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Chapter 3: Meeting the new team

As Arthur followed his new teacher down the hall, he glanced at the various colorful works of art adorning the bulletin boards that lined the walls.

Most of the pieces were done with finger paint or crayon, with the rare addition of some marker or colored pencil works, though one work caught his eye as they approached the door to class 2-C, a drawing that looked remarkably like an attempted portrait of his past identity, Conan Edogawa, and the name of the artist Interested him even more. Written in navy-blue crayon was the name Hikari Takagi.

'Hmm… perhaps she's a relative of his.'

When Arthur glanced up at the name of the project the works on that particular board had been done for, he took note of the fact that it was a project on a famous historical figure of each student's choice.

'Well if they are related, that would explain a few things, though I always thought I was more famous as Shinichi. I can barely imagine what it would've been like to get that many love letters and pieces of fanmail as Conan instead.'

'And really, I'm sure the term 'Historical Figure' doesn't apply to me yet in either case. It's only been five years for Christ's sake!'

Having been caught up in his thoughts, he barely noticed as Hasegawa-sensei entered the classroom, but it was her voice that broke him out of his thoughts.

"You can come introduce yourself now."

'It's showtime' he thought, a small smirk flashing across his face

Ekoda Elementary classroom 2-C, 15 minutes earlier

As Hikari walked into classroom 2-C she was greeted by her two best friends, Hiro Suzuki, and Mari Hayashi.

"Hi Hikari-chan!" they both said excitedly.

"Hi Mari-chan, hi Hiro-kun!" Hikari said with a smile as she sat down at her desk next to Mari.

"Hey, hey Hikari-chan, did you hear? We're getting a new student today! And it's a boy!" Exclaimed Mari.

"Ooh, I wonder if he's handsome!" Hikari said, getting a slightly misty look in her eyes and a pink tinge to her cheeks as she imagined what the new student might be like, though all the possibilities she thought up shared varying degrees of similarity to her idol that her father Wataru had told her many stories about, the kid genius Conan Edogawa.

"Hikari-chan, don't tell me you're daydreaming about that kid detective again." Hiro said, interrupting her daydreams. He'd only been partially serious, but he rolled his eyes in exasperation when her cheeks turned an even brighter shade of pink.

"From the stories I heard from Aunt Sonoko, he sounded really annoying."

This earned him an unnaturally ferocious glare from Hikari.

"Fangirl." Hiro muttered, looking down at his desk to hide the grouchy and slightly jealous look on his face behind his mahogany-colored bangs.

"Cut it out you two, Hasegawa-sensei should be here any minute now!" Mari said, glancing down at her watch, the band of which was woven out of purple, orange, and turquoise friendship bracelet strings.

After a quick and somewhat annoyed "oh, alright" from Hiro and a quite grouchy "fine!" from Hikari, Hiro walked two rows back and sat down at his desk.

Less than two minutes later, Hasegawa-sensei walked in.

"Good morning everyone, as you may or may or may not know, we have a new student in class today!" Hasegawa-sensei said eliciting many responses of anticipation and excitement from throughout the classroom.

"He'll probably be a bit nervous about coming to a new school, so be sure to be nice to him while he adjusts."

"Yes sensei!" the class echoed back in unison, or as close as 18 different overly energetic first-graders can come to saying something in unison. Needless to say, that's not very close.

"You can come introduce yourself now."

Everyone in class 2-C fell silent as they waited to get a look at their new classmate.

Five seconds later, Hikari watched as the door opened and a little yellow Canary flew in, landing on Hasegawa-sensei's desk.

A few moments after it landed, it disappeared into a puff of bright blue smoke, only to be replaced by a young boy with familiar yet unfamiliar striking blue eyes, dark-brown-rimmed glasses, and stylishly messy brown hair. He wore an outfit that consisted of red and white sneakers, light grey shorts, a red bowtie, which also seemed a little familiar, and a blue vest worn over a white button up shirt.

