Now guys, I'm sorry I didn't notice this until now, but I have been misspelling a couple of the character's names. Macey's name is actually spelled 'Macy' in the show, and Murlock's name is actually spelled 'Merlok' in the show. So again, I'm sorry I didn't find these mistakes before.

Chapter 2 – Changed In Dark, Twisted Ways

The knight graduates continued to skim through all of destroyed and burst books in Murlock's library…but that was still all they would find: burst books.

"I can't believe this. Jestro and Angel both betrayed us…and Murlock…did what he had to save you, Clay," Macy said with sorrow as Clay still held Merlok's hat.

"Exactly. I'm a knight, and I should have been the one doing the saving…and I don't deserve my shield," Clay sadly protested.

"But what ever the case, do you think that book, as you claim, and Angel and Jestro are still alive?" Aaron questioned.

"All I know is that Merlok sure has a lot of books. I could never read half a' one book," Axl stated as he picked up a book covered in ashes.

"And that is why I have servants read everything TO me," Lance chuckled.

But the knights weren't the only ones in the library, grieving over Merlok's death; King and Queen Halbert were grieving too.

"Oh, I'll never get over this; Merlok was my best advisor…and my best friend," King Halbert sighed.

"Yes, dear; he was a fine mage; the last of his kind, in fact," the queen reassured while placing a hand on her husband's shoulder.

But suddenly, things started to literally brighten up when the power came back up throughout the entire city.

Ava was in one of the main computer rooms, and Robin was watching her work with one of the computers to help with the power.

"How's it goin', Ava?" Robin questioned as the said brunette girl stood up to stretch.

"Good…I think. The failure caused by Jestro fried the entire system, so I still have to reroute the power and get the cavalry up and running again."

But suddenly, something odd appeared on the holographic computer monitor, and Ava didn't touch anything. The object on the screen was a blurred orange image.

"Well, you certainly did something," Robin said as he and Ava stared with wonder and confusion.

"Don't give me credit for this," Ava protested.

The flashing blur seemed to be trying to say something, but there was too much static to make out.

"What did it say? 'Jestro'?" Ava repeated what she thought she heard, and Robin shrugged.

Speaking of the royal jester, Jestro was carrying the heavy Book of Monsters on his back as he was walking so slowly, and lucky Angel was effortlessly flying a few feet above him. Right now, it was night time, the moon was out and the evil trio was even farther from the kingdom, and they were in an old and huge forest filled mostly with creepy, dead trees.

"I can't believe we got exploded across the kingdom. I mean, look at me, I'm a wreck!" Jestro complained as he looked at his once-bright and cheerful costume that was now a little torn and smudged with dirt.

"Hey, you're not the only one that was thrown halfway across the realm," Angel pointed out as she started to try and wipe off the dirt on her clothes too. Not too long after they awoke from the explosion, Angel had removed her heavy armor, but she had some comfier attire underneath.

"Whatever. How long have we been walkin'? My feet are killing me," Jestro huffed.

"It's only been ten minutes, bad boy," the book replied dryly.

"Five as the angel flies," Angel added with a grin.

"Lucky," Jestro grunted under his breath, wishing he had wings to fly too.

"Seriously, you are the most delicate baddy I have EVER met. You need to stay focused; that goes for you too, sweetheart," the book said firmly, and glared up at the angel Halfling, and she only glared back at being called such a pet name.

"Man, you are one fat book," Jestro panted, making the book gasp with offense.

"I am not fat…I'm thick-paged!" the book protested as Jestro couldn't take it anymore and just sat him down on a near-by rock, "look, open my covers and go to page three where you can call out the Book Keeper."

"I-I don't know…last time a monster was summoned, we got blown outta the kingdom, remember?"

"It's not that hard, Jestro. Just wave the staff over the book's pages so you'll BOTH be quiet," Angel demanded while rolling her eyes at the whiny boys.

"Well…if you're so confident, why don't you do it?" Jestro asked with slight anger, and he never thought he'd talk back to his crush like that. And at first, Angel didn't reply as she remained flying in the air and she turned away and crossed her arms.

"It's against my moral as an ex-knight and as part angel to create such creatures that can kill and destroy others. Remember, I'm only here mainly because we're magically chained together, and that I just want to get away from the knight life I used to live and will…hopefully never go back to. So you'll have to do the dirty work."

