A/N: This is a very simple, very short one.

Chapter 3: Why the Conduit Led To the Presidium

SIS Long Night of Solace, Sometime After the Four Horsemen War (Reaper War)

"One might wonder why the Prothean team who built the Conduit decided to target it to a receiving relay they installed on the Presidium." John Shepard said to the camera. "The reasoning was very simple, according to our resident Prothean Javik. Please introduce your people's reasoning…"

Javik was still irritated at seeing the Protoss recently, since the Protoss and Prothean empires had been the two superpowers of the Protheans' time, and while the Protoss had managed to hide away on their Ark-Ships and Motherships, his people had not had quite the foresight or insanity to build such colossal vessels as an escape plan of all things. "Have you ever ridden the Citadel elevators?"

"Are they inactive for some time after each Cycle completes?" John asked, since that would be a valid reason.

Javik gained what looked suspiciously like a distant, blank stare "I have ridden those elevators in my life, many times, and each time I ride them I wonder if I would die of old age before they finished moving. Instead of risking their people in the elevator shafts, the scientists responsible for altering the Citadel did so by setting up camp on the Presidium and working from there, instead of having to commute to work each working cycle. This meant far fewer trips on those glorified aging devices after they found them to work, or fewer shaft-crawls, in this case to get food and water from the Wards' protein vats and water recycling plants instead of commuting to work."

"Were you actually there before you were transferred to and put into stasis on Eden Prime?"

"Anyone with half a brain could figure it out after one elevator ride."

"So every Cycle that used the Citadel as a capital was a bunch of brainless morons?"

Javik watched the broken time-wasting abomination (and trap) float by in its heavily damaged state with a distinct satisfaction. "Looks like it."

John cleared his throat, then "This short broadcast was brought to you by our Extranet vote on the Unresolved Mysteries of the Reaper War. Please stay tuned for more episodes of our Cultural Understanding Videos!"

A/N: After the nth ME fanfic lamenting the elevator rides, I suddenly considered why the Prothean scientists didn't set up shop near food and water instead of their work.