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The last time we left our heroes, they were at their darkest moments. Vallory and her men had cornered the salary-man and the con-artist, forcing them to take on what would likely be their last job. And now, They were currently discussing a plan to sneak onto Hyperion, our else they would die at the hands of Vallory. Most likely in the most agonizing and horrible ways possible. And that would suck. However, something seems... Different. As if our heroes have gone against fate and our now going down a little... Detour. Well, even heroes get taken on an unexpected journey. A side-quest, if you will.

Chapter 1: It somehow gets worse

"Wait a second."

"Hmm?" Rhys paused, raising an eyebrow at Sasha. He had just finished discussing the plan, and granted there were some flaws, okay a lot of flaws that could easily get them all killed, but it was still a good plan... Kinda. So what did Sasha want?

"So...How did you figure out the piece is in Jack's office?" Sasha asked, crossing her arms in front of her. Skepticism was visible in her voice as Fiona turned to look at Rhys.

"Oh crap." Rhys thought, fear beginning to rise inside him as he searched his mind for an answer that would satisfy Sasha's curiosity. He couldn't tell her the real reason, if he did it could ruin everything. He couldn't say that he knew because Handsome Jack told him it was there. He couldn't let them know that he was inside his head, talking to him, well more accurately insulting him most of the time, and giving him advice as well allowing Jack to upgrade his systems. There was no chance in hell they would not freak out, and they needed to trust him now more than ever.

"Don't tell'em, princess!" From seemingly nowhere, the blue, holographic-like image of Handsome Jack appeared right in front of him. For once, he didn't have his trademarked smug smile, and instead his lips were in a firm frown. He disappeared out of existence from his spot and reappeared right next to Rhys. "You'll sabotage the whole freakin' mission!" He warned Rhys. Rhys knew Jack was right; he knew it was stupid to tell them. But still... He wanted to let them know. He wanted to say he had a voice inside his head... Okay maybe not using those exact words, but he wanted them to know what was going on. He wasn't going to lie, although he trusted Jack to a certain degree, he was still scared of the former Boss of Hyperion.

But he couldn't. Fiona and Sasha hated Hyperions already, they just recently started to warm up to him and Vaughn, and if he told them he had the guy who made Pandora a living hell was in his head, he doubted they would ever trust him again.

So Rhys did what he did best, using his mouth to get through his problems.

"Well, it took me a minute to search my memory files, but boom! Whaddyaknow? Right there all along." He said, hoping that would be a good enough answer for his two friends. Fiona looked like she somewhat believed him, but Sasha had her eyes narrowed at Rhys, and he could almost feel the doubt on her expression.

"Rhys, if there's something you need to get off your chest, we're listening," Sasha said, taking a couple of steps towards Rhys. "You gotta admit, it was pretty weird when you passed out after we left the security office."

"What we're saying is that even if we could figure out a way to undertake this mission, we need to know you're one hundred percent," Fiona said, raising a brow at Rhys.

"Which you're clearly not." Sasha said, and to Rhys, she was closer to the truth than he would have liked.

"Hey, you don't need to worry about me, okay?" Rhys said, giving them his best smile and trying not to let the fear and doubt show in it. "I know Helios like the back of my hand." The two siblings smiled slightly, but Rhys could tell they were still a tad unsure, and at that moment August and Kroger walked into the caravan.

"Which one jerk off? Ooh, actually I was wondering about. When you take care of business, do you use robo hand or your real one?" August asked, and Rhys glared at him, choosing not to answer that question and from the corner of his eye, he could see Sasha and Fiona adopt dopey smiles on their faces.

"All right, Vallory signed off on the plan. Fiona, you're coming with me to Hollow Point to get this thing spacey. Rhys and Sasha are going with Finch and Kroger back to Old Haven." August said, and Fiona and Sasha looked confused when he finished.

"Wait, why are you separating me and Sasha?" Fiona asked

"Vallory said she be an idiot to let you two stay together; she thinks you'll try to come up with some plan to escape. So instead she wants Sasha to go with mister roboto over here 'cause she thinks he's not very smart. And I agree." August explained, and Rhys felt annoyed at the insult. He wasn't an idiot, he just had a habit of talking too much and making himself sound like an idiot. It was completely different from being an idiot.

