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"You are distracted."

Harry looked to his right and watched as Satele came and stood next to him with her arms crossed comfortably in front of her. He took a moment to acknowledge her presence before nodding in agreement.

"Revan, I assume?"


It had been several days since they had rescued Revan, his former Master and friend, from the hole he had been in. The man was now in a healing center back on Coruscant. The Jedi had been quick to offer up a security detail for Revan and considering that just because the man had been found, they couldn't simply put off the invasion. Harry hadn't been accepting of that, of course. He didn't trust the Jedi with the man so he left an entire battalion of droids personally led by HK-47 to protect Revan. For once, HK had actually been accepting of missing combat if it meant he could stay with his old master… And Harry had told him that any trying to interfere or cause harm to Revan's health could be killed.

He had told the Jedi that as well and they hadn't liked hearing that. He had made it abundantly clear that he did not trust them with such a man's life given his spotty relationship with their order. If they didn't try anything though, there would be nothing to worry about.

"You're worried about him? I thought you left him with adequate protection." Satele commented. Harry nodded slowly.

"I did, it's just… It feels wrong to leave him back there alone. For someone who was once so close to me."

"I understand. But, you know we need you out here correct? As one of the commanders of our military, it's not like you couldn't be there for one of our last great military feats."

"That seems optimistic. At the end of the day, we still need to find the emperor. And even more, after he is dealt with, I will be leaving the stage and allowing the Sith and Republic war to continue. So, we're not close to the end of combat, not really anyway." Harry pointed out. Satele frowned but said nothing to that point. They stayed silent as they continued to look out the window into space as they continued in hyperspace. They were on the bridge on his flagship though there was currently only a skeleton crew to keep the ship steady since they were still a way away from Dromund Kaas, which meant no one was around to hear them speak quietly.

"It'll be fine. With hope, if we can capture the capital, we can have this pretty much over within a few days and then we can go back to Coruscant." Satele finally declared suddenly.

"You're right… Still, this feels like every second is going to drag on… I will make quick work of the Dark Council and get this over with. They submit or die. Simple as that." Harry said back.


"These are Sith we're dealing with Satele. You need to deal with them with a heavy hand or the rest won't fall in line, especially the Dark Council. Marr will be with me to make my point."

"Still. Just don't lose yourself in your haste."

"Of course."

Three Days Later

"…What is this?" Harry asked as he looked out the window of the ship.

"A trap, I'm assuming." Marr commented blandly. They had arrived in the Dromund Kaas system and Harry had expected there to be some resistance as soon as they entered despite there being so little left of the Sith's naval forces. If he knew the Dark Council, they would throw their remnants at them possibly to buy time for them to possibly escape or even come up with some other plan.

They, of course, had planned for such an eventuality. They had stayed at the edge of the system to avoid detection which allowed them to have several points of entry while also blocking the various escape points.

What he wasn't ready for, was a single cruiser sitting right outside the planet's atmosphere apparently waiting for them. He and Satele had simply looked at it in confusion before calling the rest of the admirals along with Marr.

"What are the chances that they're trying to negotiate peace realizing that their situation is hopeless?" Satele asked sarcastically.

"Possible but very low. The Dark Council, while it has its arrogant fools, also has those on it level headed enough to realize they are about to lose and possibly be extinguished." Marr answered anyway.

"It could be a trap. Perhaps a fireship to hit one of our fleets." One of the admirals pointed out. Harry nodded at that. He could see the Dark Council trying to lure them in with the chance of a peaceful resolution only to then try and kill the leadership. With the amount of might they had brought, it likely wouldn't do enough to turn the tide but still.

"Sir, we have an incoming transmission." One of the technicians called out from their console. Harry rose his eyebrow but didn't question it.

"This should be enlightening." Harry muttered, "Put it through."

A hologram appeared in front of them showing a familiar face. Darth Azamin appeared with his frowning visage. Harry said nothing as the man appeared waiting for him to speak considering he was the one who wished to negotiate.

"Darth Marr. I never thought you would be one to roll over and turn up your belly to the Republic. After all that speech about doing what's best for the Empire." Azamin glowered.

"I still am. I am working with the Republic, not for it. I have made that abundantly clear to them. After our current campaign comes to an end we shall split and go back to our own conflict." Darth Marr said easily. Several of the admirals shifted uncomfortably at his words but it's not like this was new information. Darth Marr had made that clear from the beginning.

