Author's note: I'm not a native English speaker, so I might make a few mistakes and if you find something incorrect, please inform me.

This is a short story about a very powerfulful Harry and a kind Snape. Snape is not too OOC and I'm trying to write everyone in character. I'm planning on 10-12 chapters. In the last (or last two, I don't know yet) chapters Harry will fight with Voldemort.

Warnings: This is not my story, J. K. Rowling invented these wonderful fictional books, and I'm merely using it to amuse myself and show others my own fiction.

So as I said there is Powerful!Harry, Kind!Snape and Abusive!Dursleys

p.s.: I had a review from someone that said I should change the alternating first person and third person POVs, so this is the new chapter and I'll change the others, too. And Reviewer, I must thank you for telling me your adives, though I tried to contact five betas none of them anwsered me :( anyways, I really do appriciate your critic! Thanks :)

Don't worry, I'll not kill anyone except for Voldemort and some Death Eaters. Enjoy!

Chapter 1

Day 1



"Aqua Eructo!"


"Potter, as far as I know you're not anymore in kindergarden, then why are you trying to give me a bouquet of flowers?!"

"I'm sorry Moody, I'll do better next time."

It was Harry's first day of training with Moody. Merlin, who knew it was so tiring to duel for two hours? He thought, Okay, but it's also inspiring. And it's good to have someone to practice with.

Moody taught him some new spells and then they started on body excercise. Well, Harry did anyways while Moody was making statues move and sometimes commenting on how Harry fought the statue.

"Good. Once more, Potter, and then you can go. Piertotum Locomotor!"

The suite of armour raised its arm to punch Harry, but unfortunately, he was too tired to avert it, therefore it hit him right in the face. He mumbled a swearword while cathing the arm that flew towards him again. He caught the other wrist and held them in his left hand, then he grasped its head, turned the whole staute so that its back was facing him, and held for a few seconds.

"It wasn't bad, but you have to be better when you are fighting Death Eaters or You-Know-Who. We will have to improve it while you're here. You can go now - and wash your face, your nose is bleeding."

Harry raised him hand to his nose and he was surprised to find blood. That suite of armour must have hit him quite forcefully. He went to his room at Grimmauld Place, grabbed a clean T-shirt and trousers, and headed to the bathroom. He pulled his shirt and jeans off and went over to the mirror to see if there was anything that needed healing. He had new cuts on his face and bruises on his arms, back and legs, but there was nothing nastier than his bleeding nose and so he didn't need healing. Harry washed his face, changed his clothes and went down to the kitchen to summon Kreacher, and after eating toast and eggs he went to see Mad-eye.

"I just wanted to ask if you wish me to train anymore today."

"No training, but I want you to read these books as fast as you can, and memorize them."

Harry's eyes widened as Mad-eye handed him three books that had at least a thousand pages each. Well, I won't be bored, that's for sure, he thought.

"Okay, thanks. Goodnight Mad-Eye."

Day 18

Harry's learnt quite a few things about magic - and himself - over the two and a half weeks that he'd been spending with Moody and Snape, who arrived on the fourth day of his training. His wandless and non-verbal techniques improved remarkably and he was getting stonger phisically, too. He had read two books about Dark spells and curses, four about defending himslef, six about non-verbal and wandless magic, and three about Occlumency. He had been on his feet since his first day there, duelling with Moody, practicing with Snape, or excercising - by himself mostly, but sometimes Moody or even Snape joined him. Harry made a routine by waking up every day at 7 am, starting to duel with Mad-Eye at half past seven, practicing with Snape around 3 or 4 pm, excecising till 8 pm, and then reading and taking notes.

He still had nightmares, but sometimes he was so exhausted that he would just sleep without dreams. However, having so little time for sleep and not being able to do so because of the nightmares seemed to take its toll on Harry. He had dark circles under his eyes, and was barely able to stay awake when reading. He still kept going on though, he was quite determined that he will kill the Dark Lord.

The 18th day was similar to the habitual things except that Harry duelled with Snape because Moody had to go to the Auror Department. They stood in front of each other, bowed and raised their wands. Snape murmured a spell which Harry couldn't hear, but Moody taught him to observe the wand movement so he recognised the Stunning Spell and cast a quick Protego. The spell bounced off his shield and he already started to say the incantation of a cutting spell, but it barely touched Snape since he dodged.

They continued to duel until 3 pm when Snape told Harry that they could rest a bit, eat lunch and then they should excercise. Harry changed his clothes to a T-shirt and running pants, and went down to Snape. They started with running on the treadmill - wich Moody conjured on the first day - for 20 minutes, then Snape wanted to see how strong Harry was so they did sit-up, pull-ups, push-ups and such stuff, and in the end Snape was surprised at how many Harry could do of each - though, of course, he didn't show it.

Harry's finished another book that night about offensive curses. He had filled 50 inches of parchment with notes and he still had twelve left.

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