Chapter 2 - |Fluff!Warning!|Tears!Warning!|Love!Warning!|This-is-not-a!Warning!|..?..|

To anyone that could be watching, all they would see is two strangely shaped colors suddenly appearing out in the darkness. However, there was not a single soul nearby. Had there been, and had it been daylight, they would notice that these two figures were living and breathing, and possibly in need of help.

Considering the circumstances, there should have been people surrounding the area. The Hokage should have long since appeared. Anbu should have contained the area. Iruka should still be there… Unfortunately, or fortunately, none of this is, has, or will happen.

Instead, the only out of place sound was two very light snoring sounds.

Light shone through the treetops, showing the obvious signs of day upon two small shaded figures lying within tall grass.

"nnn~" A light moan came from within one of the two bundles of orange cloth.

"unnn~" Another followed the first.

Two pairs of eyes slowly opened at the sound of the second voice. Looking back at each other, both bodies reluctantly sat up, staring at what should be a reflection.

""Cute"" Two distinctly childish voices echoed out, though might have sounded like one from another viewpoint. At the same time, both pairs looked upon the head of the opposite, then at the nine strange waving appendages behind the other unclothed figures. The pointed furry ears upon each head swiveled at the sounds. If they hadn't known any better, let alone thought that the voice heard was their own, either would probably have not reacted. Instead they turned back to looking at each other's eyes once again.

Soon, the reality of what had happened the night before hit hard. Stinging tinged at the corners of their eyes in mirrored fashion, ""so it's true."" Once again, they mirrored their reactions, flinching. However something kept plagueing their thoughts, keeping their feelings from tearing at them.

""Pink/Purple eyes?"" If their childish size wasn't a little expected, the two girls might have remarked upon that instead. Or even the many other vast changes. But everything was off...

The simple difference in their words stroked a chord. Blinking, both opened their mouth, but somehow one was able to actually speak first, holding the other's. "No, they're pink…"

"Eh? But I see purple! They're even slitted, like a cat's!" She pouted, knowing what she was seeing.

"No! Pink! I know what purple is, and your eyes are NOT purple! Wait, MY EYES! Agh, this is so confusing! If you weren't so cute right now, and I hadn't wanted to see all the changes, I'd dispel you!"

The 'pink'-eyed girl pouted, crossing her arms, and looked away. A twitch of her fur-clad ears told her the other girl was getting up and walking around her. Could she hear better now?

"This is just too weird! Why hadn't I known I was the kyuubi? Why hadn't they told me? How could they hide something like this?! W-Why… jiji? WHY?!" Tears started flowing from the standing girl as she pulled one of the still sitting child's tails up and ran a finger over it.

Still sitting, the other child frowned as tears fell down her face as well. "I don't know… But he always treated me so.. so-so, nice! R-Right?"

"Y-Yea! ..But, b-but he never sa-said anything! Wouldn't he tell us? I mean me! Wouldn't he?"

"M-Maybe he -*hic*- h-he was planning to?"

Coming around to the front of the small child that was her clone, Narue took another full look. "This is just too w-weird though. I mean, we - I - really do have nine tails… but why are only two of them red?"

For a moment, the sitting child closed her eyes, sadness at the reality of - "Wait, two red?" She looked at her 'creator' in shock. "You have two blonde tails, the rest are red..."

Narue blinked owlishly, dispelling more tears, then knit her eyebrows together. "No, I have two red tails, and seven blonde. You're my clone, that's what you have, so that's what I have…"

'Clone' Narue looked behind her and saw the difference. Each fluffy tail was casually drifting about, two red and seven blonde, twisting and twirling mockingly. "How? Why are mine different?"

"Huh?" Narue looked behind her to see that the difference was true. She really DID have two blonde and seven red. Each tail easily longer than her own legs, flowing out from the end of her spine. "What the..?"

"And your hair is mostly red, with only two long strands on either side of your PURPLE eyes!" The clone said.

Narue blinked, gathered some of it up in her hands, and looked at her predominately RED hair, which had been blonde before then. Turning back, she saw her 'clone' had mostly long blonde hair with similarly split traces of red on either side of a middle blonde tuft of shorter hair that narrowed into a point just between her eyes.

""Weird"" Both girls mimicked, before giggling. The strangeness taking their minds off the cruelty of recent happenings and truths. It was a welcome distraction. Though the subject still kept their minds from wandering too far from it.

"So I have purple eyes, while you're are pink? And my hair has two blonde strips, like my two blonde tails, while yours are the opposite with red?"

"Yea…" The 'clone' frowned. "And I don't feel like a clone. I feel so much energy too. So much chakra... But it's really weird! Like I'm not quite.. I don't know how to explain it! I just - what are you doing?"

"Kai! ..KAI!'re not dispelling!" Narue looked at her 'clone' wide-eyed, which was mimicked by said girl.