"A coup then?"

"I wouldn't say that. I have no longing to take the Empire for myself, despite the incompetency I sometimes see within the leadership at times. I have one and only one goal, to eliminate the Emperor. After that, it shall be business as normal." Marr told him. Azamin looked shocked for a moment before schooling himself and then frowning once more.

"The Emperor? Are you out of your mind?"

"No, unfortunately. The man is harvesting the power of the force from this galaxy. This war is not to conquer but to feed him. I shall not allow it to continue. For the good of the Empire, he needs to be dealt with." Marr spoke in a tone the brokered no argument. Harry for his part simply watched the exchange.

He briefly wondered why Azamin was the one contacting them. With Marr off the council, he was one of the few left that could be considered level minded. Him and Zela assuming she was still alive. If anyone was going to negotiate it would have to be them. That being said, he didn't expect the Council to give up so he wasn't really sure what the point of this conversation was.

It was likely a distraction but for what? More prep time could only help them so much in this case. They already had most of the defenses on Dromund Kaas mapped out and it would likely be destroyed by the fleet from outside from the atmosphere. The hard part would likely be moving in their ground forces. It would be a battle even with their superior numbers. Of course, that was the assumption that the Sith would dig in their heels and try to repel them or simply die to the last man. It was more likely that they would just give up even if it was just to give them a future chance to escape.

"Darth Azamin, is there a point to this discussion? Are you about to surrender or we going to continue with this invasion?" Harry interrupted seeming to calm down his own men who were growing anxious about the continued conversation. Marr immediately went silent and waited for Azamin to respond. Azamin paused and his face tightened. He was silent for a moment as he seemed to contemplate his next words.

"Do you honestly expect me to believe your reasoning for this invasion?"

"What would be the point of lying? We're about to stomp you and your men with a troop and aerial advantage you couldn't match if you had four times the firepower. This is practically an assured victory. Why would we bother creating such an obvious lie to a group we're about to defeat? Either way, it doesn't matter. It would be easier if you gave up as it would mean more men and less power going to the Emperor but it's fine either way." Harry replied evenly. This was the truest part of the discussion. To be honest, most of the soldiers were itching to hit the planet of the enemy that had been out of their reach for so long.

Once again, Azamin was quiet as he seemed to contemplate what Harry had told him. He didn't look sure to be honest but he also probably see what Harry meant on what the point of lying would be. Still, Harry waited only a little longer before Azamin responded.

"Very well, please give us ten minutes to discuss your proposal and we shall then give you an answer. Is that satisfactory?" He asked. Harry glanced at Satele who had been mostly silent to this point. She gave him a look and gave a confirmation through their bond but not a visible one. He looked back at the Darth.

"You have ten minutes, not a second more. It starts now." Harry told him, cutting of the connection. With that he turned back to the assembled council.

"Do you truly think that they shall give up?" Satele asked.


Both Marr and Harry said at the same time. The briefly looked at each other but said nothing further. Instead, the rest of the admirals began to make suggestions.

"This is a trap clearly, even if we are waiting, we should begin to prep for combat. The cruiser is just outside of range if it's planning to be used as a sacrifice. We may need to fire on it if it makes any further moves."

"Showing an aggressive stance while we just told them we would wait to discuss could compromise ANY chance of there being a peaceful solution."

"Both the Commander and Darth Marr agree that it is unlikely that they shall surrender peacefully. Grand Master Satele, do you concur with their analysis?"

"I doubt they will surrender but they might make some sort of concessions possibly. Something just enough to give us pause perhaps." Satele suggested.

"They might, but it would likely just be to delay until they can consolidate their forces further to make a stronger push against us."

"What are you worried about? Our forces outnumber them by almost seven-to-one. Even further, our fire power is better and more advanced than theirs. What forces could they possibly muster to make an actual meaningful stand against us?"

"Never underestimate an enemy! A cornered wolf fights the hardest."

"Perhaps, but it still falls nonetheless."

"Enough!" Harry finally called out silencing the conversation as everyone's eyes turned to him. He looked at them for a moment before speaking once more.

"I told them ten minutes and we shall give it to them. No one make a move until I give the word. Is that understood?" He questioned. There were murmurs of agreement to his words though some sounded more reluctant than others. Either way, the conversation was finished and therefore the call ended. Harry turned back to the lone standing cruiser floating at a distance in front of them.

"What are you thinking?"

