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Back at the dance Emily, Gina, Ashley, Kacie and Nathan were walking around the school. "I'm bored…" Ashley said. "Me two," Kacie said. "ME THREE!" Nathan said happily. Gina looked at him oddly, "Your messed up…" "Wanna go back to the gym?" Emily asked. "Sure…" Ashley said then they all went back down to where everyone was dancing. They danced a little bit more. "So where'd you come from?" Kacie asked. "Australia," she answered. "How?" Gina asked. "I dunno… I just know I was there… I don't usually speak in the accent though," she said. "OoOo…," Ashley said.

5 min Later

They were talking about Emily's animals and how she got them all. "How many do you have?" Ashley asked. "Uhhh… a lot… I bring home like everything I find…" she answered. "You have koala's?" Gina asked. "Yeah, two," she answered. "Kangaroo!" Kacie asked. "Yeah I have one… I used to have a wallaby too but I had to set it free. I only had it for like 5 days," Emily said. "Frau let you have a kangaroo and she gets mad when you bring a hamster?" Gina said. Emily replied, "Well… first of all she told me that we had to leave all my animals at home… and the rest is kinda long," "Tell us!" Ashley said. "Ok…" then Emily started.

Flashback starts

Emily walked into her house, at this time she was around 6 years old. "MOM!" She yelled through the house. "I HAVE ANOTHER PET!" Then Frau walked in. "What now?" she asked. "A kangaroo…" Emily answered. "And why do you want one?" "Cause there cute!" Emily answered. "Well, you still can't have one," Frau said. "Why!" Emily argued. "Because there wild, Emily," she said. "SO! We can tame it! It's just a baby…" Emily said. "Then what about it's family?" She asked. "There was none around! And it looks hurt!" "What did you do with it?" "It's outside… See! You can see it!" Emily said pointing outside. Frau looked out the door and saw a baby kangaroo in a small field. "Look at it! Its so cute" Emily said. Then all of a sudden the kangaroo started jumping around the yard, messing up all the flowers that were on the side of the house, and then punching the side of the house. Emily just looked at Frau and then Frau said"Sorry, Emily, but it has to go." "No! That's not fair! Where's he going to go" Emily shouted. "Emily, it's punching a whole in the house! We just can't keep a wild animal in the yard" Frau said. "We can train it.." Emily said. "I'm sure the older it gets it will get worse," Frau said. "We can still train it! It's not that old! Besides, look how cute it is!" Emily still argued. "Leave it out there for a month… if it doesn't wander off or it's parents don't come for it you can have it. But you have to keep it outside, and it has to be here in one month," Frau said. "But you can't tie it up or anything… or force it to stay here!" She said. "Ok!" Emily said, sure it would stay.

One month later

"Mommy! The kangaroo came back!" Emily said happily running over to Frau. The kangaroo left that day and didn't come back till exactly one month later. Emily pulled Frau to the door and the kangaroo was sitting there. "But it wasn't there for a whole month," Frau said. "You never said it had to be!" Emily said. "Yes, but it DID wander off," Frau told her. "But it came back! It missed me!" Emily told her. "Well you can't have it," Frau said then walked off somewhere.

Emily walked outside to the kangaroo. She stood next to it then kneeled down. She wasn't to close to it since she knew they could be dangerous. She reached out to pet it and it flinched then it got calm. "I'll name you… Jordan!" Emily said then she stood back up. She ran back into the house and Jordan just stood there. For the next few weeks Jordan hopped around the house and didn't go to far away from it. Everyday she saw it Emily would say "Look Mom! Jordan's still out there!" Frau sighed and tried to ignore it. Every time she left or went into the house she saw the kangaroo looking at her. She just walked in and paid no attention to it. This went on for a few more months and Emily kept bugging her about it.

"Come on! Give him one more chance! He's been here forever!" Emily whined. "It had its chance," Frau answered. "Don't call him an 'it'!" Emily told her. "Emily… listen, you have a lot of animals. Why do you want another one?" She asked. "Cause it's a kangaroo! And It's so cute! And I want to have lots of things to love!" Emily said looking up at Frau. "You know, it won't help you if you keep bugging me about it," she said. "Ok…" Emily said.

Emily didn't say anything about it but she always looked outside at it. Everyday after she took care of the rest of her animals. Then one day Frau said, "Emily, how about this. You can have the kangaroo… but it can't come into the house, you can't interfere with any of it's instincts. For example feeding it or giving it any easier way to live. And You can't bring it back if it decides to leave," Emily's face lit up. "Really! YAY! Thank you!" Emily said then she gave her a hug. Then she ran off somewhere.

