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Sands of Ta-Netjer


Part 3 :- When Dreams Become Reality


SG-5 were returning three hours before they should have. That meant something was wrong, that something was out of the ordinary.

General Hammond hated when that happened. He liked things to run smoothly, he knew that when things ran as they were meant to, every person under his command was alive. As such he liked his teams returning on time, the infirmary empty and things made by the Swiss.

So the fact that SG-5 was hurtling through the open wormhole, screaming at the technician to close the iris, missing one member of the team made him unhappy. Add that to the fact that both Major Lowers and Daniel Jackson were unconscious in the infirmary, with no one knowing what had happened to either of them made him very, unhappy.

There was only one way to describe the General at that moment. General Hammond was not a happy bunny.


Seven hours had passed. SG-5 had made there report and there was nothing there that could explain where the Jaffa had come from or why they had chosen Lt. Thompson of all people. The Lt., was new too the SGC and it was impossible to figure out why he was taken, rather than any of the others, all of whom had run into the Gou'ald before. Hammond had even looked through Major Lowers' file in the hope of finding some link between the two.

It seemed likely that what ever Gou'ald took the Major, also took this Lt. There was nothing in the files that could link the two men aside from there gender and the fact that they both worked for the SGC.

General Hammond was getting nowhere very fast.

"Off world gate activation! I repeat, off world gate activation!" General Hammond was out of his office and down towards the control room before the message had ended. He watched as the iris closed on the blue event horizon.

"Getting a signal... it's SG-5 sir!"

"Open the iris." General Hammond ordered, having a bad feeling about this. The feeling was justified when Lt. Thompson came flying through the wormhole. He had the same injuries as Major Lowers. Lt. Thompson turned over and weakly held out a hand towards the gate.

"Nefer neshny..." he mumbled. Dr. Frasier ran up to him, her medical team right behind her.

"Let's get him to the infirmary now people!" she yelled, while checking the Lt. over to determine what injuries he had. Even from a distance General Hammond could tell that Thompson had the same injuries as Lowers.


SG-1 were keeping there vigil over Daniel's bed when the alarm had gone off. They hadn't moved while Janet had ran to the gate room with her team. It was slightly doubtful that SG-1 had even heard the alert, as each were focused solely on Daniel. Each were lost in there own thoughts.

Teal'c was feeling ashamed. He had let them down. MajorLowers was both a friend and a warrior. As for DanielJackson, Teal'c did not even have the excuse of him being off world. DanielJackson had been injured on his home planet when his guardian had been busy watching over another injured friend. Teal'c had failed them both. He did not deserve to have the honor of calling them his friends.

Jack was feeling horrified. He should have known. Somehow he should have known. Danny was his best friend for crying out loud! Jack had seen the warning signs, the haunted look in his friends eyes, the shadows and milk pale skin that all pointed towards the fact that something was wrong. Daniel had as good as told him that he had problems sleeping. Jack should have pushed the matter. He should have done something. He should have known.

Sam was feeling guilty. If only she hadn't gotten lost! If only her car hadn't run out of gas! She would have been at Daniel's nearly an hour earlier and might have been able to work out what was going on. Daniel wouldn't be in this state if it wasn't for her. She should have talked to him about the time he had killed her. She had to tell him that she forgave him, that it was okay. Now she might never get the chance.

SG-1 only raised there eyes from the sleeping form of Daniel Jackson when Lt. Thompson was wheeled past, Janet shouting orders as she went. Teal'c formed his right hand into a large fist as he watched the Lt. go past. What ever had done that to him was the same thing that had caused MajorLowers suffering. Janet gasped, her hand frozen in mid monition. There, on Thompson's right shoulder was a crude tattoo, craved into his flesh. Though SG-1 were shocked by the deep cuts making up the tattoo they didn't understand Janet's reaction. As head doctor to the SGC, she was used to seeing all sorts of horrific injuries.

Janet moved stiffly over to the bed where Leslie Lowers lay. She slowly drew back the covers and pointed at his right shoulder. On the shoulder was a crude tattoo - identical to the one on Thompson. A shocked gasp from Sam, who had stayed by Daniel sent them hurrying over to her. She pointed with a shaking finger at him.

His right shoulder was exposed to the world at large. Before their eyes a tattoo was slowly being carved onto it. Daniel began to jerk, as if trying to escape in his dream. Jack rushed over to hold him down but what he saw made him stop, frozen solid. Daniel was being held down by invisible hands. He twisted on the bed in some mock mime, fighting what ever was happening to him but to no avail.

Sam stumbled out of the room, looking as if she was going to be physically sick. Teal'c made a move to follow her then stopped his gaze darting between the two beds where his fallen comrades lay. Jack cast a last glance at Daniel's sleeping form, which had settled into an uneasy sleep before hurrying out of the room after his 2IC.

Janet stared helplessly at her three charges. She looked over there charts, checked and rechecked there test results growing more frustrated by the minute. There seemed nothing wrong with them. There was nothing in there blood, no Gou'ald in them or anything in there brains. They should have woken up by now. All she knew was that they were in some kind of coma and that there was nothing anyone could do.

