorting at some of the things she would have to buy.
"So why now?" Hermione asked, spotting Harry next to her nodding in agreement.

Qu'Illaa held up another envelope.
"You were right about your LifeMate being Psionic daughter. This however has caused a complication – his birthing name has been selected from a magical artefact, binding him to take part in a tournament. One where if he does not participate his psionics would be stripped, most likely killing him."

"How?" Hermione growled as she gripped the hilt of her dagger.
"Psionics" Was all that Qu'Illaa said back. Hermione nodded understanding that was all they would be told.
"We will be in orbit of your home planet in two sleep cycles – a scout has gone on ahead, and Harry, it may please you to know that those who you lived with before – they still live at their old residence."
Harry's grin turned dangerous – to harm a youngling was anathema to the Yautja, the only time it was allowed was if the youngling was in training, and then as soon as training was over they were sent straight to the medical bay.

Hermione rested a hand on his thigh as she spoke, looking into his eyes.
"You were going to let me join you, weren't you 'Mate of mine?" She said with a warm smile.
Gulping Harry nodded to roars of laughter throughout the galley. Human she may be, but Hermione was no soft meat.


Harry and Hermione's cloaked pod landed outside a house in the early hours of August 30th. Stepping out in their 'travelling armour' Harry looked about and frowned, he had vague memories of this street, and none of them were good.

He watched as Hermione looked across the street shuddering for a moment. That was when he remembered she had lived across the road from him in the very house she was now staring at.
"A childhood ended that day, and my new one began." Hermione said as she looked at the building before stepping across the street as she drew her dagger.

Slicing her palm she held her hand over the grass of the house.
"I give thanks for the ones who died to give me life." She said quietly before turning and returning to Harry who already had his skin-repair unit out ready for her.

He quickly healed her hand before replacing it back into its beltpouch.
"Active camouflage, back entrance." Harry said quietly before settling his helmet.
Hermione nodded doing the same before rippling out of sight.
Harry soon did the same, relying on his thermal vision now to see her.

The two stealthily swept up the side of the house before doing a quick deep scan.
"I read three on the top floor. Two in the front, one at back." Harry said, receiving confirmation a moment later.

Squaring his shoulders Harry mentally reviewed his lessons on the local language and then a moment later he was quietly opening the back door as he muttered to himself.
"Fools, don't know how to secure a building – it was unlocked!"
As they were moving through the room Harry stilled staring at the cupboard he once slept in – even now he had nightmares of enclosed spaces leading to a burning pain on his back, only the arms of his LifeMate coming around him at these moments would settle him, just as they were there now.

"I fear I shall need you this night." Harry said quietly.
"And I shall be there. Always." Hermione answered – the words had become a little ritual between them over the years, a way for Harry to safely show his weakness to her, and only her.

They soon moved up the stairs, Harry leading. Once on the landing Harry signalled the back room first – somehow he knew that's where the youngest would be.
"Remember, he was too young to do anything to me." Harry said quietly. "And in their culture still a youngling." Hermione nodded as she slowly opened the door.

Harry looked down to see a large obese boy, one who was fast asleep. What shocked Harry though was the baby photo of himself on the boys table, along with what were obviously notes on how to try and find him. It was impossible of course as Harry now lived on the clans' ship going where the hunts took them.

"The medic would go ballistic at the sight of him." Hermione said even as she broke a capsule and waved it under the comatose boy's nose, the aerosol would keep the boy unconscious for another three hours.

Harry and Hermione moved to the master bedroom and silently closed the door before moving about the bed.
Harry being the more muscular of the two moved to the males' side, while Hermione got the thin woman.

Slowly the two drew their daggers before setting them at the adult's throats, when they were ready they moved to put their hands down on the adults so they wouldn't slit their own throats trying to get up.
"WAKE UP!" Harry shouted even as he restrained the man.

"WHA…WHO ARE YOU…HOW DARE Y –" Vernon's words suddenly stilled as he realised that there was a blade at his throat.
The woman was lay there wild eyed as she looked at Hermione's facemask.

"Now, quite a few of your cycles, sorry years, ago you had a black haired, green eyed child living here. Tell me why I should not gut you and take your skull for a trophy." Harry said darkly.
"I… don't know w – w – what you're t – talking about!" The man tried to bluster.

"Sir I know what you did to that youngling. All of it!" He said quietly causing Hermione to look at him in shock.
Only the fact she was wearing her helmet stopped her expression betraying her. Harry knew why of course – she didn't know until now Harry could remember everything these people had put him through, thinking him too young to remember at the time.

"Well it worked didn't it! The freak disappeared, we did right for him, stopped his freakishness we did" The man said still trying to fight Harry's grip.
"And you?" Hermione practically growled to the woman.
"H – he made me! That boy was m – my own n – nephew! B – but V – Vernon hit m – me if I – I argued!" the woman sobbed out more terrified of them than the man next to her in bed.

"Let us be clear." Harry growled out, fighting not to slip back into the Yautja language.
"He mistreated a youngling, one who shared blood with you, and to force compliance beat his LifeMate?" The woman nodded as much as Hermione's knife would allow.

Harry turned back to the man.
"Is this true!?" The man simply nodded, his pale face showing in the moonlight. "Well Miss, today's your lucky day," Harry said quietly before looking to Vernon. "And your last day on this planet." He finished with a growl causing the obese man to pass out in fear.

"Let her up." Harry said to Hermione who did, quickly re-sheathing her blade as Harry snapped another capsule under the males nose.
"Downstairs." Harry ordered before waiting for the woman to head down first.

Once they were all down and sat in the kitchen Harry lifted his hands to remove his helmet, as Hermione did the same.
As soon as it was free and he looked up, Petunia's indrawn breath signalled she recognised him, her querulous "H – Harry…"

"Yes ma'am." Harry said quietly.
"H – how?" She asked her face full of shock. Harry sat back as he started to speak.
"The day I disappeared I was rescued from the cupboard by a man called Na'Leth – he is now the man I call Father, it is the same for Hermione. Had you been awake and downstairs that day you would have died…" Harry went on to explain fully where he'd been and just who the Yautja were.