"Are you two done arguin' like some middle-aged, married couple? Or are ya just gonna keep gabbin'?" the book interrupted, once again surprising Jestro and Angel. But soon, Jestro reluctantly opened the big book to page three, and waved the now glowing staff over the pages.

Like last time, purple smoke spilled out from the book, and out popped a little lava rock orb.

This was definitely not as scary as last time's moster-summoning, but it was certainly surprising when the egg-like object suddenly popped open, and apparently the Book Keeper Monster was created.

The book Keeper Monster was and elf that was just about two feet shorter than Jestro, it wore only pants, its skin was dark red, it had a mangled face and mouth filled with mangled teeth, and it had stitches all around its head. The monster smiled at Jestro and Angle, but then it turned and picked up the book.

"See? Now that this little Book keeper is here to carry me, you won't have ta. Happy?"

"Definitely…but who's gonna carry me?"

"Oh, my God! Until you realize when to suck it up, I don't even wanna look at ya! Turn me around!" the book growled at the monster, and he started to turn him around…only for him to turn all the way around and he faced Jestro again.

"No, I meant halfway!" the book snapped, and so the monster turned halfway so that he couldn't see the whiney jester.

"Oh…alright, alright. I wanna be evil, so tell me what to do and what the plan is, please," Jestro sighed as he rolled his eyes.

"Good. Turn me back around." But once again, the Book Keeper turned all the way around instead if halfway.

"HALFWAY, YOU NUMSKULL!" With that, the elf turned around again, and the book could loom upon Angel and Jestro.

"Monsters can be very useful, but they ain't that bright. That's why we gotta find the other evil books that that mage-maniac Merlok blasted across the realm," the book explained dryly.

"But how are we supposed to find even a single book? They must be all over the place," Angel pointed out as she decided to stop hovering above and land while closing her wings.

"That's what I'm for. But listen, the more books we collect, the more evil we get," the book replied with an evil grin.

"That includes me too, right?" Jestro questioned.

"Yeah, yeah, sure. Now, let's go; I smell somethin' real nasty," the book said while rolling his eyes, so they started their journey again.

"Actually, you do have a really bad, musty smell," Angel added.

"What'd ya expect?! I've been sittin' on a dusty shelf for over a century with no deodorant!"

News of Merlok's disappearance and possible death had already started to go live on television with Herv as the news reporter, as he stood outside the arena from earlier.

"News of Merlok's death has got people thinking it's truly the end of a by-gone generation of mages. But I'm sure I speak for everyone when I ask 'when is my refrigerator going to turn back on?!'!" Herv said as he started to get a little tense, as he remembered how impatient he was with his knocked out fridge earlier.

The knights were currently training to think, at least, Clay was; everyone else was off doing their own thing amongst the garage in the arena.

"Clay, we gotta think of something!" Macy shouted over Clay's grunts of training.

"I know. And I think better when I'm TRAINING!" Clay said as he split a thick plank of wood in half with his sword. But after that, he then noticed that Lazy Lance was just sitting on the other side of the room getting a back massage by a robot servant. So Clay threw his sword and it impaled the wall directly above the robot's head, scaring it off and stopping Lance's massage.

"Aww, you interrupted one of the most amazing massage treatments ever," Lance pouted as he sat up.

"Hey, pretty boy, you do realize that darkness may be lose, Murlock is probably dead and now's really not the time to relax when the entire kingdom depends of us now?!" Clay grunted while getting all up in Lance's face.

"I know, I know. Why do you think I'm getting a massage in the first place? This whole event has caused so much stress for me; I've got a knot in my shoulder the size of an orange," Lance protested.

"No one has the time to massage your ego, and we need to train!" Clay grunted while pulling his sword out and slicing one of the pegs of the chair Lance was sitting on, causing the narcissist to tumble and fall. But he soon stood back up and grabbed his lance, so now the two knights were fighting each other, and Macy was not amused.

"Seriously, guys? This is SO unproductive! Ugh, a little help here, Axl?" Macy called out to the said buff night as he was just finishing a chicken leg. And so Axl went up to the fighting and bickering knights and easily picked them up by the back collars of their armor.

"Guys, c'mon. You're makin' my tummy upset," Axl whined, but their bickering only kept them from hearing him; they even started to accidentally punch and kick Axl in the face when they tried to hit each other, and that really started to tick the big guy off.

Robin and Ava were working on some radar panels that were supposed to be strapped to a small group of robots.