Fiona and Sasha glanced at each other, reading the others expression. It wasn't like they had never been separated at all, multiple times in the past they had to stay apart for long periods of time to gather info on certain items while trying not to get killed. Hell, just recently Fiona let her sister go into battle with Vallory goons to save Rhys. So they were used to being in a variety of dangerous situations. But this time was different, this time they were being held at gunpoint by people who wouldn't hesitate to kill them in a second. So both were a little uneasy at the idea of not being able to watch each other's back.

"You gonna be okay Sasha without me to save your ass when you get into trouble." Fiona joked, a smile crossing her face. But one look at her eyes, and Sasha could see Fiona was more worried than she let on. She knew her older sister was protective about her, but she doubted anything would happen, she and Rhys were just going back to Old Haven, and there was nothing dangerous about the abandoned city. Well aside from the killer robots, but they already dealt with those.

"I think I'll be fine sis, we're just picking up a dead guy to steal his face." She said with a confident smile, but then she realized what she just said as her smile vanishes. "Wow, that sounded a lot less disturbing in my head then out loud."

Fiona laughed slightly before responding. "Just be careful okay?"

"Don't worry about me, but you may want to worry about Rhys." She turned her head towards Rhys. "No offense, but you kinda suck when it comes to fighting" Sasha said

"Hey!" Rhys shouted.

"You know it's true." A smirk crossed Sasha's face.

"All right enough chit-chat." August said gruffly. "You two follow Kroger to his car, Fiona we're going to Hollow Point now." Kroger opened the door to the outside and motioned them to get out. Rhys and Sasha did as they were ordered, and left the caravan.r

"I really hope that idiot doesn't get Sasha killed." August said.

"Don't worry, Rhys isn't as useless as he looks."

"That isn't saying much."

"I know." Fiona said. But really, what the hell could go wrong?

Tales From The Borderlands: Side-Quest.

The trip back to Old Haven was rather bumpy, Sasha and Rhys had their hands tied and were forced to sit outside the vehicle and ride on the trunk. Apparently, there was barely any room inside, or so Finch had told them. Really, it was probably because they wanted them to freeze from the cold winds, and get really irritated at all the coarse sand hitting them in the face.

"Well this sucks." Sasha said, turning to face Rhys.

"Yep." Rhys said. "Sitting out here getting hit by sand, having to work with Vallory or else we get shot, I don't think it can get any worse."

"Don't forget we have to break into Helios using your plan, which basically means there is a high chance of us dying." Sasha said, sarcasm rising in her voice.

"Hey its a good plan." Rhys defended. "It might be our only plan, but I'm sure we won't get shot at. At worst we might get stabbed." And the moment he said this, Sasha winced from pain, and Rhys remembered she literally was stabbed in the arm not even an hour ago.

"Oh shit, I'm sorry I completely forgot-."

"It's fine." Sasha interrupted. "I would want to forget I got stabbed by a psycho woman to, maybe then my arm wouldn't feel so bad." She gave a small chuckle, and their was an pause. Rhys didn't know why, but ever since they left the Atlas facility, he felt rather... Awkward around Sasha, like he couldn't help but feel nervous whenever they talked. Maybe it was just because he was stressed, he hadn't really had any time to rest since when they first got to the facility.

Wanting to break the silence, Rhys spoke again. "You think Vaughn's okay?" He asked.

Sasha took a second to think before replying. "He's a tough little guy, I'm sure he's fine. Besides, you heard the two idiots, he's with Cassius so at least he's not alone. So I don't think you have a lot to worry about." She smiled, and Rhys grinned in return.

"Thanks. You know-." Before he could finish, the car jerked to a stop. Rhys and Sasha weren't expecting this, so their bodies flew forward and their heads crashed hard against each other.

"Ahhh fuck!" Sasha shouted, she would have brought her hands to ease the pain in her forehead, but they were still tied up.

"Jesus that hurts!" Rhys also shouted. "Fuck, god that stings!"