"You now have an option available to you that you did not before – we can make Vernon 'disappear.'" Hermione said her face hard as she said the last word.
"You mean this? I've tried to leave him before but he's always found me…"
Harry withdrew his dagger once more as he spoke.
"The way we mean would be more – permanent…" The woman gave a hard swallow at seeing the ridged knife, it was obviously designed to do more damage coming out than going in.

The woman nodded, a simple whispered "please" was all she said. Harry got up out the chair and headed up the stairs, Hermione following.
On entering the room he moved to pick up the large man and with no apparent struggle carried him downstairs and out into the Shuttle-Pod.

3 Hours later Vernon Dursley's skull was occupying Harry's trophy wall.


The day for shopping had arrived – Harry and Hermione stood outside the 'Leaky Cauldron' watching everything, they needed to get everything today as tomorrow they would be getting on something called 'The Hogwarts Express.'

Hermione was in a skintight black vest and leather trousers that may has well have been painted on, while her black boots, reflected the suns light in a brilliant shine. About her waist under a camouflage was her weapons belt, and strapped to her back, again camouflaged, were the two curved blades that she was expert in the use of.

Harry was similarly attired except to his back, his swords were both curved and serrated, Hermione had long been envious of these, but had yet to strike down enough trophies to earn the right to bear blades such as those, she needed but one more 'Monster Kill' and she would finally have them.

Hermione let out a grunt of annoyance.
Harry looked to her and raised ay eyebrow in question.
"I have found I do not like normal clothes – only my armour – after spending the majority of my life without them I find they rub my skin making me jump thinking I am about to be attacked." Harry nodded. He himself was having the exact same issues.

Harry remembered the school had invited them to attend as Yautja – so they would get the full experience, he reminded her of this causing her to smile.
"So as soon as we're at this 'Hogwarts' I can either wear my armour or go about as I prefer?" She confirmed.

Harry nodded.
"Good, these clothes also get in the way of my favourite recreation." She said leaning against Harry making sure her breasts under the skintight top she was wearing brushed against his arm.
Harry smirked down to his LifeMate, they hadn't coupled since before their trip to Earth and it showed. For one who liked to couple at least twice a day this must be frustrating her like mad.

Leaning over to her he whispered in her ear, seeing her flesh pebble as his breath trailed over the shell.
"Wait until tomorrow, then we can couple all you want on the journey there." He said.
Hermione let out a mild growl and her hand came up to hold his distinct bulge, not caring who saw as she spoke.

"Fine we won't 'couple' until tomorrow, but there are 'other' ways for my LifeMate to satisfy my needs." She said.
Harry did the wise thing any male would in his position and agreed, last time he'd tried to disagree while in this position, her grip had tightened harshly.

After she released him they made their way into the pub scanning the room.
There in the corner was a short man, with wispy white hair, barely 1 ½ foot tall who immediately stood and to their surprise offered them the Yautja welcome salute.

He further surprised them when he started to speak to them slowly in their native tongue.
"Greetings, I am blademaster Flitwick as marked by Hok-treth of the Sharpspear clan." Harry found he needed to sit down, the tales told of the small being who had defeated the Queen Xenomorph that had been about to strike Hok-treth down had passed into legend.

"You do us great honour in meeting us." Harry said, before switching to English.
"Would you find it easier talking like this?" Harry asked, noting the signs of relief flit across Flitwicks face.
"Indeed I would – and you are wrong Mr Potter, it is you who honour me by consenting to allow me to be you and your LifeMate's guide today."

Not wanting to offer offense Harry simply nodded before indicating the little being to guide the way to the bank.
As they travelled he explained his role at the school they were to attend, and that he had arranged for a room to be set aside for them to convert for their training.
"The headmaster tried to deny this, but when I reminded him you had been raised Yautja to him he relented – something about not wanting to cause a fatal offense." He finished with a smirk.

Harry had a small grin as he said this while Hermione laughed outright.
Upon entry to the bank they were quickly lead to an office where a large goblin sat behind a desk.
"Flitwick," He spat – "Why has it taken you so long to bring Mr Potter! We have demanded his presence no less than twice a year, I would have your answer or your head!"

As the goblin finished speaking he soon had his own close-up view of the blades Hermione longed for, crossed at his throat.
"You will treat blademaster Flitwick with the respect his actions command! Who are you to speak to a Yautja battlebrother with such disrespect?!" Harry finished noting out the corner of his eye Hermione had drawn her own blades and was watching one of the two guards in the office carefully, a gleam in her eye.

"Yautja!" One of the guards exclainmed before dropping his weapon and running from the room.
By now the goblin Harry had hold of had a sickly palour to his waxy complexion.
Flitwick approached Harry and spoke quietly.
"Warrior, I have no blade on me, might I make use of your longknife?" Harry nodded imperceptibly and felt Flitwick's hand on his waist moving until he found the hilt of the concealed blade.

It was to this tense atmosphere another goblin entered, a huge battleaxe in his hand.
"Riptooth you swine! I told you when Mr Potter arrived to summon me immediately and say nothing! I KNEW HE WAS WITH THE YAUTJA! Why did you dishonour me so!"

The goblin between Harry's blades spoke.
"I thought to find out why he had disrespected you so." He said.
"Really? You forget I had my own alert put for when Mr Potter entered the alley. As soon as he was escorted here I activated my viewing globe, and was already on the way here when this guard found me."

Looking to Harry he spoke.
"You are a full blooded warrior?" Harry nodded.
"Take your trophy, he has dishonoured me thrice now – three times I ordered the same, to bring people directly to me – three times he has disobeyed. As he is the last of his clan I say his wealth goes to you and yours."

