"Crap, we're late!"

Jak and Daxter were hurrying up to the cliffside of Beacon as the new devices given to them called 'scrolls'.It was the message from Headmaster Ozpin

'Mr. Mar/Daxter

Please report to the cliff side near the forest at 8:55. '

Jak and Daxter started to walk on the outskirts of the school, as they walked they heard an announcement over the speakers.

"Students please report to your normally scheduled class room. There will be no classwork but instead a special program to behold." Ozpin informed the students over the speakers. Jak and Daxter could hear the cheers from students as they rushed towards their classes.

"Good morning students! Today we have an interesting change of pace!" Professor Port bellowed in excitement. A collection of cheers and groans were heard from the class. "Ahem, as I was saying, we will be watching a new students unique abilities alike no other!" Professor Port then went a small device and three holographic screens popped up. On the screens showed up an image of Ozpin, Goodwitch, Jak, and Daxter standing on the cliff side from four different perspectives.

"Wait were gonna see Jak and Daxter's initiation?" Ruby asked confused.

"Apparently" Blake responded. Looking up from her book, now having a reason to pay attention to the screen.

"Alright now I finally get to see how they are in action!" Yang said excitedly pounding her fists.

"Alright Mr. Mar are you prepared?" Ozpin asked

"Yeah we are." Jak stated with a smirk

"Good." Ozpin said a sly smile

Goodwitch then activated a display from her scroll. "You shall have to traverse across the forest, fighting the creatures of Grimm on the way. Until you reach the temple, you will then collect the artifact located there and then return here. Any questions?"

"Nope, let's do this!" Daxter said full of confidence.

"Ok then prepare to be launched into the forest." Gears in Daxters head were turning before he realized what he meant

"Oh no! See any feathers here? Looks like fur to me! No feathers, no flya-da-Ottsel! There's NO WAY you're gonna launch me into a forest. Absolutely zippo chance! Forget it! Finito! Fat chance! Not gonna happen! Nope! Nu uh! Never!"

While Daxter was talking he didn't realize the platform underneath him winding up, but alas it was to late as he was hurled far into Emerald Forest screaming for dear life before using his spray gun to slow his descent and land. Many of the students in Professor Port's room laughed at the poor Ottsel before quieting down.

After that Jak had been also launched into the forest, moving streamlined until he started slowing down and descending which he grabbed one branch before back-flipping and another one before back-flipping again, landing on the ground and pulling out his morph gun checking the perimeter before putting his gun down and walking toward the temple.

That is until he heard a growl from the bushes, Jak looked towards the source of the sound to see three Beowolves and two Ursi charging towards him. Jak jumped backwards and dodged the swipes from the incoming Grimm

"So beowolves and ursi I assume" Jak said still smirking as the Grimm started to encircle him. "Nice to meet you too, my name is-" one of the smaller wolves lunged at him trying to sink its teeth into his neck, Jak dodged the wolf and shot it a couple of times with the blaster mod he then turned to one of the ursa with its claws out pouncing at him before he changed to the Plasmite RPG and blew it sky high leaving only parts of it's body, Jak took an arm and stabbed the other ursa through the chest. Changing to his scatter gun mode two of the other beowolves lunged at him and he fired (no much of a surprise there) and quickly changed to the Vulcan Fury with blue eco bullets ripping through the grimm killing them.

"Well that wasn't very nice of you"

The students and Professor Port were amassed seeing the morph gun in action even though their weapons could morph as well but Jak's was more advanced

"Now we know why its called the morph gun." Yang said

"It looks awesome!" Ruby shouted in exitement with a gleam in her eye

"It's an interesting weapon I'll give you that" Blake said in amazement

"Well he has some strategy." Weiss said to herself

Daxter on the other hand was not enjoying this in the slightest but at least he calmed down or was anyway.

"Alright Dax breathe, there are other important things to worry about," Before having a brief pause thinking about the grimm that are going to tear him limb from limb "Like finding that...thing I'm supposed to find"

Now that he thought about it what was Daxter supposed to be doing here? He hadn't really been paying much attention when Ozpin and Goodwitch went into detail on that. He knew he was supposed to find… something, he just couldn't remember.

"well," Daxter sighed as he picked a random direction and started walking. "I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go along."

'God, this forest sure is dark...and huge...' Daxter thought as he continued his walk through the Emerald Forest. It seemed that the part of the forest he ended up in was far more dense than the other sections. He also noticed that because the treetops were so close together, the leaves ended up blocking out any potential rays of sunlight, making it seem like night had come early.

While Daxter was scanning the area he didn't notice the tree he bumped into a tree and got his left hand stuck to a web

"What!? RRRGH! C'mon already!" Daxter groaned out, doubling his efforts. "BY THE PRECURSORS! WHAT IS THIS CRAP!? LIQUID CEMENT!?" Fortunately, after pulling with all his strength, Daxter was finally able to dislodge his hand from the string, the force from his pulling landing him on his back.

"Urrgh, gross!" Joseph groaned when he realized that some of the silk from the string was still stuck to his hand. "As if this couldn't get any worse?"

Once Daxter said this a growl was heard behind him, so he turned around spray gun in hand and saw two regular beowolves and and ursa minor.

"Oh boy." Daxter mumbled with his ears drooping as he got into a combat stance 'Time to show the world about Orange Lightning' He thought reassuring himself as he pulled out the electric bug swatter from the stock, dual wielding and started charging at them with a warcry.

The first beowolf swung its paw at him but Daxter dodged it and hit it in the face with the swatter burning and electrocuting it, so it decided to stand back with its comrades lunging at Daxter. When he saw this Daxter used the spray gun at them, fortunately green eco works on them like metal heads with the pressure boost adding some kickback before using the flamethrower attachment to burn them. Within seconds he turned to the other beowolf and striking it with the swatter several times until it died while turning back again (you spin me right round baby right round...) to see the burning corpses until they disappeard, seathing his swatter into his spray gun.

"Well that was weird." Before burning down the web, sheathing his spray gun and puffing his chest out "And that is why you shouldn't mess with Orange Lightning!"

Until there was a growl from behind him but sure enough there was a Nightstalker and Daxter screamed before running off with the giant spider grimm giving chase.

"I guess that Nightstalker was 'stuck' up ey." Yang said causing everyone near her to groan

"C'mon that was good."

"Well the spray gun was not as exciting but it's still good" Ruby remarked

"Daxter still held good on his own but I still don't like him" Weiss stated


"He's annoying."

Here is my other chapter your welcome and I made a few mentions to Jak II and Jak 3 also I'm giving Jak a fighting style based on the gameplay of both games but do not worry as he still has his regular moves.

Thank you and bye