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d e d i c a t e d t o

N e k o - C h a n


A l l T h o s e W h o A r e D y i n g i n t h e I r a q W a r

I A m S o r r y...

~ *


Dear Journal,

Well here I am, in the hospital, doing nothing. But watching Riku-sempai worry and Kairi pacing.

It's hard to write when you know the two people you care about the most, are glaring at you in hatred.

huh? You ask why? well, here's your answer.

Kairi looked up, I was afraid that Azure was going to be found, but that little girl just keeps surprising me. All I could see her was her glowing eyes, as though they had some meaning to them.

Her eyes turned pink, and she closed them.

/Ummm, Riku, I don't know if I can!/

{Why not?}

I thought I was hearing things, because I could have sworn that I hear Azure's and Riku's voice!

/Sora, You are not crazy./

{Dude! You thought you were crazy? HAHA!}

What the hell is going on?!

{Hey he swore!}


(Ok, so if your confused, // Is Azure, {} is Riku, [ ] Was Greg, and is Sora. Oh yah and () is me)

Ok, Shut up and tell me what's going on!

/Can't tell you if we have to shut up/

{She's right you know}

OK, tell me what's going on please?

/Actually, I'm not too sure.... Riku, do you have a very good bond with Sora?/

{Yah, I would guess}

/Better then that of you and Kairi?/

{Of coarse}

/Then that explains it.../


/Because Riku..... Saw my past... he can talk to me through Telepathy. You being a very good friend with Riku, you can also. Get it?/

Yah,I guess.

{Well, with that settled.}

What did you ask her Riku?

A small smirk played on my lips.


/Yah Riku. I need to hear it again./

We could both tell he was growling.

{Well, I was wondering if maybe Azure would want to go to the festival with me.}

/Actually, Riku, I would like to go with you./


I wouldn't think she would say yes if she didn't mean it Riku.

"Sora?" Kairi's Soft voice broke my concentration.

"Yes?" I said, realizing I can't hear them anymore.

/Whipped boy../

"Shut up..." I said quietly.


"No not you Kairi, I was talking to my self." I said quickly.

"Alright." She said, and raised a delicate brow. "Maybe you should go get some rest." She said

"Yah maybe your right. I guess I'll see you later... Kairi."

I went home, thats when the terror begun.

"Hello, Mom.. Dad..." I said quietly, hoping they didn't hear me.

"Where have you been?!" My father roared. I looked away, my eyes now dull blue.

"Nowhere." I said, almost inaudible.

"I wanted you home sooner!" Screeched my mother.

"I'm-" I didn't get to finish my sentence.

*He* hit me. I sprawled across the floor, falling on my back.

"Don't apologize! It just means that your weak!" He glared down at me, disgusted. "You don't want to be weak do you?" He said, and lifted his arm warningly.


"Get out of my sight, and I might not hurt you tonight..." He said. I scrambled from the floor and ran to my bedroom door.

I sat in my bedroom and cried

I looked down at the shards of broken glass on the floor. My cheek was now swollen. The shard was already bloody from my father cutting me, hitting me, sprawling on to it, penetrating my back.

'Please... Someone... Help me.'

The next morning, I woke to hear the birds chirping, and singing happily, not knowing what the feeling of abuse is.


I looked around, noticing it was a silent call. I suddenly paled.


{Are you ok?} I hear Riku's concerned voice.

Yah, I just sorta... I started to think of an excuse. Hurt myself last night. sorry guys did it hurt?

/Just a bit,/ I heard her say. /but thats just me. Riku sprawled half way across the room!/


{I DID NOT!} I heard a booming voice in my head. {I just slid across the floor.} He said, calming down a bit.

/Sora, What do you do to yourself?/ She spoke.

Well, you know me. I'm the human klutz! I said, My voice cracking, as tears slipped down my cheek. I have to go, mom wants to talk to me. I said, and stopped all connection to my head.

Father barged into the room, grabbed me by the caller, and punched my stomach.

"What did I do!?!" I said, when he stopped.

"You made your mother cry!" He cried.

