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Summary: Harry discovered some startling truth about his parentage which caused him to redefine himself.

Warning: Implied slash. No sexual content. (there ARE smooch, peck, kiss, hug, but nothing more)


It was an ordinary sunny day in the Burrow. Molly Weasley was cooking while watching her sons Fred and George grudgingly clean up the kitchen after a disastrous experiment for their future joke shop left the kitchen purple and yellow. Ron was playing a mock Quidditch match with Harry while Hermione was sitting under a tree. She was reading a Muggle book, her parents' in fact, about the human body. Of course, her preference of activity had earned her teasing from her best friends.

All in all, it was a peaceful afternoon.

Of course, all thanks should be addressed to the Boy-Who-Once-Again-Defeated-Voldemort. Together with Dumbledore, he cast the Killing Curse, followed by Incendio which burned the Dark Lord's body with unquenchable flames. Voldemort would forever regret the day he took Harry's blood. That was, if he could regret anything.

The fight wasn't easy. They had lost many people during the war, including Professor McGonagall, Madam Hooch, Ginny, Cho Chang's parents, Professor Sinistra, Blaise Zabini, and many people Harry couldn't recall specifically. Sirius had been seriously injured and now was being treated in St. Mungo's. The mediwizards speculated that it would take three months before he could completely recover and be able to walk properly again. Thank Merlin that his name had been cleared! Unfortunately, the Ministry refused to give him custody over Harry, arguing that he was incapable to meet Harry's needs financially and emotionally. Remus Lupin had pledged for the custody and the trial would be held next week. They only had a slim chance to win, however, for the prejudice against a werewolf was as strong as ever. Harry could only hope that Dumbledore's and Mr. Weasley's influence would be able to convince the judges to decide otherwise.

"Hey, I beat you this time!" exclaimed Ron, lifting up the Snitch proudly.

"Not fair, you used my Firebolt!"

"Fair. You are the Quidditch Captain."

"Okay, Okay, you win." Harry was half grumbling.

Ron grinned madly at his rare success in Quidditch. "Come on. It's almost dinnertime." He landed and ran to his house, followed by Hermione and Harry.


Dinner was uneventful. Fred and George were too tired to play any pranks. Mr. Weasley hadn't returned from the office. Percy was quiet as usual. Ever since Penelope's death, he had been a changed man, not haughty or compulsively neat anymore, but quiet and pensive. Ginny's death was the final blow. He had quit from his job at the Ministry and now was studying Wizarding Law in University to be a lawyer.

So many pains, Harry sighed inwardly. He missed Sirius badly. He was furious at the Ministry's decision, but could do nothing. He just hoped Lupin would get the custody. If he had to return to the Dursleys again, he swore to every demon and dark lord that he would be Voldemort's successor, consequences be damned.

Well, maybe not. But he was certain that the consequences would be dire for certain prejudiced, idiotic people in the Ministry who did not realized that they had just prompted a war with the Boy-Who-Is-Powerful-Enough-To-Defeat-Voldemort.

Harry felt his appetite was gone, but continued eating. He didn't want to disappoint Mrs. Weasley. The death of her only daughter was a hard blow for her. She was not as loud and warm as she had been before, though she tried as hard as she could to act normal. Harry still felt the pang of guilt for Ginny's death. If only he had killed Voldemort sooner…

"Earth to Harry. Earth to Harry!"

Harry blinked and found Ron was watching him worriedly. "What?"

"Are you finished yet? We're planning on helping Remus sort your family's documents, remember?"

Harry nodded and brought his dishes to the sink. It was George's turn to wash the dishes, so he didn't feel bad leaving them there. He climbed up the stairs and entered Ron's room.

Papers, maps, and all sort of documents were scattered on the floor. Hermione was frowning while trying to decide the best way to sort the files. Ron already was busy reading a document. Harry sat and frowned too. Such a mess! He wished he could use Percy's help, but he was reluctant to ask. Pensive Percy was scarier than Neat Percy. Thank to every deity existing, they had Hermione.

"Okay. I think we have to sort the files according to the owner. These files, for example, are your father's documents. Sort those according to the date. His birth certificate goes first, and then his first medical record and so on. Ron, you work on Harry's documents. Harry, you work on your mother's, and I'll work on your father's." Hermione commanded. She asked Harry to work on his mother's documents on purpose. She knew that Harry fervently wished to know his mother better. People rarely spoke of her; they usually compared him to James.