He jumped down from where he'd suddenly appeared sitting on Hasegawa-sensei's desk, walked over to the blackboard, and began to speak.

"I'm Arthur Kuroba, junior detective and magician Extraordinaire!" he exclaimed with a smile and a slight bow, to which the whole class burst into applause.

To say Hikari was ecstatic would be the biggest understatement of the century.

Once the students quieted down again the teacher continued.
"Arthur-kun you'll be sitting in the second row by the window. And Hikari-chan, since your seat is right next to his, you'll be the one to give him a tour of the school."

'No one pinch me right now! If this is a dream then I never, ever want to wake up'

"Hello, earth to Hikari!" Mari said, waving her hand less than an inch in front of Hikari's nose, and when Hikari still just sat there with vacant little cutesy eyes, flushed cheeks, and an exaggerated smile on her face, Mari decided to take drastic measures.

Mari stuck her finger in her mouth, making sure to get it as wet as possible, and then poked it in Hikari's ear.

"Mari that's gross!" Hikari shouted. Luckily the teacher didn't hear her over the crowd of kids surrounding Arthur.

"Well i had to do something before you started drooling in front of the new kid! He may not be my type but he definitely seems to be yours."

"O-of course not Mari-chan!" Hikari said as her cheeks went bright pink.

Mari rolled her eyes


"Not you too Mari-chan!"

'That went well, I just hope I didn't come across as too arrogant.' Arthur thought as many of the students began to crowd around him, bombarding him with the usual questions and/or remarks.

"Where are you from Arthur-kun?"

"Arthur-kun, wanna eat lunch with me?"

"Arthur-kun, do you have a girlfriend?"

Arthur quickly evaded the mob of students, no magic tricks required.
He'd had enough practice as a first-grader after the second, third, and fourth, not to mention fifth and sixth, time around.
Heck, he could've written a comprehensive 1st grade survival guide.

As he slipped out of the crowd Arthur looked around at the students that had yet to leave their desks.

Fourth row, a boy with hair colored a rich reddish-brown and sea-green eyes which contrasted greatly with his dark complexion.
All-in-all it was a rather handsome combination, though he was glaring daggers at Arthur in an eerily familiar way.

Second row, a girl with slightly messy, dirty-blonde hair that almost reached her shoulders, freckled cheeks, and brown eyes, and a girl with slightly tanned skin, midnight-blue eyes, and dark-chocolate-colored hair tied up in pigtails.

Judging by her location, the pigtailed girl was Hikari Takagi, his guide who currently seemed to be squabbling with the blonde sitting directly to her right.

"Kuroba-kun, right? I'm Mari Hayashi, and this is your guide Hikari Takagi." the blonde said, motioning towards a heavily blushing Hikari, as Arthur walked up to the two of them.

"Hi, you can call me Arthur."

While Connor was sitting on a park bench in his home town, San Francisco, he and the bench were suddenly encased in a rolling crystal ball.
Within a few moments, a surreal, dimly lit corridor lined with oddly shaped doors rose out of the darkness as a backdrop.

As the ball began taking all sorts of gravity defying paths -up walls and staircases, along ceilings, and the like- jet black rat silhouettes formed in hordes behind it. Just as it seemed the rats, which had formed a single, monstrous, writhing shadow, were about to catch up, they were ripped apart by something that looked like a gigantic cross between a Crocodile and a python, leaving only a small number of them to follow as the crystal ball finally entered one of the doors.

As soon as the crystal ball and the shadows entered the room, which was a completely empty, nondescript grey space, the shadows faded into the background and the crystal ball around Connor and the bench disappeared, leaving the image to expand. Apparently though, the background of the image had changed at some point.

Where there had once been the familiar park, there was a very different park, one with Sakura trees and a very different city skyline off in the distance. As Connor sat there on the bench, a beautiful young woman with hair such a dark shade of red it was almost black sat down next to him on the bench, gave him a slight peck on the cheek, and leaned her head on his shoulder...

