He tried so hard to wake up, to open his eyes and tell her everything would be okay. He wanted to stop the heartbreaking sobs he could hear coming from the girl he loved so much. His brain wasn't co-operating with what he wanted it to do, move his hand, open his eyes, just something!

"It's not fair, this wasn't the plan. You said you wouldn't leave me here."

He knew it wasn't the plan, he tried to speak, to tell her just anything to ease her pain.

"I can't do this without you. You promised."

'Yes you can!' he wanted to tell her. He knew her strength of character for someone so young and already so damaged.

He could hear another voice, male, although he couldn't make out what he was saying or who it was.

"I don't want to leave him on his own." He heard her voice once more.

Trying once more just to get some signal to say he was okay, he felt his hand move, but it came too late. Her voice was already retreating away from him. Suddenly he forced his eyes open, dark brown eyes looking around a cold, old room. He looked up into the face of DS Thorpe.

Thorpe looked over his shoulder to check he was alone. "Do you know who tried to kill you?"

Dark brown eyes just looked at him for a moment, before he closed them again. The strength it took to wake himself up had tired him out.

Thorpe carried his body out, and into the car, driving it away and out of sight. This was to be the start of the murder investigation at Dee Valley Hospital.