"The radars are a check. What now?" Robin asked as he finished strapping each robot with a radar panel helmet.

"Each of these guys will cover a different section of the city to triangulate where that weird signal from earlier was coming from," Ava replied as she repeated the plan aloud and focused on the computer monitors in front of her.

So with that, they sent the robots out into the night-covered city as each other their radar panels started to light up, and they each spread out about the kingdom.

King Halbert stared sadly out at the quarter moon on his balcony, for today, he had lost three very important people in his life.

"Oh, I can't believe it. I've lost my advisor/wizard, my jester and my best knight. And my kingdom is in terror due to this blackout," King Halbert sighed as he walked back into his and his queen's huge bedroom, and luckily, his wife was there to comfort him as always.

"There is still hope, Darling."

"But Merlok and Angel…they were the best of the best. They kept the kingdom free of monsters…and I'm always used to having that old mage right by my side."

Suddenly, the king realized his wife went quiet, so he looked up to see her walking up to one of the displays that held real weapons as she picked up a mace.

"Well, if we must learn to fight now—then so be it," Queen Halbert growled, and she started to hold the mace in a threatening position when their bedroom door started to rattle. Only for it to be Macy, so the queen quickly held the weapon behind her back from her daughter.

"H-hey, Macy…what's wrong, Dear?" Macy's mother asked softly.

"It's Lance and Clay's immature bickering and fighting, I can't take it anymore! They're too distracted with each other to realize we need to DO SOMETHING!" Macy complained angrily.

"Merlok would have known what to do," the king sighed with sorrow.

"Man, these monsters and magic books are all too ominous for me," Macy sighed while holding her hand to her forehead.

As Jestro, Angel and The Book of Monsters, still being carried by the Book Keeper Elf, traveled deeper into the dead forest, the book was flinching his 'nose' all over the place…and Jestro was jumping around like an idiot and making jump-scare shouts.

"What are ya doin'? I mean, other than bein' a moron?" the book asked grimly.

"I-I'm practicing my evil intro-poses…you said practice makes perfect, anyway," Jestro replied while rubbing his shoulder sheepishly.

"He told you to practice at being bad; not to practice at being a male model," Angel softly reminded the royal jester; she was once again hovering in the air above them.

"Wait…you think I look like a male model?" Jestro questioned even more sheepishly, and his blush shown through his white face-paint. But he wasn't the only one blushing.

"I-I never said that!" Angel quickly protested while also blushing a little, but Jestro was hopeful.

"Hey guys, quit makin' goo-goo eyes at each other, will ya? I smell a book, and it's really close. That way, Book Keeper!" the book interrupted with a grin…and when he instructed the elf to go a certain way, the idiot monster only went the opposite.

"No, no, no! The OTHER way!" With that, the Book Keeper monster finally got the right direction, and sprinted off to where the book told him.

"Wow, that thing's got the sense of direction of a GPS that keeps recalculating every second," Jestro pointed out with a grin, and Angel couldn't help but laugh at that remark.

"Ok, ok. Despite your last horrible attempt of trying to make people laugh, THAT was actually pretty funny," Angel complimented with a chuckle.

Ava was still keeping track of the signals being broadcast by the other robots with the radar panel helmets, as she still sat in front of the computer and had never left it. And Robin had left the garage a while ago to make sure the robots' signals were clear, so he contacted Ava on the high-tech radio.

"The last squad has been set up around the city, Ava!"

"Thank you, Robin!"

But just as the two freshmen knights had finished their small conversation, Macy had walked in when she heard 'squad' and 'around the city'.

"A squad? What kind of squad? What are you kids doing?"

"We're trying to set up an electro-field that'll help us track down the source of this weird message we've been getting, but we have never been able to make out who it is or what it's trying to tell us."

And just to prove Ava right, the message started sounding and coming up as the same orange and blurry image. And this time, all they could make out was 'castle', 'Jestro' and 'attack'.

"Who is it?" Macy questioned.

"Does it look like we know?" Ava asked dryly, but that was also when the blur suddenly vanished with a hiss, "aaaand it's gone, but I can still get a fix on the wifi source."

"What is going on?" Macy asked herself with worry.

Meanwhile, the other knights were still just hanging out in their own ways.

Aaron was having a blast while flying around the huge place on his crest shield as a hover board; he even grinded on some edges like it were a skate board.