Harry nodded and turned back to the Goblin Riptooth.
"Do you wish to die here or with honour?" Harry saw a bit of colour return to the goblins face at this.
"I would face you and die with a blade in my hand?" Harry nodded.
"Then I would die with Honour." Harry slowly withdrew his blades before finding himself escorted to a large room.

In the centre was a large circular sandpit, surrounding that, were tiers of seats for spectators.
Hermione moved to follow, only to originally be blocked until Harry spoke.
"My clan lead would be insulted if my LifeMate was not allowed with me." Strangely enough the goblins couldn't get out their way fast enough.
Upon sitting down Harry removed his weapons belt and handed it to Hermione before drawing his swords once more, and making his way to the centre of the sand where Riptooth stood ready, his own blades in hand.

Outside the marked circle the Goblin who Harry surmised was their leader signalled for the fight to start.
Harry was a blur of motion, as was the goblin he faced, blades flashed and whistled through the air, ringing as they connected in a shower of sparks.
Harry locked their blades before sweeping his leg out sending the goblin crashing to the floor, before bringing his blade down in a fast arc to remove the goblins head from his body.

There was a muted silence before Hermione stepped down into the pit, moving to wrap Harry's belt about him once more.
"He fought with Honour, see his head is displayed appropriately." She said as Harry nodded turning to The Goblin he'd tagged as the 'leader.'

"Am I correct in assuming you are the leader?" The goblin nodded.
"You are, I am Ragnok." Harry nodded before he spoke.
"I will take my trophy when we leave, see it is treated with the respect of a fallen warrior, he fought well." Ragnok nodded indicating for Flitwick and the two Yautja raised to follow him, leading him through the tunnels to his office.

Once there Harry and Hermione had more shocks than they knew what to do with.
Harry was never meant to go to his 'Relatives' because of Vernon. The man who should have cared for him was in prison, the Headmaster of the school they were to go to had tried to illegally gain access to Harry's gold citing 'Magical Guardianship.' Yet had failed as 'Magic' – or Psionic energy as Harry knew it – did not recognise him as such – and finally, it was known to the Goblins exactly where his parents other betrayer had been up until last year before he fled the country – yet they couldn't do anything about it due to the treaty between them and the Ministry.

The one thing they could be certain of though was the Headmaster had truly thought he was doing the right thing for Harry, he had told the Goblins everything, and signed a note with a blood quill saying this. A note had been sent to Dumbledore requesting a meeting the morning of September the 2nd once Harry and Hermione were settled in.

The benefits of this meeting though were that as he was the last of his line, he could be something called 'Emancipated' if he was under the Earth age of seventeen, which he wasn't, granting him the rights and responsibilities of an adult. This wasn't new to Harry, you were considered an adult in Yautja society when you took a permanent LifeMate, regardless of whether you coupled or not. The day Hermione had moved into Harry's quarters permanently was the day they had both become adults to the Yautja.

However this meant that he could take Hermione now to be his 'wife' if he and she signed this parchment, before putting on a ring.
Psionics were strange Harry thought as they signed – treating someone as an adult because they could wear a piece of jewellery.

As soon as he had his ring on a smaller more delicate looking version of the ring had appeared on Hermione's finger, leading to their congratulations. Harry had offered to do the 'Wedding Ceremony' that was tradition among the cultures of their origin planet but Hermione shot that down with a simple sentence.
"I don't need a ceremony for someone to tell me what already is, I am your LifeMate as you are mine, a piece of paper saying that is all they need to make it official, they have that."
She finished pointing to the paper where she had under guidance signed as 'Hermione Jane Granger – The Lady Potter' for she wanted to keep her own name to honour the parents who birthed and cared for her when she was a babe.

Their last act before leaving was to teleport Riptooths head to their Shuttle-Pod.

Upon leaving the bank Flitwick led them through the alley to the Ollivander's first, when they entered the store and moved up to the counter there was no one to be seen.
"Hello young Mr Pot-URK!" Ollivander had done his usual and hidden himself from sight until he could make his customers jump, only to find himself lifted by the throat off the floor.

"That could have potentially been fatal sir. We," Harry indicated both him and Hermione. "Are both full blooded warriors, and will treat an ambush as such in future. Clear?" The man nodded and Harry let him down.

"I must say Mr Potter that was quite unexpected. My Name is Garrick Olivander." The old man said holding his hand out.
"Harry Potter, as you somehow already knew, and this is my LifeMate Hermione Granger." Olivander nodded and turned to offer his hand to Hermione.

"I must say I was expecting you sooner." He said as he spoke, going amongst his shelves and returning with a selection of boxes.
As this was merely a statement and not a question Harry shrugged.
It took them both nearly three hours before Ollivander sat back and looked at the two once more.
"I wonder…"

He disappeared up the back of the shop and returned with two plain black boxes.
Lifting the lid he handed them to the two.
Harry grasped his and gasped at the feeling of power shooting through him, he saw Hermione do the same as her head whipped around to stare at the glowing wand in her hand, her tight braids nearly whipping her in the face.

"Well this is a surprise. The wands are made from the rib bones of a strange animal I found three days ago in the side alley, their cores made from the acidic blood within, Ground teeth sealing the two together." Harry nearly dropped his new wand in shock before placing it on the shelf and lifting his arm and tapping a few buttons on his arm-comp.

"Did the animal look like this?" Harry demanded.
"Why yes, It did." Ollivander said surprised.
"PAUK!" Hermione swore bringing her own Arm-Comp up and rapidly tapping before speaking into it in the Yautja tongue.

"Xenomorph soldier spotted in Alley, crowded environment, Hunters and Contaners needed. Teleport to my location in two minutes."
Harry turned to Ollivander and spoke.
"Where did you find this being?" he demanded, even Flitwick jumped at the authority in his voice.
"I – in the sewer." He said shocked.
"Right – how much for the wands and the rest of the carcass? "

"What? But I can make so many more wands like that one!" He tried to argue before Harry drew his dagger planting it blade down in the wood.
"The tail of one of those makes this daggers blade. When they die, they secrete an enzyme to attract others of their kind, my LifeMate is out there now orginising not a hunt, but an extermination – we need to find their nest and destroy it. They breed using Humans as incubators!" The man staggered and quickly told Harry the exact location of where he found the being before leading him to the store room was where the dead Xenomorph was being kept.