"Why bother entering the cruiser in the first place? They have long range communication available on their planet. Why would they expose themselves like this if this isn't some sort of a trap?" Harry questioned, almost to himself.

"Can you sense anything from the cruiser?" Satele asked. He frowned as he reached out with the Force. He let his senses rove over the vessel and took in every detail he could.

"There are life forms on it, including force-sensitives. Some feel quite powerful, I assume they are the members of the Dark Council." Harry commented.

"Then it should be fine."

"Hmm, perhaps…"

After that, they waited patiently for the Sith to contact them once again. The minutes, seemed to go especially at this time almost as if they could sense the anticipation in the room. Despite that, Harry remained silent and unmoving in the room as he stared blankly at a clock showing the Galactic Standard Time.

Eight minutes into his vigil, the ships comm went off showing someone was trying to contact them. He looked at one of the nearby technicians.

"Is that from our fleet or the cruiser?"

"The Cruiser, sir."

"Open up the fleet comms first and then answer." Harry ordered as he went back to the console with Satele at his side. He crossed his arms as he watched the various admirals as well as Marr once more appear.

"Have they come to a decision already?" Marr asked.

"That has yet to be seen. They are hailing us right now." Harry explained. A tension seemed to enter the meeting at his words. Once everyone settled a bit, he reopened the channel and immediately, Darth Azamin appeared once more over the comm. He didn't look pleased but he also seemed to have a look of resignation.

"After some discussion, I and the denizens of this ship are willing to offer our surrender on the condition that we are placed under Darth Marrs care for the remainder of the conflict." Darth Azamin said. Harry narrowed his eyes at the words but was prevented from speaking as voices immediately began calling out in indignation.

"Absolutely not."

"Have you lost your mind?"

"Do you think that we are so foolish that we woul-…"

"Silence!" Harry yelled with power quickly quieting down the noise from the others. He looked around for a moment to make sure they would stay that way.

"First… You said the denizens of that ship are willing to surrender. Are you not then speaking as a representative of Dromund Kaas?" Harry pushed. Azamin scowled at the question.

"We are not. Before you arrived, there was an argument held within the Council on what course of action should be carried out. Those among us in this ship thought the idea of fighting to the last man for a lost cause was… Foolish. So, we commandeered a vessel and those who wished to try diplomacy came with us instead. Those on the surface chose to stay of their own accord." Azamin informed. Harry sighed in some annoyance at the man's words.

On one hand, the man has basically taken every Sith that was still able to rub two brain cells together and put them on a ship and separate them from the lost causes. That would come in handy. On the other hand, the man had not said that in the first place and had basically gotten their hopes up on the matter of surrender. Even if he hadn't actually expected them to surrender at all, it was still annoying. At least it answered the mystery of the lone ship hovering in space.

"How many of you are there on that ship and what's the breakdown of each number in terms of rank? Start with members of the Dark Council." Harry ordered.

"Of the Dark Council, only Zela, Tallos, and I have decided on this course of action." Azamin began. Harry looked over at Marr at the second name. It wasn't one he recognized. Marr seemed to sense his gaze and turned to him.

"Tallos is a new addition. He's smart though some consider him cowardly. I think he's more cautious than anything." Marr informed. Harry nodded before looking back at Azamin and bade him to continue.

"We have another six members with the title of Darth outside of that. Twenty-six Sith Lords have come with us. After that, we have a total of seven hundred soldier class Sith with us. Warriors, Marauders and the like." Azamin informed. Harry thought about that. Those numbers weren't surprising. Many of them were probably joining because their commanders were joining. Usually those in Darth ranks could be directly training or sponsoring the training of up to fifty different soldiers. Sith Lords would do so too though usually didn't have more than twenty.

"Darth Marr, those who have surrendered are yours to do with what you will." Harry called out after the breakdown.


"Commander Peverell, if I may, is it wise to-…"

"Darth Marr already commands the other Sith forces part of his fleet which consists of thousands. Less than a thousand more won't mean much." Harry interrupted. His verbal reminder how much the Sith were still outnumbered by the Republic seemed to cause many to settle down. They still didn't seem happy about the arrangement though.

"Darth Azamin, you and your fellow Sith's surrender has been accepted. Any attempt at betrayal will be met with execution. Keep that in mind." Harry threatened allowing his force presence to seep through the holo so it could be felt by the man who seemed to stiffen in response. He nodded but said nothing further as he cut the communication.

