"So, uh, was it, good? He treat you right? You… know, were ya satisfied?" Carol would have been completely taken back if it hadn't been for the sound of Merle's voice. It wasn't his usual cocky, slightly perverted tone - it was hesitant and he sounded… concerned.

"Do we really need to talk about this right now?" Carol hissed, looking around to see if anyone was listening.

"I just gotta know," Merle replied quietly. "It's important. He's my kid brother… I practically raised him. If he ain't good… ain't doing things right - I gotta fix it."

Carol looked at him and she couldn't help but smile. This was truly a different side of Merle. As strange at the conversation itself was… his intentions came from a place of love - he truly loved Daryl and it was more obvious than Carol had ever seen before. She bit her lip and looked at him with a twinkle in her eye. "You have nothing to worry about," she whispered, leaning close to his ear. She decided to have a little fun. "Your little brother…mmm," she groaned softly. "He did good… oh God, so good…" Carol licked her lips. "I promise you… I was satisfied, soooooo satisfied."

Merle was grinning like an idiot and looked so incredibly proud. He leaned down and gave her a peck on the cheek. "Fuck yeah," he cheered as he danced away happily.

Daryl gave her a look from across the lobby. Carol shrugged and gave him an innocent smile. He scowled and turned his attention back to Merle who was off chatting it up with a group of fans. Daryl looked back at her again, narrowed his eyes and then finally gave up. They decided to keep their distance for the first little while after Merle's warning about how they were looking at each other.

They had a couple of press things to do before the panel later that day. Carol wasn't as nervous about those because they weren't seated in front of hundreds of fans. And she could ignore the number of people who would see the video online or listen to the radio broadcast because at least she couldn't see them while she was talking. Carol looked around at the rest of the cast and easily saw she wasn't the only one who was nervous. Amy looked like she was going to throw up and Andrea didn't appear to be much better. At first she wondered if they were hung over, but it really did seem like anxiety.

The only one who didn't seem the least bit nervous was Merle. He was working the crowd that had gathered around them like a pro and had the ladies enamoured. Well, if he's looking to get laid I doubt he's gonna have to pay for it anymore, Carol thought as she watched him pose for a photo with two women kissing his cheeks.

She scanned the crowd for Daryl and saw him headed outside to the cars that were waiting to take them to their first interview. There were people calling out to him but he ignored everyone, shook off a couple of hands that tried to stop him and ducked into the closest vehicle. No one really recognized her yet so Carol was able to easily pass through the crowd and climb in after him, while Rick, Glenn, Lori and even Dale were busy posing for photos and signing autographs.

"Hey," she said, plopping down beside him.

"Hey," he grumbled back. "I want to go home," he added with a sigh.

"I know this isn't your thing, but Daryl… you gotta try," Carol said gently. He looked at her like he knew she was right, but wasn't happy about it. "You're gonna have to learn to live with the love," she said with a smile. "Those people are who will make or break our show… If they don't watch we don't work." Daryl huffed in resignation. "Just sign your name, take a few pics… and smile once in awhile, okay?"

"I ain't smiling," Daryl replied, his usual resting bitch face firmly in place.

Carol took a quick look around… tinted windows, just the two of them… Then she scooted closer. "Come on," she cooed. "For me?" She batted her eyelashes at him. "Just a little one?" She touched his cheek and gave him her best puppy dog eyes. She could see him starting to crack so she continued to tease him. "Oh, oh… so close… almost there… ahhhh, there it is," she laughed as a tiny smile finally appeared. "Huh… maybe the scowl is better… you are wayyyyyy to handsome when you smile," she added, leaning in to kiss him.

Daryl slipped an arm around her and his tongue into her mouth. Carol knew they shouldn't be doing what they were doing. She knew she should have kept her distance but it was too late now. She wanted him - so badly. Flashes of the night before and how good it felt consumed her. Someone could open the door any second…

All of a sudden the car lurched and Carol pulled away in shock. "We're moving?" she gasped. Apparently the others had all got into other cars, leaving just the two of them in the first car. Daryl pulled her into his lap, making it very clear he wanted to continue down the path they had started on. "We can't… can we?" she asked, shifting to straddle him.

"How far is the drive?" Daryl asked, pulling her hips down so she was tight against his groin.

"I think I heard 20 minutes… in good traffic," Carol replied, moaning because she could feel his erection and she wanted to fuck him so badly.

"Plenty of time," Daryl growled, reaching for her skirt or his belt or something… she couldn't really see what he was doing as he fumbled around. "Get them off," he mumbled, as Carol felt his hands up under her skirt, pawing at her panties. There was a lot of room in the back of the limo and she was able to easily remove them. She quickly tucked them into her purse for safe keeping. When she looked back at Daryl she saw he had pulled down his jeans and boxers and was lightly stroking his fully aroused cock. Her body felt instantly hot. She didn't even care where they were and gave no thought to getting caught. She was too turned on.

Carol quickly straddled him, already feeling her heart rate and breathing quicken with her intense desire. Daryl kept hold of his cock as she eased down on him, releasing his grip once the tip had penetrated her. "Oh God," he moaned with a shiver as she sunk fully down into his lap, taking his stiff dick deep into her pussy. Carol whimpered in response, enjoying the feeling of being full of him. As turned on as she was it took a moment before she started to move. In fact, it was too long of a pause for Daryl who tried to begin the fucking from below.