"I did no such thing!" I knew those where the wrong words only after I said them.

He stalked to me, and took up the shard of glass that I was looking into the night before.

'oh god no...' unbeknownst to me, at this time, Riku and Azure both linked to me, and both heard.

{/We're coming!/}

"No..." I made a small cry.

Then, *he* Stabbed my shoulder with the shard of glass...

'This is me... my life...'

He came towards me again, this time, aiming to kill.

'This is what I'm used to...'

He was closer, but he was slow and clumsy, so not by much.

'so now, with my eyes hidden, like the coward I am, I shall die...'

The gap between I and my father was four feet, and I stood still waiting for the pain.


The gap now three feet.



'No...I know I will...'


" I will live! for Kairi, Riku and now Azure!!" I yelled, and just as the shard touched my jacket, I jumped atop of my dresser. A sudden power filled my body, and as if someone was guiding me, My arms flowed together and connected the bottom of my palms.

And as if someone was guiding my mouth, out came the words "I, God of the Sky, command the power of Water! Mizu, Come to my aid!"

Out of the floor came the most beautiful creature I have ever seen. She had coral green hair that went down to her back, and purple eyes. She winked at me, and I blushed.

She then turned towards my father, and hissed.

She started to speak in a foreign language that I could make out as "Do not touch the master..." and out of her hands came flowing water.

"We're here!" I heard a female voice say, as Azure and Riku appeared in front of me.

"Guys!" I yelled out, and they turned around, Azure was grinning, and Riku had a concerned mask over his normal emotionless one.

"So you summoned Mizu?" Azure asked, her eyes a greenish blue.

"Yah, I guess..." I said, watching her keep my father pinned down by water. "Please! Help me get out!"

"Nah!" She said, and grabbed my hand.

"I think we'll just leave you here." Riku added.

They both grinned, and Azure said an incantation, and we all disappeared.

We landed near the seaside shack.

"Sora," Azure said sweetly.

"Yes?" I asked her nervously.

"Can you remove both shirts?" She asked, and tugged at my jacket.

I blushed. "What? I will not!" I said, crossing my arms.

"Ok, We'll let Kairi find you with all your blood." She spoke, and turned around "She'll get a kick out of that." she added, and started to walk away.

"Good lord, and Jesus!" I exclaimed, and took off my shirt. She stared at me for a minute and realized what she was supposed to do."Drooling? Over me?" I grinned at her antics.

"AM NOT!" She yelled, as her eyes turned pink, and walked behind me to examine my back.

I heard a gasp come form behind me. I looked and saw Azure look at me with tears in her eyes. I winced as I saw her bend her head down.

She suddenly disappeared, and re-appeared in front of me. She lifted her hand, and slapped me across the face. I looked at her, an astonished look plastered on my face.

"Why didn't you tell someone? Why?!" She exclaimed. I glanced over at Riku, who glared at me.

"I didn't want to worry anyone!"

"And you think getting abused over and over will help you at all?" She said softly, her voice cracked. "You have no self-esteem do you?" She added.

I glanced at the ground, and back at her. "Of course I do!" I said, and she looked at me.

"I HEARED EVERYTHING!! EVERYTHING SORA!!" She yelled and disappeared.

"You too?" I asked Riku, eyes down casted.

Riku shook his head. "I respected you last night, but she was worried about you, so she kept listening."

"oh..." I then realized that I had nowhere to go. I broke down and cried.

I felt friendly arms grasp me by my shoulders. I gave a thankful glance at Riku.

He giddied me to Paupu island, thats when we heard two female voices.

"What are you doing here?" The first voice said.

"I... Don't have a valid answer to that particular question." Said the second voice.

"Leave! I saw what you where doing to Sora!!" A laud clapping sound was heard through out the island.

"Kairi, please let me explain..." Said the second voice,

"How do you know my name?" Kairi spoke her words quietly, as a deadly whisper.

"Because I do! I can't believe the gods let you be.... Whatever." We heard the other voice say.

"Ummm, Hi?" I spoke quietly,

"I'll just fix you up OK Sora?" Azure asked, her eyes purple. "Sorry." She added, and her eyes held new tins of pink.