"That's done with. It is now time to begin the assault. You all know your targets, make sure you stick to them. If everyone does their job, this can be over quickly. Am I understood?" Harry called out to the still assembled men.


They all called out before cutting the connection and got ready to begin the attack on the planet. Only Marr stayed on the line. The man was quiet for a moment before finally speaking whatever was on his mind.

"You know, having to watch that cruiser during the battle will limit my fleets fighting capabilities."

"It's fine. Just make sure you join me for the ground assault so no one can call you out and we should be fine." Harry told him, brushing off the man's concerns. Marr grunted at that but said nothing else as he cut his own connection.

"Sir, the Sith Cruiser has joined formation and is being blocked in by Darth Marr's fleet so they cannot run. We are continuing our course to the planet."

"Good. Have all stations prepare for battle?" He commanded. He then looked at Satele and gestured for her to go to the Captain's chair, "Shall we?"

"Hmph. I suppose so. Will you be commanding the fleet any?"

"No. You're much better at it than I." Harry commented easily. In battle, Satele was pretty much unmatched due to her Battle Meditation. It was best to usually let her do her thing and spend the time to prep for his own work which certainly leaned more towards the physical aspects of combat.

"To be clear, I will be joining the ground assault." She told him firmly, leaving no room for argument.

"Yes dear." He answered back quiet enough though only she would be able to hear. She gave him a small glare before turning back to the approaching planet in front of her.

"They likely send the remaining number of small fighters out to delay us. Release our own squadrons to prepare for fighter-on-fighter combat. Prep the shields as well."

"Yes ma'am!"

"This shouldn't take long…" Harry commented as he sensed the very fighters coming from the planet that Satele had just mentioned.

"No, it shouldn't."

Several Hours Later

Harry walked up the steps of the Capital leading to the main conference building. All around him were sounds of conflict both on the ground and in the air as Republic forces pushed into the Capital to take it under their control. Leading the charge was Harry, Satele and Marr, three of the some the greatest force sensitive warriors in the entire galaxy. Needless to say, no opponent or opponents lasted more than a few moments once getting in their way.

As Harry reached the top of the steps, he was beset upon by two more Sith who looked like they were at least of the Lord level based on their clothing. They rushed him forcing him to draw his own blade. He knocked the first blade with both force in precision knocking it back to the point where it was redirected at the other incoming Sith forcing them to defend against their own allies' weapon.

While they were trying to reorient themselves from the surprising counter, Harry used the Force to grab at the first assaulter to lift them into the air. They tried to use their own ability to counter his but their power was nowhere near enough to stop him. He brought his blade and severed the man at the waist causing a pained gasp.

He dropped the body as he turned his full attention to the other Sith who now looked to have an angry expression on their face seeing their ally killed in front of them. They took a step forward with eyes full of hate preparing their assault on Harry but were stopped only after the one. A scarlet red blade soared past Harry and buried itself to the chest inside of the man's chest. The Sith looked down with surprise at the blade before it was suddenly yanked out by seemingly nothing and flew back into the waiting hands of his former Sith master.

"I can't help but feel disappointed."

"You couldn't have possibly expected them to be able to push us back with such little force left. Even part of the Dark Council abandoned them." Harry calmly said as his opponent fell to his knees and then to the floor lifelessly.

"Not push us back no, but at least put more into it then this. This performance has been… substandard." Marr commented.

"It is to our benefit so I don't see why we should scrutinize it too much." Satele butted in as she joined them at the top of the stairs.

"Had this been the Jedi Temple rather than our Capital, I wonder if you would feel such relief at seeing such a poor attempt at defense." Darth Marr responded coldly. Satele wisely didn't rise to the bait, instead she simply shrugged in response.

"You took away many of the Sith's strongest warriors Marr and your presence alone on our side cripples their ability to maneuver their remaining military force." Harry pointed out.

"That is not what I am speaking of and you know it. It is at the individual level that I am talking about. How many of these warriors even bother fashioning the negative feelings they were experiencing into a proper weapon to drive them further then they would normally be able to go? This is the problem with the Empire right now, fools let their emotions rule them and then the Dark Side overwhelms their mind when they should be using it as a tool to accomplish." Darth Marr shot back.

As he did, a Sith Warrior rushed him from behind a nearby statue and tried to take a swing at him. He clearly saw it coming as he batted the blade away before beheading the pale Zabrak. Harry watched the body fall to the floor idly as he processed the man's words.