"This still makes a much better hover board than anything else I've ridden!" Aaron said happily as he stopped to rest next to Axl, who was literally using his shield as a plate topped with ham sandwiches.

"Mine works best as a plate," Axl added with a grin as he took a bite of half of a sandwich.

"Well, that's good. 'Cause I'd say you're clearly undernourished," Aaron sarcastically chuckled, but then Axl belched in his face.

But as those two were seeing eye to eye, Lance and Clay weren't doing so hot. For they were still fighting and bickering…but they're been fighting for so long now, that they been getting more and more tired, and their attempts to hit each other got lazier.

"Respect…the Knight's…Code…pretty boy…" Clay huffed.

"Respect…my…naptime…" Lance tiredly protested.

"You take nothing…seriously…"

"And you're…way too bossy…"

And while the boys were being…well, boys(not trying to be sexist here),Macy walked in and stared at them with disappointment.

"This is not good," Macy sighed while shaking her head.

Morning had finally come again over the realm, and that included the ever-denser growing forest that Angel, Jestro and the Book of Monsters, carried by his elf Book Keeper, were all still traveling through as the book continued to use his 'nose' to find that book.

And as per usual, Jestro was making paranoid noises as he started to get paranoid as to what could be out here. And he was especially scared when he jumped back a few feet and screamed in terror when…a little fluffy, white bunny came hopping out from the bushes and in front of him.

"Stay calm; it can probably smell fear," Angel said sarcastically as she descended next to Jestro.

"I-I wasn't scared…I was just startled…but it is cute. Hey, little guy," Jestro said as he then started to lean down to pet the rabbit's head, but before he could lay a hand on it, the rabbit's eyes become huge and yellow with red pupils, and its moth became monstrous and full of fangs as it also let out a loud growl.

Jestro was once again jumping back in fear, but before he knew it, the rabbit calmed down a little as he hopped up into Angel's arms, but it didn't hurt her as it continued to quiver.

"Aw, you scared it," Angel said sadly as she started to pet the creature, thus calming it down faster.


"And why do you two think that rabbit's so scary lookin' anyway? Look over there! It's the first book on our list: The Book of Evil," The Book of Monsters interrupted as the rabbit was let go, and he referred to a book sitting leant up against a small rock about a yard or two away.

This book was glowing with a dark purple aura, as it buzzed with an odd sort of sound. So they walked up to the book to get a closer look, and Jestro was the first to pick it up.

"Huh…ya know, it doesn't look so bad." But Jestro spoke too soon when a black colored, gelatinous ooze started to seep out from within the book, and it crawled up onto Jestro's hands and up his arms.

This ooze was different, as it changed Jestro in different way. As the ooze grew bigger and started to quickly cover an engulf Jestro, his appearance and the way he thought both changed. His bright blue and purple costume turned to dark purple and blood red; his one pretty purple cape was now colored like rust-colored blood as it was also ripped and had a few tears and holes in it; once again, the two floppy ends on his hat curled up into shapes that looked like devil horns, and the most scary new feature was his face. His mouth became longer and twisted as some of his teeth became mangled, and the whiteness in his eyes turned a sickening yellow, along with his once-sparkling blue eyes had turned blood red. And not only that, but Jestro could feel both his mind and his heart twisting in very dark and evil ways.

While The Book of Monsters was very pleased by Jestro's change, Angel was actually quite surprised that…the man that she had felt sorry for not so long ago was capable of showing such a dark side of himself…so almost didn't even want to look at him like this; especially not his creepy face. But she kept those thoughts hidden.

"Yes, yes, you look excellent! Now quick, feed me that book!" the book demanded the evil jester with a huge grin, and so Jestro chuckled darkly as he chucked it into the book's mouth. But before the book could literally eat the other one, Angel snatched out of the air and glared at the book.

"Wait a minute. I'm starting to have second thoughts on this now," Angel protested as she stared down at The Book of Evil, but like Jestro, when she came in contact with it, the same ooze started to cover her and travel up her arms.

"There's nothin' you can do about it, angel cakes. Once you head down the path of evil, there's no turnin' back. So the only thing you can do now is let it take you and corrupt you," The Book of Monsters said with darkly with a smile as she was also starting to change, despite her angel wings. But it was because of her wings that made her transformation a little bit different from Jestro's.