"Wait a sec… ow, ..Ow.. nothing, OUWCH! HEY!" 'Clone' Narue rubbed her head where she had been hit, after having poked and pinched herself. After realizing that she wasn't dispelling, and actually feeling pain, she looked back, slightly scared, at Narue. "I'm… not going to dispel?"

A similar look of shock was reflected, "I think you're real… Why don't I feel like before either?" Narue questioned, then pinched herself as well, looking at the red spot that was left behind which then quickly faded to perfectly smooth pale skin. "You're right, I don't feel normal either, but not…"

Turning back to her clone, the two came to a small but stunning revelation. "So you're not my clone anymore? You're real? Really real?"

"I-I think so?"
"But how?"

"..the scroll?"
"It had two areas for hands. It needed two, but-"
"They were either hand, for a single person."
"But we're two,"
"So it sent both,"
"to the past,"
"turning us into kids?,"
"and it making you real?"
"..Does this make us sisters?"

Both girls looked even more shocked at those final words. Breaths held, fox-like ears and tails straightened and stiff, they stared at one another other, hope gathering in their features.

Two young girls, no older than six, most likely not even five, fox ears poking from their heads, nine new furry tails, slitted cat-fox eyes, six black fuzzy whisker-like scars, and abnormally long canine teeth. Both nearly a mirror image of the other, different only in inverse coloured hair, easily siblings in appearance, neither one a clone as first believed. Though both felt strangely different as well

""We can be twins!"" They echoed out, happily as they realized that somehow 'family' had been created for each other. Not just family, but twin sisters! Even if each was literally a copy of the other, born from an accident. A reality Narue had wished for since before they could remember. Though not in the way they had expected, or the type of family imagined, they had still gained a family member.

Coming to their conclusion, they hugged in joy, instinctively wrapping and interlinking their tails about the other's frame. A feeling of warmth neither had ever felt before surged between them. Family… Finally, I have family!

Narue flinched at the sound in her head, almost believing it to be her own voice. Her thoughts were still with a more teenage voice, which made the sound strange. The voice she heard was more childlike. D-Did you say that?

The other girl had wondered why her 'sister', her supposed 'original', had moved so weirdly, then somehow heard her own voice in her head. Though after a moment she realized that it wasn't her. She hadn't thought those words. She, too, had been thinking with slightly older tones. WIth wide eyes, even as Narue pulled back, she nodded absentmindedly, not really knowing why.

We can hear each other's thoughts?! Narue nearly squealed within her mind.

What?! 'clone' Narue responded. Really?!

Narue nodded, before thinking strangely, a small frown on her face as she looked around. "Was the grass this tall when we woke up?

Both tailed children looked about at the forest surrounding them. At first it had been maybe a quarter meter tall when they woke up, just over their hips while sitting. The ticklish feeling against their bare bodies wasn't that unpleasant, but strange. Now, it was clearly mid-waist.

"I think so.. Naru-nee?" The blonde-red girl muttered, turning hopefully eyes upon the other.

Slightly dumbfounded at the new name, a look of horror replacing it a moment later as true realization set in about their circumstances. "W-We can't both be named Narue!"

Soon enough, the horror was reflected. "B-But that's my name! I've lived with it my entire life!"

Ignoring the absurdity of such a statement, having been a clone, both started thinking. "I know, mine too! But we can't call each other Narue! How could others tell us apart?!"

Once more, their true situation set upon the two. Everyone? What 'others'? Only three people ever called her by name… The Hokage and the Ichiraku family. Even Iruka had only started doing so recently, but he didn't count anymore. Everyone else was either 'brat' or some form of derogative, when not outright ignored. They didn't want to remember those people...

Pushing the thoughts away, Narue looked at her former clone. "Still, another name… I'm the original, so I think it's only fair we change yours."

She pouted at her 'original', but nodded. "Just change 'e' to 'a'. Narua. I don't want to change too much, else it will feel too weird!" After a second, they broke down giggling, and hugged again.

A while later, they pulled apart, separating their tails completely this time. They looked around at the surrounding forest. It was already getting dark, but neither had any trouble seeing. "Eh? The grass is really growing fast Narue-nee!"

The red-blonde looked about, and saw it was true. It was already up to their chest, though they were still sitting. "Yea… this is so weird." The two girls furrowed their brows for a moment, then gave up, shrugging. "I really don't want to go back to the village…"

"Eh? Yea… But where else would we go? I mean, this is the past right? Wouldn't jiji be looking for us if we just ran off? Who knows how long it will take for him to notice though."

Narua frowned, but shook her head. "Probably. We can't leave the village without passing people either. With our tails showing, they'd hunt us down, maybe even kill us!"

Both twin's eyes widened dramatically all of a sudden, "how do we hide our tails and ears?!"

They stared at each other in shock and fear. "We can't go anywhere 'til we figure that out!"

Shaking her head quickly in mutual agreement, they started back and forth on thoughts, before deciding to try their Henge. Narue started building up chakra, which quickly became a visible light violet wrapping around her body. Not an instant later, she was tackled to the ground, breaking her concentration. "Ouw~" Looking back at her sister-attacker, not noticing her quickened breath or expression, she growled, "What was that for?!"