Once the pain stopped throbbing in their heads, they looked up and saw they were at the entrance to Old Haven. They also heard the sound of the vehicles door opening as Finch and Kroger headed towards them. Kroger walked towards Rhys as he untied the ropes restraining him

"All right, here's how it's gonna go. The man with the plan right here is gonna track down the corpse." Kroger said, as Finch pointed his pistol at Sasha.

"And you, are staying right here." Finch said, but Sasha did not look the least bit worried.

"Aw, what's the matter, you scared I'm gonna make the other side of your face as ugly as my sister did." Sasha taunted with a large smirk, and Finch growled at the insult, bringing his hand to the burned side of his face, His grip on his gun tightened.

"Um, Sasha, I think you shouldn't insult the guy who's holding a gun to your face." Rhys said nervously, wondering what the hell was Sasha thinking.

"Oh don't worry Rhys, this guy has tried, and failed multiple times to shoot me, seriously your aim is almost as horrible as your hair." Her smirk grew larger as Finch was practically snarling at this point. One of the few things Rhys knew about this guy was that he was really sensitive about his hair, so he was really confused as to why Sasha kept insulting him and making him angrier.

"Hey man, calm down, she's just trying to piss you off." Kroger said, walking towards his buddy. He could care less about Sasha, but he sure as hell did not want to make Vallory mad, They needed her alive in order to get to the vault. If Finch killed her, then Vallory would do something far worse than both of them could imagine. Finch seemed to relax a little at his friends words.

"I don't see why you bother talking to this guy, he's such an idiot." Sasha interjected once more, and Finch was growling again. Rhys was now very fearful for Sasha as she continued insulting her captor. "No wait, you're something far beyond idiot, dumb-ass doesn't quite work, neither does ass-hat, Oh I know! How about-." Before she could finish, Finch shouted furiously and fired his pistol!

"Sasha!" Rhys shouted and his eyes widened the moment he heard the gun go off.

Thankfully, Kroger was able to push Finch's arm to the side so his aim was off, the bullet scratching Sasha's cheek before hitting their car instead of Sasha. Sasha was startled that the bullet had came so close to ending her, she had jumped from her seat on the car to the sand covered ground below.

"Man, what the hell is wrong with you!" Kroger shouted, as he took the gun away from his partner. "Do you know how pissed Vallory would be if she found out you killed her because she insulted you?"

"Come on man, let me shoot her please, just once." Finch practically begged. "How about in the leg or something."

while they were arguing, Rhys ran to check on Sasha. "You okay?" He asked.

"I'm fine, Rhys." She answered, getting back on her feet, which was harder than usual since she was still tied up. "I've been through worse, I literally got stabbed in the arm a couple hours ago."

"Yeah, don't remind me." Rhys said as he smiled. Sasha gave Rhys a grin in return.

"Come on man, I'm begging you." Finch continued trying to convince Kroger to letting him shot Sasha.

"Look, normally I say go nuts, but you heard the boss lady, unless we have to we can't kill them, we need them in order to get the last piece." Kroger said, as he walked towards Sasha. He untied the ropes binding her as Finch looked confused.

"Wait, what are you doing?" Finch asked. "Why you letting her go?"

"I can't take the chance that you might kill her bro, besides do you really wanna deal with her shit talking while we wait for this guy." Kroger pointed at Rhys, and Finch shook his head.

"No." He muttered

"I thought so." Kroger then turned towards Rhys and Sasha. "Alright, new plan, you two go find Vasquez's body and bring it back here. And if you think you can escape, don't try it, 'cause then you may end up like Vasquez." He said with a sinister smirk

"Alright we get it. Don't do anything stupid, or else you're gonna put a lot of holes in us." Rhys said

"Well, actually I would use my knife to slowly cut you up, but you got the general idea." Kroger explained, before raising his newly acquired pistol, and firing at the ground where Rhys and Sasha stood. They jumped backwards as bits of sand and earth were kicked up from the bullet. "Now get to it, we don't got all day."

Rhys and Sasha glared at the two thugs before walking towards the entrance.