Harry looked and gave a small sigh of relief, it was a juvenile, not dead more than a week, they had time.
He tagged it with a device from his belt and it disappeared, teleporting back up to the ship in orbit.

Coming back out he stepped out the shop to see Hermione talking to a shadowy figure up the alley.
Going up to her he passed on the details to what he now recognised as a hunter.
"Good, we shal deal with the nest, you finish here and go to school tomorrow." Harry nodded – he wished he could join the hunt, but he had his own things needing sorting.

Nodding he and Hermione returned back to Flitwick and spoke.
"The nest will be gone before sundown." Flitwick nodded breathing easier, knowing the Yautja would be thorough in their extermination.

It was a more peaceful rest of the visit they spent in the alley gathering their supplies, although they had to wait a while in the bookshop as Hermione arranged to have a copy of every book in the shop placed in a library trunk and shipped to her.
Harry shook his head as she did, she was a fearsome warrior, who's hunt for knowledge had become well known amongst the Yautja, enough that clans out on hunts would often send copies of books they found on a hunt if they thought she would like the knowledge.

Moments later they stepped out and looked to their shopping list to see all that was left was robes and pets, knowing they wouldn't need a pet Harry nodded to Hermione.
"Okay we're done." Hermione said emphatically.
"Miss Granger, we still need to get you your school robes." Flitwick said.
"No we don't." Hermione replied as Harry guided them over to a shop that advertised the sale of iced treats.

"But what will you wear in the castle?" Flitwick asked.
"For our first appearance in the great Hall we shall wear our complete hunting armour, otherwise we won't wear anything but our weapons belts and wand holsters." She explained much to Flitwick's shocked look.

"Blademaster – your school invited us to attend as Yautja to us, nudity is common practice, we know we can use psionics to add something to our belts to keep our bodies at comfortable temperatures, we do not like wearing clothes, we find their brushing against our skin an irritant, a distraction." Hermione said before finishing.
"Besides, they get in the way when I want to couple with my LifeMate, it is so much easier if he is already naked to just sit on his lap and have my fun." By now Flitwick had gone bright red as he stammered out an answer.

"A – ah, I do h – hope you d – don't couple in public as well." He said.
Hermione shrugged as she spoke. "Why not? Yautja see it as a normal biological imperative so don't bat an eyelid at those that do. I have been told I have a higher than normal coupling drive as it is." Flitwick gulped, Hogwarts was certainly in for a shock when these two arrived tomorrow.

They moved on to other matters chatting away until Flitwick offered to show them how to get to the Platform in the morning. Harry nodded his agreement and stood with his LifeMate as they made their way to the station.

The demonstration soon had Harry and Hermione smiling. Once they learnt how to make these 'barriers' the ship could have even more security in case of boarding.
"I'll take my leave of you now and see you tomorrow at school." The two nodded, waiting for him to leave, as soon as he did, the two teleported to their Shuttle-Pod, quickly heading back up to the ship.

Once they were moving Hermione quickly shucked her clothes breathing a sigh of relief before taking the controls for Harry to do the same.
As soon as they were docked, Harry made his way with a box to his personal trophy room and cleaned his latest trophy before setting it high on the wall.

Returning to his quarters he saw Hermione sat on the edge of their bed holding her arms out to him.
"We may not couple, but I want to feel your hands on me." Was all she said.
Harry moved to the bed, being pulled down onto it and wrapping Hermione in his arms.


The next morning, Hermione looked over to her still sleeping LifeMate and shook her head, the challenges they would face today would be many, yet they would meet them head on.
She stretched as she got out of bed, feeling deliciously sore and grinned at the cause.

Quickly showering she came out just as Harry entered, she walked up to him, placing a hand on his shoulder as she gazed into his luminescent green eyes and spoke.
"Whatever happens this day, Remember I am your LifeMate, where you travel I follow."
Harry nodded as he answered.
"Where you lead, your back I shall guard." With that she pulled him into her arms, letting the little girl she once was show as she whispered out.
"You'll be with me always?"

Harry lifted her face as he spoke.
"The Long Sleep could not keep me from you." He said quietly dropping his lips to hers. It wasn't often she allowed her vulnerable side show, and the same as with Harry to her, he was the only one aside from their adoptive parents who saw it. To everyone else aboard she was one of the most deadly females in the galaxy – and that was just with words, her combat ability now surpassed those of her original trainers who themselves were all centuries old.

The only reason she didn't have the weapons to show her true skill was simply she had not enough trophies – yet.
"Thank you." She said quietly bringing her hand to stroke his cheek. Harry gave a gentle smile as he held her tight a moment longer before letting her go and heading for his own shower.

She went out to see four trunks – two were their Hogwarts trunks, two metallic with hers and Harry's initials inscribed on them, a note on top of hers, she picked it up to read.


I have made sure your armour is fully packed and all energy weapons fully charged along with a portable charger. The standard set of blades has already been packed, all that is left is for you to pick what additional weapons you wish to pack are.


After reading the note Hermione smiled and quickly went to her personal weapons cupboard and took down her favourite re-curve swords, along with two spare sets should the unthinkable happen and they be broken.

She soon had these sheathed and in the trunk as Harry returned.
Smiling at his entrance Hermione noticed he still had his usual morning problem, something she enjoyed helping him with most mornings, she sat down on the bed and guided him to stand in front of her and smiled at his sigh of bliss as she started.

Ten minutes later and a quick wash they were busy strapping on their armour, leaving their helmets off for now, they would attach them once they were on the surface.
"Harry, I know this is going to sound odd – especially coming from me, but can we wait until tonight – I don't want to get out my armour just to get back in it again." Hermione asked.
Harry moved to stand behind her his metal-clad arms coming around her, pulling her against his chest, their armours letting out a tiny 'clang' when they met.