Narua for her part was freaking out. Spreading her arms around brough the other twin's attention to what she caused, to which she froze.

"W-What? I di..did this?" Ignoring the nod, or not seeing it, she just continued staring at the meter tall grass surrounding them. Only where they had been was it shorter, flattened from having the two children rolling around in it. Suddenly being surrounded by grass, which quite easily didn't seem like grass anymore, as tall as their full height, was quite daunting.

"I-I think your chakra isn't just stronger. The plants are growing from it!" Narua said in awe. She turned back to eye her twin. "Use less chakra. Much much less! What you pulled out was so much more than we ever used for transforming before! Even though I've never felt someone else's chakra before, but even I felt that!"

What the two girls didn't know was that the forest they were in was surrounded by seals, which had been placed nearly a hundred years before, to hold in massive amounts of chakra from being felt. Their luck always being incredible, had thankfully kept them from exposing konoha to a massive burst of unknown chakra, and bringing attention to them.

Narue nodded belatedly. "Okay. Less chakra. A lot less..?" Another nod. "Okay."

Narua placed a hand on her sister, trying to feel the energy more closely. Focusing on hiding her new features, Narue tried again, this time trying to reign in any that tried escaping her body. "Even less!" Listening to her sister, she focused on splitting apart the strange new energies that was held within her body. "I told you less!" Narue barely kept from growling, and spread out what she had, letting go of more than half, doing so again and again, until her sister finally stopped.

Running through the hand-seals, Narue finally used the technique.

A large 'poof' of smoke spread out from the two children, enough to block the vision of any creature within several dozen meters, and reaching half as tall as the surrounding trees. When it cleared, Narua saw what amounted to a single-tailed kitsune. "...Kind of worked? You still have ears and a tail."

Narue almost wept at having to do that again. "That was so hard~!" Hearing a giggle, she turned on her sister, pouting. This only brought more laughter, so Narue lunged and tackler her sister to the ground. They rolled around for dominance for a bit before stopping and laughing together.

"Okay okay!" Narua laughed again. "I'll try now." They stood up, and headed back to the 'larger' flattened area of grass. It was strange seeing something that's usually so short be so much taller. It had obviously grown again from trying to use 'henge'.

Doing what her sister did, Narua split her energy until it felt similar to what Narua had used. Strangely, they were able to feel chakra, which neither had been capable of before. She lessened it even further. Like stated, it was getting harder and harder to do so as she kept splitting it up. There was just too much, and it all seemed to want to meld together. After another stray thought about it not really following 'lines' anymore, she felt it was small enough.

The 'poof' was far smaller this time, only encompassing the two of them with smoke, however the result was the same. Pink-slit eyes, blonde fox ears, and a single blonde-tail with two red stripes along its length. A mirror opposite of what her sister had as her henge. Thankfully their canines and claws had morphed into the normal humanesque features.

"...Same thing?" Narue responded confused.

Narua frowned in confusion. She flicked her 'single' tail a little, as her ears swiveled. "Eh?" Surprised, she blinked. "It doesn't even feel like the normal transformation?"

"Huh?" Owlishly blinking, Narue reflected the motions of her sister. "It's true? I don't feel like I'm trying to hold it either, but that it's still me?" A moment of concentration had her full features returning. The two blonde stripes on her 'single' tail split into their own as the red split into seven almost seamlessly. Claws grew back, and her canines lengthened slightly. "That was.. weird."

Narua just stared, openly gaping at the 'transformation'. "Weird is wrong..! That was neat!"

Instead of using the hand-seals again, Narue focused on the strangeness she felt when 'releasing' the henge, and a moment of concentration had reversed the release process. Once more she was a single tailed kitsune-child, confirmed by looking behind her at the wonderfully over-fluffy tail swishing behind her in wonder. Soon she was mesmerized at the sway, ignoring her sister's words of amazement, even as the twin attempted it herself.

Tail, fluffy, cute, want…! Not a moment later she spun in an attempt to grasp the object of her recent affections, only to miss and fall sideways. Mid-fall had the tail actually sway back into her arms, luckily, where she hugged it tightly.

A giggle broke through, "ne, ne, that was really cute." Narue looked up to her sister, who was actually blushing from the sight. Smirking, Narua hopped at her twin, who released a startled yelp as she fell backwards. "Hehe, I want some of your fuzzy too!"

"No! You have your own!" Narue growled, which only brought another giggle as they rolled around, flattening the grass. A second later, the single tail of her sister was tickling her face. "H-Hey! Stop i-hii-it!" Unable to help themselves, both girls started laughing, albeit for entirely different reasons.

Before they knew it, the two had fallen asleep in the middle of an overly padded area of flattened grass. Despite all their grief, sadness, and pain, small smiles graced their whiskered faces.

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