The Krupp Protze he found himself riding in was far from comfortable, although that was not the worse aspect of this journey. In fact the ride itself proved to be infinitely more relaxing than the vision of purplish blackness that was swirling overhead.

He never really considered himself a religious person but this was the sort of thing that would get men to believe in a higher power.

Newly promoted Sturmbannführer Max Hansen never really believed he was going to end up invading another world, to be at the vanguard for the first troops to set foot into what higher command have started calling Thule. To think this all started just two months ago.

-2 months prior-

4th August, 1939

Hauptsturmführer Max Hansen, captain within the elite 1st SS Panzer Division Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler, had no idea what he was doing.

"Come on Hansen don't be a pussy." His kameraden Albrecht Lüdemann egged him on to flirt with the cute waitress in the café.

"Tell me how hard would you like your flogging Untersturmführer?" Max said whilst drilling bores into Lüdemann's soul with his eyes.

Lüdemann was a mere second lieutenant while Hansen was the captain of the entire 12th company of Hitler's personal bodyguard;however, they've been friends forr so long that he was able to forgive his lack of discipline or protocol.

So casual was their relationship that Lüdemann could fuck his cousin and Hansen wouldn't care, mostly because all of his cousins were male.

"Come on Hansen we're in Berlin, look at the pretty girls. Don't tell me you're not going to use the nice uniforms to your advantage?" Hansen scowled, such licentious attitudes was disgraceful to see within the SS never mind the Leibstandarte.

"Aldy please have some decency, you're a SS man not some horny dog." Hansen said annoyingly, trying to not stare deeply into a fine frau's ass.

"You pervert, I see where your eyes wander you better behave when the Fuhrer returns from his meeting." Albrecht's smile lasted for a few seconds, before the sounds of screaming broke their momentary break.

"Max, what on the worl-"Before they could act a group of fleeing civilians rushed in a panic by the café, some with their fine attires stained with blood, others carrying the bodies of children.

Berlin was under attack.

"ALDY CONTACT THE REST OF THE COMPANY!" Max dashed from his seat, upholstering his newly received Walther P38, completely oblivious to his own safety.

"MAX WAIT!" Albrecht was utterly dumbfounded by Max's lack of any understanding of their situation. He was only Untersturmführer while Max was the captain of the entire company. Damn his headstrong bravado.

He sighed, quickly and calmly assuaging the fears of the café's occupants, guiding them to safety before establishing contact with the rest of the company.

Meanwhile Max was busy attempting to minimize civilian casualties. He saw a young frau and her son hiding inside an Opel Kadett I, attacked by some demonic looking flying creatures. Max cursed as one of them turned their attention to him. It was about to dive with his claws aimed at his eyes, he jumped to the side, managing to clip the creature with a wild shot. He proceeded to fire into the rest of them, managing to get them all with a single magazine.

He dashed towards the car, opening the door and ushering the two outside.

"Raus before more come!" He ordered loudly as they both followed his command.

He slammed a new magazine into the pistol.

"Scheisse." He cursed quietly.

"It's as if Hell is shitting in Berlin." He said noticing another gaggle of enemy troops, this time they were humanoid beings. They looked like trolls out of legend.

"Scheisse it's not only shitting but its vomiting everything from its asshole." He noted grimly, steeling himself for another fight.

-1 month prior-

12th September 1939

He was embarrassed, utterly and completely embarrassed. This was his moment, yet he couldn't help but be utterly anxious about it all. In the aftermath of the Berlin Incident he had been lauded as 'The Hero of Berlin' a shining Aryan knight who defended the very heartland of Germania. Not only was he promoted to Sturmbannführer but he was also given the 'Knight's Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves' probably the first German to win such an award for his peerless bravery. The 12th company as well received several decorations, in fact he along with the 12th company as a whole had become the heroes for all of Germany, and the reason for this parade was to celebrate their accomplishments. The capital of the German Reich was temporarily moved to Munich which is where Hansen had found himself; the appearance of the Gate had completely changed the course of history.

