The Day The World Almost Came To An End because Tracey Took Over The World!!!!!


By Princess Esther of Hyrule

Chappie 1

Disclaimer: I don't own any authors (other than myself, of course ^_^), and I dun own Giovanni, Tracey, or any other Pokémon, Lord of The Rings, or any other characters that just happen to make an appearance. I just own Esther, Aino, Yocheved, Junior, and Giovanna, and that's it -_-;;;. I warn you, this is gonna be a wild ride, so fasten your seat belts and prepare for…THE DAY THE WORLD ALMOST CAME TO AN END BECAUSE TRACEY TOOK OVER THE WORLD!!! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! 8-D

Giovanni: I told you, no stealing my method of laughing!


Giovanni: Much better ^_^

By the by, some parts of this are from Giovanni's POV, so be prepared…

Giovanni: Why do I have to do the POV?

'Cause I said so.

Giovanni: Well, you're not the boss of me.

Want to bet? *Gets into a pouncing position*

Giovanni: -_-;;; okay, I'll do it, but you owe me big time!


The nice thing about insanity is that it comes in all sorts of sizes—from the…

Mini: "TCL-started-reciting-the-Japanese-alphabet-backwards." type of insanity, to the…

Medium: "Esther-put-on-an-elf-suit-and-did-the-Mexican-Hat-Dance-while-wearing-bunny-ears-and-carrying-Easter-eggs-in-a-pretty-pastel-basket- while-singing-over-and-over-'Peanut-Butter-shall-take-over-the-world!'" type of insanity, to the…

Maxi-Econo-Sized: "I-once-had-a-Pikachu-that-ate-cheese-sandwhiches-aand-loved-to-go-riding-in-the-back-of-my-car-with-me-but-one-day-the-little-guy-got-carsick (he must have eaten at least 30 cheese sandwiches)-and-started-yelling-'I'm gonna blow chunks!!!'" type of insanity.

Then, of course, there's the GIANT, INDUSTRIAL-STRENGTH version that I was about to experience…

When I saw the news on TV, I couldn't believe my eyes. I mean, when you spend lots and lots of time and money trying to take over the world, and somebody beats you to it, well…it's enough to make a grown man cry. It's sort of pathetic, and when it's the head of a major crime organization that's crying…well…it's really pathetic then. I mean, when you hear that Tracey Sketchit, who happens to be the Devil himself (you think I'm bad? Watch a couple of episodes with Tracey in them, and I appear to be a saint compared to that guy!), just became ruler of the known Pokémon world…well…that's the worst thing that can happen to you. It's worse than the Great Depression (believe me, everybody, except the VERY few Tracey fans out there, is depressed.); worse than 9/11 (if something's worse than that, it's REALLY bad!); and worse than World War two (that's not good!). Heck, it's worse than TCL when she's out of cookies (oh, and did I mention that Tracey just shut down all cookie factories in the world? No? Well, I just did. You've been forewarned.)! That's bad!!! So, I did what every reasonable villain this side of the equator would do…

I cried my heart out.

It's not that I'm scared, it's just that I want to live long enough to propose to Esther, get married to Esther, have a couple of kids with her, ditch Team Rocket, get to walk my future daughter down the aisle, have a couple of grandkids (and maybe some great-grand kids, or maybe some great-great-grand kids), and die happy. It's a little hard to do all that when you have approximately 72 hours to live, give or take 100 hours.

Esther patted me on the back, silent as a lamb while she did it. That's Essie: she always knows when silence is best for the situation. Unfortunately, this situation wasn't one of those types of situations.

"Don't worry, Vanni; it'll work out in the end." She said, her voice on the verge of breaking.

"Which end?" I replied, placing my head in her lap. "The end of our lives, or the end of the world?" The least I could do was try to make her laugh.

It didn't work.

In fact, it made her break out into tears. I quickly held her close as she continued to cry a river, trying to sort out past events as I hugged her. "Essie, calm down, sweetie. It'll be okay." She looked up at me and smiled slightly. "This is all happening so fast…" She whimpered, still clutching my body in fear. "First, he takes over Johto, then Kanto, then the US, then the UN…I wonder if President Bush's all right?" (That's Esther for you: always thinking about the next person.)

"I'm sure he's alright." I replied, choking back tears. I stood up and looked at Esther. "How about we try to get to the Author's Lounge and talk with the other authors about this predicament?" She looked at me strangely, and then shrugged. "It's the only thing we can do…"

"Come on then!"

***Author's Lounge…***

(It's a pitiable sight in the Author's Lounge. The Crimson Lugia, Princess Esther of Hyrule, BookGirl2003, LcCorp2, PyroVulpix, and Cosmic Mewtwo are in there, weeping like there's no tomorrow. Here's the scene:)


PEH: I'm too smart to die!


LcCorp2: The world can't survive without us!

(Giovanni and Esther enter)

PEH: *Seeing Gio hasn't been captured by Tracey's men yet.* O_O EEEE! Vanni, you're okay! *Tackles him*

Giovanni: Hey, get off! Eh…ESSIE!

Esther: Coming, dear! *Pulls PEH off of him* Are you okay, Vanni?

Giovanni: Yeah…x-o me hurt…ow…

TCL: *sniff, sniff* I guess ya'll heard the news…didn't ya'? *Esther and Giovanni nod* Figured so. What are we going to do?

PEH: Dun look at me. I haven't a clue.

Giovanni: You heard what Trac-eh…the devil incarnate did after he took over, right?

BG2003: No, we've been too busy panicking. What?