Jack found Same standing inside Daniel's office. Her hands were lightly moving over a large dish. Her fingers traced the detailed design on the rim, her eyes misty.

"Daniel was so excited about this dish." she said, her head still bent over it. Jack jumped slightly, he hadn't known she knew he was there. "It was the first time I had seen him so... happy in a long time. After Hathor he seemed to wither and sink into himself."

"I know." Jack said, moving into the room.

"I... I can't help but feel that Hathor is behind this." Sam said quietly.

"She's dead Carter. We saw her body being destroyed." Jack said slowly. He moved closer to her and took the dish from her hands and carefully put it back on the desk.

"Carter... Sam, you have to let it go." Jack said, getting Sam's attention. Suddenly the phone outside of Daniel's office began to ring and ring and ring and ring. Jack continued to look at Sam, trying to make her understand. Finally he groaned and walked over to the phone, yanking it to his ear.

"Hello?" he said. He nodded a few times, said a few more words before hanging up. Jack turned to Sam, a frown on his face.

"Hammond wants us upstairs." he said shortly.

When they reached the briefing room, Hammond was already there. He was not alone. Standing next to him was a middle aged, athletic bloke. Jack thought he recognized him from somewhere, but he couldn't quite place him.

"Colonel, Major." General Hammond said, by a way of greeting. "This is Dr. Ford. He is a member of SG-5." Dr. Ford nodded his greeting at them. General Hammond carried on.

"Dr. Ford was in the control room when Lt. Thompson came back. As you may or may not know before he slipped into his coma he said two words. Luckily Dr. Ford here was able to translate them." Dr. Ford stepped forward his gray eyes boring into Jack.

"It was hard to translate what he was saying. The language appeared to be simple Ancient Egyptian but was spoken with a strange accent. I'm not even sure that I've got it right but I think Ben said beautiful rage."

"Beautiful rage?" Jack asked, the question aimed at himself. "What do you think he meant?" Dr. Ford shrugged his shoulders.

"Well, it's a long shot, Dr. Jackson's the leading authority on Ancient Egyptian, my specialty is the other African countries but from what I know I think that what ever Gou'ald took him was pretending to be an Egyptian Goddess and it would be one of the more beautiful ones." Dr. Ford hesitated and looked from Jack to Sam then back at Jack.

"There... there is one Goddess who is known to be the most beautiful and the most deadly. She slaughtered most of humanity in a terrible rage before being stopped by Ra."

"Well?" Jack said shortly. "What was her name?"

"Sekhmet... sometimes known as the Eye of Ra and is the vengeful form of... Hathor."


Darkness had fallen over the Stargate Complex. Most of the people inside were asleep, including all of SG-1. Janet had ordered Jack, Sam and Teal'c to get some sleep. Even though he they denied it they were all too tried to really fight her so they did as she ordered. Everyone who slept, slept as if sleeping dust had been poured over, the deep heavy sleep of the bewitched.

Even the airmen who were in duty slept. The only people who were awake were two shadowy figures. The moved fast though the empty corridors, skirting past fallen soldiers and heading for the control room.

The smaller of the two shadows was dripping. Every step it took, a drop of blood fell from some spot on the body and hit the ground. The taller of the two shadows had an arm that didn't seem to hang correctly. Even though they were both injured they walked as if they were as fit as possible.

The taller was Major Lowers. He opened the door to the control room and stepped inside. The smaller of the two - Lt. Thompson - followed.

They moved as one person, in perfect sync with each other. Stepping forward Major Lowers began to dial up the gate and entered his pass code in. Lt. Thompson turned off the alarms and sealed the base so that no one could get in... or out. The invasion was about to begin.

"The plan has changed." a cold voice said suddenly. Lowers and Thompson spun around as one, identical expressions on there faces. It would have been funny if there had been anyone awake to see it. Standing behind them, was a figure covered in shadow. The male voice spoke again.

"The plan has changed. You are to come with me." the figure pointed at Thompson. "And you Lowers, are to return to the infirmary after deleting all evidence of this night. You will wake up and claim no memory of anything that happened to you after you were taken. When the signal is given, you will wait till the opportune moment before taking the base and waiting for your lord and ladies arrival. Do you understand?"

"Yes, my lord." Lowers and Thompson said at the same time. Lowers engaged the Stargate and it opened in a flash of blue.

"One last thing Lowers." the voice spoke again. Lowers shivered slightly. "If they come close to discovering what happened you must stop them. Do what ever you have to, to make sure they never find the planet of Ta-Netjer."

With that the shadowy figure left the control room, Lt. Thompson in two. They entered the gate room and walked up the ramp and through the Stargate.

In the control room Major Lowers quietly deleted all traces of the gate access then rewound the security tapes so they would get recorded over. He stood up and slowly moved back towards the infirmary, his eyes blank.

On a planet millions of miles away a dark haired Gou'ald Goddess was embracing her lord...


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