"You're not wrong but you and I have known this for a while. If the Jedi were a little more combat focused, they would not be so easily put down by our own warriors and the initial entrance onto the galactic stage would have been very different. Once this is over though… Perhaps you can change things. You will be the highest ranked Sith left after all."

"Perhaps, but such damage will take years if not longer to burn out and then fix." Marr responded as he continued his march signaling the end of the discussion. Harry and Satele both followed.

"He's a bundle of joy isn't he… Still, it's interesting to see the philosophical perspective of a Sith who's not made with power." Satele mentioned. Harry rose an eyebrow at her and although his helmet prevented her from physically seeing it, he knew she could feel it through their bond.

"What of me?"

"You don't really count. You use the Dark side but outside of that, you have no urge to conquer or dominate." She replied. Harry muttered at that as they continued to the final building where the Dark Council met and where the remainder of them were likely hiding out.

Harry disagreed with Satele on some level. He may not have the same goals that usually defined what the galaxy knew as a Sith, but he wasn't an especially nice person. He had killed a lot of people in his lifetime and certainly not all of them deserved it. A lot of them did but certainly not all of them. Some may even call him cruel or callous. Still, he decided not to comment on it and simply kept walking.

They reached the building which was still rather heavily guarded compared to the rest of the city. All three of them lit their blades in preparation as they saw the heavy line of Sith near the entrance waiting for them.

"I'll take the ones on the right." Darth Marr commented.

"If you wish." Harry said back as the three of them charged forward with some help with the force allowing them to move at an inhuman speed. It would seem there were non force sensitives among them as several blaster shots came at them that needed to be deflected. He battered the first few away randomly but as he got close to the line, he was able to deflect the final shot back at the sender whom he saw take it to the face before falling.

As he reached the line. He jumped over the prepared members and landed easily behind them causing some panic. He quickly descended upon them Sith like an angel of Death. Only so many could attack him at once and none could come anywhere near his speed. He had so much of the Force flowing through him at that moment, he was sure it was likely leaking out of him in waves against his opponents.

He hack, slashed, and countered with both a grace and viciousness that none of these amateurs could come close to managing. Of course, if Harry wasn't bad enough, soon Satele was cutting them up from behind at the forgotten line that they had been supposed to hold. Harry wasn't counting exactly but they must have killed close to thirty men and women before the entrance to the building was finally cleared enough for them to enter.

Harry slowed and rejoined Darth Marr and Satele as all three walked into the building side by side and made their way to the Council chamber which seemed to be barricaded.

"They can't seriously think this is going to even slow us down can they?"

"At this point, what they think is irrelevant." Marr said as he blasted the doors open with the Force sending the random debris that was being used to keep it closed flying before it was seemingly caught in midair and lazily fell to the ground.

"Well, well, well… When they said the once Great Darth Marr had become a turncoat, I never believed it but to see it with my own eyes. How disappointing." A female council member stated looking unconcerned with the powerful trio walking.

"Antrax." Marr greeted emotionlessly. Harry frowned as he looked at the woman. She was a council member he recognized. If his suspicions were correct, she was the one who had sent Zantara after him all that time ago. He should've known given the woman's own reputation. She looked somewhat petite at first glance and had a smile that seemed quite harmless to one who didn't know her. In reality, she was a ruthless monster who enjoyed hunting down her enemies like prey and adored dragging out there suffering for as long as possible, drawing in power from the dark emotions the released when doing so. Truly an operative of chaos.

"Enough talking. You're here for a reason and we're not planning to negotiate. Even if killing you is the last service we conduct to the Empire, it'll be one we delight in." A bald male human said with a bulky frame. He was Darth Barronith, a man who had rose to some prominence for his ability to augment his body with the force in battle to levels most couldn't match, 'most' being the keyword.

"True enough. Though I have always wanted to see what you look like while writhing under me Marr dearest. I can't wait to find out." Darth Antrax said with a 'cute' smile that had a sinister undertone to it.

"The mere thought that you and I are on the same level is amusing to me." Marr said as he raised his blade towards the woman in challenge. There were still two other council members who had yet to speak, Darth Ferras and Darth Trinuzine, Ferras being a reptilian sapient who seemingly had skin made of scales and a perpetual scowl on his face. Trinuzine was a Twi'lek who had originally been blue but had altered it to red in certain procedures to show her alliance to the dark. All four lit their blades in preparation for combat.