Flashback ends

"So… technically it's not really yours since you can't feed it or any thing… and it can run away and you can't do anything to get it back…" Gina said. "Well that was 7 years ago so those rules were changed a little bit," Emily answered. "Kangaroo! I want a kangaroo…" Nathan said dreamily. Ashley hit him so he'd quit acting retarded.

They continued to go on with the dance. "I wonder what my mom and… your… our.. Dad are doing on there first night alone…" Emily said to Gina. "Well… who knows…" Gina said. (oO) Finally the night ended and everyone had to go home. after the dance, they were walking home. "This town is really.. small.." Emily said. "I know. It's not that bad though, cause you can know everyone you see in the halls.." Gina answered.

They walked up to the door and opened it.

"EWWWWWW!" Gina said with a disgusted look. "Oh my gosh!" Emily yelled at Frau who was… with… Dr. Evil. They looked away then quickly left the room. They went in through the other way and went into Gina's room. "That was more then I ever wanted to see…" Emily said. "Oh my Gosh, I know," Gina said. "Well I guess I'm staying over here tonight…" Emily said. "Probably…" Gina replied.

There was a long silence. "So…" Emily said. "That's nasty…" "Yeah…" Gina said, "I wonder what Scott's going to do…" "We should warn him…" Emily said plainly. "No… that's ok," "…Let's stop talking about it now…" "Good idea,"

Emily and Gina continued there night and Scott never found out. When the morning came things were a little awkward. Gina and Emily tried not to talk or look at Frau or Dr. Evil all day and they didn't really try to look at them. They didn't talk much for a few days, which was more then Emily expected to stay. Then she figured out they were going to move back in.

"Really! Cool! Are we going to go back and get our stuff… what about all my animals!" Emily asked. "Uhh… I dunno…" Frau answered. "Can they all come! Cause if they can't I'm moving back…" Emily said. "I don't think all of them…" Frau said. "Why! What would we do with them? Desert them!" Emily said. "You can have the little ones… not the big. Like the tiger…" she said. "Why! She's trained!" Emily said. "I don't think we can bring a tiger here," "It'll stay outside if I tell it to!" "Yes, but in the winter it will be to cold," "This place is big! It can have its own room!" Emily said. "I don't think that'll work… Now we'll figure everything out tomorrow," Frau told her then Emily got up and walked away.

"What was that about?" Gina asked her. "Just talking about if were going to take my animals. She said no to the big ones… but I'll convince her!" Emily said.

And, of course, she did. In a week they were all moved in. "Ok… now I have to deal with another kid and 5 million animals!" Dr. Evil complained. "Yes, and I'll help, and Emily always takes care of them and doesn't need any help," Frau said. "But how does she take care of THEM ALL? There's a lot…" Dr. Evil said. "I don't know," she said.

"Cool! I've seen so many animals!" Gina said. "It's not that many…" Emily said. "It kinda is!" Gina replied. "…I like the tiger…" "I know! Isn't it cute?" Emily said. "…Make it attack my dad," Gina said. "Ok! But then I'd have to give it away.." Emily said. "Aww.." Gina said.

Dr. Evil was mostly just standing there when Mr. Bigglesworth came running up behind him. Dr. Evil was confused and then he picked him up. "What is it Mr. Bigglesworth?" he said. Then he looked up and saw a big tiger running towards him. His eyes got bigger, "Oh… that's probably what.." He slowly started backing up. It stopped in front of him and she started growling. "Ok… nice kitty…" he said then he started walking away. The tiger stayed there, growling. And walked faster and then the tiger started going forward towards him. Then he started running and she ran after him.

He ran into a separate room with the door open and Mustafa was in there. Then Dr. Evil pushed him outside of the room and closed the door. Mustafa was confused then he saw the tiger. His eyes got bigger and he backed up as far as he could on the door. She looked like she was going to jump but then Emily came, "KELLY! No!" Kelly took her eyes off Mustafa and looked at Emily. Emily walked towards her then took her by the collar. "Sorry…" she said then walked her away.

Emily locked Kelly up in a room. When Emily walked out she saw Frau looking at her. She looked up at her then Emily said, "What! I didn't get to her at first!" "Wouldn't you'd think you'd put the tiger away first?" Frau asked her. "I was getting to it! Then it wasn't there so I went and got it!" "If it happens again then you're getting rid of it," Frau said then walked away. Emily let out her breath then continued to get everything else situated.

Dr. Evil was again talking to the world organization. He was in the middle of talking when a turtle walked out in front of him. It was just passing by and Dr. Evil stopped what he was saying and looked at it confusingly. Every one at the W.O. looked at it and got confused. Dr. Evil just stared at it for a few seconds moving slowly across the desk then he pushed it off and said "Freakin turtle!". He looked back and the W.O. and smiled a little then got back to what he was saying.

