Disclaimer: Okay, I told myself I wouldn't start this until I've finished my other stargate fic, but what the hell, I did anyway. This is the sequel to "Goddess Need", thought you don't need to have read it to understand this fic. (It would help though!)

Thanks to Layton Colt, who kept nagging at me, until I got off my lazy butt and finally wrote this thing! Below is a summary of Goddess Need for anyone who can't be bothered to read it.

Summary of Goddess Need:

On a planet SG-1 encounter a Gou'ald they thought was dead - Hathor. She kidnaps Daniel and tricks him into giving up his free will to save Jack. The rest of SG-1 go after them, only to find Daniel no longer knows them. He kills Sam and Teal'c. However when faced with letting Hathor kill Jack or saving him, he rushes to Jack's aid. They escape and Daniel revels that the other's are alive. When they near the gate Hathor shows up. Daniel kills her and they leave. Afterwards a slave girl takes all the Jaffa who are left and promises to return for Daniel. Hathor is not so dead after all. Millions of miles away Daniel awakes with a start but seeing nothing drifts into an uneasy sleep...

Sands of Ta-Netjer

Prolog ~ This time.

This time it would be different. This time she would make sure he wanted her, would make him beg from her, plead for her and when he did... she would come to him and make all his pain go away.
She knew now where she had gone wrong. Instead of bending his mind to her will, instead of breaking him, she had been content to simply surpress his free will and control his body. This time however she would brake his mind, she would let him remember his friends, let him choose between her and them. And in that time he would choose her. She would have it no other way. He would hers. For ever. Even if she had to play dirty to win him.
This time... this time she would own him and he would own her, he would not be just her beloved, a servant, to speak only when spoken to or to be used when needed then just thrown away. He would be her equal, a lord. With him by her side the galaxy would tremble at the mere mention of her name. Her Jaffa would would wipe out whole planets if the fancy took her and all the other so-called Gods would cower at the twin golden thrones, begging that there 'Lord' and 'Lady' spare there miserable lives.
And he would be at her side... the one person in all the universe who was worthy. Together they would crush everything and everyone in there path. But first, they had to prepare and be ready for his arrival. This time there would be no mistakes.


The Jaffa walked along the golden corridor, there prize held tightly. The leader entered the throne room and bowed to the black haired woman who was sitting on the throne.
"Goddess." he murmured, bowing. "We have done as you commanded and captured the first Tau'ri we could find." He stepped aside, reveling a red haired man, dressed in the SGC uniform.
"Good. Begin." The woman said, her voice rich with the deep Gou'ld. The Jaffa bowed and turned around dragging the limp body of the red head behind him.
"Soon my beloved. Soon we will be together again." The green eyed woman said, a cold smile on her lips.

This time would be different, this time there would be no mistakes. She, Hathor, would not let anything ruin her plans... especially not a gray haired man by the name of O'Neill.


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