Title: A myth-take that was made

Author: Airaloki

Disclaimer: Until I can make enough money to survive a law suit with Asprin, none of this is mine

Summary: This is basically Aahz's version of what happened when Garkin summoned him across the barrier.

Author's Note: Please R/R, I live on feedback!

So I'm at this party, chatting up this beautiful Agenstin whose name was Marguerite, and everything's going real swell. I'm just starting to convince her to exchange numbers with me, when that same familiar feeling comes over me. Dammit. An old drinking buddy of mine is summoning me. Terrific. This is just what I need. And I was just starting to unthaw the block of ice surrounding this girls heart. Crap.

I wonder what he'd do if I didn't show up? That would be hilarious. I can just imagine him standing there, arms raised dramatically, while nothing happens. HA!

Hmm, I wonder if he's forgotten about that little stint with the lake. God that was funny! Him waving his arms around with that glare he kept shooting me, and that indignant look on his face! That kept me going for years! Of course, that mountebank just had to go and...but what's done is done. Oh well. A deal is a deal.

I completed my half of the summoning spell, and prepared to go into my ferocious demon act when I appeared in a small room with a soft BAMPH. There was all the typical mist and fog, like usual, only this time the smoke seemed a little...off. There was a tickling sensation as I breathed in some of the smoke, and I sneezed a bit. By the time my eyes started to clear and that feeling in my nose began to leave, Garkin was lying on the floor, and there's some little Klahd looking like he's about to relieve himself without the use of a toilet.

He was just kinda squatting there, not moving, so I decided to introduce myself and put him a little bit at ease. I smiled, and reached my hand out to shake, when he suddenly started scuttling away from me on all fours, looking as though the hounds of Hell themselves were after him. When he finally reached the wall and crashed into it, he let out a sound that made me question whether or not my translator pendant was working.

When I realized that I was indeed wearing it, and that the kid was probably terrified, I started to laugh. At that point, he kinda got this look on his face, like he was annoyed at something, which just made me laugh harder.

"Cold, vicious and bloodthirsty," I said, all the while trying to catch my breath. "You really bought the whole line, didn't you kid?"

The End