"Which ones do you want?" Harry asked his two allies. They were outnumbered by one which could make this battle problematic. All the members here were skilled foes and would not go down easily. They delighted in suffering and reveled in the Dark side even if they weren't exactly stable.

"Antrax and Barronith are mine." Marr growled.

"I suppose I shall take Ferras then." Satele added easily as she ignited the second blade on the other end of her hilt preparing her self for an actual challenge.

"Very well. I'll wait for your mark Marr." Harry commented as he prepped himself to charge the Twi'lek Darth. Marr said nothing but Harry knew he had been heard.

For a moment, the room was completely quiet and all that could be heard were the sounds of battle taking place outside the room and within the city. Harry wasn't sure what eventually broke the silence or who made the first move within the room. All he knew, was that, all at once, everyone was moving at each other. Like two waves in the oceans, they collided with each other with an almost explosive amount of force.

Harry immediately focused on his designated opponent who looked at him with sharp glowing yellow eyes. He eyed her seeing a certain clarity within them that he wasn't expecting from one so immersed in the dark side. She continued to not speak though and instead focused on battling him. Her technique was good, focusing on Ataru which she had clearly mastered and was a grade above his normal opponents.

Unlike others though, she was both fast and flexible allowing her to dodge strike and even counter his own strikes in a way that could even push him back. Within the first minute of the fight, Harry had almost been pressed up against a wall twice.

The Sith council had the advantage here. Harry, Marr, and Satele had to limit their attacking power to not accidentally hurt their allies whereas the Council members had no such limitations or cares for each other. Out of the corner of his eye, he had watched as Antrax almost beheaded Barronith twice just to strike a blow against Marr. The other Sith hadn't looked happy but had chosen not to say anything, yet.

Harry couldn't pay too much attention to the other battles though, He needed to keep focused on this one. Luckily for him, this woman was good but not as much of a challenge as the giant Sith he had faced guarding the prison Revan had been kept in.

Harry had tried to test the woman's defenses several times but she seemed to be able to counter him each time before he could get far in such an endeavor. On the contrary, her attacks were becoming more aggressive and she continuously launched a variety of Force attacks to either injure or throw him off enough to strike a blow.

He was skilled enough to luckily push several attacks away from him and even redirected lightning to strike Ferras who could see in the corner of his vision. The reptilian man had been blasted back by it but had recovered before Satele could land a finishing blow.

"I must admit, you're quite good. You mix strikes with Force attacks in a way few rarely can. I knew you're name before this yet I can't help feeling like a lot of information about you has been held back." Harry commented as he crossed blades with the Twi'lek again. The woman said nothing in response nor did her blank expression change at his words, she simply kept looking at him as she continued her assault.

Her once more narrowed his eyes at the strange Sith but continued to push her. It wasn't long before he started picking up her habits enough to begin to predict how she would use her style beyond just what his precognition was showing him. She liked to use her agility to move around a lot and hit her opponent from angles they weren't expecting. Yet, Harry could begin to see some flaws in her movement. For example, she seemed to always try to get fully around him to try and attack his exposed back. She continued to try and that was likely due to the fact that it had almost worked more than once now.

Despite that, Harry could perhaps use that to his advantage. He knew which move he would make where she would try and take advantage to go behind him. He just needed to make sure it would look believable.

With that in mind, he set his plan into action. They crossed blades once more and batted each other's attacks away before Harry saw an opening. He lunged forward with a stab looking as if he were trying to take an advantage of an opening, he had spot. The Twi'lek spun to the side and past his lunging body. She was now at his back and moving fast to try and take advantage of his exposed back. Harry heard her blade lift into the air in preparation and as she began to swing it down, he jumped forward and tucked his head to begin the beginning of a front flip. As he got halfway through it, enough to see his opponent that had been behind him, he threw his lightsaber directly at her now exposed torso with as much of the Force enhancing his throw as he could manage.

It happened as if in slow motion to his eyes as the blade approached her and she understood what was happening. She began to lift her blade to try and deflect the flying one but was only halfway in doing so when Harry's sliced across her upper chest digging into her red flash. She gasped in pain from the blow before beginning to fall backwards. Harry's perception then returned to normal as he completed his mid-air roll and landing in a crouch. He held out his hand and called for his blade which immediately stopped and came back to him. He caught it with ease before eyeing his downed opponent.

