what will be this child's destiny?
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Set #4 Collection of Words


Kelly doesn't know what he said when he woke up- he was still high on the morphine, so it could've been "Dafuzzahi" for all he knew- but he saw Dad laughing instead of crying, so he knew it was going to be okay.


"Christ, are you a sadist or something?" Kelly said just before he punched the Lowen out the fifteenth time that day.


"Are you sure?" Eddie asked and Kelly gave him his patented 'Stop being an idiot, of course I'm helping, you're my family' look.


Dad is a good man, no one can deny this, but as he grew up, Kelly noticed that Dad is very good liar and that irked him, as much as it did when he noticed how talented a liar he was.


Trubel gave him self-defense lessons, but that stop when he didn't realize his own strength and managed to break Jack Fullerton's arm.


"Forget what I said!" Mr. Wurstner exclaimed, but Kelly never did, nor did he forget how pissed Dad was when he bought it up to him.


"You're making your only brother sign a Nondisclosure Agreement," Kelly said sardonically, "Mom will be happy that at least one of us got the lawyer genes."


"So we got claws, tails, scythes, the Weserein Nazi knock-off, and now this," Kelly scoffed at the bright red coiled mark, "Maybe these guys need to recruit some graphic designers."


"Trust that Sean Renard will do what he says he will do, especially if it benefits him," Mom once said after he met the man for the first time.


"So this book is basically the gift that keeps on giving?" Kelly quipped as his mother let the blood dropped on its block.


A lot of people had a tendency to underestimate him, and Kelly always had to remind them of how much damage the Burkhardts are capable of.


When Kelly was finally told the whole story of his parents, he asked his father if he ever considered therapy.


"I don't know how much longer they'll believe me, if they ever did," she said after an another close call, "We need a new plan," and he didn't have a plan to give her, except maybe running.


"Okay, what was your worst break-up?" Kelly asked and Dad quickly changed the subject, as he did whenever they stepped into the 'We Don't Talk About This' area.


Monsters are at war and the world is on fire, but Kelly isn't aware of any of this as he sleeps soundly in his crib.


Its not like they wanted to stay, but Di called rather late and they had to pack and load up the truck at 1: 45 in the morning.


"I'm sorry," Kelly faintly heard and the following running footsteps, and finally blacked out from the loss of blood.


"Go into the pantry and don't came out until I say so," Kelly took the Doppelarmbrust and left with a half-formed plan.


Kelly remembered to support the head as he fed his new little cousin.


Like how he had seen all the times of Dad and Trubel sketching quickly and jotting down every important detail, Kelly would too with his spiral notebook.


Dad always had a sad smile when he talked about his Grandpa Reed, Grandma Kelly and Aunt Marie, but when Mom talked about her parents, she smiled in way than hid everything.


Kelly and Eddie both made a pact that if either one of them were ever dumped, that the other would stop them from doing something colossally stupid, so of course they broke it and ended up with matching tattoos.


Kelly felt himself breathing again, and despite the immense pain, particularly the the arm that he's pretty sure is dislocated, he got up, put the arm back into the joint, grabbed the sword and charged.


Alicia Lozano always said that she couldn't forgive his dad for what happened to Juliette Silverton, but she figured that she owed him enough to help his kid out.


After hearing that this new organization wants to kill him, Kelly burst out laughing because this is his life.


Sarah finally broke him when she held up the coveted puppy to him and the little gal licked his face.


According to Uncle Monroe, Kelly looks a lot like his dad when he's joking, or when he's angry, or moping, or when he looks surprised, or when he's smirking, or just about any other facial expression he makes.


Even though Kelly teases his little sister about her singing and dancing, he cherishes it because it meant that she still herself and not what they were trying to force her to be.


"Ana, we need two witnesses and you and Eddie are the only ones who can keep your mouths shut, so if you have to kidnap him, do it."


"Its going to be okay," Dad said when it was all over and he covered in blood, "She won't hurt you anymore."


"Hold on," Kelly said as he stepped on the gas, and hoped that they'll make it to the Hibernaculum before it was too late.


Employment pioneering usually lasts for months and took job hunters all over the country, with people joining up or dropping out all the time, so it was the perfect cover Kelly as he carried out his assignment.


"Put down your weapons!" Kelly commanded, "We do not kill house guests!"


Kelly was told about the trailer, its history, its value, and how it was lost, but he never understood what it meant until he stepped into Trubel's collection and set to work.


"Do you think our ancestors made these things themselves?" Kelly held up the vambrace, "Or did they use a lot of gold to buy the forgers' super discretion?"


Kelly was only eighteen months old when his big sister first met him, so he doesn't remember when she held his little hand and smiled a rare sweet smile.


Daddy picked him up and Kelly peaked over the crib and when saw his little sister, Analise Marie, he promised to be a good big brother.


When Kelly explained that he wanted to be a hero for Halloween and that's why his costume was a Blutbad mask and a sweater, it took Aunt Rosalee a whole hour explaining to him that Uncle Monroe was crying because he was happy.


"Sorry about that," Ms. Clark said, "I still get a little 'mad dog' after a woge, and seeing your eyes do not help the calming down."


Because he's been around it his entire life, that when it finally came, all Kelly did was buy a pair of sunglasses.


His parents told him that many people thought that he was special, and he later learned that were just as many who thought that he was an abomination.


"So not being able to cook has to be a Grimm thing," Uncle Monroe said as Kelly put out the small fire.


Dad shoved him into the closet and told him to stay quiet until he came back.


"Kelly, there are very few people that I consider family," Diana confessed, "And even then they wanted something from me."


"Yes," she replied, "I will marry you," and Kelly couldn't kiss her fast enough.


Whenever Kelly asked about the grandmother he was named after, Dad would always start with "She was strong."


"Hey Di," Kelly said on his phone, staring at the steering wheel, "I need a job."


The moment he saw her, Kelly fell in love, and a moment later, he figured out that she was sent to spy on him.


The world is at war again, which Kelly can be partly to blamed for, but he doesn't think about this when his newborn daughter's tiny hand grabs a hold of his thumb.


"Who is it that he's been protecting from the start of all this?" Meisner asked, and revealing why a boy would say that he shot a man five times, rather than explain how the man died without anyone touching him.

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