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Yeah okay this is called Lion's Serpent.

Summary: It's been a week since Harry's been on Summer Vacation and he's still having Nightmares about Voldemort. When he finally gets good night sleep he wakes up to find a boy camping out on the Dursely's front step. His name? Tom.

Chapter 1:

Harry stood in the middle of the graveyard confused as to how he got there. It was the same graveyard as the one he was at in the Tri Tournament. Footsteps could be heard behind him so he turned around only to be face to face with Cedric Diggory.

"Ce-Cedric?" Harry choked out "I thought you were dead?"

Cedric had dark rings under his eyes and his skin was pale but it was his voice that scared Harry. "I am dead, thanks to you," it came out as a hiss.

"No Cedric! I tried to save you! I did!" Harry cried out, fists clenched at his sides.

Cedric turned his back to Harry. "You didn't do a very good job of it now did you?" Cedric started walking away from Harry.

"Cedric! Please Forgive me! CEDRIC!!!" Harry screamed.

"Now, now Mr. Potter I forgive you," a nasty snide voice said behind Harry. Knowing that voice, Harry turned wide eyed to see Voldemort holding his wand at Harry's chest.

"Though I want my revenge..CRUCIO!!!!"

It was then Harry awoke shaking and drenched in sweat repeating one word over and over again- "Cedric".

When Harry finally calmed down, he looked outside to see the sun just rising. * Today is going to be a long day* he thought to himself as he got up and dressed, waiting for his aunt to come screaming for him to wake up. He didn't have to wait long. The door shook violently as his aunt Petunia pounded on his door screeching for him to get up.

Harry went downstairs and was given a large amount of chores to get done. As he was working on cleaning the kitchen he replayed his dream. It wasn't as bad as the others the others were, they were just plain horrible. Voldemort did more then just torture his victims with crucio, as Harry had seen in his dreams. Voldemort used every type of sharp metal weapon scarring his victims skin, he even raped his victims, but the worst part was his prey. They were only children no more then 8 years old, screaming, crying, and yelling for their mothers and fathers. His recent dream was a relief for him, no more torturing innocent flesh.

Only a week at the Dursely's and Harry was looking worse then ever. He was as bitter thin and pale as one of the Hogwarts Ghost. The dark rings around his eyes told of him not being able to truly sleep. He wanted, no needed Hogwarts and his friends.

Luckily for Harry the day didn't drag on and soon it was time for bed. And that night he finally got a peaceful sleep not knowing what awaited him the next morning.


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