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"All right Jak, here's the situation." Torn said in his gruff voice.

"Great! We kill Kor! More Metal Heads and things get worse. We kill Errol, and now what happens? More Metal Heads and things get-AH!" Daxter yelled as Torn punched him off of Jak's shoulder and proceeded to continue .

"As the talking rodent said, yes, there have been increased Metal Heads attacks and though we've stopped the KG Deathbots, the Metal Heads are killing everything they can, and are twice as hard to kill as before. We've got intel that says that they have a new leader, one that's even stronger than Kor, and even more twisted then Errol."

"Doesn't matter in the end, we'll get this scumbag and put him down." Jak said with a grin punching his open hand.

"Hey, it could be a woman for all we know." Keira said with a frown.

"Well, yeah, I guess so." Jak said.

"We must be cautious this time. We don't know what this new leader could do or if there is a new leader." Samos said wisely with concern in his voice.

"We're always cautious, we like a nice quiet life, don't we Jak?" Daxter said sarcastically.

"Oh yeah, Daxter has been turned into an ottsel, we've been hurled through time, I was tortured through dark eco experiments, been nearly blown up about three or four times, almost got killed by a crazy hover-bike rider, left to die in a desert, almost killed by a giant robot, and almost killed by Errol when he became…well, whatever the hell he became when we killed him. No big deal." Jak said with a laugh as he recited everything that had happened over the past two adventures.

Suddenly Keira, Torn, Samos, Jak and Daxter tensed as a yell came from downstairs and a thud could be heard.

"Hey, do you guys hear that?" Keira said uneasily.

"Yeah we all di-" Daxter began to say before Torn covered his mouth.

"SHHHH!" Torn said removing his hand form Daxters mouth and unsheathing his knife.

"Ah! Metal Heads!" a man yelled in terror below.

"How'd they get -AH!" a woman screamed.

"Metal Heads! How'd they get in!" Torn snarled as he pulled out a blaster and ran to the elevator.

"Jak! Get in! We need you and Dax on the front lines!" Torn exclaimed as the elevator was closing.

"Looks like we're gonna test this thing against the bigger metal heads!" Daxter said with a grin while he pulled out a spray gun but unlike his previous on this one had an electric bug swatter attachment as the stock (turned off of course).

The entire building shook violently and everyone was hurled across the room. Jak got back to his feet and yelled "Everyone, get out now!"

Suddenly part of the wall was torn away and another explosion shook the building. Flames began shooting up across the walls and smoke poured in from all sides.

"C'mon! Let's get out of here!" Keira yelled as she ran for the stairs.

The building shook violently again and part of the floor fell away underneath Keira. As she began to fall, Jak's hand shot out and grabbed hers. Suddenly the floor shook again and both of them were sent flying down towards the ground a hundred feet below them.

"Jak!" Keira yelled.

"DO SOMETHING!" Daxter yelled, clinging onto Jak's shoulder.

Jak's eyes suddenly turned white and his body flashed white and blue. Jak's whole body began glowing with a blue light and white wings shot out of his back. Jak grabbed Kiera, flapped his wings a few times and landed on a piece of the rubble about seventy feet from the ground.

"Thank the Precursors for light eco!" Daxter yelled from atop Jak's shoulder.

Jak and Keira began coughing from the smoke and Daxter yelled "C'mon, let's get out of here!"

Suddenly two flying Metal Heads screeched at them and dove down at Jak. Jak created a barrier of light to fend them off as they crashed into the barrier over and over again. Suddenly one of them dove lower and broke apart the piece of building supporting them. Keira's hand slipped out of his and she began to fall.

"Jak!" Keira screamed.

"Keira!" Jak yelled flying down towards her.

Suddenly one of the flying Metal Heads flew at him and slammed into his chest. The other one whipped around and bashed Jak in the back of the head with its mace-like tail. Jak's vision failed and all went dark as Jak plummeted into the fiery wreckage of the building.

"JAK!" Daxter yelled as he and his best friend plummeted into the inferno.

Jak crashed onto a support beam to the building, just out of reach of the flames. Daxter was jumping up and down on Jak, trying in vain to wake him up.

"Someone help us!" Daxter screamed as the inferno around them drew closer.

The Seal of Mar, which was still in Jaks pocket, began to emit white and red electricity which lightly and sparsely danced through his body. The electricity, which was still dancing over Jaks unconscious body, began to increase in quantity, until it covered him and Daxter entirely.

"Ah my eyes!" Daxter screamed as he began to lose consciousness.

JD: Adventures of Remnant

"Oof, man..." Daxter groaned as he sat up. "I feel sore all over, what the hell happened-?!"

At this point, the following facts began to dawn on the Ottsel.

1. He wasn't dead.

2. Jak was here with him and alive

3. They weren't dead.

Once these facts made their way into Daxter's head, he quickly checked his body. To his shock, instead of a having a charred body he was ok no burns or other injuries.

"I...I don't believe it! I'm alive! I'M ALIVE! HAHA!" Daxter yelled happily, jumping up and down on Jak, waking the human up.

Jak slighty chuckled at his friends antics, Daxter took a deep breath and looked at his surroundings.

"A forest? Jeeze, where'd we even land?" After taking a brief look at his surroundings, Daxter found that he seemingly landed in some Forest. There wasn't any indication as to where he was, but considering he was in a Forest, that wasn't all too surprising.

"Well," Jak grunted as he got Daxter to get off his body and forced himself up. "We better take a look around. Gotta ask those guys up there where the hell we are." He said while we pointed up tothe castle looking building on a cliff. However, as Jak made his way towards the cliff, he felt his legs almost give out beneath him.

"WOAH! crap!" Jak gasped out as he stumbled next to a tree, trying to steady himself.

"Guess I'm still a little shaky on my feet huh." True enough, Jak's legs felt they were going to give out any second. Thankfully, he had the perfect medicine for this type of ailment.

After he transformed into light Jak, he began to hover and a light shone down on him. In no time at all, he felt a soul-warming sensation run through his body and the numbness in his legs began to fade away. When the job was done, he got down and tested his legs to make sure they were working right.

"Man, is there anything the Light eco CAN'T do?!" Daxter asked rhetorically, pleased with the healing effects it had.

As they walked toward the cliff daxter questioned "But how come my legs didn't feel numb?"