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Losing Grace

Fumbling with the sphere in her hands Kagome sat alone outside the village that was almost a second home to her. The Shikon Jewel rolled back and forth because of her nervous twitching. It felt cool against her flesh and looked as innocent as any marble.

But the young girl knew better. She could feel the energy radiating from it, energy that attracted demons and evil humans alike for the chance of such power. A power that even Inu-Yasha wanted.


He hadn't come to see her yet, not since they'd completed the jewel. Him, her, all of them had put so much work into gathering the innumerable amount of shards. Everyone had their reasons for joining the group, vengeance, power, and loneliness. In the end everyone had gotten what he or she wanted, but her.

She had started to gather the jewel shards for hers and others purposes, or selfish desires depending on how you looked at it.

Wanting her guilt to disappear was what had drove her. Of course she wanted to protect those from the demons under influence of the shards, but it had all been her fault in the first place, hadn't it? Yes, she wanted the guilt to disappear like a piece of ice in the heart of a desert.

After she finished she would go back to her normal life, finish school, find a man, and build a wonderful family. In other words, have a normal life were she originally belonged.

Now she saw how wrong her thoughts had been. Along the way of her quest she met many people, forming friendships and even deeper bonds with them.

They all seemed like family to her, and knowing that she couldn't return forever. Especially thinking of Inu-Yasha. She thought her attachment to him unbreakable; her love for him was so strong.

When he spoke or even looked at her kindly she could feel her heart trying to force itself out of her chest, making it hard to breathe normally and turning her face to the color of strawberry jelly that her legs felt.

Departing from him seemed impossible to her, but she wondered how he felt.

If she returned to the well, would she be able to come back this time, back to Kaede, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Inu-Yasha?

She felt so selfish, wanting to have people close to her that she shouldn't even know, wanting to come back and see the unscarred skies of the past and the overgrowth you'd never find in Tokyo, and most of all, to have Inu- Yasha's commitment.

However, she knew that probably wouldn't happen. There was another he loved, Kikyo.

The young girl snorted to herself at the thought of her priestess incarnate.

At this point anger was rising over her being. Mixed into the sudden emotion was sadness for the relationship her and Inu-Yasha might never share, the possibility of losing her best friends, and the idea that she was really just a replacement.

Everything whipping through her mind was unbearable and pools of water began to gather at the corners of her eyes.

What if it was all for the best? So she could return to her world with a great weight lifted off her shoulders. She could catch up on her schoolwork, get closer to her family and friends, and build a life in modern day Tokyo like any other normal fifteen year old, uncomplicated and simple, possibly boring.

Maybe that's what fate had in store for her, and she'd have to accept it as she did anything that went good or bad in her life.

Sadly her lips pressed together and eyebrows lowered slowly till they almost touched her ocean blue eyes.

" I need to accept my fate, unwanted or not." She confessed to herself in tears.

With the misery of realization casing around her already entrapped heart, she stood in a twisted way and began to run towards the well, eyes shut, wishing everyone who had changed her life so much, to have a wonderful time for the rest of theirs.

Then there he was. Standing in all his elegance, nearly glowing. Smelling the girl approaching, he growled in disgust and cracked his white claws dangerously. Even so, she still ran into him full force.

Sesshoumaru didn't move an inch from his spot, but it took all his force not to gasp in surprise as the girl had. And she just stood there, her face pressed into his tail. Through the awkward silence she only closed her eyes taking in lungfuls of air. She feared each breath was bringing her closer to death, however neither said anything. They were both locked in the irony of the moment.

The salt smell of tears filled his nose. It wasn't different from anything the demon lord had smelled before, and yet it was. He felt nothing he knew could explain it, because he himself couldn't understand it. It seemed all her sorrow was poured into the little droplets of water, as though she'd been hurt herself. But he couldn't see or smell any physical injuries on her. He had to stop himself from asking why she was showing such weakness.

Then her voice rose like the gentle clouds of steam from a hot spring.

" Why haven't you killed me yet?"

Fear wasn't evident in her anymore, instead she sounded truly curious. And who wouldn't be, having lived this long in his presence.

" Your not worth my time."

Briskly he pulled away from her. As he turned around he gave her one final look.

Kagome noticed something in his eyes. Something there was not like Sesshoumaru, but all she could do was stand there, her eyebrows knitting into a confused expression.

She didn't understand why he would say that. Hadn't she gotten in his way countless times before during his and Inu-Yasha's battles? He'd tried to kill her then, why not now when he had a perfect chance to put her out of his way forever?

Suddenly it came to her. What the demon lord had said was a lie; a pure lie and she knew it. Maybe his pride had gotten in the way, because she had no means of defense at the moment. Although, it didn't change the fact that what he claimed was a total fib.

While he vanished into the jungle of leaves and vines she stood there watching him,` appreciating each mouthful of air more and more. Even though realizing losing her closest friends and first love for the rest of her life might happen, and facing death directly afterwards, she smiled happily.

" Sesshoumaru, you should know not to lie." She said to no one and continued on her path to the bone eater's well.

One problem with fate was it held many paths, some worse than others Kagome took in austerely since she'd looked up from the bottom of the well to the same star filled sky she'd been sighing at before.

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