Most of the military plans, focused on acquiring new lebensraum in Europe, were completely scrapped. The endless possibilities granted by the Gate created ripples within the world.

The USA, France and the UK were terrified. What lies in the other world? How much resources could possibly be available to the Axis? How badly would this spell for the forces of democracy?

The Soviet Union was alarmed but ultimately unconcerned. Rumors of German interest in Europe diminishing have placated Moscow; with the Gate the Germans would be busy for a while. This gave the Soviets a chance to industrialize and prepare themselves for inevitable war.

Japan, Italy and Spain were curious about this new anomaly. The German government had declared that after the Germans established themselves within the new world, their allies would be granted the same access. Many doubt the Germans would follow through with their promises but nonetheless a powerful Germany meant they would benefit for a time.

Yet all this talk of geo-politics and realpolitik did not matter at this particular junction. What mattered was the victory of Aryan soldiers over attacks by outside foes.

'This is the strength of the German Volk, even when attacked in such a cowardly and dishonorable manner our Teutonic spirit has shone through!Witness enemies of the Reich! Witness Judaic-Bolshevism! This is what happens when you attack the Aryan Volk! Courage and honor! These men are true Aryans and what all Aryan folk must strive to emulate!' That was the part of the Fuhrers speech Max remembered most of all. He couldn't help but feel inspired by such power and fury in his oratory.

Unfortunately his awe would soon disappear when he would face the man himself.

"Kameraden Hansen? I've heard stories of your bravery in the face of literal demons but I do say you might actually fear me more so." Hitler joked as Hansen struggled shaking the Fuhrers hand, blustering as the cameras flashed.

"N-Not at all my Fuhrer! I-I'm just awed by your presence." Hansen said clumsily whilst the Fuhrer pinned the medal onto his chest.

"Kameraden Hansen please I receive enough compliments, you are the star of this day not I. I'm just a simple man who loves his nation and volk." Hitler smiled as he shook Hansen's hand once more. Hansen couldn't help but smile back.

-10 days ago-

2nd October 1939

"M-Me lead the expedition?!" Sturmbannführer Max Hansen couldn't help but yell out loudly, even in front of the Fuhrer.

"M-My." Before he could apologize for his transgressions Hitler simply raised his hand.

"I understand Sturmbannführer, you'd expect a vacation for your good work; however, I sincerely believe you are the one most suited for this position." Hitler said amongst the busybodies and personnel that were skittering across the new military headquarters outside Berlin.

Standing next to the Fuhrer was a tall and imposing blond figure; his form cut the Aryan ideal. Yet Hansen couldn't help but feel ill at his presence.

"May I have the honor to present to you Obergruppenführer Reinhard Heydrich, he will be your commanding officer for this expedition." Heydrich offered his hand; Hansen reluctantly shook it and felt only ice, even with gloves on.

"It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Sturmbannführer." The man's voice was high but soft. It sounded as cold as his touch.

"Forgive me for asking but why me? Are there not more qualified men for such a position?" He said confused, sure he was the 'Hero of Berlin' but he didn't do much. All he did was shoot at a bunch of creatures that didn't seem to know what a gun was.

"Not really, you and your company have had the most experience dealing with these new enemies of the Reich. Not only that but we believe a regiment lead by the 'Hero of Berlin' would be sufficient to establish a beachhead on Thule." Heydrich said smoothly, like a marble gliding through honey.

"Are we still following normal SS hierarchy? Is the company and I still a part of the 1st Panzer division?" Hitler smiled at that, like a father excited to show his son a surprise.

"No, in fact I forgot to mention. Your men are now the nucleus of a newly created division, a special one at that, the 4th SS division Berliner that is specially commanded by Heydrich."Hansen couldn't help but steal a glance at Heydrich.

His cold smile didn't comfort him at all.


They saw a light, a light shining at the end of this tunnel.

'Here we go.' Hansen thought to himself.

'Ein Riech.' Were his last thoughts before the light quickly became blinding.