"Dick." Sasha muttered under her breath so only Rhys could hear.

"Took the words right out of my mouth." Rhys said, as he looked up at the entrance , a big wooden sign with the words "Haven" written on it attached to a large rather worn and decayed metal gate with two legs planted in the ground. There was even a big arrow pointing towards the town right next to the sign. But there was something else that Rhys found odd.

On the sign, there was what looked like blood splattered all over it. And it was scattered in such a way that it almost looked like some sort of demented painting. The sight made Rhys feel anxious, and he tried to ignore the oncoming paranoia that invaded his mind. It was nothing, he was sure that the blood had been there since before he and his friends first arrived.

And as he and Sasha walked deeper into the town, he missed how the blood dripped down from the sign onto the cold ground below.

Tales From The Borderlands: Side-Quest

The two had ventured further into Old Haven, and somehow it looked different then before. Maybe it was the fact that in the night, the deserted town looked more like a graveyard. The way the buildings seemed more corroded, the way the metals surrounding them fell apart and hit the floor, and the fact that there was a lot more skags around them made Rhys feel afraid. He was just glad that Sasha was here with him, otherwise he probably would have felt much worse without someone to talk to.

"So... Do you remember where exactly Vasquez's body was." Sasha asked, bringing Rhys out of his thoughts.

"Yeah, it's somewhere nearby where we exited from the Atlas facility." Rhys answered, as Sasha let out a sigh.

"You know, I never once in my life expected to go on some quest to retrieve a dead guy, and then use said dead guys face to get into Hyperion's main moon base." She said.

"Hey, think about it like this, when we're done here, we get to go into space. You can't tell me that isn't awesome, right?" Rhys said with a grin.

"Yeah, you're right, it is." Sasha said, there was a momentary pause before Rhys spoke again

"So back their with you insulting ugly Mohawk guy, did you do that on purpose?" Rhys asked

"Yeah it was. I figured if I pissed him off enough either his partner would let me go so they wouldn't have to deal with me, or I get shot in the head and die."

"Well, I'm glad your brain didn't get splattered all over the place."

"Yeah I'm glad to." She grinned before she turned her head and stared at a pair of skags chewing up the bloody remains of something. She really hoped that wasn't Vasquez. "Maybe we should split up, so we can cover more ground."

"Yeah that sounds good, only thing I'm worried about is getting attacked by some random monster or something." Rhys said.

"Oh don't worry, the skags usually eat things with a little more meat on their bones." Sasha said.

"Hey! I'm not that skinny." Rhys said, looking slightly offended.

"Whatever you say." Sasha went towards a nearby building and rounded the corner, vanishing from Rhys' sight off to search for the body. Rhys looked around the abandon city, realizing that Hugo's body had probably been moved by something, which now made his job a lot harder.

"Okay Rhys." He said out loud. "Let's just find Vasquez's body, get back here and hopefully not crap our pants." He let out a long breath before activating his echo eye. To Rhys his surroundings had been enveloped in a blue cloak made out of pure light. He eye scanned everything in front of him, telling him what exactly the objects were made of. From the broken satellite dishes, the piles of rubble from decaying buildings, to skag crap. Though he really did not need to see skag crap in high definition, he paused as he spotted something peeking from underneath a pile of scattered metal. It was an arm, specifically an arm covered in the same type of suit that Vasquez wore.

"Oh, hell yeah." Rhys said, smiling before walking towards the arm. He bent down and removed the metal covering it, and saw Hugo's body lying face down on the ground. When he looked over the body, he saw that the back of his head had several bald spots. as well as gaps in his skin that looked like holes from a wallet.

"Well, looks like Jack was right, you are a wallet head." Rhys chuckled before realizing that Sasha was still searching for Hugo. "Hey Sasha!" He shouted as loud as he could. "I found Vasquez, so lets hurry up and get out of here!"

He looked down at the corpse in front of him. "All right, wallet head, time to show your face back on Helios." Rhys said, before flipping over the body, but the moment he did so he saw the Vasquez's face had been removed! With the skin off, Rhys could see all of Vasquez's muscles, his eyeballs, and even his teeth in their horrific glory.