He watched her for a moment and noticed her eyes were still glowing a harsh yellow. That wasn't right. When a Force Sensitive died, their presence left their bodies and so did the Dark side. This meant that there eyes would normally go back to their original color. He eyed her for a moment further before a dark mist seemed to come out of her causing him to take a cautious step backwards. He watched as it seemed to float out of her and he sensed a familiar presence coming from it. The presence coming from the mist was looking at him with some interest and curiosity though he could also feel some annoyance coming through as well. He frowned as he kept watching it until the mist and the presence disappeared. The yellow finally faded from the woman's eyes and Harry concluded she had passed on. With that finished, he finally turned back his attention to his allies.

Darth Marr was now only fighting Antrax as his other opponent laid helplessly on the floor with one of his arms and legs cut off, though he was still alive. Satele also finished her opponent who was still weakened after taking the Force Lightning earlier on in the battle. He laid lifelessly on the ground with a small hole through his chest.

Harry slowly approached Marr and Antrax who were currently standing several meters apart from each other. He was stopped from coming closer though as Darth Marr held up a hand towards him telling him to not come closer. Antrax looked upset at her present situation almost as if she was upset that her opponents had the audacity to not just fall under her efforts.

"Drop your weapon Antrax, it's over. At least lose with some dignity." Marr called out to the clearly tired and upset woman.

"I'd rather die." She spat at him.

"So be it." Marr said with no other word as he charged at her. Antrax met him halfway into his charge and tried to deliver a series of quick blows. Unfortunately, Harry could tell it was doomed to fail. He hadn't seen it until she moved but she had an injure going down her side that was significantly slowing her down. Marr had to make almost no effort to not only deflect her first attack but also shove into while twisting his arm to disarm the blade from her hand and send it skittering across the floor. He then had her forced to the ground and stood over her. The woman looked up at him with seething rage though he assumed some was directed at herself for losing.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Finish it!" She yelled at Marr. Marr, for his part simply looked back at her, though you couldn't see his expression.

"What happened to you? You used to be on the road for greatness. You could have been a leader, one of the greatest Sith's of our generation. We trained and fought together and yet…"

"Fuck you Marr. I wasn't going to live in your shadow for the rest of my life. Do you know how many times our Master compared me to you!? 'Perfect Little Marr' or 'why can't you do it like Marr?'. You have no idea the satisfaction I felt when I finally killed him. My only regret is that I couldn't kill you too!" Antrax screamed and the man. Harry felt his eyebrows raise at the words. That wasn't something he had known. His former master didn't talk about his own training much. Still, Antrax was practically the man's opposite, it was surprising to hear that they had trained together in their youth.

"Goodbye Sera." Marr said before bringing down his blade directly into the woman's heart. Harry physically felt the woman's spirit exit her body as she passed from this life into the next. He paused for a moment giving his master a moment if he needed one but it didn't appear that he did considering he immediately sheathed his weapon and turned around.

"Disappointing…" Marr mumbled again. Harry eyed the man for a second and couldn't help but think that Marr might becoming more like him and disillusioning himself with the order he was apart of. Harry considered himself a Sith but not the same kind as the ones he regularly killed. Marr may reach that point himself.

With that done, Harry ignited his blade once more and tossed it at the last remaining Sith that Marr had downed but not finished off. He watched the Darth's eyes widen before the blade sliced straight through his head. Harry summoned it back to him before deactivating it and holstering it once more on his side.

"We finished then?" Satele asked.

"Yes." Marr answered as he began to leave. Harry nodded and moved to join him in leaving this building. As the three of them exited the building, they stopped once they left its confines and stared into the distance at the conflict still happening in the distance. The city was still at war but it was clear that the Republic was routing out the remaining Sith and it wouldn't be a fight for much longer. Almost as if to symbolize this, a Republic flag raised at the top of one of the towers in the city and flew proudly signifying the City being under their control.

"Never thought I would have to see this day…" Marr muttered.

"I did. In truth, I never believed the Sith Empire would be a success. Even if it won the war, Sith are far to self-focused to run an Empire efficiently together outside of war. You need a war to distract most from attacking each other. It's the only way for them to survive in their current state." Harry commented blandly.

"… Perhaps you're right. Maybe it's time for a change… Make no mistake Jedi, one day we shall take back our city and rise in power. This is nothing but a minor setback." Marr said looking at Satele. Satele simply looked back at him impassively.

"If you say so… Come, let's finish cleaning up so we can leave. We still have other things to do after this."