Carol pressed down to stop him and shook her head. "Easy," she said calmly. "Nice… and… slow…" Daryl looked extremely impatient at first as she began to ride him, so very slowly. But the look on his face quickly changed to one of pure bliss. Carol leaned back a bit, changing the angle, and she closed her eyes. Even though she was extremely horny there was a good chance she wouldn't orgasm with a quick fuck, but this way… so deep and slow… as long as Daryl could hold on she knew she could push herself close enough to let him finish her off.

She opened her eyes again and looked at him. "You good?" she asked.

"Oh fuck yeah," he moaned.

"Just a little longer," Carol whispered, leaning in to kiss him again, just briefly though as it interrupted her rhythm. She found the exact angle she wanted and hit that spot over and over, feeling things start to build inside her, the pleasure intensifying and the fires burning higher and higher. She knew it was time. "Okay," she said. "Fuck me."

Carol released control as Daryl grabbed her hips and took over. His strokes were short and quick in complete contrast to what she'd been doing to him. But it was perfect - everything she needed and he shoved her over the edge in a matter of seconds.

She only got to enjoy it for a moment though because the limo braked hard, lurched forward, swerved and blasted the horn, sending them both reeling in several directions. Daryl was grabbing for her desperately and she realized with a smile that he hadn't quite finished and was extremely concerned he wasn't going to get to.

Carol bit her lip and braced herself with her hands on his shoulders. She watched his face relax and then change back to a look of pleasure as he finished. It was quite fascinating to watch the progression and emotion as he came. She'd never done that with anyone before - so intimately like that. He didn't meet her eyes, but Carol didn't mind - that might have been a bit too much for both of them. This thing… this friends with benefits thing… it wasn't about an emotional connection - it was about sex. Remember that, she told herself.

"Uhhh… we probably shouldn't have done that," Carol sighed, climbing off him and quickly getting her panties back on.

"Probably not," Daryl agreed. "But it's all I can think about," he admitted.

Carol sighed again and allowed a smile to play on her lips, "Me too." She grabbed a mirror out of her purse and made sure she didn't look like she'd just fucked someone in the back of a limo. "We really need to focus on these interviews… and that stupid panel."

"You're really nervous 'bout that huh?" Daryl asked.

Carol narrowed her eyes, "Aren't you?"

"Nah, they ain't gonna want to talk to me anyway. I ain't got nothing to say," Daryl shrugged.

Carol gaped at him. "You… You really have no clue Dixon," she shook her head. She wasn't sure whether she was going to scare him but she really felt he needed to be prepared. "You are the star of the show Daryl," she said softly. "I know I tease you… but this is serious…" She studied him for a moment. "You need to be prepared for a lot of questions and a lot of attention." He was starting to look a little nervous. "Remember the billboard? Remember all those people outside the hotel?" He nodded slowly. "That's your life now. People will love you - so many people…They love you already and the show hasn't even aired." Carol knew by the end of the first season the world would fall in love with Daryl Dixon.

"Well fuck," he muttered. "What if I don't want to answer? What if I ain't got nothin to say?" He was now looking just about as nervous as she felt.

Carol shrugged. "I think you gotta try to answer. Just be honest and speak from the heart." She smiled at him. "You're a good guy on the inside - they'll see that." It really didn't take long to see that Daryl had a heart of gold, even if he did try pretty damn hard to hide it.

"We should just jump out of this car at the next lights and run… far, far away," he grumbled.

Carol laughed. "It's gonna be fine. Just pretend you're acting if you have to." As good of a job as she was doing at calming him she just couldn't take her own advice. The knot in her stomach she'd been able to completely ignore while they fucked was back and tighter than ever. We need to fuck again, Carol thought. She quickly pushed that idea away. No, you need to avoid him for the rest of the day, Carol told herself. As much as possible anyway.

"I think we're here," Daryl announced, looking out the tinted window at the waiting crowd.

Carol nodded. "Remember what I told you about the fans," she warned. "Take some pictures with them and sign your name a few times. And - BE NICE."

10 minutes later the entire cast was engulfed in a group of eager fans. Carol found it all so bizarre that this many people knew who they were when the show wasn't even on the air yet. But it was such a unique concept and the promotional team had been working their asses off - kudos to them. She signed a few autographs and took a few pictures with fans, but the majority of the mob had settled around Rick and Daryl.

Carol was proud of him for taking her advice. He posed for pictures and signed everything shoved his way. She smiled watching him, but slowly… things started to change. Women were kissing his cheek in their pictures for starters. Carol gasped when she saw him pose kissing a young brunette's cheek. She was likely young enough to be his daughter. What the fuck? Carol wondered. He's just being nice, she told herself - like you told him.

She tried to calm down but the last straw was when she saw him sign something else put in front of him - some blonde chick's tits. Carol knew her jaw was hanging open so she forced her mouth closed and then tried to control the rage bubbling inside her. She made a beeline for Daryl pushing her way through the crowd, ignoring the people shoving her and swearing at her. Fuck you bitch, back off, hey… wait your turn… It was all swirling around in her head. Finally she reached Daryl. "Hey, let's go," she hissed, grabbing his arm and tugging.

"Leave him alone slut," some woman yelled.

Carol felt him stiffen. "No," she said, tugging harder. "It's fine." She knew he wanted to defend her but she didn't want a scene.

"It's not fine," he growled. "No one talks to you that way."

"Daryl, let's just get inside," she begged, pulling him harder. Thankfully he gave in and followed her. By the time they were safely inside the building her heart was pounding and Carol was completely out of breath. But worst of all… she couldn't decide if she was mad at Daryl or if she loved her friend even more than she had before. The image of him signing the woman's boobs kept alternating with the rage on his face when someone else called her a slut. Carol took a deep breath and realized the knot in her stomach had just doubled in size and it had nothing to do with the panel anymore.