He stood there, as it had happened so many times before. But a thousand times more worse. The man dressed in black stared into his eyes with his own gold ones. Ahsoka standing in the middle of them. Bodies were piled in the darkly lit room. The only light that was in the room itself came from the two people's weapons. Red and Blue. A woman with dark hair and blue eyes watched on in horror at the events that were unfolding.

"This is how it ends" said Sky his Lightsaber pointed at Alex who stood paralysed with fear "this is how it always ends" he faced Ahsoka and laughed evilly "you thought I wouldn't keep my promise." He then focused his attention on Alex and said "don't you ever make a mistake like that again" he then opened the palm of his hand and brought Ahsoka toward him using the Force.

The Togruta tried desperately to fight it, but couldn't Sky's grip on her was too strong. Sr were streaming down Alex's face now as he watched his lover dragged to her death and he was powerless to do anything. For Sky had frozen him in place as well "Don't do this" Alex begged his brother "please, she's all I have left!"

Sky smirked at this and turned his full attention on Ahsoka "are you ready to die, child?" His grip on her then turned into a full Force Choke and Ahsoka's hands moved to her neck and she began strangling herself so she could not speak. Sky chuckled at this and said mockingly "I'll take that as a yes" then Alex watched helplessly as Ahsoka was dragged at full force towards Sky, "goodbye my dear Ahsoka" Sky said before he activated his Lightsaber and stabbed her through the heart.

Ahsoka let out final scream and then tears streamed down her eyes, Alex yelled "No!" As she looked at him with her dying eyes and then Sky let go of Ahsoka and set her body down on the ground so that his brother could see her broken and bloodied corpse.

When Alex rushed over to his girlfriend's corpse Sky brushed some dust off his jacket like it never happened "a pity." He said smiling "she would have made a fine apprentice" and that was that, Sky activated his weapon again and struck the killing blow at Alex. Causing the real Alex to wake from his sleep in a state of pure terror….