Angel didn't know what to expect, so she shut her eyes tight for the unexpected. When the ooze had finished engulfing her and had disappeared into her, there were definitely a few slight changes about her. Her once bright brown hair was not only darker, but it was also streaked with long and bright red streaks; she soon opened her eyes, and her eyes had also changed, though not like Jestro's with the yellowness, but her once beautiful brown eyes were now a blood red. But the biggest and most noticeable change was her wings.

The outer feathers on the tips of her wings were all no longer glowing a bright gold, but were now colored with rusty colors, just like blood. But the rest of her wings remained the same, glowing golden.

"I…I don't feel that evil…but here, I guess you should just take the book," Angel sighed as she looked at her red streaked hair and the red tips of her wings as she gently slipped the Book of Evil into the mouth of the Book of Monsters.

And once the book had swallowed it, he burped out a cloud of purple smoke as he also flicked out a large, snake-like tongue that wasn't there before.

"Oh-ho-ho, yeah! Let's get this thing started!" The Book Of Monsters said as he started to laugh manically, and Jestro joined him, with or without Angel.

The people in the Kingdom of Knighton were starting to brighten up when the sun came out again to start the new day. But the new day wasn't the knights' biggest concern right now, as Robin was trying to radio Ava with a walkie-talkie as he the freshman waited on a taller point with one of the robots on the king's castle.

"Figured out the message's location yet, Ava?"

"Its location…oh, that's weird! It's pin-pointed…inside the castle!"

This was definitely some progress.

Jestro was very happy with his and Angel's changes, and then he also had a devious idea.

"I know…we should make MORE monsters!"


Suddenly, the staff was snatched from Jestro's hands when Angel came darting threw and she flew up and landed high up in a tree on a strong limb. And due to the greater distance between them, Jestro and Angel's snake-like shackles for necklaces started to reappear and glow brighter than before.

"I really don't like this, and I'm not letting you go too far with this, Jestro…I can't even look at your face, your new evil appearance is so scary! And until you realize that listening to this stupid book was wrong, then I'm not coming down and we aren't going anywhere!"

"What?! But Angel, we've already come this far! What's the point in stopping now…a-and why can't you look at me anymore?!" Jestro called up in both anger and fear.

"Because that's not you, Jestro! You're not the person I…well, that's not really important right now! And I may not want my job as a NEXO Knight back, but I don't want to hurt innocent people either!"

Jestro wanted to regret listening to The Book of Monsters like Angel said because his heart still belonged to her, but his twisted mind was trying to tell him otherwise.

"Don't listen to her, clown boy! Just smooth-talk your girlfriend back down here, so that we can make some magic!" the book growled, but he also said the magic word for Angel.

The said ex-knight leaped down and landed with a thud while remaining unscathed from dropping from that height.

"Listen here, you old, leather-faced book! I am NO ONE'S girl! Alright?! So get it through your thick spine before I tear it into two!" as Angel continued to rage, Jestro and the book noticed that her red eyes and the red streaks started to glow brighter, and even the remaining golden parts of her wings started to darken like the tips.

And this gave The Book of Monsters the theory of what is now Angel's switch, so he grinned even more as he flicked his snake tongue.

"Are ya sure? Because I swore I sensed some chemistry between you two when you were both squishin' me. Oh, and don't forget the time when you were lookin' into each others' eyes." As the book continued to go one with that huge grin, Angel only got angrier as her eyes and red hair streaks both started to glow even brighter, and the entirety of her wings turned completely dark red.

Now her evil side was showing.

"I'LL SHOW YOU!" Angel boomed as she grinded her teeth and threw the front cover of the book open and landed on the first random page she found. So she began to wave the staff over whatever monsters were on that page, and no had she did that monsters started jumping out of the pages.

There were monsters that were little lava spears with faces; there were elves that looked a lot like the Book Keeper, and there were also two much bigger lava monsters; one was a Cyclops with a but more armor, and the second had a much more intimidating face with his mangled teeth always showing, his eyes were glowing bright yellow, and he had the huge, back-curved horns of a goat that were made of stone.

But after all of the lava creatures were summoned, Angel suddenly shook her head and became a little woozy as the red streaks in her hair and her red eyes stopped glowing, and the majority of her angel wings became golden again as the tips still remained dark red.

"Ugh…what happened…and where did all of these things come from?" Angel asked groggily as she nearly fainted, but Jestro caught her and gladly took the staff from her, just to be cautious.

"Sparkks and Rangee, at your service!" the two larger monster saluted.

