A/N: Takes place during the Rebellion. I mean, of course not all Pearls know each other, but this is a random scenario if our Pearl and Blue Pearl actually knew each other. And I just love Blue Pearl so much, I had to. Remember to favorite, follow, and review!

"But I don't understand, my Diamond," Blue Diamond's Jasper warrior asked. "Out of all possible Crystal Gem prisoners to take for ransom . . . why must you order us to take Rose Quartz's Pearl?"

"Because my soldier," Blue Diamond answered. "If there's anything Rose Quartz values more, it's her second-in-command."

Rose was a powerful soldier, fierce and cunning, and was flocked by loyal followers. But if she possessed one weakness, it was her attachment to her subordinates. It was decided to exploit Rose's one weakness by raiding her camp and taking those who mattered most to her and hold them for ransom. Blue Diamond knew her former ally well and she knew that Rose would surrender everything she's worked for if the Diamonds had her most prized soldier.

The Jasper yielding at Blue Diamond's feet scratched her wild hair. "But why would she value her Pearl servant? She can simply get another one. There are many more models for her to choose from. She's a rare Rose Quartz."

"Rose's Pearl is not like the other common Pearls," Blue Diamond informed her soldier. She stroked the hair of her own Pearl, perfect and pristine as should be, protectively, like she could be hurt by what she was going to say next. "Hers is a defect."

Blue Diamond's Pearl, clasping her hands together oh-so-gracefully as her master held her, trembled a little. The thought of a renegade Pearl was frightening. It was like watching a caged animal go mad, something so destructive and begging to be fixed, simply being devoured by its psyche. Defectives were known to be mistakes in fertilizing that somehow got past Kindergartners and accidentally released into the world, not knowing that they needed to be shattered. Defective Gems were fabled to be deformed, reckless, and extremely discordant with their programming. A Gem that was able to go against the standards of their purpose was an outcast, a mistake simply begging to be erased from history. They shamed their Diamonds, the Kindergartners who developed them, and all of Gem kind.

"All the more reason to not waste our time with Rose's Pearl," Jasper rebutted. "Being a defect only makes the Pearl even more worthless than she already was."

"You do not understand, my guard," Blue Diamond intoned. "Rose doesn't treat her Pearl the way we treat ours. In the psychotic laws of the Crystal Gems, Rose's Pearl is important. Besides, you have seen her fight first-hand. She's quite powerful for a Gem of her kind. That Pearl is valuable in the corrupt eyes of Rose Quartz, so she would do anything to get her back. She could be a useful informant as well. Whatever Rose knows, her Pearl knows. We could easily fish out information out of that pathetic excuse of a threat, she's still a Pearl after all, she's absolutely defenseless without her master. If we have her in our hands, Rose can't possibly do anything."

Blue Diamond chuckled softly at the thought of a Pearl ever being important to her or any Gem in their right mind. They were weak, expendable, and had no skills whatsoever besides being pretty. Being incompetent in any other line of work, they were put to use by being servants for the elite, being trained to entertain and serve rather than attack or build. Non-elite Gems saw them as utterly useless, saying that Pearls were simply a manufactured product for the rich (while those statements may be true, they simply were jealous that they were not valuable enough to own one). How could a Pearl ever hold any authority, they were simple-minded and easily distracted. The Crystal Gems were truly a backwards society.

"Truly brilliant, my Diamond," Jasper smiled a wolfish grin.

Blue Diamond's Pearl looked down at her bare feet. The possibility a Pearl being important, being valued was truly preposterous but could it be possible for all Pearls? Perhaps it was true for any common Pearl, that they had a purpose beyond standing there and looking nice. What if Rose simply saw what little potential Pearls may have?

Blue Pearl then dismissed her thoughts. She was being just as insane as the defective Pearl servant Rose Quartz owned. She was what she was, and if the Diamonds decreed her as worthless, then she truly was worthless. No one could ever deny the righteous words of a Diamond. It was a crime to do so.

Rose Quartz lost her worth and reputation once she defied the Great Diamond Authority. Her legacy was tarnished, her subordinates became her enemies, and any chance of her being redeemed for her actions disappeared.

Blue Pearl could never imagine herself being like that. That would surely classify her as insane. Defective, even.

"Once you invade the Crystal Gems' camp, take whatever could hold value to Rose Quartz," Blue Diamond commanded the Jasper. "And do not forget the Pearl. She is what we came for." A devilish smile peeked from underneath the midnight blue cloak she wore. "You are dismissed."

The Jasper crossed her arms in the signature Diamond Authority sign of respect and left.

Blue Diamond sighed in content, lifting her Pearl onto her lap and ran her long elegant fingers through Blue Pearl's feathery tresses. "Thank goodness, we have a way to defeat those rebels. I almost thought that I couldn't solve this matter on my own."

Blue Diamond signaled for her Pearl to speak.

The blue Pearl spoke in a soft meek voice. She was rarely allowed to talk in the presence of her Diamond, and when she was, it was usually to sing her Diamond's praises. "You are brilliant, Blue Diamond. No one could ever deny that."

Her Diamond smiled sinisterly. "Once we have captured her precious Pearl, Rose Quartz would surrender and all of this would be over. We can proceed with the Kindergarten and once this disgusting planet is wiped off our star maps, you and I can go back to Homeworld and relax in peace."

"I anticipate taking care of you after all of this is over," Blue Pearl replied softly.

"My darling pet," Blue Diamond purred. She fondly stroked her servant's cheek. "You are a good Pearl, nothing like that awful defect Rose parades around with."

"That's what I aspire to be," Blue Pearl responded stoically.