Emily must of saw it because she walked over, picked up the turtle, and walked away while glaring at Dr. Evil. That left the W.O. a little confused to see a girl walking passed glaring at Dr. Evil while he was just talking.

The summer soon ended and it was time for Gina and Emily to go back to school. "Finally the little brats have to leave," Dr. Evil said.

So then they went to school. On the first day they found out that they had to try out an experiment with baby dolls. They got them from the school and they are the most real dolls that they can get. They get different kinds and they'll all cry at different times and get hungry at different times. It can cry in the middle of the night and at any time. You have to treat it like its real or else it can die.

When they got it they got partners to help with it. Gina got paired up with a boy named Jeremy and Emily a boy named Greg. And Gina got a baby boy named Matteo and Emily had a girl named Leanna.

When they got home Dr. Evil was confused. "Don't ask… it's for a school assignment…" Emily said. "Yeah… for some reason they made us take care of the realest doll they can have.'" Gina added. "And what do you mean by… realest?" Dr. Evil asked. "It can cry in the middle of the night… u have to feed it… you have to keep its head up…" Emily said. "Can't someone else take care of it!" Dr. Evil asked. "Well we are paired up with people, but they probably won't help us…" Gina said.

Then Scott passed then he stopped. "Ok good… there just dolls…" He said quietly. "Scott did you have to do this!" Gina asked Scott quickly. "What?" he asked. "Taking care of the dolls…" Gina said. "Uhh… probably… but my partner probably took care of it the whole time," He said then he left. "Well… I'm leaving," Emily said then here and Gina walked off.

One night Gina was sleeping and the baby started crying. But Gina was a heavy sleeper so she didn't wake up and it kept crying. But different from Gina, Dr. Evil woke up from it. He got up and thought, I thought this was over with…. He went into Gina's room, picked up something off the floor and threw it at her, and Gina didn't wake up. He left and tried to sleep but the room was close to Gina's.

He got up and when he picked up the doll to break it or something Emily's doll started crying. "Honest to-" He started then he dropped Gina's doll. He looked down at it and said, "…O well," Then it started crying louder. He gave up and left. When he left he slammed the door and it woke Gina up. Then she heard it crying. She rolled out of her bed and then she was surprised when she landed next to it and it wasn't in the little bed. She picked her up and realized that her head wasn't being supported on the floor. She picked it up and heard Emily's doll crying.

She walked into her room and saw Emily trying to get to the doll. When she got up she kinda crawled over to it. She picked it up and laid down. "Hello…" Emily said sleepily when she saw Gina. "Hi," Gina said then there was a long science, except for the babies crying. "…Someone broke Matteo!" Gina said. "Huh?" Emily said half asleep. "See! His neck's been bent back!" Gina said. "Hmm…" Emily said falling back to sleep.

"You know… Dad probably did it! Maybe it was crying in the middle of the night so he just dropped it! And I did hear a door slam… so I woke up… I think it was him!" "Hmm… ok" Emily said not really paying attention. Emily got Leanna to stop crying while Gina was trying to stop Matteo. It was really quite for a while then Gina said, "Ok… bye!" Then she walked out.

The next morning before school Gina walked up to Dr. Evil. "Dad! What did you do to Matteo!"


"The doll!"

"O… yes… It wouldn't shut up…"

"You broke it!"

"And how did I break it?"

"I don't know! But his head's bent back! His necks broken! I'm gonna get an F now!"

"It's not like it my fault it can't keep its head up."

"It's a doll!"

There was silence for a little bit then Gina sighed and walked off somewhere.

Then a few days later it was Friday. When Emily and Gina got home from school Gina ran up to Dr. Evil. "DADDY DADDY! EMILY HAS A CRUSH ON ONE OF YOUR COLLEGES!" Then Emily ran up, "Nuh-Uh! You do!"

"So do you!"

"So! He's better!"

"Nuh Uh!"

"Gina likes Mustafa!" Emily said to Dr. Evil.

"Well you like Number Two!"

"Well at least Number Two's not cheating with Frau!"


Dr. Evil had a very confused look on his face. Then Gina walked away. Dr. Evil said, "What-" Then before he finished Emily walk away.

Just then Mustafa walked up to him. "Mustafa… what's going-" Dr. Evil started to say then Frau walked up. Dr. Evil looked at them both in silence. Then Mustafa said, "Dr. Evil… I fixed your chair that you wanted fixed," "Yes… Thank You Mustafa," Dr. Evil replied. When Mustafa walked away Frau stayed there. "…What is it Frau?" Dr. Evil asked her. "Well Herr Doktor, I just over heard Gina and Emily yelling so I came to see why…" She said. "Oh… ok," Dr. Evil said. They both stayed there in silence. Then Frau walked away.

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