"U-uh, well…you sorta went on a raging, monster-summoning spree when the book used the word-," Jestro began to reply, only for the Book of Monsters to rudely interrupt him.

"Da-da-da-da-da-da-da! Maybe not say THAT word in front of her unless need be, eh joke boy? But now that we have all these monsters with us, we can go and 'take care' of those jerks back at the kingdom!"

"Right! So let's move, my monsters!" Jestro demanded with a grin, but then he remembered helplessly drained Angel when she used him to stop herself from falling over again, so he trailed a bit behind the monsters for her to lean on.

"Seriously…w-what did I actually do?" Angel questioned, as she was still very confused when she remembered blacking out.

The knights still hadn't decided what to actually do, as they had no idea that Jestro and Angel's monster were heading right for the kingdom as they speak. But Macy watched with paranoia as Clay was once again the only one working out as he was lifting a metal bar with a robot at each end for dumb-bells.

"I couldn't agree with you more, Macy; we need to be training so that we can be ready for whatever challenge sooner than later," Clay grunted as he continued working on his upper-body strength.

"I don't know what the hell that weird signal on Ava's computer was; maybe it was like a message…or worse, a warning," Macey added.

"Will you two stop worrying so much? Why, I'm so relaxed, I'm easily beating Axl at this video game," Lance cut in with a grin, as he was true to his word when he said he and Axl were kicking back in bean-bags and playing co-op on Medieval Grand Theft Auto V.

But when Lance turned back around to keep playing, he suddenly noticed that Axl stole the better car from him and drove off without him.

"Hey! How'd you do that?!" Lance asked angrily as he had to pick the sucky bicycle.

"I got fast thumbs," Axl replied with a grin.

"We need to be more organized than-WHOOOOAAAA!" But while Macy was trying to protest again, Aaron suddenly came flying through as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her onto his shield next to him.

"Face it, Macy! We've tried all day to get anyone organized, so maybe you should let them chill!" Aaron pointed out with a smirk, but Macy wasn't happy as she angrily grabbed his shoulders.

"'Chill'? Just 'chill', Aaron?! You do realize the kingdom needs us; my father needs us!" But right when Macy tried to make another point, she was only interrupted again when they weren't watching where they were flying, and they crashed into a giant piles of boxes that held equipment.

"I just…I just want to prove to my dad that I can be a knight," Macy sighed as she tossed an empty box off of her head.

"I get it, Macy. But you will get your chance, I'm sure of it," Aaron reassured as he also tossed an empty box off of him.

"Yeah, but I wanna know when!"

But before anyone knew it, an alarm started blaring and a red warning light started flashing.

"I'd say sooner than you think," Aaron added.

The front gates of the kingdom were shut tightly, and there were archer robot guards, but they were on lockdown because Jestro, Angel, The Book of Monsters and their lava monsters had finally arrived at the front gates.

But as they were traveling across the bridge over the moat, Jestro suddenly felt that same pulling sensation around his neck when his and Angel's necklace shackles were activated, and that's just what it was.

Jestro turned around to find Angel a few yards back and flying a few feet in the air.

"You fight the battles; I stay out!" Angel reminded them of her pacifist promise, despite the fact that Jestro had already told her that SHE was the one who summoned the monsters in the first place.

"S-she's n-not gonna fight? Oh…I'm feelin' queasy, all of the sudden," Jestro whimpered as the flaps on his clown hat went limp with fear.

"Well, don't throw up on me. Remember, this is a perfect chance to get revenge on all of those people who laughed at you, and that thought so little of you!" the book growled, and that was when the laughter of those cruel people started to echo in Jestro's head; he was in a total flashback.

"No…no…no, stop laughing at me!" Jestro monologued to himself as he shut his eyes tight and started to grind his teeth, but it wasn't long before he realized he MUST get his revenge, so he opened his eyes again and he grinned evilly.

"Let's do this!" Jestro cried with confidence…and this worried Angel.

"Rangee, Sparkks, fling 'em!" Jestro scolded his largest pair of lava monsters.

"Sir, yes, Sir!" So with that, Rangee and Sparkks started picking up the spherical lava monsters, and they effortlessly started chucking half of them over the kingdom walls.

Some of them even flew far enough to reach the king and queen's castle, where the king and queen themselves were hiding, but they weren't alone as a pair of robot guards readied their swords.

"Protect the king! Protect the queen!" the robots cried as they stood guard in front of the royals as the monsters started flying in, but they easily powered through them and bounced up to King and Queen Halbert.

