Problems With Curious Kittens
By Robin Girl
Chapter 1

(Ok, so I'm going insane. I have like started a few CATS stories and the only way they are going to get updated is if I upload them
for everyone to read. LOL. ^_^v An update to Kitten Flu is on it's way. Should be sometime either tomorrow or maybe even tonight.)

Demeter smiled contently from her watch spot as she watched Munkustrap groom himself down in his stove. "Oh, Munkus, will we ever be together?" She was in love with Munkustrap, that was all there was to it. Demeter had tried hiding it but every time she would look at another Tom she found herself thinking about Munkustrap.

Munkustrap sighed dreamily thinking about the Queen of his dreams. Now his job was getting a hold of her before another Tom did. She was beautiful, sexy and down right purrrfect!! If only she was his. That would be the day.


The Tom sat up hard and hit his head on the top of the broken stove. "HUH?" He looked out and saw Jennyanydots and Jellylorum standing there. "Oh, Jelly, Jenny, what can I do for you?" He climbed out gingerly rubbing the bump on his head.

"We are needed at Katimish's house, she's having kittens. Can you please watch Tumblebrutus and Mistoffelees for us while we're gone?"

Munkustrap raised his eyebrows, "Are they hyper right now?"

"My dear," Jennyanydots laughed, "they are kittens, you know very well that kittens have a endless supply of energy. Besides, both of them love you, they'll listen."

"For how long?"

"Only a few hours dear. Now we must be going." Jelly turned around and her voice turned hard, "MISTOFFELEES! TUMBLEBRUTUS! Get over here NOW! If I have to call you more than once you are both stuck inside for a week with no playing at all."

Up above Demeter laughed hysterically from her hiding spot, poor poor Munkus. Mistoffelees and Tumblebrutus were about as bad as Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie. Caused many problems and didn't know why.

A few seconds later two kittens came scampering over. Both sat obediantly in front of the Queen. "Yes Ma'am." Both chorused together.

"You are going to stay with Munkustrap. If I hear from him that you two were bad then you are both going to be in deep trouble. Got it?" Both kittens nodded and before the two Queens left they gave hugs to both.

Jelly pulled Munkustrap over and told him a few things, "First a warning, don't like Mistoffelees use to much magic. It makes him weak and tired. Second, if they get on your nerves just tell them to take a nap for awhile. Third if Mistoffelees senses something let him tell you. It usually comes in handy. Fourth, Tumblebrutus likes to get on Mistoffelees nerves, but that rarely happens."

Munkustrap nodded and watched them leave. Then he turned back to his two charges. Both were sitting there staring at him innocently. Mistoffelees was almost a Tom, he was a black kitten with a bunch of white fur on his chest. He was a magical kitten that could cast spells and such. Tumblebrutus was a normal cat in the sense of magic. He was older than Mistoffelees by six months. It doesn't seem to much but it is in Kitten Years. Tumblebrutus was brown and white. He had a cute patch of brown fur over his left eye. "Well you two, what do you want to do?"

Mistoffelees got shy and hid behind Tumblebrutus not replying. Tumblebrutus looked around and saw that the Queens had left them alone with Munkustrap. He didn't completely trust the other Tom.

"Quiet bunch aren't we?" Munkustrap had never seen these two this quiet before. He hoped that they weren't planning something. He turned around and looked up over his stove.

Demeter jumped when she saw Munkustrap staring right at her. A red tint appeared on her cheeks as he made his way up to her. What was she going to say? "Um, hello."

"What are you doing up here?"

"Who me?"

Down below Mistoffelees and Tumblebrutus grinned at each other. "He's gone.."

"Did we scare him off?"

"Don't think so, he's not scared of anything." Tumblebrutus replied. The kitten looked up and saw a strand of cloth flying, "Wow, I bet we could climb up there."

"It looks dangerous..." Mistoffelees whispered. "Why?"

"Lets go."

"What if we fall?"

"We won't...if so I'll catch you."

Mistoffelees rolled his eyes, "Yeh, well what if your falling to?"

Tumblebrutus didn't have an answer for that one. "Aw come on. You're being chicken."

"Nuh-uh. That's really high up." Mistoffelees started over to the pile of junk, "We'd better get started if we're going to do it."

"You're really going to come with me?"

"Of course. Then we can tell the other kittens that we climbed the tallest pile in the whole junk yard."

"You think it's the tallest?" Tumblebrutus went up first and started climbing.

"Well, tallest I've ever seen." Mistoffelees remarked as he jumped from side to side each time going up another level.

"Slow down, if you don't then the pile of junk might fall and we'll go with it."

"Now who is scared of falling?"

"Not me. Beat you to the top."

"You're wishing."

Both kittens giggled and kept trying to beat each other as they climbed.

"What am I doing here? Aren't I allowed to be up here?"

"I guess, were you spying on me?"

Demeter blushed even redder if that was possible. She had been caught, red pawed and everything. "No...well, yes."

Then a pair of screams echoed through the junkyard. Munkustrap and Demeter turned around to see Mistoffelees and Tumblebrutus falling. The pile of junk fell down with them burying both kittens instantly.

"Oh no." Munkustrap scampered down and started digging through the pile of junk. "Mistoffelees! Tumblebrutus! Can you hear me?" No answer came from the junkpile in front of him.

End Chapter 1