'Ive loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night' Galileo

In this Non Cannon fic, fenrir greyback wasn't part of the war. He was in hiding in France. It was a different werewolf present during the wizarding war in Britain and it wasn't Lavender who was bitten in the final battle, it was Harry just after it came to be known hed killed Voldemort. This werewolf wasn't happy Harry had killed his master. Now Fenrir is back in England, following the fresh scent of his newly awakened mate.

General POV

Fenrir was itching all over. Hed just arrived in England after so long and the smell was getting stronger. The smell he never thought hed smell. Hed listened for years to his pack describing how the smell smelt but no one could have told him how sweet it was. It nearly made him drool. This smell wasn't purely innocent but it was by no means dirty. It smelt of fresh mint and apples and no other smell could compare to it. After spending as long as hed spent, believing that hed never smell the smell he was excited. People had told him that it would have to be an exceptionally powerful wizard for him to have this moment. And it was finally here.

Fenrir himself was nearly 7 foot tall and was extremely well built. The muscles weren't obvious like some of the others in the pack but he was the fastest by far. He had soft brown hair that was streaked with silver, tied back at the nape of his neck and hypnotising blue eyes. He had stubble on his chin that was also going silver. He was by no means an unattractive man. But neither was his mate.

Harry Potter had just put up his tent. He had spent the first few years after the war living with his two best friends in Grimmauld Place, but his monthly problem had meant he wasn't happy there. Plus he'd heard that they were only his friends because they were bribed. So he packed a tent and set off. Hed lived in the woods ever since. That was a few months ago. He still went back to see his real friends and godson, Teddy, regularly but the forest was his home. Yes Harry Potter was a werewolf. He was bitten by a rogue werewolf after hed killed his master Voldemort. After the first few transformations, it stopped hurting and he accepted his new state readily.

Harry stood at 5 feet 9 inches. He was quite small for a werewolf but that was due to the time hed spent on the run before the war. He had straight midnight black hair he wore in a ponytail. His hair used to be perpetually messy but due to his infliction, it had grown straight. He had viridian green eyes which were no longer hidden behind his wire rimmed glasses. He had a few muscles due to his practise of quidditch and the running he did during the full moons.

Harry suddenly felt very alone. In his heart he felt like there was something missing. He didn't feel safe. He wanted to be protected.

Fenrir felt in his heart that his mate was sad and lonely. His mate needed protecting. Fenrir ran faster until he came to a small clearing in a forest near London. He Hid up a tree and watched the tent where the smell was strongly attacking his senses.