"Face! Face! His face has no face!" Rhys shouted, panic flooding his systems as he quickly stood up. It was at that moment that Sasha had come back to him.

"Rhys?" Sasha said, hearing Rhys' outburst as she got closer to him. "What's wrong-." Before she could finish, she saw Vasquez's body without its face as her eyes widened. "Holy shit!" She shouted in shock. "What the hell happened! Why is his face off!"

"I don't know!" Rhys shouted back, moving further from the body.

"Oh god." Sasha said, unable to pull her eyes away from the body. "That is disgusting, I never thought I see something more disturbing then my sister gouging someone's eyes out." Her face turned a little green.

"Oh god, his skin looks like someone took really nasty bacon and just started beating the shit out of him with it." Rhys said, looking like he might start hurling at any moment. Sasha didn't look any better, before punching Rhys in his arm.

"Seriously! You couldn't have phrased that any differently?" Sasha said, before staring back at the body with revolution in her expression. "Well, guess we have to find out where his face is. If it hasn't been eaten already."

"Yeah, you're right." Swallowing the vomit in his throat, Rhys looked around the corpse to see if there was anything to tell him where Hugo's face was. He got his answer in the form of a trail of blood leading away from Vasquez's body.

"Hey, I found something." Rhys said, crouching down besides the body. He lifted his mechanical arm before activating the light in the center of his palm. Sasha crouched down next to him to get a better look at the blood.

"Okay, something tells me if we follow the trail, we find the face." Rhys said.

"Well lets go then." Sasha said, before getting up and walking along the path of the blood. Rhys quickly got up and caught up with Sasha, using his hand to light up the trail. They walked into an alley, passing through several ruined buildings, abandoned vehicles, and even more blood paintings. They had turned down multiple alleys, and Rhys and Sasha noticed there seemed to be a lot more blood on the buildings then from before. As they continued walking, Sash turned her head towards Rhys.

"So you must be excited, you're going back to Helios, where you can get back together with all the scumbags you worked with. I bet this is a dream come true for you." Sasha said, a teasing grin on her face as Rhys smiled.

"Yeah, I'm not exactly in a rush to get back to Helios, considering the people down here are a lot nicer. And are not nearly as ugly." Rhys said.

"Aww thanks, good to know that I'm a nicer then the assholes who made Pandora a living hell." She joked, and Rhys laughed.

"Well, that isn't really saying much. I mean you're still-."

"Don't move!" Sasha shouted, interrupting Rhys who had paused mid step, one leg now lifted in the air.

"What? what's wrong?" Rhys asked, still not moving an inch. Sasha slowly pointed to the ground and Rhys looked down and saw a trip wire. It was directly below his foot, and if Sasha had not stopped him... Well, he be short one body.

"Okay, I now see why you stopped me, thank you for not letting my guts explode everywhere." Rhys said meekly, fear evident in his voice as he slowly and carefully placed his foot on the ground away from the wire. He then brought his other foot over the wire and when he did so without blowing up he let out a breath.

"How have you survived so long?" Sasha asked with a smirk

"Quite honestly, I'm just as surprised as you are I'm not dead yet." Rhys said, as Sasha hopped over the wire. "Seriously where the hell is the face..." Rhys didn't finish as his eyes were locked onto something in front of him. Sasha noticed this and looked up at Rhys' face.

"Hey, what's wrong?" She asked before following Rhys' line of vision, and her eyes were now glued to the scene in front of her. "Oh, crap."

In front of the two were a group of psychos, some on the craziest, unpredictable and most dangerous people on Pandora. They all had human faces over each of their masks, giving their already frightful appearance an extra layer of horror. Thankfully, most of them were fast asleep, but even while they were resting, Sasha and Rhys did not let their guard down. After all, a couple days ago another group of the insane bandits had almost killed them.

"Well, at least we know who took Vasquez's face." Rhys said, trying his best not to freak out. Sasha was doing about as well as Rhys, really wishing that Vallory had at least given her gun back.

"Okay, I don't suppose you have a way of finding the face as quickly as possible without waking up any psychos?" Sasha asked.