Giovanni: Oh, nothing, except for minor things, like shutting down all the cookie factories (bakeries), Pizza parlors (and other places that make pizza), Chlorinated Bleach factories, Cheese Nip factories, and Baklava producing places, and whatever makes whatever Cosmic Mewtwo likes, he shut them down too. Now he's forcing everyone to eat carrots and Brussel Sprouts.

TCL, PEH, LcCorp2, Cosmic Mewtwo, PV, and BG2003: WHAT?!?!

Giovanni: You heard me.

*Silence, then…*

TCL: *very angry* THAT…THAT…




Giovanni: *whispering to Esther* that got them angry. ^_^ Think we may succeed in gaining an ally or two…

Esther: Yeah. I'd think so.

Giovanni: Essie, I'll be right back.

Esther: O_o where are you going?

Giovanni: I have to go get something really quick. *Exits room*


*Everyone raises both of their hands*

PEH: Now, we just need a leader for this little rebellion…

 Someone: *in the air duct in the wall* did someone call for a leader?

All (but Giovanni, who still hasn't returned): *turning towards the air duct* Huh?

(Whoever it is kicks the grate out of the air duct entrance, jumps to the ground, and stand in the shadows)

Someone: I said, did someone…

TCL: *interrupting* we heard what ya' said, but who are you?

*Someone walks out of the shadows. It's Giovanni, but he's got a James Bond-like outfit on, and is wearing sunglasses. They don't know it's him, though. ^_^*

PEH: Who are you?

Giovanni: (In typical James Bond fashion) Rocket…Giovanni Rocket. *Takes off sunglasses*

*Everybody but him facevaults*

TCL: That had to be the worst James Bond imitation I have ever seen in my life.

Esther: I thought it was pretty good. He does look like Pierce Brosnan in a way…even without the James Bond outfit.

BG2003: Only reason you think that is because you're his girlfriend.

Esther: ^^ So?

BG2003: I…never mind.

*Suddenly, 4 kids (3 girls, 1 boy) enter the room. They look mysteriously similar to Giovanni AND Esther, which could spell trouble. The girls all look alike, and the boy looks similar to them, but obviously doesn't look exactly like them, since he's a male. They all have brown-black hair (It's so dark, it's a little hard to tell. It looks kind of like a mixture of black and brown, though), & the girls all have Violet eyes (the boy has brown eyes). *

Girl 1: Is this the Author's Lounge?

TCL: Yeah. Why?

Girl 2: We're looking for two people.

PEH: You guys look familiar…

Girl 3: Naturally. You put us in your story The Legend of Zelda: The Three Heroes of Time.

PEH: O_o Since when?

Boy: Since the epilogue.

PEH: The epilogue's not up yet.

Girl 2: That doesn't change the fact that we exist.

BG2003: Who are you kids?

Girl 1: *Bowing, you can see she has elf-like ears* Marië (Marie, but the 'ie' is pronounced 'ay')…

Girl 2: *bowing, she also has girl 1's ears* Cállandra (Cuh-lan-dra)…

Girl 3: *also bowing, she has the elf ears too.* Saphiré (Say-fear-a)…

Boy: *he also bows, and to say the least, the ears are the same as the girls* Phillép (Phil-eep)…

All four: Also known as…

Boy: Junior!

Girl 1: Giovanna!

Girl 2: Yocheved!

Girl 3: Aino!

TCL: ^_^;;;; Um…so, where are you all from?

Giovanna: Around here.

Aino: *spies Esther and Giovanni* MOM! DAD! *Runs up and hugs them both*

Giovanni: Huh? I think you kids are a bit confused…

Junior: Uh…no, Dad, we're not.

Giovanni: Um…why are you calling me Dad?

Aino: Because…you two are our parents.

BG2003: *looks at Esther and Giovanni* Wow, why didn't you invite me to the wedding?

TCL: Um…wait a minute! Maybe they're not married! Maybe those kids were an accident!

Junior: I can fully assure you that we weren't.

PV: Oh my gosh, that means they have to get married!

Giovanni: Huh? Now wait a bloody, blasted minute! Esther and I…we haven't…I mean…no…

Esther: We didn't do anything like that! He and I are still virgins, thank you very much!

Giovanna: Err…what year are we in?

Cosmic Mewtwo: *looks at the others, then shrugs* The year 2003 A.D. Why?

Yocheved: We're from the year 2013.

Everybody but the kids: WHAT?!

LcCorp2: You kids are joking, right? *They shake their heads* Oh boy.

Giovanni: So, in the future, Esther and I are your parents?

All 4 kids: Uh-huh.

Giovanni: Your…biological parents?

All 4 kids: Uh-huh.

Giovanni: *realizes something* AW, SWEET!

Esther: What?

Giovanni: I…*turns to Giovanna and whispers something to her*

Giovanna: You lose it after your married, Dad, and we're born 9 months after you two get married, which is in about…*whispers something to him*

Giovanni: O_O YAHOO!!

Esther: What?

Giovanni: We get married in two months, according to them!

Esther: O_O YIPEE! *Both bounce up and down happily*

PEH: Awww….*snaps fingers together* that stinks…

Giovanni: You knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

PEH: Yeah, but still…

Giovanna: Um…can ya'll stop arguing, because if Tracey Sketchit succeeds in taking over the entire world…

Giovanni: He already has, future daughter of mine…

Giovanna: Oh, well…this makes things a wee bit more complicated…

Esther: Such as…

Yocheved: You guys now have to go to his headquarters and stop him.


Like it? Chappie 2 coming soon! ^^ Insanity rocks!