Meanwhile, robot guards started to pour out from front gates of the kingdom, armored with swords and spears to fight the monsters…only to easily power through them as well.

But when luck seemed to run out, the knights appeared, and they had their power weapons and family crest shields at the ready.

"Alright, Knights! It's time that we prove ourselves worthy of these shields! ATTACK!" Clay shouted firmly, and so he and his knights went to attack the monsters before them.

But it didn't matter what the knights did to attack and take them down; none of the monsters were ever phased. and what really surprised them was that neither Jestro nor Angel was helping them…especially Angel.

"Angel? Angel, help us!" Clay called out to the angel Halfling, but she reluctantly ignored their calls for help as she followed Jestro and the book further across the bridge.

"The knights…they need help!" Jestro pointed out with worry; once again, the floppy ends of his hat went limp.

"They're nothin'!" the book snapped.

"But they never did anything bad to us!" Angel called down.

"Really? They never helped ya fight your battles, so that you could have a break, sweetie! And you, joke-boy! It doesn't matter if you claim that that Clay-kid was always there for ya; he still let people put you down!" the book scolded…but as much as Jestro and Angel didn't want to believe him, he was right.

Ava and Robin had followed one of the robots, that were strapped with one of Ava's radar panels, into Merlok's destroyed library with wonder.

"Well, this is where the signal of that message is coming from, apparently," Ava said with confusion as she and Robin examined the burnt surroundings of the place.

"Really? This place? It looks like everything here was demolished into a bunch of little hamburgers," Robin pointed out.

Soon, Ava explored a little but more as she rounded the edge of Merlok's desk and activated the holographic computer in it to do some more research.

You would expect King Halbert to be the brave one to fight off the monsters when options were dwindling…but it was actually the queen that was the tough one as she effortlessly fought off each of the spherical monsters out of the castle, no thanks to the king.

But to knock the last monster out, the queen ended up using one of the robot guards as a bat; thus making the robot dizzy from the impact.

"Pleased to serve, My Liege," the poor robot sighed with dizziness as he fainted.

The knights were still trying their best to take down the monsters, but still to no avail.

"Just keep fighting!" Clay shouted over the clashing of his sword on the monsters' tough exterior.

"But how?! Our weapons do nothing with them!" Lance called with worry.

"And you have the best weapons money can buy!" Macy pointed out.

"I know, right?!"

Meanwhile, poor Axl was being buried under most of the lava balls, and despite his bull-like strength, he couldn't lift them off.

"I've decided I hate monsters!" Axl growled.

"I think they hate you too, big guy!" Aaron added as he shot laser arrows from his cross-bow.

And the entire time, while Angel watched with regret, Jestro and The Book of Monsters watched with glee.

"See? I told ya they'd never be a match for your guys' monsters," the book pointed out with a grin.

"Yeah…I found somethin' I'm good at, and I'm good at bein' bad," Jestro added with an even bigger grin as the evil within him started to make the yellow in his eyes glow. But Angel ruined his moment when she suddenly landed next to him and whacked him upside the head with one of her wings to bring him out of his trance.

"Hey, don't go crazy on me!" Angel snapped as she aggressively poked her finger on Jestro's chest and got up in his face to emphasize her point, in which he rapidly nodded.

Ava was still trying to skim through the computer on Merlok's desk, as Robin watched in wonder over her shoulder. But soon, even though Ava didn't really do anything, the blue hologram buzzed and turned golden.

"Ooh, it's a power surge!" Robin said with a smile, but the 'power surge' then started to make the hologram glow even brighter to the point where the freshmen knights had to cover their eyes.

"What the heck is happening?!" Ava cried, but her question was short-lived when the glowing stopped, and a hologram of Merlok the wizard appeared.

"Merlok?" Ava asked with happiness.

"No, he's not 'Merlok' anymore; now he's Merlok 2.0!" Robin added with a chuckled.

"2.0? Really? Dude, this is a computer system from, like, twenty years ago…though, it is slightly better than Merlok Beta," Ava grimly pointed out.

"What?! No! you kids need to understand that I'm here to help you!" Merlok 2.0 cut in.

"I know, but just look at you! You're like some digi-wizard now!" Robin happily pointed out.

"We'll work on the naming after we've fought these monsters," Ava said with a grin as she grabbed her holographic tablet.