"I don't mind Hermione, you're the one with the crazy drive not me." He said quietly, reaching round to kiss her cheek before letting go after.
The soon closed their trunks stacking them takining a hold of either end and heading out to the Shuttle-Pod bay where Na'Leth and Qu'Illaa were wating.
Na'Leth handed a long box out to Hermione so they set the trunks down for her to take it.

Opening it her mouth dropped open in shock. There lay two gleaming swords identical to Harry's, she looked up to her father as she tried to speak.
Na'Leth held his hand up to stop her speaking as he spoke in turn.
"In going to Hogwarts and learning to harness your Psionics, you have earned a trophy even greater than that of a head of an Empress Hnart. You have increased the amount of pride I feel for you daughter, something not thought possible."
Hermione passed the box over to Harry and jumped at Na'Leth, squeezing him in a rib-cracking hug – literally.

He grunted and looked down at her in shock with his mandibles clicking together as he regarded her with a prideful stare.
"It has been many cycles since you hugged me daughter, to know you have such strength warms my heart." Hermione smiled as she felt Qu'Illaa's arm come about her shoulders pulling her metal clad body away.

"You need to go now, but remember, we're always a com-signal away. We will be going on the hunt trip hunt to Alpha-Centauri, but will be back in a moment should you need us." The amount of trust they were putting in her and Harry shocked her. This was basically the equivalent of sending them on a Maturation Hunt without calling it such.

She also knew that if she sent that signal, it would not be just her parents answering, but their whole clan. That was the amount of trust they were placing on the two young shoulders.
"Now, fix your helmet, let me see my warrior in full before she goes."
Hermione smiled and set her helmet on her head, visor set for normal vision as thermals weren't needed at the minute.

"Deadly beauty." Qu'Illaa whispered Hermione's hunter name, offering Hermione the Salute of equals even as Na'Leth did the same for Harry.
Hermione picked out her two new blades from the box quickly removing her gauntlets and drawing the edges along her palms.
"No blade should go unbloodied." Hermione whispered before calmly healing her hands and cleaning the blades before returning them to their case.

"You did well, you didn't flinch." Harry said as she helped him load the trunks.
Hermione shrugged as she sat in the co-pilots seat when she spoke.
"Please, it's only pain." Harry snorted, if he tried that excuse after sparring with her she would – and had before – have dragged him to the medics by his braids.
It didn't take them long to come to a hover above the station.

"Active camouflage." Harry said quietly as he affixed his own helmet even as Hermione faded from view.
Hermione activated the tracing on her helmet so she could see where Harry was, knowing he'd be doing the same. She waited for him to set the shuttles active tracker to follow them before he stepped up to the teleporter.

Moments later saw them re-materialising on the magical side of the platform.
Hermione looked around and spotted a dark out of the way nook and pulled Harry too it so they could drop their camouflage, the best being it was right by the barrier so they would appear to have walked through.

As the two hunters dropped their camouflage, they stepped onto the platform properly and the noise just stopped.
Hermione smirked behind her mask as she activated the private channel to Harry's armour.
"Soft meats – the lot of them."
All she got back was Harry's choked attempts not to laugh as he led the way striding along the platform and into a carriage.

The moved to the end to find an empty compartment as the train started to move and soon claimed it.
"So as you don't want to couple on the way – what will you be doing?" Harry asked.
"Well, we've both been speed reading the books for our missed years here, I was going to revise the cha-"

"No please! I need that!" A voce in desperation and fear intruded on their senses, coming from just one compartment over.
"What the?!" Hermione said, springing to her feet and spinning around activating her thermals to see what was happening.

Crowded around a tiny figure were three people shoving her whenever she reached for something the tallest was holding.
"Loony just remember – no funny talk this year, or you won't get this back!" A female voice taunted.
"No! Pleeeease! My Mommy gave me that!" The sound of laughter echoing to them caused Hermione's rage to build, the next words snapped her.

"Awww do you miss mommy! Should have saved her not watched her die then." The girls mocking voice said.
"That does it." Hermione growled, not even bothering with the corridor she and Harry stepped forwards and punched through the wall, grabbing the girl and tearing her back into their compartment. Hermione snatching the figurine out the girls hand as they did, before setting it on the shelf above.

"Restrain her." Hermione said moving to the gap they'd made before stepping through the hole into the other compartment. As she did she saw the two others standing move away from the shorter girl.
"Take her! She's no use to us!" On of them squeaked.

"Oh I'm taking her alright." Hermione said moving between the dirty blond haired girl and her tormentors.
"I'm taking her under my protection." Hermione said flicking her arms so her wristblades shot out.
Lifting her arm she signalled Harry who had a piece of wood, which he threw through the gap, only for her to swipe down and slice it to ribbons effortlessly.

"Anyone else torments this one and they'll face the wrath of the Yautja!" Hermione barked.
"Now leave! Your friend will be returned to you – unharmed – in one hour."
The two fled as Hermione withdrew her blades, turning she knelt down next to the girl.
"Shh, it's okay, watch." She said to the terrified girl, gently bringing her hands up to remove her helmet.

Once she was free of it she smiled disarmingly at the girl "Y – you're h human?"
Hermione nodded before she spoke holding her hand out.
"Yes, me and my LifeMate are, although we were both raised Yautja." Hermione said quietly, as the little waif of a girl placed her hand in Hermione's gauntleted one, Hermione gently helped her to her feet, rising with her, before the tiny, obviously malnourished body collided with her armour as the girl held tightly.

"Thank you!" She whimpered out.
"Shh, it's alright. Come on, let's go and speak with my LifeMate."
The little blonde nodded and Hermione effortlessly lifted her to carry her through the debris to put her down in the corner by the window of their compartment, struggling to move though when the girl wouldn't let go.

