A/N: Hello All! This is a story that has been going through my head for quite some time. I've finally finished it, so I thought I would share. It will be several chapters long and here is the first, I hope you enjoy! :)

Chapter One: You'll Do

"Sherlock" John called from the kitchen where he was putting the kettle on for tea, "Did you get milk like I asked?"

Sherlock doesn't respond and John sighs and goes to check the fridge. No milk, as he expected. He looks by the bin and sees 3 empty cartons next to it.

"Sherlock, what did you do with all the milk?" He asked, a little annoyed.

Sherlock grunted from his position on the sofa, "Experiment."

John walked into the living room angrily, "So you bought milk and then used it all up for an experiment?"

Sherlock nodded once, not even looking at his angry flatmate.

"Sherlock!" John fumed, "Did it not occur to you, that I may want a nice cuppa when I got home from my shift, since, you know, I told you to buy more milk if you used it up, which you did?"

Sherlock replied saucily, "I did buy more milk, John."

"But you used it all up!"

"You didn't specify to save it."

"Arghhhh… fine." John growled in frustration as he turned to the door and grabbed his coat. "I'm going out."

Sherlock didn't respond, as he stared up at the ceiling.

John angrily shook his head and left, shutting the door not too softly behind him.

John walked around angrily for about an hour, got himself a nice hot tea from the shop on the corner and then stopped in the park and sighed. There was no point in staying angry, Sherlock was, well being Sherlock. The fact that he bought the milk in the first place was a good step he supposed.


John fished his phone out of his pocket and saw a text from Sherlock.

Bored. –SH

"Well you can just stay that way, you wanker," John thought angrily, stuffing his phone back into his pocket. John heard a rustle in the bushes behind him. He went over to take a look but saw nothing. He shrugged and tossed his empty cup into the trash. Well, he sighed, since he was out, he might as well go to the shops.

Sherlock sighed in the flat. He was so bored and John wasn't answering his text. He supposed he probably shouldn't have used up all the milk, but when he had brought it in, he just had a brilliant idea of measuring its evaporation rate and how long the cat had been outside in the sun based on the milk left in the bowl and well, he had to replicate it in order to determine how long the owner had been gone. It was for a case, he thought petulantly. Well, he supposed he could apologize to John when he got home, then maybe John would entertain him. Sherlock smiled, that seemed like a good plan.

John grumbled as he headed out of Tesco, stupid chip and pin machines… he did not understand why they would never take his card!

At least he had bought milk, twice as much as normal, just in case Sherlock decided to use it up again. And those biscuits Sherlock liked. He figured he had punished the detective enough.

John heard a slight noise behind him. He glanced back and just saw two women walking and chatting. He shook his head at himself, calling himself too jumpy. He seemed to hear things everywhere these days, ever since he was jumped by Moriarty's henchmen.

"Oh, look out!" he heard a voice behind him.

John turned to see one of the women grabbing the other women next to her and looking on in horror across the street. John strained his neck, trying to see around the truck to see what was going on. He was a doctor, maybe he could help.

Then John felt a prick in his neck and he turned quickly to see 3 men behind him. One had a maniacal grin on his face. "You'll do," he said as John slowly faded out of consciousness.