"Get up knucklehead! If we miss this trip I swear I'll never let you live it down!"

Connor rolled over and sat up in bed simultaneously, narrowly avoiding smacking his face into the rather prominent chest of his close friend, next door neighbor, and classmate, Melanie Carson.

Connor looked down at his alarm clock that sat next to his newsboy cap, glasses, and a stack of Detective Conan Manga volumes.

"It's 5:00 A.M. Mel, why wake me u... Oh shit! this is bad, this is bad, we're gonna be late!" Connor replied, his tone changing from groggy to panicked.

Melanie rolled her peppermint-green eyes in exasperation as he began stumbling all over the place in a rush to find everything he had yet to pack for the senior trip their class was taking to japan.

"I swear, for someone with insanely fast reflexes, you sure can be a complete klutz." Melanie said, shaking her head and only half stifling a laugh.

Last December, two months after his 18th birthday, Connor's parents got into a huge fight that came very close to getting physical, a marriage wrecker. Within a week they'd both disappeared, and by the next, Connor was informed by his mother's attorney that his parents were divorced.

Being around Connor had constantly put his parents on edge after his uncle Albert died when he was 15 and left him nearly 1.5 million dollars worth of gambling winnings and a twelve week old, unusually colored flying squirrel named Blackjack.

Since neither one of Connor's parents wanted the San-Francisco apartment, or to have anything to do with each other or with him, Connor was left to live on his own in the apartment.

Connor and his uncle had been quite close, but both his parents pretty much hated Albert, they never bothered hiding it, even at the funeral, and would change the subject or start a shouting match every time Connor tried to ask what their reasons were. He hadn't seen or heard from them for five months and had never gotten them to give him a straight answer either, though he could pretty easily what their reasons probably were. Both his parents worked on the I.T. team of a cubicle-style office complex, and no jobs in that place paid very well.

The people slaving away at their computers never got any promotions higher than a manager position, a pay-raise was out of the question, and Connor's parents got the same treatment with annual salaries that were barely more than the salaries of the ill-tempered managers. Connor could guess that seeing someone become a millionaire by what many people would consider disreputable means, while they had worked for years and never earned that much, made his parents jealous on some level.

Twenty-five minutes had passed and by this point, Connor stood in front of the mirror in the bathroom, running through a mental checklist as he examined his outfit. It consisted of Grey jeans, a grey and white plaid dress shirt, grey sneakers with green highlights that had faded to a yellow-green color, a grey vest, and his good ol' newsboy cap, a present from Albert, that rested just high enough on his head that the bronze streak in his dark brown hair was in full view

'Tokyo, here I come!' Connor thought as he clipped his multi-tool, complete with switchblade onto his belt loop and tucked it into his pocket. He'd taken classes on knife-fighting techniques so he'd be able to defend himself if ever the time came, and there was always a small possibility that it mght if you lived in or were visiting a large city.

Connor had made Absolutely sure that he wouldn't have to worry about taking his multi-tool on a plane, one of the few times he actually really took advantage of being a millionaire was when he had legal firms whip him up the needed permits for bringing some objects considered weapons, mostly just a few knives or daggers, on an airplane. Other than his multi-tool and his lil' buddy Blackjack, everything he had air travel permits for was purely for some really high-end, and really, really realistic, cosplay.

Connor grabbed his luggage and rushed out the door of his apartment, only to find Melanie, waiting for him with her hands on her hips.

"Come on Connor, Mom and I already have all my bags in the car."

"Alright already, lets just get going!" Connor replied

In less than five minutes, they were on their way to Eleanor High, a moderately posh private high-school where the top four of every senior class recieved full scholarships to the San-Francisco Institute of technology, which some smart-ass had started calling CiscoTech.
Sadly, no matter how corny a pun it was, the name stuck.

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