"It's okay little one, I won't go anywhere, I just need to talk to this individual, explain they're not allowed to bother you anymore." Hermione said quietly, indicating the pasty white girl who was being held securely in a restraining field.

Hermione waited until the girl let her waist go and turned to the other girl and spoke.
"Just to be clear, I may look human, but to the Yautja I am called the Huntress Deadly Beauty," reaching behind her she withdrew one of her blades.
"I have been trained in how to kill, have killed, and will kill again – unless you do not want your skull to decorate my trophy wall, you will leave this girl be."

Trembling the girl spoke up.
"Y – you won't do anything! Harry Potter will stop you! He's coming back to Hogwarts this year! I'll make him mine and he'll stop you." Hermione gave a mirthless laugh as she looked to Harry.
"You really think that? You think those books were real? The only thing they got right is the shape of his scar, his hair and eye colour." Hermione said.
She had to marvel at this girls bravery – or maybe stupidity when she spat at Hermione before answering.

"Oh yeah, what do you know you bitch!" Hermione glared down at the girl.
"Allow me to introduce you to my LifeMate," Hermione said gesturing to Harry who was now in the process of removing his helmet, until it was completely off.
Once done he looked at the girl in the eye.

She started shaking her head in disbelief as Harry spoke.
"Not only will I not stop Hermione if she decides to come after you, I will sit back and watch – all the while critiquing her methods – unless I decide to join in. We can't make this any plainer. There will be no one causing another upset. Oh and by the way, my name is Harry Potter – According to the Goblins that makes me Lord Potter, head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, and this woman you just insulted is Hermione Granger, The Lady Potter. I do believe in your world that makes her an important person worthy of respect." Harry continued his diatribe loud enough that those in other cars could probably hear.

In my existence, she is my LifeMate, my other half, the only one whom will ever know everything about me. She is known across worlds as the Huntress Deadly Beauty, her prey has been that of monsters the like you would void your body in terror, her blades have tasted blood on many worlds, many she has hunted all had one thing in common – our clan is the Justice Clan. We are those sent to hunt those who have gone rogue, we hunt the Hunters."

Hermione saw how his words seemed to be drawing the blond girls' attention and rising hope in her eyes, as well as a crowd outside, many staring at Harry in shock.

"With Hermione by my side I have run three days straight before bringing down a beast so large that it would not have thought twice at snapping your frail little body, she stood there in front of this beast keeping it's attention, never doubting my skill, all the time fighting lesser prey, she didn't even flinch when I brought the beast low, slamming it into the ground not one foot from where she stood.
Can you do that – can you run and fight like that and still have the energy afterwards to run again after more prey?"

Harry shook his head as he said his parting words.
"I will accept no other by my side, and woe betide anyone who incurs my wrath, for should you evade me, you still have to flee Hermione, should you evade us both, then you will have a clanship full of beings who only live for the hunt after you. This girl is under our protection, just as any who are mistreated, looked down upon, or made to fear. Now begone from my sight."
With those final words he dropped the restraining field and the young woman fled the compartment.

Hermione looked to the blond girl who was still trembling slightly and approached, sitting next to the young girl.
"Hello, I know it's probably a redundant introduction now, but my name is Hermione Granger, what's yours?" She said quietly.
The girl immediately wrapped her arms about Hermione's armoured form as she spoke trembling.
"L – Luna Lovegood."
"Well Luna, I don't know many people here, can you be my friend?" She asked quietly. Luna nodded a wide smile like the first rays of sunshine after a bloody nights battle illuminated her whole being.

Harry had dealt with the onlookers and quietly moved to sit the other side of the girl, stopping to lift the figurine down before turning to pass it to the girl, stopping in shock, he held in his hand a perfectly sculpted Xenomorph head.
"Luna," Harry said quietly passing Luna the figurine. "O – oh thankyou!" Luna cried snatching the figurine close.

"Luna, where did your mother find out about those?" Hermione said quietly, not wanting to worry the blond girl unduly.
"Oh mummy used to hunt them – said they were dangerous, and if I ever saw one I was to press the symbol on the base see?" Luna turned the figurine upside down to show attached to the base a Yautja Com-signal, from what Hermione could read before the enamel encroached over it, the unit was set to 'Every hunter come running right now!'

"Your mom was right Luna, if you ever, ever see one of those then I want you to promise you'll hit that button." Luna looked up to Hermione and nodded.
"I will but can I ask Why? It's just a snorkak?" Hermione's eyes widened further at this, Earth's recorded history should have been wiped at the original name for the Xenomorphs over 5,000 years ago!

"Luna this is very important. Where did you hear about the Snorkaks?" Hermione asked.
"Oh they're written about in the Ministry – Mummy used to work in the Department of Mysteries. She once told me a story about them having a bigbig mummy snorkak, she had her own crown and everything, it was part of her head she said.

"A Royal empress." Harry said quietly under his breath horrified.
"Oooh thats a much better word for it." Luna said obviously not picking up on their worry as she turned back to her figurine.

"Luna," Hermione said looking down to the child. "Press the symbol." She practically ordered even as Harry stood pulling their trunks down and pulling out various weapons that would attach to their armour whilst throwing various things to Hermione who affixed them to her own armour.
"Where was your mummy's work based did you say." Hermione said after she finished fixing her shoulder cannon. While Harry fitted his Helmet before looking up, his own aiming for the roof.
"Incoming shrapnel" He warned.

Hermione quickly covered Luna with her own body even as there was a loud 'Whump' before she heard things bouncing off her armoured back.
"W – what's g going on?" Luna asked. Hermione knelt down in front of the girl and spoke.
"What they have where your mummy worked is very dangerous. We call them Xenomorphs. They live only to feed or breed – to do both they use humans, to either eat, or use as a living incubator." Hermione said quietly.

"Y – you're going after it?" Luna said, her grey eyes wide with fear.
Hermione nodded.
"With help, that's why we need you to press that button. It will summon extra help, by now Harry will have contacted our father, and he will have a ship ready to drop hunters when we get to Scotland. They'll be posted to protect the children, for where there's an empress, there will always be an emperor." Luna nodded shakily before turning the figurine in her hand upside down and pressing the symbol hard.

