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Chapter8 New Friends, Old Memories

Cloy looked behind her to see a young man in a mask holding on to her shoulders. She tried not to scream or anything but that proved to be futile, she screamed bloody murder and woke Schwarz up. He looked over to her keeping away from the masked man that stood in front of her.

"Don't worry Cloy, this is a friend of mine, this is Patrick O'Rioly" he said trying to get her to calm down. "He is the fighter of neo-Ireland, he and I are friends. You have nothing to worry about."

She gulped and said "um ok." She slowly mad her way over to Schwarz and sat by him. She was more at ease when she as around Schwarz then with this man. But she could have sworn she had seen his smoky gray eyes before. Like she knew this man, even though he was a masked man.

"Excuse me but I don't men to be rude but I think that I should start thinking about getting back to my crew, they may think im dead or something like that." She said to Patrick.

He looked at her skeptically and said "I don't want you to go. I have this bad feeling that if you do something will happen."

"Well I have to tell them where I am!" she said getting a little frustrated,

"Oh don't worry about it, I'll tell them for you." He said looking away then up to the sky.

She spent a while trying to prove her point but he was too much like Schwarz, he was too thick headed to listen to a single thing she said so she just plainly said "Fine." And completely sat next to Schwarz. Knowing she wouldn't be going anywhere any time soon right now she didn't bother to be too alert, only alert enough to be ready if anything happened.

"Good" he said then added under his breath, "I'm responsible for you in more way then one."

She heard him and asked "what are you talking about?"

"Oh nothing," he replied and got up. "Shall we be going." He asked.

"Yes we really should be getting out of this place." Schwarz agreed.

She nodded her head, Schwarz got up and said "I should be fine, thank you old friend."

She walked back to a core lander with Schwarz, she got in and so did he and he closed the canopy and said. "You have nothing to worry about with Patrick, he is a very good person and if I can trust him I think you can."

She shook her head and said "It's not that, it's that I think I have seen him some where before, but I can't place it"

"Well I wouldn't worry about it if I where you." Schwarz replied and started his core lander off for Berlin.

*** (a little while latter)

A little while later Schwarz was saying goodbye to Cloy as she walked up to her flat she was staying in until she left nee-Germany.

She walked in and the first thing she saw was the bight and shining faces of her crew, RIIIGGGHHHHTTT!!!!

"CLOY WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?!" Thurman asked in an annoyed loud tone.

"Yea' we have been worried sick about you." Jimmy agreed.

"You could have been killed you know." Josh added.

"I know I know," she said then began to explain what happened. Once they knew what had happened they took her out to dinner to celebrate her victory against master Asia.

They sat there and laughed about a few things. "Hay Josh, if we had nine flutes you know how many dead body's that would be?" Cloy asked knowing that he would get it, all it was, was band hummer, making fun of the flute section.

"That would be like eight dead bodies" he replied, they all laughed and then Jimmy asked "Hay Cloy, how many saxophone players dose it take to change a light bulb?"

"Oh now your treading on thin ice man." She replied seeing how her and Thurman where both Saxophone players. "But anyway how many smart guy?" she asked

"Five, one to do it and the others to gripe about how better Kenny g would do It." he replied, they all laughed at that then Cloy asked "ok how many trumpet players dose it take to change a light bulb?"

"How many?" Josh asked.

"Five, one to do it and the others to gripe about how better they would do it." She replied. They all laughed again knowing it was as true as the day was long.

"Ok, Ok, I have one." Josh said "how many Oboe players dose it take to change a light bulb?" Thurman just started at her and said "oh your bad, you know that I changed over from sax to Oboe."

How many?" Jimmy asked ignoring Thurman.

"One, but he'll go through a whole box of bulbs before he finds out that you cant just push them in." she replied. They all laughed the hardest at that one, with the exception of Thurman. They all just said, "oh we're just messing with you buddy." He just laughed sarcastically and said "why don't we get going."

*** (after wards.)

Cloy was walking along the streets when she noticed a figure on top of the building she had just passed. She thought for a moment and jumped up to the top. There she found Schwarz Bruder watching over her from afar.

She came up from behind him trying to see if she could sneak up on him, though she doubted it. As soon as she got within two steps of him he asked "so your still here?"

She swung around and landed on the edge of the building right in front of him and asked "how'd you know I was there?"

 "That's my secret." He replied looking at her. "So where you headed after you leave?"

"I'm not sure, maybe over to Neo-France or Neo-America to meat up with Chibodee. He's been wanting to talk with me about something so I guess I better go talk to him." she replied.

"Well good luck in the gundam fights." He said extending his hand to her. She took his hand and shook it firmly and said "you too."

He went to leave, when he did he threw her a small package and said "that's for you, I felt a little guilty when your pocket watch was destroyed so I got you another." Then with that he disappeared.

She opened it to look at the new watch, when she did it had a wolf on a rocky cliff howling at the moon as a design on the front cover.  She smiled as she turned it over in her hand and saw an inscription on the back. It was a saying from her favorite story. 'live strong honey and I shall see you soon again some day, you can count on that.'

She smiled and looked up at the sky and said "I will see you again as well, Schwarz Bruder." She then started to walk back to the flat to start packing. As she did she started singing the song The Bloody Red Baron of Germany.


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