It was a stupid, crazy, ridiculous idea.

Mismagius eyed Arthur suspiciously as he rolled the pokeball between his hands, contemplating not only the effectiveness of his plan, but the sanity of it.

"Don't you look at me like that," he scolded his pokemon with a huff. "It isn't like I'm doing something...illegal or something."

At least, he didn't think it was illegal…

He'd look into it later.

"Spritzee, come on out," he said sternly, calling his newest pokemon and ignoring Mismagius's disapproving stare. The happy, sweet smelling pokemon popped out of the ball, greeting him with a cheerful little "Zee!" Arthur pursed his lips and pulled out his Pokedex.

"Spritzee, the perfume pokemon," the electric voice informed. "It emits a scent that enraptures those who smell it. This fragrance changes depending on what it has eaten."

He pushed a few buttons.

"Specimen specific data: Female. Level 35. Moveset: Sweet Scent, Aromatherapy, Attract, Charm. Items: None."

Arthur closed his pokedex with a click. Everything seemed to be in order, save for two minor details.

One; was it possible to use an attract attack on a human? He knew that physical attacks such as thunderbolt or sleep powder could affect humans, but was it the same for a mental attack?

And two.

Was it moral to do so?


Alfred was sitting across from the small campfire they had set up right before Arthur went out to find water, roasting a few hot dogs he had stuck sloppily onto a stick while his Braviary fluffed up his feathers besides him. Arthur watched him silently from his spot behind a tree and sighed deeply.

It was that twit's fault he was in this position, he decided. Alfred and his cornflower blue eyes, sunkissed skin, and sweet smile. If the boy wasn't so darn perfect, Arthur never would have developed these feelings in the first place, and he would be able to relax for all of two seconds during this blasted journey of their's.

Back in the clearing, Alfred pulled one of the hot dogs off his stick, and stuck it immediately into his mouth, crying out on pain moments later and fanning off his partially singed tongue. Arthur rolled his eyes.

That, was the other problem. If Alfred didn't have the emotional maturity of a rock, maybe he would have noticed Arthur's feelings by now. Sadly, the boy had eyes for only his pokemon and his dream of becoming an elite trainer, leaving no room for romance.

As causally as possible, Arthur entered the clearing, taking a seat next to Alfred on the stump by the fire, and nabbing the least burnt of his companion's hot dogs.

Alfred stuck out his lower lip in a pout. "Sure, Artie," he spat sarcastically. "Have one of the hot dogs I slaved over an open fire to roast for myself. Help yourself."

Arthur rolled his eyes, taking a small bite from his stolen dinner. "Slaved away? Please. You sat on your arse and held a stick."

"Yeah, held it for like, ten minutes, thank-you-very-much," he grumbled. "Did you find any water?"

Arthur coughed. Whoops, he had forgotten about that. "Ah, no, couldn't find any," he lied.

Alfred's eyes narrowed suspiciously. "Are you sure? Cause I swear we passed a stream when we-"

"O-oh look, a Duskull!"

"WHERE?!" Alfred cried, practically throwing himself around Arthur in fear. Arthur took a breath of relief. Thank the heavens for Alfred silly fear of ghosts for getting him out of yet another pickle.

"Oh, my mistake," he replied coolly, wiggling out of Alfred's grasp. "Must have been a Zubat."

Alfred pouted. "Don't do that, damn. Scared the shit out of me."

"I will do my best to be more careful." Arthur smiled to himself and took another bite of his hot dog. At least Alfred would be on edge for the remainder of the night, and would want to turn in early. He could put his plan into motion.

Sure enough, a few short hours later, and Alfred was setting up his sleeping bag, just as Arthur predicted. Managing to hide his short glances as Alfred changed into his pajamas, he cleared his throat and began digging his own sleeping bag out of his bag as well.

"See ya in the morning," Alfred said with a yawn, Braviary curled up loyally at his side. "Night."

"Good night, Alfred," he mumbled back, and waited.

Alfred usually fell asleep fairly quickly, not that Arthur paid particular attention to him as he slept, mind you, but it was something he had noticed in their six years of traveling together, so it didn't take long before he began showing the tell-tale signs of slumber.

Quietly as he could muster, Arthur slipped out of his sleeping bag, and grabbed Spritzee's pokeball from his discarded belt. Calling her out in a whisper, he pet her head affectionately, and pointed at Alfred, a determined glint in his eyes.

Now or never.

"Spritzee, use attract attack on Alfred." He clenched his fist. "Make him fall in love with me."


Arthur woke rather groggily a few short hours later to the clinging of pans and the popping of the fire, meaning that Alfred was already awake and making breakfast, for once. He yawned, forgetting momentarily about the previous night's little experiment, until Alfred's chipper voice brought him back into reality.

"Morning, Artie! I'm making some eggs and stuff! How would you like yours?"

Arthur rubbed his eyes, sitting up in his sleeping bag and raising an impressive eyebrow. "Eggs?" he asked, his throat still scratchy with sleep.

"Yep!" Alfred grinned, holding up his spatula. "I've got enough for each of us to have two. Want 'em scrambled, like usual?"

Arthur paused. He didn't know Alfred knew how he liked his eggs.

"Yes, scrambled is fine."

"Word! Two scrambled eggs, coming up!"

Arthur climbed out of his sleeping bag, running a hand through his hair and grabbing his water bottle out of his bag. Taking a seat on a log by the fire, he watched silently as Alfred began preparing breakfast over the fire, humming to himself and flipping the spatula around playfully when he noticed Arthur watching. He winked. Arthur rolled his eyes.

"Show off."

Alfred laughed heartily, causing Arthur's heart to skip a beat ever so slightly.

What was this all of a sudden? It was almost like-

"There ya go, Artie! Two scrambled eggs, just the way you like 'em!" He handed the small plate over and smiled warmly. Arthur gulped. Was he...blushing?

"Thank you, Alfred," he replied cautiously, paying close attention to Alfred's mannerisms for any sign of anything different. He bit his lip. Here went nothing... Closing his eyes, he took a slow, deliberate bite of his breakfast, letting the fork linger on his lips just a beat longer than usual before swallowing the eggs, and licking his lips. "Delicious," he purred, opening his eyes half-way so they remained somewhat half lidded.

Alfred's face immediately bloomed with color, his eyes widening as he accidently dropped the spatula. He squeaked and grabbed it, laughing way too loudly as he rubbed at the back of his neck. "Ah- oops! Ha! I'm just gonna go w-wash this off... Haha! Be right back!" He took off out of the campsite.

Arthur shared a look with Braviary as Alfred's retreating form disappeared into the woods.

He couldn't believe it.

It worked.


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