A/N: Wow. This is my first upload in so long... I'm afraid I've forgotten how to write. I've been wanting so long to just type my ideas and stories but two jobs, personal reasons, and laziness has made it nearly impossible. But I'm very happy I started writing again. Hopefully this habit will continue. :)

This was also supposed to be a one-shot but I decided to stretch it out into several small chapters that I will be uploading every day because ain't no one got that good of an attention span.

Summary: Tsuna has fallen into debt to a neighboring mafia family after moving from his home at age 20. (Un)Luckily, Tsuna's sweet nature attracts the local mafia's boss' son. X/27.

Chapter 1 - Becoming a Dog

Tsunayoshi Sawada is a twenty two year old cashier for a grocery store who is also horrible at his job. He has trouble remembering produce codes and is on his last legs at his work. Tsuna cannot afford to lose his part-time, low-paying job. He did not have any special talents, interests, or skills to work anything else than retail. His job barely gave him enough to live off of. He had moved out of his mothers house two years ago to try to live on his own which was quite a stupid thing to do with hardly any money saved up and no work experience.

About a year ago, his landlord had decided to raise his rent for almost no reason. Tsuna had tried to fight this, but lost horridly. Months later, he had spent whatever he had left in his savings account to afford his home. He had almost became homeless a few months ago if it wasn't for a man in an ally who offered him some money.

Now, approaching a shady looking man with a red mohawk, piercings on his face, a few tattoos visible on his neck and arms while dressed in a black suit, offering him money in an ally seemed like the dumbest thing a person could do but Tsuna had been both dumb and desperate. Not only did he approach this man, but he had also accepted his deal. The deal was he could borrow 610,000 yen from this man's boss and either accept a small job for 12,200 yen as repayment and/or pay them back himself.

Tsuna had been wary about all that money but soon found out that it would only take fifty jobs to repay them. He didn't know what the jobs would be but Ruairi-san, the shady looking man with the red mohawk, had assured him that he wouldn't be working any too illegal jobs because of how pathetic he was and getting caught would not do well for business. Tsuna had pouted for a few minutes after being told this, to which Ruairi-san slapped him over the head and told him to act like a man.

So far, Tsuna had only given back a pathetic 12,600 yen to Ruairi-san to take back to his boss. Unfortunately, this was over a timespan of a couple of months. His low-pay job and high-rent had made it almost impossible to live moderately and repay what he owed.

When Tsuna asked his... acquaintance who exactly his boss was over a glass of Ruairi-san's favorite glass of carrot and mango juice over at Tsuna's apartment, Ruairi-san answered, "He is the head of the Pravus Mafia family that I am a part of. Which makes you our dog."

"Hiiee!" Tsuna knew that Ruairi-san was in some shady business but wasn't expecting him to be part of a mafia. And now he was also a part of it- as a dog no less.

Just what had he gotten himself into?