Martin is strolling in the courtyard of the prestigious academy, which he attends called Torrington or as he likes to label it "Borrington." The weather is very pleasant. The sun is shining and it seems everyone is enjoying the warmth, even the squirrels. There is to be an abundance of them everywhere he goes today; it is like a squirrel invasion.

'That would be so cool!' Martin muses.

He is also in good spirits. His hands are in his pockets and he is whistling a tune he just made up. He really likes this melody and starts pondering maybe he should learn how to play a musical instrument just so he could write it down. Playing a musical instrument would also be a nice way to attract the ladies...

'But no guitar! Remember what happened last time!' he reminds himself.

And speaking of ladies, Jenni, the girl of his dreams is standing by a tree that he soon will pass. He wonders which one of his magical hines he will use on her this time. He takes his hands out of his pockets and begins to fix himself up.

He stops mid-fix and wonders why he keeps asking Jenni out, knowing that every time she will say "no." Each "no" chips away at his confidence. Martin does not even like her anymore.

Yeah, he liked her when they were kids. She wore pigtails, which Martin would always pull; that would make her shriek like a banshee. Now, she does not wear them anymore. She cut them off so Martin would not be able to pull them.

But Martin realizes that this hitting on Jenni has turned into a game, a way to annoy Diana. But what would happen if Jenni actually is playing really REALLY hard to get and one day she actually says "yes"? Then it will no longer be a joke and Diana would be angry forever.

Martin loves picking on Diana, but he does not want to have it take its toll on himself. Jenni seems very high-maintenance and very unforgiving; she would become the girl of his nightmares.

Martin decides he is not going to bruise his ego today by asking Jenni out. He will also preserve Diana's sanity just for now.

He whistles "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. It was "Throwback to the Nineties" hour on his favorite radio station and they played this song. Now, it is stuck in his head. It is also the same tune that Martin thought that he had created.

He hums the song and passes Jenni and Diana. He hears Diana utter her disbelief, "Oh my gosh, Jenni! Martin didn't try anything on you!"

"Oh, no, he didn't!" huffs Jenni. She stomps on the ground.

Martin smiles to himself, satisfied. He hears footsteps and a huffing person behind him. Someone taps his left shoulder and he turns around. To his surprise, that someone is Jenni, who is smiling at him and twirling her hair like a ninny. In the corner of his eye, he sees a completely shock-frozen Diana.

"You know...Martin. I would love... to go out with," she says this is her regular drawl. She bats her eyelashes. Diana hears this and her eyes bulge. The color has drained from her face.

Martin looks at her, remembering the whole spiel he had earlier with himself, and smirks. "I would never go out with anyone who thought Marvin was a cool dude."

Jenni's jaw drops; she is completely dumbfounded. He walks away content and keeps humming the nice 90s song.