Ron and Harry nodded and began to work.

"Hey, Harry. You almost died when you were three years old!" Suddenly Ron spoke up.


"Here, look at this." Ron pointed at the medical record. "You got in a nasty car accident. You lost so much blood that you needed a blood transfusion."

"B–," read Hermione. "They must have used B–, or else you would have died, because they could not found AB– type, which is yours. But you survived, thank Merlin!"

"Why couldn't they find an AB- donor for me?"

"Because it's the rarest type of blood on earth. The chance of having this blood type is one in few millions or so."

"Wicked!" Ron was amazed.

Harry was not. He shuddered and thanked whichever god who listened that Voldemort had been killed, and therefore lessened the chance he would need blood transfusion again.

Hermione laughed. "Oh Harry, we don't need blood transfusion in the wizarding world. We can create blood."

"What?" Ron and Harry exclaimed.

"Well, not exactly create. Blood Enhancer Potion will increase the amount of your blood within seconds. The mediwizard only needs to know your blood type before adding the final ingredient to the potion. You need to add lily petal for A type blood, violet for B type, both petals for AB  type, and none for O type. What's interesting is that wizards or witches who invent the Potion coded blood types according to the Potion's last ingredients: L for A type, V for B, LV for AB type, that is yours, and O for O. No need to pay attention to your rhesus here because it's your blood reproducing itself instead of being transferred from another person."

Ron eyed her suspiciously. "I don't recall there being any question about that potion in our potions homework."

"Unlike some people, I *do* find Potion interesting."

"Are you mad? Potions, interesting?"

"Yes, in fact, I do find it interesting. I plan to work in medical research after I graduate. I want to know if it's possible to combine Muggle science and magic."

Ron rolled his eyes. Harry grinned at their antics and returned to work.

"Do you think my grandparents knew about the Blood Enhancer thing, Hermione?"


"My mother's blood type was L."

"Come on Harry, there must be thousands of people with that name. Besides, your grandparents are Muggles, right?"

"Yea. Well, it's just a coincidence then. Besides, Aunt Petunia was surely not named after the potion ingredient."

Ron laughed. "Perhaps they couldn't see the similarity between a violet flower and your aunt." Harry laughed too, and the matter was soon forgotten.

It was soon brought to their attention again. Hermione was scanning a document when she suddenly froze in shock.


"Yes, Hermione?"

"Could I borrow your mother's medical record?"

"Which one? Magical or Muggle?"

"Can I have both please?"

"What for?"

"Nothing important." Her eyes betrayed her emotion, though. She was nervous, even a little panic.

"No. What?" Harry insisted.

"I need to check it first, Harry. And Ron, give me Harry's Muggle and Magical Record."

Harry and Ron looked at each other and shrugged. They handed the mentioned documents to Hermione. They watched her curiously while she checked the documents quickly, biting down her lower lip. Her eyes widened and she closed the documents hastily. Too hastily.

"Mione, what is it?"

"Nothing," she answered quickly and averted her gaze to her documents.

"Hermione, please. Is there anything you find about my parents and me? Illness or something?"

"No, Harry. It's nothing really, I could be wrong. Documents could be wrong, Harry."

"What? What's wrong?"

Hermione looked thoughtful for a moment and sighed. "All right. It's just weird."

"What? What's weird?" Harry was very worried now. What could he have that was so weird? It was as if having the scar wasn't weird enough. Why couldn't his life be normal like everyone else's?

"Your blood type, Harry."

"Yes. What's wrong with my blood type?"

"Your blood type can't possibly be AB."


"Because neither of your parents have the B."

"Does it matter?"

"Yes Harry. Someone who has AB blood type must have at least a parent with the B type or AB type. Your mother and father have the same blood type: A, or L in Wizarding world." She didn't dare meet Harry's eyes.



Hermione sighed. "I could be wrong, okay?"

"You? Wrong? The chance is even rarer than having AB- type!"

Harry was speechless, but he knew Hermione was right. He distantly remembered his class at his Muggle school. That meant… that meant… that meant… his parents weren't his parents. At least one of them. Oh God.

His world dissolved into darkness.

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