"Yes, so get ready to listen, kids!" Merlok laughed.

"Clay, it's Ava!" Ava was now trying to talk to Clay through the radio system in his helmet, but he was currently trying to fight back Sparkks.

"I'm a little busy here, Ava!"

"Clay, you need to listen to me! Now, stop fighting and aim your shield at the heavens above!"


"Just point your shield up!" Ava snapped, so Clay confusedly lifted his shield up, and the result was amazing to see.

A golden orb had blasted out of Clay's shield, but then it turned into a giant, transparent, golden dragon.

"NEXO Knight Power: Dragon of Justice!" Merlok's voice echoed from the dragon image in the sky, as the dragon then went back down and into Clay's shield, and miraculous changes started to happen to Clay.

The blue coloration, long with Clay's shield, started to turn into gold and started to glow brightly the eagle symbol on his armor and shield became a golden dragon, and even his sword was aligned with golden designs.

"It's Merlok! You all need to raise your shields!" Clay called back with confidence and joy, as he was also suddenly able to finally take a monster out when he slashed it with his sword, and the monster turned into dark purple dust that faded away.

So the other knights did as their unofficial leader told them, and soon, the same changes that happened to Clay happened to their weapons, armor and shields.

Now the odds were even.

Each monster they, sliced, smashed, impaled or pierced all turned to dust.

"W-what's goin' on…why are the monsters failing?" Jestro whimpered.

"Look, I ain't The Book a' Answers, but I bet this has to do with that Merlok."

It suddenly struck more fear into Jestro, Angel and the book's hearts when the knights were even able to take out their biggest monsters Rangee and Sparkks.

"Here's another important lesson for you two to remember: He who fights and runs away, lives to fight another day," the book pointed out.

"I think I like that lesson; let's go!" Angel joked as she suddenly grabbed Jestro's free-hand, that wasn't carrying their magic staff, and easily flew off with him in retreat.

But when the Book Keeper monster retreated…he retreated the wrong way; towards the knights.

"NO! RETREAT THE OTHER WAY! THE OTHER WAAAAY!" The Book of Monsters called with fear, and the stupid monster soon turned around and sprinted after Angel and Jestro with his short legs.

But as they fled, the NEXO Knights watched them with victory.

They were truly the NEXO Knights that could take on anything.

That afternoon, Jestro, Angel and the book were each traveling through the forests way out there with their heads sulking in defeat.

"What was that?" Angel asked angrily.

"What was what?" Jestro questioned with confusion.

"You and your fear! You boys just sat there and did nothing!"

"Well, what about you?! You're a pacifist who's stuck in this evil group!"

"Hey, hey, hey! Look, love birds, no one's completely successful at everything at first. But just stick with me, kids; I can make you the most feared and known people in all the realm," the book cut in, and just the thought of turning the two goody-two shoes stuck together made him grin evilly as he also flicked his snake-like tongue.

The knights were called into Merlok's library by Ava, and the sight of Merlok amazed them all.

"It's really great to see you again, Merlok," Clay said with a smile.

"Actually, you can call me 'Merlok 2.0'."

"He's now a holographic computer projection system from about two decades ago. He was imprisoned in the computer systems by his magical blast," Ava pointed out.

"It doesn't feel like an imprisonment, so don't worry about me. But you must all prepare, for I fear that Jestro and Angel will be growing stronger as we speak with The Book of Monsters, and you can't be unsuitable to fight them when that time comes," Murlock added with worry.

"But where do those creatures even come from?" Clay questioned.

"Oh, well, that's…quite the long and boring story," Merlok replied, but that was when the doors to his destroyed library opened up, and in walked King and Queen Halbert.

"Oh, Merlok, it is so good to know that you are still here with us," King Halbert sighed happily.

"In what ever form," the queen added softly with a smile.

"He's the wizard of the O.S.: Operating System," Lance joked, making Ava sigh and face-palm.

"And look; he's got a game system too!" Aaron happily pointed out as he was playing Medieval Grand Theft Auto V with Axl again on Merlok's computer system, with him still in it!

"Wait! Stop! You're over-loading him!" Ava shouted, but it was too late.

"I can only supply power for so lo-!" Merlok tried to warn, but the electricity had already went out, and the whole room went dark.

"Oh no! Darkness reigns again!" the king cried with fear.

"Dad. Calm down. Someone get a flashlight!" Macy said with disappointment because of her scaredy-cat father.

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