Chapter 5

Harry blinked a couple of times, closing his eyes again as the light hit them.. He groaned. His throat felt dry and he felt his head spin. What was wrong? The last thing he remembered was falling asleep outside of Remus's cottage. He tried to open his eyes again, slowly this time.

"Harry? Harry?" Harry turned and saw a very relieved Remus sitting beside his bed.

"What happened?" Harry croaked. "Where am I?"

 "You've been bitten by a snake, Harry. You've been unconscious for almost a week." Remus said. "The mediwizard said that the snake's poison caused a magical disruptions in you because as a Parselmouth, you're not supposed to be bitten by a snake."

"Oh." Harry said weakly and lay back again. The ceiling was white, as were the bed, the nightstand, and the other things. This room was exactly like Sirius'. Was this St.Mungo's? Most likely.

"Here, drink this," Remus brought him a glass of water. Harry drank hungrily, almost chocked himself. "Slowly, Harry," Remus said.

"More," Harry said after emptying the glass.

After drinking two glasses of water, Harry was given a vial of a very foul tasting potion. Having emptied the vial, he felt his eyes closing in their own accord.

The last thing he remembered was a kiss planted on his scar by Remus.

The next time Harry woke up, a face was hovering above him. He squinted his eyes. "Sirius?" he said, noticing the black hair that surrounded the face.

"Harry, we were so worried about you!" said Sirius.

"'m sorry," Harry mumbled, still unable to think straight. After all, he had just slept for... how long?

"How long have I been asleep?"

"A few days, I guess. I don't know. Remus just told me about you yesterday. Yesterday!" Sirius sounded furious.

"I'm so sorry, Sirius," said the werewolf. Harry turned and saw Remus' blurry figure sitting on the corner of the room.

"Sorry!? You're sorry?" Sirius screamed.

"What's going on here?" A plump woman came in. Judging by her white robe, Harry figured that she was the mediwitch.

"Sorry, Ma'am," Remus apologized.

"You, what are you doing here, interrupting other patients? I'll take you back to your room now," she said sternly.

Harry groaned. This was certainly not the best way to wake up. Besides, he felt so hungry and thirsty.

"So sorry, Harry," Sirius said. He managed to kiss Harry's temple before the stern nurse moved him from the chair beside Harry's bed to a wheelchair and took him back to his room.

"Thirsty," croaked Harry.

Remus brought him a glass of water. Having emptied the glass, he looked at Remus expectantly and said, "I'm hungry, too."

"Sorry, Harry. You're not allowed to eat anything until Snape gives permission."


"Yeah, he is the only Potions Master who can make the potion to heal you. The process is very taxing and complicated. He said you mustn't eat or drink anything but water until the poison is out of your system."

Remus put the glass back to the nightstand. "I think Sirius is more incensed because Snape knew about your condition before he did. But how could I help it? He was going through another surgery just a day after you were bitten. I couldn't possibly tell him."

"Yeah," Harry said. "How was Sirius' surgery going, though?"

"As expected. He will be able to walk again, though he must not put a strain on his legs."

"Good." Harry smiled.

They sat in silence for some time. Remus moved to the chair that had previously been engaged by Sirius and absentmindedly flattened Harry's sheet. Harry was staring at the ceiling, somehow warmed for the fact that his father, Snape though he was, bothered to make the difficult Potion for him.

"Harry?" Remus asked hesitantly.


"I told Severus that you know."

"What???" Harry was shocked.

"I am sorry… but I have to know. I have to know of why he did that and why he still treated you so badly, knowing that he's your…your…"

"Father," Harry whispered, suddenly feeling his eyes hot with tears.

"Oh, Harry, I'm sorry to upset you so," Remus brushed a tear that had escaped from the corner of his eye.

"It's okay, Remus," Harry said, suddenly feeling stupid for crying. "What did he say?"

"He said that it was none of my business. But I said that your business was mine too," Remus said.

Harry felt warmed. So, Harry's business was Remus' too. Harry chided himself for reading Remus' words too far, that was probably because he would become his guardian soon.

"What else did he say? Why did he do … that, instead of letting Sirius?"

Remus didn't answer.


"Harry, promise me you won't tell Sirius this," he said in a grave tone.

"Why? What's the matter?" Harry felt anxious now.

"Sirius, he… he… he can't have children."


"Yes. He can't have children, Harry. He is not sterile, but his child would be a Squib because his sperm doesn't carry any magical properties."

"Oh," was all that Harry could say.

"Yeah. James made Snape swear to secrecy that he wouldn't tell Sirius."

"But… but … what if Sirius wants to have children? He'll be devastated when he finds out by himself."

Remus chuckled. "I don't think Padfoot will have children in any time shortly. You see, he is a gay."

"Oh," Harry said again. For the second time he was dumbfounded.

"And I certainly wouldn't want to have children, as there is a possibility of me passing my lycanthropy to my children."

"What that has anything to do with Sirius?'

"Well…," Remus fidgeted. "You see, Harry. Sirius and I are… a couple."

This time, Harry fainted.


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