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Chapter1 Neo-Germanys gundam fighter called Schwartz Bruder
That day we arrived in Berlin, Germany I and my crew Josh, Jimmy, and Thurman, were being watched by only god knows who, but I had an idea who it may have been, neo-Germanys fighter. Well, maybe it was because we were from Neo-England. I was our nation's gundam fighter. My name is Cloy O'Connell.
We had heard about Neo-Germanys fighter, Schwarz Bruder. He had the skills of a ninja, the shadow warriors. It was said that he could appear and disappear at will, even inside his gundam. He had beaten every fighter that had challenged him to date. No one had ever seen his face though, he always wore a mask. Why does he wear that mask? Wondered Cloy.

One of my crew members asked me, "Does his mask make you nervous, Cloy?"

Cloy replied with a sly grin, "No, it will be all the more glorious to defeat him." She didn't want to admit to being a little nervous in front of her crew. It wasn't that Schwarz was undefeated that bothered her. It was that no one had ever seen his face. From the sound of his voice, she imagined that he was a handsome man beneath the mask. Shaking her head to clear her thoughts, she decided to get something to eat. She looked over to her crew and said to jimmy, who was driving, why don't we go find a good place to eat around here."
As Cloy walked the streets that night after dinner, she saw a figure ahead of her. When she stepped closer, it seemed to get farther and farther away. All of a sudden the figure turned around; it was wearing a red, yellow, and black mask and a trench coat with a band of spikes sewn over each shoulder. As she stood there paralyzed, she thought, "That has to be Schwarz! Only he wears a mask like that."

Then he said, "Neo-England, right?"

Cloy's heart jumped into her throat when he said that and her eyes widened in surprise. All she could do was nod her head once. He had a deep, brilliant voice; she knew that she had heard that voice before, but where?

He folded his arms across his chest and continued, "Well? Are you going to challenge me? I'm waiting." The earth around him began to move as his Gundam rose from the ground.

While the fight was under way he had kicked me in the ribs, I had never before been kicked that hard by anyone. He got me in his finishing move, before I knew it he had me on my back with both of his Spiegel blades at my gundams throat. But on the other hand both of my gundams legs were in his back ready to sever hid gundams spinal cord if he tried anything,

The fight turned out to be a draw. He was impressed; no one had ever drawn with him before. I was grasping my side as I jumped out of my gundam after the gundam fight. he asked me if I was alright, and if I needed help back to were I was staying. Even though a lot of roomers were spread about him being mean and ruthless, but to despite that he was very nice. Well it's seemed to girls he was nice. Then he told me his name, it was Schwartz Bruder. I guess from then on we were kind of like unlikely ales.


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