"That's ok!" I said, giving her my old trade mark smile. She gave me a smile smiler to mine.

"Sora?" I heard a quiet voice behind Azure. I looked towards Kairi and smiled.


"Are...are you OK?" She whispered.

"Of course!" I said, tears stinging my eyes.

"OK... I'll leave, k'?" She said, and left.

"Hey!" Azure yelled after her retreating back. Kairi looked back. "Sorry? K? Can we be friends?"

She scoffed. "As long as you don't hit Sora."

Azure nodded, tints of gold in her eyes "Promise!"

Riku gave a silent glare at the back of my head, and it faded.

"Please sit down." She asked politely. I nodded, and sat on the paupu tree. She smiled a warm smile, and her eyes turned a blue color of content. "Can you take it off?" She asked, as I looked her strangely in the eye.

"Your shirt, Sora, your shirt." She said grinning. I blush, as Riku smiled slightly, and walked away.

{Bye.} We heard him say. I looked to see Azure looking in his direction, and a funny feeling my my stomach started to erupt. I've felt the feeling before... What was it?


See you, Riku. I noticed how my voice seemed to hiss when I said his name. My breath hitched in my throat, as I suddenly realized what that feeling was.

/He's never gunna get through this with all these scratches and bruises... And their coming soon.../ I shivered listening to her whisper. Then i realized what she said.

"Never gunna get through what?" I said out loud.

She gasped, and stared at me. I felt naked in her gaze, as if she was burning holes in me with her eyes. Red eyes.

"Shut up..." She said quietly. "And let me work..." She looked over my back, her eyes a greenish color. She finally sighed, and stared at me in the face. "Do you know how you got a scratch on your back, about twelve inches long, and three inches deep?" She said, her accent carrying something like caring, and inquiring, and her eyes a light lavender. Though I'm not sure what that meant, I hoped it was a good thing.

"No idea..." I said, as my cheeks turned crimson as I felt her hands run along my back, tracing every mark and bruise my father gave me.

Every once and a while, she would ask "Does this hurt?" as she pushed down on something lightly, and ask "What did you do to make your father hate you so much?" I winced when she asked this.

"I wouldn't know..." I replied, as she looked me in the eyes.

"This might sting... And don't worry if it does, it will only hurt for a second." She said, as once again, she placed her hands on my back.

She whispered something in a foreign language, and it seemed as if whispers followed her every word. Finally I felt a warm feeling on my back. It felt so nice...

Then it got worse, until I felt that stinging she was talking about. My smile went to a frown in two seconds flat, as I resisted the urge to scream. It felt as if everyone of my cuts where closing in on them selves, and everyone of the bruises where congealing. My whole back felt like that until...

It stopped. Azure walked out in front of me, and smiled. "You back is all better, now for your chest!" She smiled more as I shook my head franticly, and put on my shirt. She frowned, and walked over to the edge of the smaller island. She closed her eyes, and sniffed the air greedily.

I walked over beside her, and smiled as the sea air hit my face. "I'm coming with you..." she said quietly. I turned my head toward her, and beamed.

"Really?" I asked. "You'll come?" She nodded her head. "ALRIGHT!" I screamed. "Hey, you know what?"

"What?" She asked, her eyes glowing blue with amusement.

"Lets have a double date! Except, we switch dates!" I said excitedly. She giggled.

"You mean, I go out with Riku, like planed, and you go with Kairi, and when it gets awkward, we change?" I nodded. "So does that mean that you can take Riku?" She asked, a grin plastered on her face.

"NOOO!" I screamed, and ran around in circles, saying "Ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew" over and over. She, on the other hand howled with laughter.

"Ok.. It's a date!" She smiled, and suddenly, looked thoughtful "Gee... You can't go home..." She said, as she stared at me. I tried to swallow the painful lump in my throat. "You can stay here! With me!" She called, and looked me in the eye. "Right?"

"Yah!" I said. "Wait...where exactly do you live?" I asked.

Woah! The docter is gunna tell us about Azure now. I'll tell you more later...


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