After finding out what he tried to when Kelly was a baby, he would greet Renard every time with a smile and a chipper, "Hi Fake Dad!"

"Oh, were you trying to justify all this?" Kelly said, as he readied his gun, "Please, go on."


It was a sunny day, and the grass was green and Dad had no mercy for Kelly as they kicked the soccer ball around.

The bar was Thea's idea, and Ana soon realized how the bar would serve a very special purpose for their kind, so they scrap up any money they had and borrowed the rest and bought a bar.

A little boy is dead," he said, barely from a cold whisper, "He's dead and its your fault."

"We thought that it would be different," Adalind explained, "When nothing was happening nothing was happening, we thought that she would end up a Grimm or just normal."


It had been a really long day and she still needed to work, so when the idiot Hässlich threatened her, she just mentioned who her sister was and watched him go pale and run away.

They honestly believed that they could control her, and they never had the chance to realize how wrong they were.

He reached for her hand and gave it a squeeze and for a moment they believed was going to be okay, despite all evidence supporting the contrary.

"YOUR EYES!" The Hundjäger cried out, "WHY COULDN'T WE SEE YOUR EYES!?"

"Wanna know something funny?" Kelly said as he took out the jumper cables and a wrench, "I studied engineering."


"Di, its freezing, open the door please," Kelly said the door, and to the surprise of no one, she did open the door and let only him in.


Kelly was probably the only person allowed to yell at Diana, a privilege he rarely uses, and usually when he knows that he could absolutely get away with it.

"HE DID WHAT!?" Adalind exclaimed when Analise finally told her that no, Kelly isn't at some internship, but dropped out of school and ran off to Alaska.


"Don't you understand that he's just like his father," Diana explained, "He would burn the world to the ground to keep his family safe."

"The minute you threatened them, you lost," Diana said as they all lay dying.

Ana said that they should clean up the old house, so that meant Kelly did most of the work while she gushed over old mementos with Sarah.

Kelly found a picture tucked inside a journal- it was Dad carrying him, and both of them with big smiles- and he guessed it was taken before the battle since Dad didn't have the scare in there.

"Ana," Kelly said softly to his sister, "Don't say anything to them."

They were able to get as far as Arizona, and hid out in the first motel they saw, and Kelly wanted to call Dad to just to hear his voice.

"I'm calling the hospital," Kelly said as he fought to stay conscious, "Please don't die in my car."

"Huh," Kelly studied the sketch that looked like a cross between a horse and a duck, "This guy was not good at drawing."

"So you must be Sarah," Adalind said to the young woman Kelly brought along.

Analise learn quickly that there were people out there that would hurt her friends, so she made friends with people could take care of themselves.

Uncle Hank wasn't an angry man, like it took a lot to get him riled up, and when it did happen, it was a sight to be behold as Kelly found out when it was Hank who picked him up at the station.

Analise had a smile that always got what she wanted, and a talent with a machete, both of which she needed to get out of Austria.

"Look, everyone has rights and killing people is never a good thing," Kelly said, "Except for them, we can totally kill them and the world would be better for it."

"So Dad found out about the fireworks," Kelly said to Monroe as he opened the door and saw the kid there, "Maybe I can live here forever?"

"You look beautiful," Adalind said as Analise twirled the new dress for her, "Everyone is going to see you and will fall in love."

While Dad's stories were always fairy tales with interesting details, Mom's stories were about ancient rituals and hexenbiest histories, yet there is always someone dying in both versions.

All his worries faded once Nick heard "Daddy!" and the happy little girl ran into his arms.

"Hey remember when we're kids and played those games in the woods?" Kelly took out the crossbow, "Who knew that it was training?"

"So what was the plan here?" Analise questioned the men who either unconscious or writhing in pain, "Kidnap the bartender sister to strong arm Diana AKA The One Lady You Never Piss Off?"

"Why do evil people always wear black?" Anna asked the monochromatic clad henchmen, "And is there some rule where its forbidden to wear plaid or stripes?"


In the end, Diana became their Messiah, Kelly was a soldier who protected the defenseless, and Analise became the one who understood them.


After finding out what he tried to when Kelly was a baby, he would greet Renard every time with a smile and a chipper, "Hi Fake Dad!"

She met David when he came to her bar on the first night of his leave, and she got his number after helping take down a bunch of very unfriendly Wesen.

"Christ they're getting sloppy," Kelly said as he picked apart the scene, "Have they even heard of bleach at least?"

Diana took her hand and said, "Ana, I need your help."

"Lizzie, we need your magic," Ana said to the Musai talent agent, "So please go kiss that guy and get him to work."

"So, you're the first guy my parents ever approved of," Ana said, "So if we eloped, my mom will kill me."

"We're in trouble," Eddie told her once the power went out and they heard very hostile voices getting older.

"The Bee people are back," she said, "And they got new information."

Adalind held her children close to her and tried not to think about all those who would kill her and them for even existing.

"Can this day not end in death?" Kelly asked, "To keep it interesting at least."

Mom sometimes did the stupidest things, but it was understood that no one trash talks about her in front of her children.

When Kelly asked her how long she plan for all of this, Di smiled and replied since the beginning.

Uncle Monroe's house was filled with clocks, and Kelly remembered the times when Uncle Monroe would sit him down and showed him how to repair them, and that one time when he actually let him fix a watch all on his own.

Trubel was the cool aunt with the bike and the machete who taught them how to shop lift, which came in handy later on.


"Are you kidding me?!" Kelly yelled to universe, as the undead men got up and all of them were charging at him, "Of course not."