"Actually I might. That or I may just end up killing both of us. Not sure which." Rhys once again activated his echo eye, and once again the world turned blue. His eye scanned every psycho's human face mask, giving him some rather disturbing details about said psychos that he really did not need to see. After several seconds of searching he found the psycho with Hugo's face.

"Okay, I found the face. Now let's get it, get the hell out of here, and hopefully not die horribly." His voice wasn't very confident and was more scared then he had intended, but Sasha still nodded. They walked as carefully and quietly as humanly possible, tiptoeing passed the sleeping psychos, trying not to wake any of them up if they wanted to get out alive. Rhys at one point almost bumped into a psycho, but thankfully he notice just in time and stopped his shoe from hitting it.

They continued to walk, until Rhys signaled Sasha to stop once they had reach the psycho they were looking for.

"Okay, here it is." Rhys said. "Sasha, you got this right?"

Sasha raised a brow at Rhys. "What do you mean?"

"Well, you know, can you um...Get the face off the psycho?" Rhys asked as politely as he could.

"What!" Sasha shouted, and when she did so, several psychos started stirring in their sleep. Rhys and Sasha stood perfectly still the moment they heard, not even breathing as the psychos mumbled in their dazed state. After a tense few seconds, they went right back to sleep. Rhys let out a sigh as did Sasha before she glared at him.

"What!" She said again, this time her voice barely above a whisper. "Why do I have to do it?!"

"Well, because-I don't know, you were born here so I figured this kind of thing wouldn't bother you." Rhys whispered with a sheepish smile.

"Of course this would bother me!" She whispered aggressively. "I don't exactly go around Pandora ripping peoples face off! Do I look like I'm some sort of crazy person?"

"Well..." Rhys trailed off, as Sasha's glare doubled in intensity. "Okay, I get it, I'm sorry." Rhys apologized, not wanting to piss off Sasha any more. "Look, I'll do it okay, if it will make you happy, I'll get the face." Rhys said, and Sasha looked less mad at his words. Rhys crouched down in front of the corpse as he stared at the Hugo's face, feeling incredibly disturbed just by looking at it.

"Alright, I'm just gonna... Peel of your face, and then throw up when we're no longer anywhere near here." Rhys said to Vasquez's face, looking like he was barely holding in his lunch.

"Just pull it off real quick." Sasha advised as she took a step back. "Like a bandage. A incredibly bloody, disgusting, horrifying, human face like bandage."

"You are not helping!" Rhys said as he turned his head to look at Sasha., before looking back at the corpse. Slowly, he raised his mechanical arm, grabbed a piece of the Hugo's face that was loose and not fully attached to the psycho, and carefully started to pull it off.

"Okay, I'm just peeling a face off-ugggh, trying not to barf, which is very difficult." As Rhys continued to pull off the face, bits of its skin was still left on the psycho's mask, and Rhys somehow felt even more sick than before.

"Oh god." Sasha said, covering her mouth with one hand. "I think I'm gonna hurl."

"Well, so am I, but let's try to hold it in until where a hundred miles away from these freaks." The face was almost completely off the psycho, and just as he was about to finally pry it off, it got stuck under the psychos mask.

"Oh no no no no." Rhys whispered meekly.

"What is it?" Sasha asked.

"The face is stuck in this guys mask." Rhys answered.

"Well can't you un-stuck it?" Sasha whispered frantically.

"I'm trying!" Rhys tried pulling harder, shaking the psycho's head slightly as he did so . Unfortunately, it was still stuck and the more he pulled the more he shook the psycho. "Come on, just a little bit more." With one last tug however, he was able to pull the face off and clutched it in his hand.

And the moment he did so, the psycho woke up.

"Smash the baby's face!" He shouted, standing up as fast as possible. "Crunch its teeth!"

"Ahhhh!" Rhys shouted in terror as he and Sasha moved back away from the psycho. Around them, more and more psychos were waking up and menacingly walked towards them. Now both them were walking backwards to distance themselves from the insane bastards.