Not ten seconds after it lit up however did a man in a long flowing robe, long white beard and hair, with twinkling blue eyes behind glasses appear.
Hermione stood her shoulder mounted cannon coming to bear on him, a tri-symbol of three dots appearing over his heart, a sword in one hand, and energy pistol in the other.

"Peace Huntress." He spoke in fluent Yautja, "I am honour bound to appear at the source of a Xeno-incursion warning.
Hermione nodded setting the cannon back and hostering her other weapons.
"Who are you?" She asked in English just as Harry dropped back down the hole.
"I am Albus Dumbledore, Headmaster at Hogwarts. I take it you are Hermione Granger, and the young man behind me is Harry Potter?"
Hermione nodded before signalling for Harry to speak.
"We've got four Shuttle-Pods with five Hunters each now Camoflaged and tracking the train. Once the younglings are at the school they'll set up defensive patrols." Hermione nodded before turning to Dumbledore.

"We've just heard from this girl her mother before she died saw a Royal Empress in something called the 'Department of Mysteries.'" Dumbledore's face paled.
"They wouldn't…" Hermione nodded.
"Thankfully Luna had a come running signaller embedded in a statuette her mother gave her as a child. Aparently if the girl ever saw a Xenomorph she was to summon help.

Dumbledore nodded.
"Professor Flitwick whom you call Blademaster came with me but will be working his way from the front of the train. How many clans will that summon." Dumbledore asked waving his wand so his beard became a short goatee and his hair was cut back to just below his shoulders, even while his robes changed to form fitting wear.

"All in range Headmaster." Dumbledore shook his head at this as he spoke.
"In this Huntress you outrank me, I may have met, and helped on Hunts but I am a mere Hunters assistant." Hermione nodded.
"Well in that case Harry is the one incharge. Oh to the Hunters on the Hunt I am known as Deadly Beauty, as Harry is Shock Bolt." Dumbledore nodded just as Flitwick appeared stepping through the hole in the wrecked car before spotting Luna.

"Oh no, please tell me you haven't fallen for the tales of Lovegood." Flitwick said before turning to the girl and speaking harshly.
"Miss Lovegood how many times are you going to – UEARK!" Flitwick was stopped when Harry lifted him from the floor by the throat and spoke harshly.
"There is a Xenomorph Royal Empress in the Deptartment of Mysteries, her 'Snorkak' is their original name, something we Yautja thought well lost, with good reason. How many times has she maybe been in trouble due to bullying?"

"What? There are no bullies against her." Flitwick gasped out.
Harry growled as Hermione quickly played their helmet's recording of events.
"Blademaster – tell me now bullying doesn't happen." Harry growled dropping the diminutive man. However Flitwick didn't answer at first.
Taking a breath, he turned to Luna and spoke.

"Luna Lovegood, I apologise for what you have had to deal with, even that I may have contributed to it. There is no excuse I can give for this, however, I am going to have…words, with those who tormented you on our retun to school." Luna nodded before letting out an "Eeep!" When an 8 Foot being of pure muscle and metal dropped in.

"Son, you were not equipped with a general call all hunters signal. What has happened."
Harry quickly went on to explain, and that using his authority as Clan Lead Heir, had the hunters that came down right away set to protecting the train.
"We know where the Empress is, but the Emperor could be anywhere within 600 Miles. Thankfully miss Lovegood had a call all handed down from her mother." Na'Leth nodded.
"Very good. See to the protection of the Children, I will prep- PAULK!" He swore before diving over Dumbledore as a giant tail seemed to take the top off the carriage.

Hermione looked up to see the worse case scenario.
The Empress had broken free, and met up with the Emperor, there were hundreds of Xenomorphs around them as the train screeched to a halt.
Harry called out for a brace and Hermione locked her body against the window frame, all while using her leg to sweep Luna out the way. She felt Harry's feet hit her back before with a bellow of urestrained rage he launched from her into the fray above on the trains roof, Hunters all doing the same.

Closing her eyes a moment and sending a call to the ancestors that she did not meet the Long Sleep this day she then called out.
"Father, Launch me!" Turning to Na'Leth who nodded. She slammed her helmet on switching to Combat-Mode and her cannon now sighted wherever she looked as she ran the two steps, planting he foot in his cupped hands to be flipped out the carriage, the last thing she heard from the train being Luna's cry of horror.

Twisting in the air she withdrew her fighting stick, impaling it in a xenomorph's head even as she swung around on the stick to kick another off a Hunter, her cannon sending out blast after blast, even as she lost sight of her LifeMate. She lost her fighting stick early and her plasma gun was soon melted with Xeno-acid.
"Fine," She muttered coming to take a braced stand, Drawing her plain blades she crossed them infront of her before centering her thoughts, they wanted death? With they could meet it with the blades forged from the exo-skeleton of their own fallen. These blades and those below in her compartment would not dissolve on her.

As soon as she was in 'The Now' she let out her own cry and charged, her blades singing as the cut. A Xenomorph appeared infront of her only to be split head to tail.
she dropped to avoid a tailsweep, slamming a blade down in the roof of the carriage below to throw her arm out intime to catch a Huntress who had been struck with the tail. Pulling her back to the carriage, only for the Huntress to slam Hermione down and use her as a pivot to kick a Xenomorph in the face.

"Watch your back better!" The huntress cried as she let Hermione up, to see one of Hermione's shoulder cannon blasts whip by her head close enough to singe her hair.
"You too!" Hermione cried.
That was the type of thanks in the Yautja, they saved your life, you saved theirs – then went and got drunk. Hermione looked around to see they'd dealt with all the Xenomorphs, now all that were left were the Emeror and Empress.

