'Ive loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night' Galileo

This is the end my friends.

General POV

It had been a few months now. Harry was ready to have his baby. It had not been an easy few months however. First off was the trip to Paris for baby furniture. Someone had seen them there and took pictures of the heavily pregnant submissive. The next morning written in The Daily Prophet was the headline:


Harry had cried when he read that. Fenrir had comforted his mate before going for his revenge. Let's just say, they didn't find Skeeters body.

Then there had been the kidnap. On a routine trip to St Mungos for extra vitamins for his baby, Harry had been blindfolded and taken away. When he had woken up he was in a dark dank dungeon and Dumbledore stood in front of him with Molly Weasley. They had tortured him for days. He had almost given up hope of his baby living and him ever being rescued. Then Remus and Fenrir found him and rescued him. He was checked straight away and told the baby was a fighter and was fine. When asked if they wanted to know the sex of the baby they declined, preferring it to be a surprise. Surprisingly enough, nobody has seen Dumbledore or Molly since either.

Now though, Harry was sat in their hut by himself reading. Fenrir had gone out with Liekos and Remus had taken Dora and Teddy out for lunch. Harry was comfortable enough reading. It had been about half an hour and Harry was just getting to a good part in his book when he suddenly felt something hot and wet on his legs. He looked down and to his horror, it was not see through like it would be if his waters had broken. No this liquid was bright red. Blood. Harry began to panic. He stood up and was hit by a wave of pain. He doubled over and screamed. HE screamed as loud as he could. He was alone and frightened. He sent waves of pain, worry and despair down his bond line to Fenrir.

Suddenly the door was flung open to reveal Gayle. She picked Harry up and ran to the hospital hut in the camp. The door was locked and Harry was changed into a hospital gown. Gayle gave him pain medication and checked out what was happening.

'Why am I bleeding?' Harry asked worriedly.

'Your body is growing its birth canal. You're about to become a daddy Harry.' She grinned.

Fenrir burst through the door and Harry smiled at him. Just as he smiled he was hit by another contraction. Gayle bustled Fenrir back out and locked the door again. Fenrir paced the length of the hut as Harry puffed, panted and screamed. Then all of a sudden, a small wail was heard. The door was opened. By now all of Harrys family and the pack were gathered there. Fenrir was led in to see Harry sitting up in bed, looking tired but cradling a pink blanket. Fenrir peered over to see a sweet little baby girl with curly black hair, streaked with silver. She had one blue eye and one green. She had a cute button nose.

'Say hello to our daughter Fen.'

'Hello Stella Aria Greyback.'

The pack howled together as they welcomed their newest member.