"Don't panic." Sasha said. "Their's only a couple of them, maybe we can take them?"

It was at that moment, Sasha and Rhys heard demented shouting coming from above them. They looked up and saw dozens of Psychos on the roofs of the buildings surrounding them.

"Oh fuck." They both said, as the psychos jumped down from the roof and joined the group on the ground. Except for one guy who landed face first on the ground, and his blood and guts went everywhere. Now they were completely surrounded, the psychos advancing towards them as Rhys and Sasha walked backwards, getting closer to the wall behind them.

"Oh shit shit shit shit!" Rhys said, as he hit the wall with his back, Sasha and him now trapped with no way to get out. "We are so dead."

"Hold on, I've got a plan." Sasha said, before pointing in a random direction. "Look! Um.. A meat bicycle!"

"Meat bicycle!" The psychos all turned in the direction Sasha was pointing, as Sasha turned to Rhys with wide eyes.

"Run!" She shouted, before sprinting to the side where the psychos were not as packed together.

"You don't have to tell me twice!" Rhys ran after Sasha, weaving through the psychos as fast as he could, making it through the crown of bandits just before they realized they were tricked.

"The meat bicycle is a lie!" Rhys didn't look back as he continued to run, sweat rushing down his head as moved through the buildings. He ran down the path, hearing the psychos catching up to him, and about ten feet in front of him Sasha was running as fast as possible. As he ran, he saw the trip wire from before and jumped over it, and continued running. Behind him he heard a big explosion and the sound of psychos screaming in pain. He turned his head back to see a cloud of black smoke spreading through the air, as well as a psycho jumping at him!

Rhys didn't have any time to react as the psycho tackled him to the ground. He landed on his back, the psycho trying to gouge his eyeballs, but Rhys held the psycho's arms back preventing him from advancing any further. He tried to push the psycho off him, but the bandit was strong as they continued to struggle for dominance.

"Torture is a milkshake I will shove down your throat!" The psycho shouted, slowly overpowering Rhys as his hands moved closer to his face.

"Sorry, but I'm lactose intolerant, so I can't have a milkshake!" Rhys fired back.

"That was lame!"

"Screw you!" Rhys brought his knees to his chest before kicking his legs at the psycho, nailing him in the stomach as he hit the ground. Rhys got up, but the psycho was quicker as it tackled him again, this time he landed on his stomach and the psycho was on top of his back.

"I will make shoes out of your organs!" The psycho was about to pummel him, Sasha came back and hit the psycho right in the center of his mask with her fist. The psycho tumbled on the ground, dazed.

"Get up, come on!" Rhys did as he was told, picking up Vasquez's face that ha had dropped in the skirmish, and started running again alongside Sasha. He looked behind him and saw dozens of psychos emerging from the smoke.

"We got to get the hell out of here!" Rhys shouted.

"Ya think!" Sasha shouted

They ran, turning around every corner, going down different paths in an attempt to lose the psychos, and they did. The psychos were no longer directly behind them, but they could hear them shouting, getting closer so they hurried to the entrance.

"We're almost there!" Sasha said.

They rounded a corner and saw the gate from a distance, as well as Finch and Kroger fighting off a large amount of psychos.

"Oh come on!" Rhys said as he and Sash kept running towards them. Finch and Kroger were being pushed back against their car, Kroger had shot several psychos, but one had got the drop on him and smacked him across the head with a rock.

"No!" Finch shouted, punching the offending psycho, before picking up his friend, barreling through the massive amounts of psychos surround him as if they were paper, and entered the car.

"He wouldn't?!" Rhys said, just as he heard the engines start. He and Sasha ran even faster now.

"He would!" Sasha said, just as Finch ran over the psychos banging on the car and drove off.

"Oh that motherfucker!" Sasha shouted just as they arrived twenty feet from the gate, as the psychos turned towards them, before releasing a demented battle cry and rushing at the two friends. They ran away, running back to the city.

"What now!" Rhys asked, clenching the face tightly in his hand.

"I don't know!" Sasha said, as the two ran closer to a set of buildings, two psychos tackled them, both hitting the ground hard.