She was horrified to see wizards in grey cloaks merely trying to subdue, not destroy the two, making the hunters job that much more difficult, when a blast of iridescent blue light shot past her and sheared part of the Royal Emperor's crest from it's body.
"What are you doing! We've been after a pair to mate for years!" One of the grey cloaks called back. Hermione looked to see it was Dumbledore who had fired the shot and was already sending another.
She reached forwards and grabbed the greycloak and pulled him close to speak.

"Listen softmeat! Should those two breed, by INTERGALACTIC TREATY, we will have no coice but to burn your planet from space! They are an unholy plague on the universe – it is our job to exterminate them, and anyone who stops us." Hermione emphasised this last bit by raising a dripping sword between them.

"But if we study their offspring…"
"They use humans to incubate – when ready they force their way out the human body's stomach, from the inside out." Hermione said sharply. At her words the man turned his head and threw up before calling to the rest of his team.

Hermione nodded releasing the man before turning and sending her own cannon blasts into them. Harry appeared next to her sending his own blasts, while passing her a spare hand plasma gun. As she and her LifeMate stood raining plasma on the two Royal Xenomorphs, two more hunters came up either side of them, their own cannons spitting fire. Her parents were stood with her and her LifeMate, helping to bring down one of the biggest foes of the universe.

Blasts started raining down from above and Hermione looked to see a veritable army of Hunters descending through the skies.
She recognised the move, had even participated a few of times.
Some hunters would have died on the way down, their armour not protecting them from burn-up in the atmosphere, but those that survived, would overwhelm the superior force with their sheer numbers.

As they approached impact Hermione and her family started charging forwards, war cries tearing from their throats as they ran, she holstered her hand gun to latch her arm through her mother's ready to be spun and thrown onto the enourmous head of the Empress, just as she knew Harry was doing the same with Father.
Her next sense of motion was spinning before she was flying through the air joining the others in flight as she brought her sword forwards.
Bracing herself when the impact happened she used her now embedded sword as an anchor to hold on to as she planted her feet.

She looked down to see her mother's aim had been true, and she was stood at the very top of the Empresses head, right near the only known weak spot. Bringing her other sword from its sheath she started slicing at the armour.

This was the need for all the other hunters though, to keep the Empress distracted from what was happening to her, the same for the emperor. She risked a quick glance to see of all the hunter's here it was Harry at the killing spot for the Emperor.
As soon as she was through to the spine Hermione brought her cannon to bear. This was the most dangerous point. All hunters would now have to back off to let her work, and one be ready to continue should she fall.

"FALL BACK! I'M AT THE SPINE! ALL HUNTERS FALL BACK!" She called over the helmet-coms watching as Hunters all leapt away onto the still train or into swooping down Shuttle-Pods. She reached for her fighting stick before remembering loosing it in the battle.
"THROW ME A STICK!" She called out watching as he father drew his own and launched it at her as she fought to keep her balance now the Empress knew where she was.
She caught the stick, spinning it in its momentum to drive it between vertebrae bones.

The Empress let out a thunderous shriek as this happened shaking her head violently enough that Hermione lost her footing. Had she not had a sure grip on her embedded sword she would have surely died.
She turned her fall into a spin about the blade, and at the apogee of her spin caught the spear and prized the bones apart, launching a cannon blast right into the Empresses spinal cord.

Now came the most dangerous part.
Surviving the Empreses explosive death, that much plasma sent the Empresses body into shock, exploding her heart forcing her internal blood pressure up to more than the body could contain.
"LAUNCHING!" Hermione cried out wrenching her sword free of the screaming Empress as a Shuttle-Pod swooped down infront of her, it's rear door open with a Hunter holding his arm out ready to catch her as she ran along the Empresses forhead.

"steady," She whispered to herself, she had to time this just right, too soon and she would plummet to her death and be vapourised by exploding acid, too late and the acid would again vaporise her, just right and the concussive air blast would propel her to the shuttle.
As the shell started to show signs of cracking she prepared to leap in the next three steps.
"Easy…aaaaand NOW!" Hermione cried launching before a second later a wave of air hit her hard enough to rocket her forwards, the hunter catching her outstretched arm and pulling her in.

She crouched on one knee as she looked back to see both the Empress and Emperor's remains on the ground in front of the stopped train before Harry's voice registered.
"Hermione! Are you there HERMIONE!" Harry's desperate voice cried out.
"Sorry Light of my Heart, no coupling tonight, too tired." Hermione said as the adrenaline left her system.

The resulting roar of laughter over the coms told her she'd been heard. She had forgotten they were on a public channel until that moment though, but couldn't work up the energy to care from where she was knelt down.
When the pod landed she saw an exhausted looking Harry stagger towards her, his Helmet already off.
Hermione smiling lifted her helmet free and fought to her feet to be caught in her LifeMate's arms, her lips locking with his, to the roar of approval from the surrounding Yautja. Hermione broke from the kiss, using Harry to keep her upright – she hadn't got any stims on her at the minute as they weren't anticipated as needed.

"I think we need to give you two a larger trophy room of your own." Her father said as he and her mother approached them.
"Right now father I'd settle for a bath." Hermione groaned. "Do you know how much dead Xeno-bitch stinks?" The hunters about let out a further roar of laughter at this while the Wizards were all looking at each other nonplussed, partly due to lack of understanding the Yautja language.

Na'Leth turned to Dumbledore as he surveyed the wreckage of the train before he asked a question he feared.
"How many young ones did we lose?" Dumbledore surprisingly smiled.
"None, your actions were quick enough that apart from any Orbit Jumpers lost or any Hunters in battle…"
Hermione collapsed in relief at this point, along with her mother.
"W – We saved them a – all." Hermione begged out, desperate for confirmation.
"Yes – yes you did Royal Huntress" Dumbledore said, being the first to acknowledging her Status Change. There were many to kill an Empress or Emperor, but so few survived the explosion of acid after.

"oh my…" Hermione murmured before it all caught up with her, and Yautja raised or not, she did the only thing she could think of, with a quiet 'Excuse me' she fainted.

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