Chapter 1

How it Began

There are many religions and beliefs around the world. Many stories, many different views of the afterlife, many different deities that people believe or once believed governed over them. They vary in many different ways but some particular things usually match.

One such belief is that of the human soul. Eternal and indestructible, the soul is a thing that everyone has.

Now, contrary to popular belief, the world exists in four separate dimensions, not three. There are the three we can conceive that make up the physical world. The last, and most important of all, is by time. That's important. Remember it. Seriously.

"Not Harry, please!"

"Move aside, silly girl."

"Not Harry!"

Little Harry Potter didn't understand. All he knew was that there were scary noises and his mummy was scared and that there was a weird looking man standing right in front of him.

Then, there was a flash of brilliant green light. Little Harry scrunched his eyes and looked away. A thud sounded as his mother went to sleep. Harry frowned. He didn't want nap time! Especially not with that weirdo in the room. Little Harry looked down at his mother and did what all babies do to get attention and started bawling loudly.

Voldemort let out a small snarl. This was the brat fated to defeat him? Hah! With a twirl of his wand the dark lord letting a curse loose upon the unsuspecting child.

Now, the method the Killing Curse takes lives is not so different from how a Dementor leaves its victims scared. It's just far messier. You see, the Killing Curse forcibly causes the human soul and spirit to split from the body. This causes the victim drops dead without any physical sign. They just cease to be. That's important too.

For, you see, as green lightning arched towards the child the blood runes Lily Potter had carved into the crib and energized with her own willing sacrifice activated. Voldemort had a brief oh shit moment before the curse backfired and blasted him.

Little Harry screamed as the room exploded around him and the Dark Lord was blown to smithereens.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you look at it, there was an unforeseen consequence to Voldemort's act that night. The Killing Curse is a spell that assaults the very soul of its victims. Because of that one little detail, something unexpected happened. As little Harry was the first survivor of the Killing Curse in recorded history, it could not have been foreseen.

Little Harry swayed back and forth before falling backwards into his pillow, unconscious. Getting memories from a past life at such a young age tend to do that to you, after all.

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