"God dammit!" Rhys said, dropping the face as he quickly got up as did the psycho. "I really hate you guys!" Anger was coursing through him as he threw a hook with his metal arm at the psychos temple, knocking him out. He was surprised that he was able to beat the psycho in one punch.

"Get the hell off me!" Rhys turned and saw a psycho on top of Sasha. She was desperately trying to get it off her, but the psycho was grabbing the exact spot where Vallory stabbed her, as pain spread through her face.

"Get off her!" Rhys ran towards Sasha and kicked the psycho hard in his stomach. The psycho went into the air before hitting the ground, but it got back up and Rhys saw something strapped to his chest that made his eyes widened in horror.

A bomb.

A bomb was strapped to his chest, a trigger in his palm, and he was chuckling like a madman. "I will drink your eyes and wear your spleen as a crown!"

Rhys picked up Sasha from the ground and grabbed her hand. "Run!" He said, running to the right, the psycho right on their heels. They ran as fast as possible, the bomb psycho right behind them and the dozens more some twenty feet behind the first. They ran into a tight alley, panting as the psycho came closer and closer. They were halfway through the alley, jumping over any stray debris of rocks and metal from the two buildings around them. The psycho was getting closer, Rhys could almost feel its demented cackling. And just as they reached the end of the alley and turned, the psycho decided to ignite his bomb, and Rhys and Sasha were caught in the blast, the shockwave sending them flying.

Rhys felt his skin burn and his ears would not stop ringing as he hit the ground. Pain shot through his body, his vision was hazy and it felt like someone was slamming a bat against his head. Several cuts had decorated his body and his shirt, pants, and even his tie had been torn. He slowly got to his knees, coughing up blood as he did so. His vision no longer hazy, but the smoke burned his eyes and his mouth tasted like ash. he could see nothing but the black smoke surrounding him as he stood up. But one thing stuck out to him the most.

Where was Sasha?

"Sasha?!" Rhys shouted, coughing, and he tried to see through the smoke. "Sasha?!" He shouted even louder, turning his head in every direction trying to find his friend. He couldn't see any sign of her, and fear gripped every part of his body. What if Sasha had gotten hurt in the blast, what if Sasha...

He was pulled out of his thoughts when he heard a low groan.

"Sasha!" He shouted, trying to find where the sound came from. He heard her groan again, but he still could not see her. It felt like he was running around in circles, and he couldn't see shit in this smoke. If only he could see-.

His eyes widened as he realized something. "You fucking idiot." He muttered to himself, before activating his ECHO eye. Now able to see through the smoke easily, and in seconds he found Sasha.

But he wished he didn't.

Sasha was on the floor, cuts covered her body, and blood pooled around her body as she laid on her side. Rhys felt pure dread overwhelm him, he couldn't breathe, his eyes locked onto Sasha's bloody form.

"Sasha!" He ran towards his friend, crouching down and flipped her gently onto her back. His eyes widened as he saw a jagged piece of metal piercing Sasha's abdomen, most likely ripped off from a building due to the explosion. He could tell she was breathing, but her breaths were very shallow. He heard more psychos screaming down the alley they came from, the only reason both weren't already getting mutilated was because the psychos had stopped running when the explosion had gone off, probably wary of more explosions. But in seconds they would be on him and Sasha in seconds.

"Fuck fuck fuck fuck!" Rhys cursed, trying to figure out someway to get out of this situation. Smoke continued to fill up the alley, the psychos still screaming, and desperation flooding through Rhys like a river. He needed to save Sasha, but he had no idea what to do. No matter how hard he tried, there was only one thing he could think of.

That not only was he going to die but so was Sasha. And if by some miracle they got through this, Fiona was going to kill him.

Chapter 1: End

Author's note: This is another story idea I've had in my head for a while, so I finally decided to start writing it. I really love Tales From the Borderlands, it was an awesome game. This is also my second fanfiction ever so it may not be good at some points but I will improve. And also just to let you guys know, This is gonna be a Rhys and Sasha fic, but don't worry I'll make sure I do my best to make it great. And this story will be rather short, maybe less than eight chapters long.

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