Chapter 19: The Dark Brother

The boy sat there in the cell, minding his own business. The books and novels lining the shelf did nothing to entertain him, he was tall and 18 years of age, his dark black hair was shaggy and grown. He wore only an orange jumpsuit and traditions, his Lightsabre had been taken away from him "I keep my promises" he kept muttering over and over again like it was some chant "I promise you brother, you will see the end of your precious Ahsoka."

Sky stood up and took one of the books of the shelf and began reading it "this should be an interesting read" it was a copy of Prophecies and Misfortunes two things he could easily relate to, he was easily bored within the first few lines of the book "nope, not me" he then took another book that said Legends of the Force "me." Sky said smiling evilly "this should help with my brother" he sat down and began to read.

it took him a good few hours before he was interrupted. By a figure dressed in all black, the lights in his cell were flickering on and off, "you know some of us are trying to read" Sky signed and he stood up, placing the book on his desk before facing the figure "you may want to find the door to the left"

"Is that how you great an old friend?" The figure do ever his hood revealing himself to be the Trickster.

"I would hardly call us friends"

"So you still hold some animosity towards me?"

"Yeah" Sky said not being sarcastic "now if you could leave me alone I have a novel to get back to" he started walking towards his bed and the Trickster chuckled at this.

"I have a proposition for you"

"Not" Sky jumped onto the bed and resumed reading the novel "interested" he flicked through the ages and tried to ignore the Trickster "as you can see I'm not in the Dark Side business anymore"

"But what if I told you I could help you with your plan"

Sky slammed the book shut at this and smiled his gold eyes gleaming in the flickering light "my plan?" He said turning around "how do you know of my plan?"

"Your promise to the Avatar"

"you could help me with that?"

"If you join with me, I will reward you with the opportunity, to break his spirit" at this Sky chuckled evilly and turned his back to the Trickster "I suppose this mean's you are in?"

"Say that I do join you, say I do get to achieve my plan, where does that leave you?"

"Behind the scenes, you will get to control everything that goes on" the Trickster stopped and looked at Sky with great interest which made him uncomfortable "what do you say? Dark Brother?" At the mention of his old name Sky smiled and looked at the Trickster with admiration.

"One condition"


"I get to kill her, I get to kill Ahsoka Tano"


"So" Sky said facing the Trickster for the first time since he appeared in the cell "when do we start?" He asked this question and the Trickster as if getting what he wanted, smiled evilly letting his own evil plans take their course...