After countless hours, Frisk finally survived Sans. It felt like a year and a half had passed, but she finally did it.

Well, that was actually quite a while ago. Sans used his special attack, and Frisk was trapped. She did notice her SOUL was able to push the box around slowly towards the FIGHT button, but she decided that, really, there was no reason to actually kill him after the real battle was over. She waited there with the box stopped partway through its path to the FIGHT button.

She regretted letting Sans fall asleep, as she was now all alone. Surely, he must wake up at some point, she thought to herself. But after a full day had gone by, she started to think he might not. Her impatience grew, but she refused to kill him.

She thought about how to wake him up herself. With her SOUL outside of her body and unable to ACT, she couldn't just shout or anything, nor was she one to do such a thing in the first place. It took a while, but she eventually came up with a plan. It wasn't a very good one, but she was desperate to try anything at this point. She put her plan into action.

She moved her SOUL upwards...

Only for her SOUL to put all her energy into the movement, causing it to jolt upwards and break through the top of the box. Frisk was immediately taken by surprise, staring in disbelief. She was so lost in shock that she didn't feel the pain from the impact until several seconds later. Coming to her senses, she checked her HP. She had 1 HP now. If her SOUL touched anything, she was done for...

Sans yawed. He was awake. Frisk tensed.

"heh, didja really think you would be abl- wait what"

Sans immediately ended his attack, sending Frisk's SOUL back to the FIGHT button. Out of instinct, she immediately chose it and missed on purpose.

"not one to take the easy route, are ya?"

As soon as Sans's turn began, she moved her SOUL to exit through the hole she created earlier. Sans attempted to attack, but she was careful to avoid it all and began maneuvering her SOUL back to her physical self. When it got back to her, she absorbed it, forcing the end of the battle. She turned around to head to her SAVE, but stopped at the sound of a Gaster Blaster appearing. Frisk stopped, but continued facing the spoke.

"Sans, I didn't want to do any of this, but you only give this fight to the worst kind of person. You refuse to fight me in any other timeline. That anomaly you mentioned? It knew about this fight and how difficult it would be. It forced me on this murderous journey, and I'll be honest, I wanted to see the end of it too. Now with all that over, it's almost like I'm free. I'm not, but the anomaly is pleased for now. If you kill me now, you'll undo that. I'm about to reset the timeline, and I have no reason to not go for a happier goal now."

Sans teleported out of the room. Frisk continued onwards to her SAVE and reset the timeline.

author's note: new chapter over a year and a half later good job me (also this is the end probably)